Domination 3: Dom hard with a vengeance (Yang Smut)

Mar 27th, 2015
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  1. “How's that feel Anon?”
  3. “...A bit tight to be honest.”
  5. “Perfect.”
  7. Your hands are tied to the bed posts. A tie wrapped tightly on each one, courtesy of Yang, who wanted to change up your normal routine just a little. Whatever normal meant in this relationship anyways.
  9. It isn't long before she's on top of you, her hips start moving and she slowly grinds on your crotch. Watching her work those hips was one of your many, many, favorite things to do when you were together. Her butt might not be as developed as her sister Ruby's, but damn does she know how to work it.
  11. Note to self, don't EVER tell Yang you just thought about her sisters ass while she was riding you. Ever. At any point during all of time.
  13. Yang starts taking off her jacket, teasingly slow. Normally you'd both be naked by now, and she'd be pounded your pelvis to dust, but with your hands restrained it looks like she's going to take her time. She's going to tease you, make your mouth water wanting more, and you won't get anything till she wants you to.
  15. “Excited already Anon,” she smiles at you, “Sorry, but the show has only just begun.”
  17. She unbuttons her shirt. One, by one, by one. After what seems like a painfully long life time, she finally gets her last button undone, and she slides off her shirt.
  19. “Aw, poor Anon,” She twirls your hair with a finger, “You can look, but You can't touch. Well...Maybe a little.”
  21. She leans forward until she lies on top of you, and she starts rubbing her body against yours. You could see her cleavage coming closer, then leaving, closer, then leaving. You feel her give your neck a playful nibble as she continues teasing you.
  23. Her hand strolls downwards, unbuttons your pants, and starts stroking your already erect member through your boxers. It twitches, wanting to be released, but a quiver in your breathing only entices Yang to tease you more instead. She moves herself down, her face at crotch level, and she starts giving your cock small kisses through your boxers. It twitches, begging for release so that it can actually feel her lips against it.
  25. “Why are you...being so mean tonight?” you ask her, you breathing slowly starting to get heavy.
  27. Yang stares at you and smiles.
  29. “Because I can.”
  31. Yang gets off of you and hops off of the bed. She starts taking the rest of her clothes off, piece by piece, teasing you like she did with her shirt until they were all gone. No matter how many times you saw her, seeing Yang in the buff was always amazing each and every time. Her breasts, her curves, even her muscles that were far better than yours, every thing about her was perfect. Hey, you like a girl that can bench press you, no shame in admiring the results.
  33. Yang gets back on top of you, though this time she presses her hind quarters against your face, her scent filling your nose. She starts teasing your cock again, the head poking out from the trim of your underwear, as she runs a finger up and down the shaft.
  35. “Get to work handsome,” She shakes her ass against your face, “That is, if you want me to return the favor anyway.”
  37. You waste no time, and begin tonging her slit, making sure to give her clit the proper attention it deserves. Being true to her word Yang pulls your boxers down enough for you to spring forth from your boxers, kissing the shaft up and down, and swirling her tongue around the tip. This is normally the part where you would grab that fine piece of tail, and use those magic fingers of yours on her, but when you try you're reminded that your hands are restrained for the time being.
  39. As you feel Yangs lips wrap around you, your hips thrust on instinct. But unlike the other times, you feel her give a small bite and you wince from it.
  41. “Uh-Uh Anon, we're going as fast as I say we go. Got it?” She increases her grip when she asks, cementing her point. You wince again before you muffle a confirmation.
  43. You continue to sixty-nine, with Yang never missing a chance to show you who is in charge. Biting, rough tugs, clenching her thighs tightly against your head (Though you're definitely taking credit for that one.)
  45. “O-oh fuck,” You moan, “Yang, i'm going too-”
  47. Yang immediately stops and turns to face you. You look at her, pleading, as your potential orgasm starts to subside.
  49. “W-Why did you stop!? Clearly you're almost there!”
  51. “Cause the night ain't over yet handsome,” She coos in your ear, “And we're just getting started.”
  53. She gets back on top of you, straddling your waist, but she's not ready to let you in just yet. She starts grinding her wet cunt on your cock, up and down, getting it nice and lubed up with her juices. After minutes of teasing, you feel her start to prod herself with your member, before slowly taking you in. Inch by inch she slides you up her wet hole, until she finally has all of you inside, and she starts grinding on you.
  55. You buck your hips, and Yang slaps you across the face. It really fucking stings.
  57. “I said we're going at my pace, remember?”
  59. Annnnnd there's the hair pulling. Before you know it, you feel Yang force her lips against your own. She strokes your face softly, right well she slapped you, as her tongue invades your mouth while she moans into it. You're surprised no one has whip lash in this relationship, considering how quickly Yang can change. One minute she's slapping and pulling your hair, being as rough as she can with out breaking you, and the next she's more tender than the steaks over at ' The Haywood Hole.'
  61. Yang goes from grinding to bouncing up and down, and you can here a distinct slapping noise every time her ass bounces on you. It takes every thing you have to keep yourself from thrusting so Yang doesn't slap you again, and you tug against your restraints as you resist.
  63. “Not scared already are you anon?” She questions, gripping your shoulders as she continues pounding on you, “One little slap and you're ready to throw in the towel?”
  65. Well now...that just won't do.
  67. “Oh it's not the slapping that's the problem,” You smirk up at her, “You just don't hit hard enough for it to be worth it.”
  69. “Oh really,” She says, pulling you towards her by your tie, “You really want it rougher Anon?”
  71. You thrust upwards, and Yang gives a slight gasp.
  73. “Try me,” You challenge.
  75. Yang grins, and her eyes turn red.
  77. Did it just get really hot in here? Why oh why did you have to be a smart ass? Will you never learn?
  79. Yang starts pounding into you harder and harder, it feels like your pelvis is about to be smashed to pieces, and her hands push against your sides tightly.
  81. Oh god not the ribs again...
  83. Yang leans down, licking your chest when you suddenly feel her teeth sink in and you gasp in pain.
  85. “You liked that didn't you,” She grips your hair again, her voice slightly muffled against your chest, “You like being my little bitch don't you?”
  87. She stares up into your eyes, and you stare back, and it felt like she was about to melt you just by looking at you.
  89. “I prefer the term boy toy, but whatever floats your boat,” a tug of your hair causes another gasp before Yang pushes you back against the head board. Hard.
  91. “Slut,” She slaps you again, “make me cum if you really think you're man enough.” she grunts, her ass slamming into you.
  93. “What? The other five times with my tongue weren't enough?”
  95. You feel another bite, this time on your neck.
  97. “Not even close,” she growls.
  99. She raises up, her back arching as she lets loose a loud moan, showing that she was on the verge of yet another climax.
  101. “Fuck Anon,” She shouts, “Fuck yeah, that's the spot, right there!”
  103. She bounces on you faster and faster, her rhythm turning into nothing but mindless pounding and she grabs your sides, squeezing tight. You feel her clinch on your cock, and you tense up.
  105. “Fuck, fuck, fuck,” Yang yells.
  107. You didn't know if the other students honestly couldn't hear what was going on, or if they were just so used to it that they didn't care anymore.
  109. “Oh fuck Anoooooooonnn!” She screams your name out as she cums.
  111. You tense even more and blow your load inside her as she collapses on top of you.
  113. You both pant and shudder against each other, your endorphin levels lowering, as Yangs eyes turn back to normal.
  115. Your dick is sore, your wrists were hurting from tugging against your restraint, there was a little blood from Yang biting your a little too hard, and your sides were starting to bruise from how hard Yang was grabbing you. God you love this woman.
  117. “six to one huh? I think I win,” You feel a playful pinch on your rear, and laugh.
  119. Your door slams open and Weiss marches in, too used to seeing the two of you like this to bother being grossed out.
  121. “If you two are quite finished, we need to study Yang, Ooblecks final is tommorow,” Weiss said, her usual whiny self.
  123. “Just...a minute,” Yang requests, her head laying on your chest.
  125. “Now Yang,” Weiss pulls at Yangs legs, but she doesn't let go of you.
  127. “Noooooooo,” Yang whines
  129. Blake walks in, and you nod to each other. You're pals like that.
  131. Without too much detail, let's just say Blake overlooks a lot of your and Yangs shenanigans after you helps her get some of her, ahem, 'adult oriented fiction' (Smut) published.
  133. Blake helps Weiss pull Yang off of you and drag her away to her dorm in the buff as she whines.
  135. “Hey...guys?”
  137. Nora and Pyrrha peek their heads in the room after hearing the commotion. Nora has a pancake hanging out of her mouth, as Pyrrha's eyes grow wide seeing you in your state and blushes profusely. Their eyes dart up and down, with varying subtlety...Are they seriously checking you out right now? Pyrrha runs off, you catch something about...needing to ride a big ursa? Nora gives you a thumbs up and winks before closing your door.
  139. “...Could some one untie me? Please?”
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