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  1. It has come to our attention that (what seems to be) the staff at Discord has sent out a warning to people regarding a potential attack/raid happening the 27th. We're not sure about the validity to this but figured that we might as well share the info here as well to make sure everyone stays safe. The message reads like this:
  3. "We've got some bad news
  5. As many of you may know, rumors have spread about an all out attack on discord on July 27th through the website, the same people that did the free nitro raid a few weeks ago. It is highly recommended that you tread lightly or stay off of discord if possible.  Measures to take include enabling 2 factor authentication
  6. A bunch of you have probably already seen the image of the discordgg ga website with the Felix the Cat character whistling.
  7. To give a small recap: a few months ago a virus spread around Discord using the discordgg ga website. Basically an account would send you the webpage, which was designed to imitate Discord's browser page, and ask you for your login information. If you fell for the trap the virus spread to your account and the cycle continues.
  8. Those same guys have ominously announced a "surprise" for the 27th of July. Knowing the lengths that these people will got to to take information, it's important to be prepared.
  9. If you still haven't:
  10. - Turn on the "dm scanning" option to safe mode
  11. - Remove your connections (Steam, Skype, Twitter...)
  12. - Remove payment info
  13. - Remove the "Kawaiibot" from your own server, there have been reports of the bot being connected
  14. - Don't open ANY SUSPICIOUS LINKS. Double check them for small changes (Like how the original webpage is and the fake is discordgg(dot)ga
  15. - Report any suspicious behavior
  16. - Inform other servers and spread the message
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