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  1. [23:03:11] <Isabella> So! This is back... I guess the same day you guys talked with Darkrai?
  2. [23:03:16] <Mikaela> Sometime after the 15th might be the best.
  3. [23:03:21] <Isabella> or the next day actually
  4. [23:03:45] <Mikaela> Alright lemme pull up schedule to see what Mika was doing. Or I guess Bella could find her at her dorm too.
  5. [23:06:30] <Mikaela> Yeah, at her dorm is probably best given activities that day.
  6. [23:07:18] <Isabella> So! Sometime in the midst of the day on the 16th, there's a knocking at Mikaela's door.
  7. [23:08:23] <Mikaela> The clanking of machinery can be heard coming from the room as Mika responds. "Ehhh gimme a moment, who's there?"
  8. [23:08:50] <Isabella> "S'me, Isabella!"
  9. [23:11:06] <Mikaela> "Oh, ah..." A few moments later Mika opens up. "C'mon in Bella, what brings ya 'round?" Her eyes pass over Bella's face in a careful gaze as she ushers her in, trying to read any signs of a particular emotional state.
  10. [23:11:54] * Isabella seems a little troubled, really. "Just wanted to talk and stuff. I hope I'm not bothering you."
  11. [23:12:00] * Isabella heads in.
  12. [23:12:38] <Mikaela> "Nah, just a break 'tween classes, workin' on some engineering to bring over to the prof later today, y'know?" Mika pulls up a chair for Bella, probably Aria's old desk chair.
  13. [23:12:55] * Isabella has a seat, nodding.
  14. [23:14:30] <Isabella> "This might sound weird, I don't really want to sound accusatory or anything but... I dunno... have you, erm, been avoiding me? There's something different lately at least, but I can't put my finger on it..."
  15. [23:15:15] <Isabella> "I know we haven't seen each other a whole lot except for going after Raikou, and you finished that up pretty nicely already..."
  16. [23:16:29] <Mikaela> "Ehhhhhh, well, you've been seemin' pretty busy lately, an' I figured you had to sort out whatcha found out after the last time we were all dragged into the Vale, y'know?"
  17. [23:16:36] <Mikaela> "Though, to be honest..."
  18. 23:17:15] <Mikaela> "S'been kinda hard to meet your eye since knowin' we pretty much left y'all to dry after lettin' ourselves off the hook with Aria, y'know? Though it seems we quite aren't through ourselves either...figures, y'know..."
  19. [23:17:40] * Isabella shakes her head. "Don't worry about it... but what do you mean?"
  20. [23:19:55] <Mikaela> "Ehhhhh, I kinda figured you came 'round 'cause Titania summoned you again last night or somethin', right? We didn't expect to get called in, but it seems like it happened anyhow..."
  21. [23:20:28] * Isabella shakes her head. "Actually... we weren't called this morning."
  22. [23:20:40] <Isabella> "I'm not entirely sure why..."
  23. [23:21:43] * Mikaela sits up straight and sets down her tools. "Y'mean it was just us? Oberon took us all to his chamber, four of us an' some other bug lovin' kid we'd barely met...Oberon didn't have a clue why he was there either."
  24. [23:22:28] <Mikaela> "Went out and demanded to know if we were gonna want revenge against Aria or were willin' to see his death through an' help him and Titania keep their thrones."
  25. [23:22:28] <Isabella> "You spoke with Oberon? ...and a new kid, huh... Some kind of balance thing, maybe?"
  26. [23:22:51] <Mikaela> "Oberon thought it was a prank by Arceus or somethin'. Might be the balance thing again."
  27. [23:23:10] <Isabella> "That may be why weren't called, since I declared my intentions outright to Titania..."
  28. [23:23:26] <Isabella> "Oh, I wish I could actually speak with her sometime." she says, a bit flustered.
  29. [23:24:05] <Isabella> "So what happened?"
  30. [23:24:06] <Mikaela> "You're uh, awfully quick to forgive what essentially amounted to us lettin' Aria...Aren, whatever go for the sake of our troubles 'spite of the fact it'd complicate yours. Y'sure there's nothin' you have to get off your chest?"
  31. [23:24:24] <Isabella> "Well..."
  32. [23:24:55] <Isabella> "Does it sound strange if I say that I don't entirely blame Aria for what she did? I'm just going to keep referring to her as a her for my own sake, by the way."
  33. [23:24:57] <Mikaela> "What happened...well, we basically told Oberon we'd help if it meant keepin' you outta Masque's hands."
  34. [23:25:24] <Isabella> "That isn't to say I agree with Aria - in fact I heavily disagree with what she did and plans to do. But... I don't blame her."
  35. [23:26:07] <Isabella> "You all just let her go because she was your friend, too. How can I blame you guys for that?"
  36. [23:26:25] <Isabella> "I can be selfish at times I know, but I am not that selfish or blind."
  37. [23:26:49] <Isabella> " for that, thank you."
  38. [23:27:09] <Mikaela> "I didn't think there's anythin' wrong with the act of assumin' godhood itself, but I think we were still just a tad shortsighted to not see how it'd make things tougher on you with Masque wantin' to nab you for their plans too, y'know."
  39. [23:27:25] <Isabella> "I don't intend to do what Masque wants. My destiny is mine alone to decide."
  40. [23:27:56] <Isabella> "And I will be damned if I become their tool of conquest."
  41. [23:28:01] <Mikaela> "Oh it's no biggie at all, just doin' what we can, y'know?"
  42. [23:28:14] <Mikaela> "Right, gotcha."
  43. [23:28:22] <Isabella> "Yes, but... it still feels as if I'm a liability to you all."
  44. [23:28:28] <Isabella> "An unnecessary burden."
  45. [23:28:52] <Isabella> "Maybe that's why I was so quick to forgive? Because I've done nothing but trouble you all this time..."
  46. [23:29:21] <Mikaela> "We made a choice, y'know. Oberon sat us down an' we could've just as easily told 'im to fuck off, but we didn't. It was our choice an' not your fault."
  47. [23:29:37] * Isabella smiles a bit weakly.
  48. [23:29:57] <Isabella> "Thanks, Mikaela."
  49. [23:30:39] <Mikaela> " 'Sides, we're gettin' nifty dream shit outta this." Mika pulls a blanket off of a pure white egg perched on an incubator borrowed from Rica or something. "Well, it was all sorta incidental, but Trice an' I went to practice buildin' dream shit an' we met some sorta dream alien or somethin'."
  50. [23:31:01] <Isabella> "Curious..."
  51. [23:31:03] <Mikaela> "Oh I think I forgot to mention, but it's not too hard to build shit in the dream world. It's not terribly permanent, but maybe that'll help you guys out."
  52. [23:31:25] <Isabella> "Oh, I'm somewhat aware of that already - I just never really had the opportunity to try it out."
  53. [23:31:37] <Isabella> "But thank you."
  54. [23:31:55] <Mikaela> "Mm, s'what friends are for, y'know?"
  55. [23:32:49] <Isabella> "I couldn't ask for better friends than you guys, really!"
  56. [23:33:45] <Isabella> "I'll do everything I can to ensure your decision wasn't in vain. We WILL come out victorious."
  57. [23:33:50] <Mikaela> "An', well, it's a relief you're not mad for the choices we made before...If ya wanna get the whole crew together for a big dinner or somethin' I think I could probably swing gettin' the owner of Nyan Nyan's or another place I frequent to get us a discount, y'know?"
  58. [23:34:02] <Isabella> "Hey, that'd be great."
  59. [23:34:40] <Isabella> "Nyan~"
  60. [23:35:00] <Isabella> "You know, the biggest thing I regret right now..."
  61. [23:35:06] <Mikaela> "Hm?"
  62. [23:35:08] <Isabella> "Is that I missed you make the catch on Raikou!"
  63. [23:35:36] <Isabella> "Sheez, you're pretty incredible you know that? You caught a legendary pokemon - a ROAMER at that, in only three fucking months."
  64. [23:35:43] <Isabella> "Did you know some people search for years?"
  65. [23:35:50] <Mikaela> "Ah, sorry 'bout that! I mean, I wasn't 'specting him to give in on the first ball I threw. It came as a surprise to me too, y'know?"
  66. [23:36:09] <Mikaela> "To be honest, I didn't really know much 'bout them 'til Mewtwo gave me the basics."
  67. [23:36:53] <Mikaela> "With, well, y'know, the whole music thing goin' on I mostly just knew about Meloetta and such 'fore I got to school here."
  68. [23:37:09] <Isabella> "I'm going to have to step my game up. ...I haven't even really thought about pursuing a legendary pokemon..."
  69. [23:37:18] * Isabella nods
  70. [23:37:31] <Mikaela> "It's becomin' quite the trend, dontcha think? Phiones fuckin' everywhere..."
  71. [23:37:56] <Isabella> "Phione aren't as strong as the more pure legendaries, though."
  72. [23:38:01] <Mikaela> "Oh, and I'm helping Rica search for Entei now. Haven't SEEN 'im yet, but the summer's still young, y'know?"
  73. [23:38:04] <Isabella> "They only kinda-sorta count."
  74. [23:38:16] <Isabella> "...Rica?"
  75. [23:38:20] <Isabella> "...Entei??"
  76. [23:38:21] <Mikaela> "Aren't they?" Mika shrugs.
  77. [23:38:22] <Isabella> "What?!"
  78. [23:38:29] <NinjaBeard> (Heels has plans for her Phione. It will be best Phione. ;_;)
  79. [23:39:14] <Mikaela> "Yeah, we've been all over campus lately, but I guess the Summer Courtier's just a lot better at hide an' seek. Or scared 'cause of what happened to Raikou so quickly or somethin'."
  80. [23:39:28] <Isabella> "Okay, you really seem to have this specialty with electricity, mawiles aside - Raikou is a good fit to you. But Entei? Rica and her legion of ice pokemon?"
  81. [23:39:37] <Isabella> "Does she WANT her pokemon to die?"
  82. [23:41:02] <Isabella> "It'd be like... if I went after Oberon or something."
  83. [23:41:07] <Isabella> "It just wouldn't end well."
  84. [23:41:13] <Mikaela> "Well, lesee, that bat of her's I've made quite electrifyin' itself, her dragonair's ice I'll give ya that, but it's a dragon too, y'know? Her Flareon's not ice at all, an' then she has that fat bird o' hers too."
  85. [23:41:33] <Isabella> "I hope she knows what she's getting into."
  86. [23:41:41] <Mikaela> "...Y'know, she has too many pokemon for me to keep track. But I'm sure they're not all ice, 'spite of her speciality."
  87. [23:42:04] * Isabella thinks
  88. [23:42:14] <Isabella> "Merlin would probably be willing to join me if I free him."
  89. [23:42:22] <Isabella> "Did you hear about that, by the way?"
  90. [23:42:28] <Isabella> "I'm not sure everyone knows yet."
  91. [23:42:49] <Mikaela> "Not much really. I think ya mentioned him a bit when we were last dragged into the Vale, but, well, y'know what happened then..."
  92. [23:43:10] * Isabella nods. "Merlin, the wizard who taught King Arthur. An actual living legend."
  93. [23:43:36] <Isabella> "As the tale goes he was seduced for his power and then betrayed, being sealed into a cave for all time."
  94. [23:43:45] <Isabella> "Turns out the cave is more of a hollow, teleporting rock."
  95. [23:44:01] <Mikaela> "But ya managed to get 'im out or somethin'? At least long enough to help out."
  96. [23:44:22] <Isabella> "I can get him out... but first, I have to master magic."
  97. [23:45:17] <Isabella> "Turns out I had the gift, I'm a Magus!"
  98. [23:45:23] <Mikaela> "...You got fuckin' Merlin to teach you magic? Rad." Mika looks around her room then finds some knickknack from her pile of gears and mechanical parts. "Show me!"
  99. [23:45:43] * Isabella points a finger. "Bam!"
  100. [23:45:45] <Isabella> !majorchaos
  101. [23:45:48] <Botherer> 1d20 Isabella attempts to blow things up with Dark Pulse
  102. [23:45:49] <DiceMaid-9001> Botherer, Isabella attempts to blow things up with Dark Pulse: 20 [1d20=20]
  103. [23:46:11] <Isabella> A powerful pulse of dark energy suddenly bursts from her!
  104. [23:46:37] <Isabella> 6d10+24+39
  105. [23:46:38] <DiceMaid-9001> Isabella, 6d10+24+39: 100 [6d10=5,5,9,4,4,10]
  106. [23:46:41] <Mikaela> "Holy fuck that is metal. Can ya do fire too?"
  107. [23:46:59] <Isabella> "Oh shiiiiit- fff. Yes, I can, but it's hard to control."
  108. [23:47:09] <Isabella> "I can use powerful techniques but I can't control the exact outcome."
  109. [23:47:10] <Mikaela> (>+39 aaaaaaa you and your cleff stats)
  110. [23:47:25] <Isabella> "Lemme try this a few times."
  111. [23:47:31] <Isabella> !minorchaos
  112. [23:47:33] <Botherer> 1d20 Congratulations! Isabella gets to hurt things a bit with Magnet Bomb
  113. [23:47:34] <DiceMaid-9001> Botherer, Congratulations! Isabella gets to hurt things a bit with Magnet Bomb: 1 [1d20=1]
  114. [23:47:54] * Isabella concentrates, and suddenly is covered in various nuts and bolts sticking to her skin as she flubs her magnet bomb.
  115. [23:47:58] <Isabella> "Fffffffuck!"
  116. [23:48:25] * Mikaela covers her mouth to hide her laughter.
  117. [23:48:34] <Isabella> !majorchaos
  118. [23:48:37] <Botherer> 1d20 Isabella attempts to blow things up with Dragon Pulse
  119. [23:48:37] <DiceMaid-9001> Botherer, Isabella attempts to blow things up with Dragon Pulse: 17 [1d20=17]
  120. [23:48:49] <Mikaela> "S'alright, you'll get it, an' that's already pretty fuckin' neat, y'know."
  121. [23:48:52] * Isabella lets out a different colored burst, sending the pieces flying.
  122. [23:48:56] * Isabella seems a bit tired.
  123. [23:49:06] <Isabella> "Yeah, it's really cool. Just a shame I can't control it better."
  124. [23:49:13] <Isabella> "But I CAN control this."
  125. [23:49:14] <Mikaela> "Don't wear yourself out so fast though."
  126. [23:49:19] * Isabella begins chanting.
  127. [23:49:25] <Isabella> Cure Incantation!
  128. [23:49:40] <DamienLunas> (you do realize magnet bomb can't miss right)
  129. [23:49:40] <Isabella> Even Mikaela seems to feel the energy that restores Bella's stamina.
  130. [23:49:54] <Isabella> (Yes, I was fluffing it funny you zoof)
  131. [23:50:03] <DamienLunas> (Just checkan)
  132. [23:50:47] <Isabella> "I can cure wounds and shield myself and my allies from danger if I concentrate on it, much more reliable, but not as fun."
  133. [23:51:09] <Isabella> "Of course, I saved the best for last." She grins.
  134. [23:51:10] <Mikaela> "Probably the most pragmatic given what we're up against...So, whatcha gotta do, learn some sorta magic for breakin' seals to get Merlin out?"
  135. [23:51:34] <Isabella> "I gotta learn every spell, and then challenge Morgan le Fay for the right to his prison.
  136. [23:51:45] <Isabella> "Should I win, the magic can be broken.
  137. [23:52:04] * Isabella takes out a tarot deck.
  138. [23:52:13] <Isabella> "Are you familiar with Metronome?"
  139. [23:52:17] <Mikaela> "Every spell? Every single? Well, it shouldn't be a problem for ya, but man that's kinda demanding."
  140. [23:53:02] <Isabella> "Well it's not as much as you might think - While there's a lot of variety in magic, I meant every spell that's available for me to use to its fullest."
  141. [23:53:03] <Mikaela> "The pokemon technique? Oooonly vaguely, the idea it can do anythin', right? S'not somethin' Mawile naturally learn, so I haven't gotten to see it much used myself."
  142. [23:53:14] <Isabella> "Well here goes, then!"
  143. [23:53:24] <Mikaela> (inb4 explosion)
  144. [23:53:42] * Isabella shuffles the tarot deck. "This is how I use it, I honestly think the deck is classy as fuck given our titles in the dream world."
  145. [23:53:48] <Isabella> "And here we go!" she draws a card.
  146. [23:53:50] <Isabella> !tick
  147. [23:53:52] <Botherer> Tick, tock! Tick, tock! You just used Trump Card
  148. [23:53:59] <Mikaela> (how fitting)
  149. [23:54:17] <Isabella> "The Fool!"
  150. [23:54:37] <Isabella> Suddenly the deck explodes and cards fly around, cutting apart empty space.
  151. [23:54:49] <Isabella> The deck reforms itself in Bella's hands afterward.
  152. [23:55:13] <Isabella> "That was... Trump Card, hm?"
  153. [23:55:33] <Mikaela> "Nifty. But uh, if ya don't mind my askin', what happens if you draw one of the ones that makes ya blow up like a voltorb or electrode?"
  154. [23:55:40] <Isabella> "Oh, well."
  155. [23:55:52] <Isabella> "Then we'd be in trouble."
  156. [23:56:34] <Mikaela> "Sounds like a gamble, which is pretty fuckin' exciting in itself though."
  157. [23:57:14] <Isabella> "Really I don't NEED the deck, but I think it's awesome as a focus."
  158. [23:57:22] <Isabella> "And yeah, I think so too."
  159. [23:57:28] <Isabella> "Just call me the dice mage!"
  160. [23:57:39] * Isabella draws another card.
  161. [23:57:41] <Isabella> !tick
  162. [23:57:43] <Botherer> Tick, tock! Tick, tock! You just used Dragon Claw
  163. [23:58:14] <Isabella> "Fortune, and..."
  164. [23:58:31] * Isabella suddenly rakes at the air, claws sprouting from her fingers briefly.
  165. [23:58:45] <Isabella> "...Dragon Claw!"
  166. [23:58:50] <Isabella> "Neat."
  167. [23:59:21] <Mikaela> "That is pretty rad. Y'think you could control this too? Though I guess the point of metronome from what I've heard is you CAN'T do that..."
  168. [23:59:29] * Isabella shakes her head.
  169. [23:59:39] <Isabella> "It's the most random thing I've got. The epitome of chaos magic."
  170. [00:00:25] <Mikaela> "Y'know, I kinda figured Merlin would be a bit stuffier 'bout his magic, choose somethin' a bit more orderly to learn and teach."
  171. [00:00:44] <Isabella> "Magic actually has quite an ordered structure!"
  172. [00:00:55] <Isabella> "Even though the results in this case are chaotic."
  173. [00:01:48] <Isabella> "You're only seeing what's going on on the outside. In my head I'm calculating formulas and channeling my Spark, and for some things incantations are necessary too."
  174. [00:02:20] <Mikaela> "I guess that makes sense. So how'd ya figure it out? That you've got this spark?"
  175. [00:02:28] <Isabella> "Well, Merlin told me when we met."
  176. [00:02:49] <Mikaela> "You just found 'im out wanderin'?"
  177. [00:02:50] <Isabella> "We literally fell on top of him. Or rather the Heatran that was sleeping on his current resting spot."
  178. [00:03:01] <Isabella> "Things just... happen sometimes."
  179. [00:03:19] <Isabella> "We went skiing, then whoops, earthquake, we ended up inside the fucking volcano."
  180. [00:03:23] <Isabella> *sledding
  181. [00:03:38] <Mikaela> "Ahaha, that...does sound like the theme of life since we've gotten here."
  182. [00:03:48] * Isabella tucks away the cards for now.
  183. [00:04:15] <Isabella> "Shit, I made a mess of your room, didn't I..."
  184. [00:04:58] <Mikaela> Actually not much more of a mess than it was when Bella came in! Now that Aria's vacated, Mika's basically turned half the room into her own rocketry construction lab.
  185. [00:05:07] <Mikaela> "Uhh, it's kinda always like this now anyhow."
  186. [00:05:15] <Isabella> "Ah, well."
  187. [00:05:27] <Isabella> "Anyway Mika we should totally hang out more."
  188. [00:05:37] <Isabella> "I feel so distant nowadays! We need to fix that."
  189. [00:05:50] <Mikaela> "Livin' alone in a room meant for two, it's easy to just dump things somewhere, 'specially when you're building a rockethammerguitar." The last words are muttered crammed together and kinda softly.
  190. [00:06:00] <Isabella> "A what."
  191. [00:06:03] * Isabella 's eyes widen.
  192. [00:06:44] <Mikaela> "Yeah, we totes should hang out more. I was just worried you were upset or so- oh uh..." Mika goes to dig through some blueprints rolled up at the back of her desk.
  193. [00:07:19] <Mikaela> "A...uh...rocket hammer guitar. The chainsaw wasn't quite cuttin' it during our fights in the Vale, y'know? So I doesn't look stupid does it?"
  194. [00:07:35] <Mikaela> "Nah that's impossible, it can only look rad!" Mika beams.
  195. [00:07:53] <Isabella> "It looks like it'll be really fucking awesome! But are you sure the music-playing parts will be sturdy enough to hold up in battle?"
  196. [00:08:42] <Mikaela> (the blueprint probably looks something like the hammer here but with a guitar as the handle:
  197. [00:09:08] <Mikaela> "Well, it held up as a chainsaw before, an' I'm not doing THAT much, just shovin' a jet engine on the back, so I figure it should hold up fine, y'know?"
  198. [00:11:20] <Isabella> "If you can make that work then you're really fucking awesome."
  199. [00:12:04] <Isabella_> "I LOVE shit like this, when I GM tabletop games in modern settings I usually throw at least one guitar-weapon at the players to see what they do with it. But a rocket hammer? Goddamn, Mika."
  200. [00:12:06] <Mikaela> "Well, I sure hope I'm awesome enough then! The teach seems really fuckin' excited for it too, always pointin' out parts I can use when I go over to do extra work on it."
  201. [00:13:05] <Mikaela> "Tabletop games? I think I remembered you bringin' that up before near the beginning of school, but nothin' much after."
  202. [00:15:12] <Isabella_> "Yeah! Tabletop roleplaying games. Dungeons: The Druddigoning, Obsidian Blasphemy, Muks and Masterminds, Pokemon Tabletop Adventures - that's a slice of life sort of system, kinda boring - Ascended...
  203. [00:16:55] <Isabella_> "Basically you just write characters to play as, with their abilities bound by the rules of the game, one person controls the adventure while the players decide what to do, how to react, etcetera, it's a fucking blast."
  204. [00:17:27] <Mikaela> "Huh, I think I might remember Corinne mentionin' Muks and Masterminds once..." Mika scratches her head.
  205. [00:17:39] <Mikaela> "Mighta just been repeating somethin' you told her?"
  206. [00:17:45] <Isabella_> "Oh yeah, she got me the latest edition as a present, actually..."
  207. [00:18:00] <Isabella_> "She missed my birthday and all."
  208. [00:18:33] <Mikaela> "That's pretty sweet of her for how taciturn she's sorta seemed otherwise."
  209. [00:19:31] <Isabella_> "Haha, don't let her hear you say that, she's got a reputation to uphold."
  210. [00:20:17] <Mikaela> "Figures, so it's a front, is it? Hah, that...puts some stuff into perspective, y'know." Mika nods.
  211. [00:24:35] <Isabella_> "The way I see it she just has more extremes. She really likes the people she likes, and she fucking hates the people that tick her off. And it seems everyone else is sort of eh to her? I dunno, though."
  212. [00:26:51] <Isabella_> "So what other stuff have you been building?"
  213. [00:27:03] <Mikaela> "I guess I can see that. She was pretty fuckin' livid when we met the Masque operatives...beat the everhungry shit outta one of 'em even after we won, y'know."
  214. [00:28:00] <Mikaela> "It's all been the one project lately. No one's been knockin' at the door askin' for hoverboards or anythin'. And well, I guess I've just sorta been caught by a mood, y'know? Really focused on the one thing."
  215. [00:29:48] <Isabella_> "A hoverboard would be pretty cool too, but I'd bust my ass trying to learn how to ride it and probably break something."
  216. [00:29:53] * Isabella_ shrug
  217. [00:30:40] <Mikaela> "It's not that hard really! You gotta strap your feet in so you don't fall off, else it'd be kinda silly to try that sorta thing."
  218. [00:31:40] <Mikaela> "I could probably build ya one no problem after I've finished with the guitar mods, y'know?"
  219. [00:33:21] <Isabella_> "Well..."
  220. [00:33:38] * Isabella_ scratches her head, chuckling a bit nervously. "Honestly I'm not good with that sort of thing, you'd have to teach me..."
  221. [00:33:41] <Mikaela> "Or a tank or submarine or somethin' too."
  222. [00:34:10] <Mikaela> "Well, if ya want somethin' easier to fly, it could just be a small plane, but then you'd have trouble takin' it places."
  223. [00:34:53] <Isabella_> "A board would probably be a bit better, yeah..."
  224. [00:35:46] <Isabella_>
  225. [00:36:08] <Mikaela> (haha)
  226. [00:36:22] <Mikaela> (I like Vita's war hammer better though :>)
  227. [00:36:33] <Isabella_> "Anyway, you know I really hadn't asked - what other sort of hobbies do you have, Mikaela? You build things and play guitar, and generally be fuck-awesome?"
  228. [00:38:11] <Mikaela> "Music and engineering are 'bout it. I dunno if you can count bein' awesome, that's sorta prereq for gettin' into this school, y'know?" Mika grins, though for the briefest of moments there's a flicker of nervousness in her eyes as they zip to a closet and back.
  229. [00:38:33] <Isabella_> "Hm?"
  230. [00:38:42] * Isabella_ glances for a moment, too.
  231. [00:39:10] <Mikaela> "Fashion and that sorta thing too, y'know."
  232. [00:40:09] <Isabella_> "Really? Cool. I bet you have a better sense of fashion than the Prince at least."
  233. [00:40:31] <Isabella_> "Could I see...?" she says, already getting up to look at the closet.
  234. [00:40:54] <Mikaela> "Well, that's 'cause he's always tryin' to get us dressed up as slut- ah well, it's bit messy an' I haven't been keepin' it all straight..."
  235. [00:43:21] * Isabella_ isn't stopped, then? She peeeeeeks...
  236. [00:44:44] <Mikaela> The closet isn't messy at all! Well, not the clothes anyway. In fact, Mika's various outfits are all kept perfectly lined up inside, hung sorted by color. But below them, there's a cardboard box, only barely open, from which Bella can see what looks like a plush Glaceon ear sticking out.
  237. [00:45:44] <Mikaela> "Uh, yeah, see I was actually decidin' what to wear at my next gig, maybe one of these..." Mika gets up and grabs two jackets, almost at random, and holds them up. "Which do ya think?"
  238. [00:49:54] * Isabella_ studies the jackets a moment. "I dunno..." she glances back at the outfits hanging in the closet. "Neither of those is saying 'yes' to me, what about... hm?" her gaze sliiiiides down to the box. "Ooh, is that what I think it iiiis?"
  239. [00:50:34] <Isabella_> Without hesitation she reaches for the box to pull the plushie out. :3
  240. [00:50:45] <Mikaela> "W-what? No, that's just...old childhood knicknacks, y'know? HEY!"
  241. [00:51:49] * Isabella_ plucks the Glaceon plushie out!
  242. [00:52:03] <Isabella_> "Awwww, it's adorable!"
  243. [00:52:20] <Mikaela> As Bella pulls out the Glaceon pokedoll it's clear the whole box is filled with them. A few assorted Mawile plushies as you would expect. A Whimsicott in there too. The rest all seem to be assorted ice and water types.
  244. [00:52:42] <Isabella_> "I'm partial to espeon myself but you have good taste!"
  245. [00:52:44] <Mikaela> " one's supposed to know..." Mika sighs and buries her face in her hand.
  246. [00:53:05] * Isabella_ tilts her head. "You know you're not the only one who secretly likes cute things. Don't worry, I won't tell anyone."
  247. [00:53:21] <Isabella_> "I'm the kind of girl your secrets are safe with, you know?"
  248. [00:53:22] <Mikaela> "It's not..."
  249. [00:53:43] <Isabella_> She cheerfully squeezes the doll before plopping it back into the box.
  250. [00:54:27] <Isabella_> "...I'm sorry, I'm being too nosy, aren't I."
  251. [00:54:31] <Mikaela> "I jus' picked 'em out while shoppin' after I got adopted, mostly at random, ones that...kinda clicked with me. That was back when all my memories were blocked out, y'know? So I kinda figured these would help since lookin' at them in the mall, I saw somethin' familiar..."
  252. [00:54:59] * Isabella_ nods.
  253. [00:55:40] <Isabella_> "But they really are cute, you know."
  254. [00:55:48] <Mikaela> "Like this one." Mika picks the Glaceon back up. "...I feel I knew a Glaceon at one time, but it's all fuzzy now, y'know? It just sorta hit me when I saw it in one of those claw machines at a carnival, some sorta feelin' just hit me outta nowhere."
  255. [00:56:20] <Isabella_> "So you're trying to figure out your past too... I was in Mystic Aptitude that day, you know."
  256. [00:56:21] <Mikaela> "...Woulda likely spent a whole month's allowance winnin' it if I didn't make a bargain with the guy runnin' things to help fix up a few machines instead."
  257. [00:56:48] <Mikaela> "Right, that musta been awkward. Prooobably shoulda listened to Minmay 'bout that..."
  258. [00:57:00] * Isabella_ shakes her head.
  259. [00:57:26] <Mikaela> "I just didn't think it'd have been so fuckin' bloody. Guess I don't know what I expected though."
  260. [00:57:46] <Isabella_> "I've gotta figure some things out about myself as well. I know I'm human now, but I have to figure out what happened to me to cause my link with Titania..."
  261. [00:58:20] <Mikaela> "It coulda just been pure chance, y'know?"
  262. [00:58:26] * Isabella_ shakes her head
  263. [00:58:41] <Isabella_> "Everything seems to be pointing towards this being intentional on someone's part. And it's certainly unnatural."
  264. [00:58:55] <Isabella_> "It's exactly that that worries me, though."
  265. [00:59:07] <Mikaela> "You think someone engineered it?"
  266. [00:59:07] <Isabella_> "...what if my parents have something to do with Masque...?"
  267. [00:59:31] <Isabella_> "I can't be sure yet."
  268. [00:59:47] <Mikaela> "Then they'd likely have set ya up a lot more directly, 'stead of leavin' Masque to play cat and mouse. If you can't trust your parents, who can ya trust then? Have some sorta confidence in 'em I say."
  269. [01:00:03] <Isabella_> "I hope you're right..."
  270. [01:00:26] <Mikaela> "They'd probably have made it more fuckin' obvious if you were some sorta science experiment. Take it from experience, y'know?" Mika grins playfully.
  271. [01:00:26] <Isabella_> "Anyway sorry for messing with your things like that."
  272. [01:00:31] * Isabella_ shuts the closet.
  273. [01:00:47] <Mikaela> "It's not a problem, but..." Mika's face goes serious. "No one can know. Please?"
  274. [01:00:54] <Isabella_> "No problem, Mika."
  275. [01:01:00] <Isabella_> "Cross my heart and hope to die."
  276. [01:01:07] * Isabella_ signs an X over her left breast, and grins.
  277. [01:03:37] <Isabella_> "You can have faith in me, you know? Give me a call if you ever want to hang out or something, maybe once you're done with the hammer."
  278. [01:04:04] <Mikaela> "Alrighty then! Huh, yikes, I've gotta make some last minute prep work on the tristate circuitry an' displacement modulator 'fore class starts..." Mika swipes some stuff from her desk onto the floor and pulls out a bundle of wires from a drawer.
  279. [01:04:39] <Mikaela> "I've all the confidence in the world in ya Bella. See ya later then?"
  280. [01:07:07] * Isabella_ nods. "Was good talking to you, Mika. See ya!"
  281. [01:07:20] * Isabella_ waves, and heads out, in a considerably better mood.
  282. [01:08:19] * Mikaela waves Bella g
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