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  1. ● Moonball 5-6iv Jolly Clear Body Dreepy
  2. ● Dreamball 5-6iv Adamant Rattled Toxel
  3. ● Loveball 5-6iv Jolly Pastel Veil Ponyta with Morning sun and Double-Edge
  4. ● Loveball 5-6iv Jolly Disguise Mimikyu
  5. ● Moonball 5-6iv Timid HA Charmander with Dragon Rush, Metal Claw, Bite and Ancient Power
  6. ● Premierball 5-6iv Timid Serene Grace Togepi
  7. ● Friendball 5-6iv Adamant HA Applin with Sucker Punch
  8. ● Nestball 5-6iv Jolly Hyper Cutter Trapinch
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