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  1. Okay so origionally I detested the concept of posting in this thread because quite frankly it serves no purpose. Theres not a single thing I could say or will say that will possibly change someones mind. Lets face it, everyone here has their opinions and they arn't changing anytime soon. So seeing as this would be an effort in futility I normally would avoid it. Also I'm usually very respectful of other people's opinions, but anything I would say in this thread would almost certainly be an attack on the personal preferences of anybody who didn't agree with me. That being said I've decided to forgo these perfectly good reasons and post my opinion here anyways because heck if an online forum isn't the place to say "my ideas are better than yours and this is why I'm right!". So accepting how assanine this whole process is I shall now proceed to bang my head against a wall and explain why I feel that One Piece is the best of the Big Three.
  3. Now before begining I would like to state that I have read every chapter of the big three and many other mangas so don't take this as an uneducated opinion. At most take it as a Biased opinion.
  5. I suppose I'll start with common complaints that people have about One Piece. The first complaint has been around since One Piece's inception and that is poor art quality. Now I can understand that people who look to manga largly due to its astetic nature could be displeased with the artwork in One Piece. If you came to manga simply to marvel at the beautiful artwork I would understand your distaste for the manga. That being said I'm very fond of a quote by my favorite American author the immortal Kurt Vonnegut who said "just because someone can't write well, that doesn't mean they don't have ideas worth writing." Mr. Vonnegut himself was a fan of writing in a style that people who respected proper grammer hated. He often used sentences like "So it goes." and "And so on.." sentences that by themselves don't follow any gramatical rhyme or reason and certainly lack linguistic complexity but in the context of the stories he put them in spoke more volumes of emotion than any long gramatically correct statement ever could. I feel this sentement applies to Manga as well. I personally believe that just because Oda's drawing quality is not to the caliber of other mangakas that does not mean the quality of the manga is sub par. But then again I don't read manga for the artwork I read manga because of the stories.
  7. Another complaint about One Piece is its length and the time its taken to develop. Seeing as we're just now at the estimated half way mark 600+ chapters in. Now I must agree. I wish the story was already done. But not in the same way as most people. I wish that it were 15 years from now and Oda had been given enough time to complete his work and I could read all of it in all of its splender and glory. I do not wish for Oda to rush his work, or to make him condense parts down to (as one poster put it) keep up with "kubo's fast pace development". Now i'm not saying great stories have to take a long time to tell, nor am I saying that just because something is long it is good. (i've never read war and peace though I've heard its good) All i'm saying is that a great story (like gandalf) never arrives at its destination early or late. A great story always finishes precisely when it means too. (though lord of the rings is a bad example that thing had 8 different endings).
  9. Now those were the two big complaints I wanted to adress and why I feel that they arn't bad things. Because as I've stated previously my opinions are better than all of yours. (joking)
  11. But now I would like to move on to why I feel One Piece is greater than its counterparts by talking about the negetive aspects I feel are present in naruto/bleach.
  13. The first is simply the differences in the mangas as a whole from a story perspective. I feel that One Piece very clearly is a story. A very complex long story mind you, but a story non the less. While Bleach and Naruto aren't. And by that I mean Kubo and Kishi created worlds. Beautiful worlds full of characters (some interesting, some not), powers, conflicts, heros, villians, and everything else one could think of that is neccesarry for a story to happen. But the difference being that neither Bleach nor Naruto tell one story. They just use the worlds they've created to tell several different stories over a long period of time which in the long run will eventually just composite together to complete a biography of naruto/ichigo. This is a huge distinction that seperates One Piece. Ever since the first chapter of One Piece its been a story about a boy named Luffy who sets out to become Pirate King and surround himself with nakama whom he loves. So in that sense One Piece is clearly better than its rivals. Because OP is just one story still being told theres no confusion in narrative or tone of the manga. Its consistent throughout. Reading the manga now you can't say is any different than it was 1 year ago or even 5 years ago. Because the virtues morals and objectives havn't changed. Neither has the power structure. In the other two big mangas we constantly meet people with powers that are somehow greater than the previous villian even though we have never heard of them. On the other hand in One Piece the power structure hasnt changed. Sure we as readers weren't ware of it origionally but the structure was already there. Shichibukai are still Shicibukai Admirals are still resprected as Admirals and Yonkou are still feared as Yonkou. Its not like Luffy's going to beat Kaidou of the Yonkou, and the people around him are going to be like "well you beat a yonkou thats true but now there are these super yonkou you have to face" Meanwhile in the other two the very core of the manga changes more and more as time goes on. Naruto, origionally a manga about socially unaccepted child who just seeks the aproval and acceptance of those around him meanwhile trying to become Hokage, then shifted to trying to rescue a friend who has wandered down a dark path, and is now about the intangable nature of peace in an enviroment in confrontation with a tyrant. Not to mention the fact that he is now well loved by the entire village and is clearly in line to take the seat of hokage (fullfilling the primary wish) but he has also stated that he believes he and sasuke will end up killing eachother (which completely negates the secondary goals of the manga, saving sasuke) So either way the origional tone and goals of the manga have been neglected in place of showy moves and escelating powers. Now origionally I gave Bleach credit for (though having a lack of great story telling) keeping one specific narrative going. Aizens a bad guy and we need to stop him to save the people we love. That was the whole goal of the manga from the end of the Rukia recovery arc to the end of the most recent arc. The entire manga was built around the expected battle with Aizen. Yet its conclusion was drawn out so that chapter after chapter we read as countless people tried to combat aizen (all the time knowing they wouldn't win because that's Ichigo's job) only to end up having Ichigo using an extremely ill-placed and cliche power up mechanism (A hyperbolic time chamber) to bring him to an adequet power level to match Aizen. Then the fight itself that we've been waiting hundereds of chapters to see......ends in 4 chapters. And as it turns out our hero Ichigo didn't even really do it, Urahara did it 10 chapters ago. (yes I do realize that Ichigo had to "weaken" Aizen to get Urahara's magic to work) Leaving me (and I assume like minded readers) so unsastisfied that it drove me to lose respect for the manga as a whole. And now we've come to find in this new arc that theres a new Villianous organization that must be more dangerous than Aizen out there. Which totally makes the fact that Kubo just had us spend hundereds of chapters hearing how Aizen is the biggest bad *** in history totally worthless. (Now I know at this point we don't know anything about xcution so they could either be A. related to aizen or B. weaker than aizen and it would neglect my points I'm making, but if they are somehow related to aizen I would be suprised and would redact my statement about their existence's implications on the narrative. The other option being if they are weaker than Aizen then this whole arc is pointless because they should be easily taken care of.) I think all these reasons go to show why from a story perspective One Piece is the better manga.
  15. Now i'll just move on to general points about Naruto and bleach that I'm sure will be the only thing most people read and then quote later making arguments without reading the entirety of the post lol, but it happens.
  17. General complaints.
  19. Naruto - I origionally loved this series and still read every chapter, but for my opinion it has severly declined. The story elements that origionally made the story so great have gone by the way side in favor of a continue escalation of superior techniques, basically constantly trying to achieve the next level of suer sayain. It seems more and more that Naruto has become a constant training arc. While world events and plot developments are going on Naruto is constantly off somewhere else training to defeat his next strong oponent. Right now the ninja war is going on, and instead of having naruto there showing off his prowess and allowing the reader a chance to see naruto take place in a real emotionally charged battle, he's off learning to do a black rasengan. Making me wonder what will be going on next time when he spends 20 chapters learning black rasenshurieken. I mean if feels like he just finished his sage mode training beat pain saw sasuke, and is now back to do more training. Not even taking into account that you could count the basic mastering of nine-tails mode as its own training arc. So now he has super strength and super speed, but thats not enough apparently beacuse he needs to keep training. It just seems like Kishi is deliberatly keeping him away so he can show up at the last minute again exactly like he did in the Pein saga. So I have to say in conclusion. Naruto is a horrible Ninja. Since shippuuden began he has not completed one successful mission that I can recall. He's never once used stealth accuired information or sufficiently protected anyone. This literally makes him the leafs best Street fighter, but almost certainly not its best ninja.
  21. Bleach - I had watched this series for a long time and it had always been number two after naruto (before I ever gave One Piece a chance) and it was one of the very firts mangas I read when I started reading manga. But I have to say in view of the work to date the storytelling is so muddeled and narrative so dilluted that from a story perspective it severly lacks the quality that I've come to look for in manga. The constant escelation of power and the continually finding of stronger and stronger opponents without any real narrative has in my view point turned this manga into nothing more than cool images of people fighting. Any maybe thats what some people prefer. Maybe some people read manga not seeking a good story only cool images and awesome fighting techniques. And maybe those are the same kind of people that can say with a straight face that Micheal Bay's Transformers is a better movie than Good Will Hunting because they like the action scenese and the changing robots, and were bored by Robin William's beard. And to those people I understand that their viewpoints and mine will never be the same and if thats how they feel than yes Bleach is probably a better manga for them.
  23. One Piece - There is only one thing I really dislike about One Piece. (As far as the manga goes anyways, there are several things I dislike about the anime) The one thing I truley dislike about the One Piece is some of its Fanbase. (especially some of the people who vocalize here) Now alot of the fans I can agree with, but I do notice that some fans do over idealize Oda. Now don't get me wrong I do give Oda alot of credit and do believe him to be the best mangaka past or present, but I don't think he is infallable. I'm sure there have been mistakes in logic or physics, but I accept that because One Piece is the creation of a human and humans are imperfect therfor anything we create on some level must be imperfect. (Used in a larger sense that same logic can be used to imply that God is imperfect lol) The other part of the fanbase I don't enjoy are those people who though claiming to be die hard fans seem so at odds with the entierty of the manga. Fans who ferverently believe that Arlong will be the next nakama (because all those time Luffy mentioned never being able to forgive people who hurt his nakama he was just joking) or people who anytime theres a chapter without a fight complain that the manga's draging. This is a manga that tells a story about adventure and good times. There doesn't need to be a fight constantly. These kinds of thoughts would turn OP into all the things I dislike about other mangas.
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