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  1. Hexad-Partican (lv.30) - Complete Two Peas in a Pod.
  2. Hexad-Partican (lv.50) - Same, except it's only the blueprints.
  3. Hexad-Partican (lv.60) - Same as lv.50.
  5. Zenith-Cannon (lv.30) - Complete Chapter 12.
  6. Zenith-Cannon (lv.50) - Primordia, near Talon Rock. On a floating island near the northwest side.
  7. Zenith-Cannon (lv.60) - Complete L's final affinity quest.
  9. Zweihand-Q (lv.30) - Complete Chapter 12.
  10. Zweihand-Q (lv.50) - Primordia, Windswept Ridge. Atop the rock ceiling covering the area.
  11. Zweihand-Q (lv.60) - Complete Lin's final affinity quest.
  13. Trident-Anchor (lv.30) - Complete Chapter 12.
  14. Trident-Anchor (lv.50) - NLA Waters. Small island west of the Green Threshold (FN 103). Incidentally, this is also where Sven the Sturdy lives.
  15. Trident-Anchor (lv.60) - Complete the DUEL GUY (I forgot his name)'s final quest. He's in the very back of the Wrothian Stronghold.
  17. Electric-Flood (lv.30) - Complete Chapter 12.
  18. Electric-Flood (lv.50) - Noctilum, halfway up Celestial Ascent.
  19. Electric-Flood (lv.60) - Complete Celica's last affinity quest.
  21. Voltaic-Tusk (lv.30) - Complete Chapter 12.
  22. Voltaic-Tusk (lv.50) - Noctilum, Weeping Whitewood. In the northwest wall, guarded by a Scirpo.
  23. Voltaic-Tusk (lv.60) - Complete Slovity's Revenge (mission after Slovity's Rampage).
  25. Antimatter-R (lv.30) - Complete Chapter 12.
  26. Antimatter-R (lv.50) - Noctilum, Everwhelm Falls. It's in the branches, look for the one that extends farthest past the waterfall.
  27. Antimatter-R (lv.60) - Complete Murderess's final affinity quest.
  29. G-Piledriver (lv.30) - Complete Chapter 12.
  30. G-Piledriver (lv.50) - Noctilum, in the lake where Go-rha the Guardian Diety is. To the immediate right of the arch leading to the sea is a small cave with this inside.
  31. G-Piledriver (lv.60) - Complete Mia's final quest (not her affinity quest).
  33. Dragoon-Lance (lv.30) - Complete Chapter 12.
  34. Dragoon-Lance (lv.50) - Oblivia, Wrothian Stronghold. In the balcony where Vi Sezha is.
  35. Dragoon-Lance (lv.60) - After completing Lend an Ear, go to the Wrothian Stronghold at night and talk to Zo Zinath. His quest gives you the blueprints to this weapon.
  37. Drone-Storm (lv.30) - Complete Chapter 12.
  38. Drone-Storm (lv.50) - Oblivia, in the Beachside Trove. You know the chest.
  39. Drone-Storm (lv.60) - Complete Irina's final affinity quest.
  41. Deus-Crusher (lv.30) - Complete Chapter 12.
  42. Deus-Crusher (lv.50) - Sylvalum, right underneath Anvil Rock Two.
  43. Deus-Crusher (lv.60) - Complete Lionhearted (the affinity quest right outside of O'rrh Sim).
  45. Barrage-Cloak (lv.30) - Complete Chapter 12.
  46. Barrage-Cloak (lv.50) - Sylvalum, outside the Banshee's Cave. Go west until you find one of those purple tree things. Note: requires Biological lv.5.
  47. Barrage-Cloak (lv.60) - Complete Hope's last affinity quest.
  49. Detonation-F (lv.30) - Complete Chapter 12.
  50. Detonation-F (lv.50) - Cauldros, around the rim of Mount M'gando.
  51. Detonation-F (lv.60) - Complete Phog and Frye's last affinity quest.
  53. Megaflame-B (lv.30) - Complete Chapter 12.
  54. Megaflame-B (lv.50) - Cauldros, in the deepest part of the Infernal Ledges. Curiously, this one only needs Mechanical lv. 4 to unlock.
  55. Megaflame-B (lv.60) - Complete Definian Downfall.
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