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  1. Session Ident: #4chan
  2. 03[00:45] * Now talking in #4chan
  3. 03[00:45] * Topic is '#4chan | If you haven't seen this movie yet, you are a total jerk 11 | Tree-huggers welcome (apparently) 11IRC IS NOT AN APPEAL FORM | 4Please use the appeal form on the website for all ban-related questions. Only contact moderation staff after you have filled this out and it has been answered.'
  4. 03[00:45] * Set by ALTERNATIVE!~kd@SHAMBLING.CORPORATE.PRESENCE on Wed Jul 13 11:59:13
  5. [00:46] <memyselfandi> fuck, i bet that woman has more muscles in her fatty legs than that guy
  6. [00:46] <memyselfandi> I'm pretty sure it's a composite.
  7. 01[00:46] <Raygoldilocks> ha
  8. 01[00:47] <Raygoldilocks> i hope u realise the fbi is monitoring u memyselfandi
  9. [00:47] <memyselfandi> i don't know why they chose some jew's holocaust camp photo for the legs though.
  10. 01[00:47] <Raygoldilocks> im just a friend here to help
  11. 01[00:47] <Raygoldilocks> dont pay any attn, find by me
  12. [00:47] <memyselfandi> Ray, why would the fbi be monitoring me?
  13. 01[00:47] <Raygoldilocks> dont ask dont tell friend
  14. [00:48] <memyselfandi> because I'm staring at NOODIES OF HUMANS?
  15. 01[00:48] <Raygoldilocks> maybe ur a zurk
  16. [00:48] <Ctrice> you're on a 4chan channel on IRC
  17. [00:48] <memyselfandi> but why me specifically? =(
  18. [00:48] <Ctrice> both are frequented by pedophiles and hackers
  19. 01[00:48] <Raygoldilocks> listen pal ive been to prison b4 for things i have said and not said on i.r.c so wach ur bax i sall im sayin
  20. [00:49] <memyselfandi> wut
  21. [00:49] <Ctrice> it's you De La Soul inspired name
  22. [00:49] <Ctrice> reeks of hippy-ism
  23. 01[00:49] <Raygoldilocks> also i googled ur name and found all ur personal dox in 1 second
  24. 01[00:49] <Raygoldilocks> might want 2 keep shit more tight than that
  25. 01[00:49] <Raygoldilocks> jus xayin
  26. [00:49] <memyselfandi> pssh, impossible because I'm a zurk
  27. 01[00:50] <Raygoldilocks> don't get cute with me kid
  28. [00:50] <memyselfandi> we zurks know how to keep secrets
  29. 01[00:50] <Raygoldilocks> im here 2 help
  30. 01[00:50] <Raygoldilocks> if u need it
  31. 01[00:50] <Raygoldilocks>
  32. 01[00:51] <Raygoldilocks> first thing i would do
  33. 01[00:51] <Raygoldilocks> is get a real irc client like mIRC
  34. 01[00:51] <Raygoldilocks> cut off all connctions irl
  35. 01[00:51] <Raygoldilocks> get a vpn
  36. [00:51] <memyselfandi> but my mac makes me unhackable
  37. 01[00:51] <Raygoldilocks> sell ur mac and buy a dell
  38. [00:51] <memyselfandi> wut
  39. 01[00:51] <Raygoldilocks> sell all ur clothing and buy black clothing
  40. [00:51] <memyselfandi> done
  41. 01[00:51] <Raygoldilocks> neve rfrequent suspicious places like malls or video game stores
  42. [00:51] <memyselfandi> =O
  43. [00:51] <memyselfandi> but that's where i do all my socializing!
  44. 01[00:52] <Raygoldilocks> only eat at traditional resternts like mcdonalds
  45. [00:52] <memyselfandi> someones gotta hear my opinino on video games!
  46. 01[00:52] <Raygoldilocks> stop trying to be funny on irc it only gets u more noticed by the feds
  47. [00:52] <memyselfandi> why are you picking on me?  =(
  48. 01[00:52] <Raygoldilocks> last resort last things come to last pretend ur asian this is my last word of advice to u
  49. [00:53] <memyselfandi> but i already look asian and asians crowd around me because i look like that.
  50. 01[00:53] <Raygoldilocks> just cuz u look gay doesnt mean u r gay
  51. [00:53] <memyselfandi> so how does pretending to be gay help?
  52. 01[00:53] <Raygoldilocks> become the thing that u want to look like
  53. 01[00:53] <Raygoldilocks> -jesus christ probably
  54. 01[00:54] <Raygoldilocks> jus sayin
  55. [00:54] <YunoWhatItIs> What.
  56. [00:54] <memyselfandi> i have no clue
  57. 01[00:54] <Raygoldilocks> it probably doesnt help if u keep acting gay and comin on to people
  58. 01[00:54] <Raygoldilocks> the feds notice that
  59. 01[00:54] <Raygoldilocks> JUS trying to help out a friend
  60. 01[00:54] <Raygoldilocks> no offence if ur really asian btw
  61. 01[00:55] <Raygoldilocks> but u could probably be less obvious
  62. 01[00:55] <Raygoldilocks> e.g. less emoticons
  63. 01[00:55] <Raygoldilocks> i saw ur type =( earlier
  64. 01[00:55] <Raygoldilocks> either gay or girl or asian and the feds pick up on that
  65. [00:55] <memyselfandi> but that's what asians do!  >=O
  66. [00:55] <memyselfandi> so now you're saying i shouldn't pretend to be asian???
  67. 01[00:56] <Raygoldilocks> im jus sayin ur fucked if u do and fucked if u dont
  68. 01[00:56] <Raygoldilocks> so i would probably uninstall irc at 1nce unless u geet smart and i man u get real smart like chuck palucknish or something
  69. [00:56] <memyselfandi> didn't he kill himself?
  70. 01[00:57] <Raygoldilocks> dont talka bout killing here
  71. 01[00:57] <Raygoldilocks> u want feds up ur arse?
  72. 01[00:57] <Raygoldilocks> u ant to look gay
  73. 01[00:57] <Raygoldilocks> fed up ur arse is a good way to look gay
  74. 01[00:57] <Raygoldilocks> jus asyin
  75. [00:57] <baltz> lmao
  76. [00:57] <baltz> fsdf
  77. [00:57] <baltz> d
  78. [00:57] <baltz> fg
  79. [00:58] <memyselfandi> ...
  80. 01[00:58] <Raygoldilocks> if u got nothing to say
  81. 01[00:58] <Raygoldilocks> say nothing at all
  82. 01[00:58] <Raygoldilocks> less attn is the best way to avoid detection
  83. [00:58] <memyselfandi> sheep balls
  84. 01[00:58] <Raygoldilocks> but u will be caught
  85. 01[00:58] <Raygoldilocks> im jus sayin
  86. 01[00:58] <Raygoldilocks> they r onto u
  87. 06[00:59] * memyselfandi is busy flushing moonshine  down the toilet
  88. 01[00:59] <Raygoldilocks> definitluy wouldnt ever do /me unless iw ant the feds afterme
  89. [00:59] <baltz> feds wont be lookn for that, thatd be the local sherrif
  90. 01[00:59] <Raygoldilocks> attention whores become prison whores
  91. [00:59] <baltz> seriff*
  92. 01[00:59] <Raygoldilocks> serif sans is a good font pun but ull go to prison 60+ years for being that smart i.e. a threat to national security
  93. [01:00] <memyselfandi> good thing im sans serif
  94. [01:00] <baltz> san sarif
  95. [01:00] <baltz> fuck
  96. 01[01:00] <Raygoldilocks> This is a true story. A girl died in 1933. A man buried her when she was still alive. The murderer chanted," Toma Sota balcu," as he buried her. Now that you have read the chant, you will meet this little girl. Send this message to 10 people or she will show up in your room and kil u.
  97. 01[01:00] <Raygoldilocks> ^jus sayin u might wana do this 2
  98. 01[01:01] <Raygoldilocks> if u dont want to chant it to 10 people i have a website with a survey u can fill out and that will undo the curse
  99. 01[01:01] <Raygoldilocks> jus sayin
  100. [01:01] <baltz> both methods sound trying
  101. [01:02] <baltz> being ut away involuntarily sounds liek less effort
  102. 01[01:02] <Raygoldilocks> nice advice
  103. [01:02] <memyselfandi> how would a little girl kill me if she couldn't even stop her murderer from burying her alive? she sounds weak as fuck.
  104. 01[01:02] <Raygoldilocks> they need plenty of counsellors liek u in the penitentiary u will end up in baltz
  105. [01:02] <memyselfandi> I can take her on.
  106. 01[01:02] <Raygoldilocks> when the feds catch up wit wat u do here
  107. [01:02] <Trev> Raygold and Raylias are split personalities of the same person
  108. [01:02] <Trev> Raylias is a nice guy and timid
  109. 01[01:03] <Raygoldilocks> thats bullshit trev
  110. [01:03] <baltz> like twoface
  111. 01[01:03] <Raygoldilocks> and u r a fucking idiot
  112. [01:03] <Trev> Raygoldilocks is a nigerian 419 scammer
  113. 01[01:03] <Raygoldilocks> ive never ever heard of this 'nigerian 419 scammer'
  114. 01[01:03] <Raygoldilocks> u r full of sh*t
  115. [01:04] <baltz> ray liota
  116. [01:04] <Trev> Or, a federale. Or possibly underage
  117. 01[01:04] <Raygoldilocks> liar lair pants on fire liar 4 hire u r a lawyer aka a jew aka the holocaust wasn real... sorry
  118. 01[01:05] <Raygoldilocks> sorry trev
  119. 01[01:05] <Raygoldilocks> but u just a dumb idiot
  120. 01[01:05] <Raygoldilocks> and everythin u say is a dumb idiot would say
  121. 01[01:05] <Raygoldilocks> and u r a dumb idiot a swell
  122. [01:05] <Trev> I'm so dumb. You don't even know.
  123. 01[01:05] <Raygoldilocks> tbh i already said
  124. 01[01:05] <Raygoldilocks> ur dumb
  125. 01[01:05] <Raygoldilocks> but ur so dumb i said it twice
  126. 01[01:05] <Raygoldilocks> cuz ur that dumb i have to say it mroe than once = twice
  127. 01[01:05] <Raygoldilocks> .....sigh
  128. 01[01:06] <Raygoldilocks> and as for 'nigerin 419 scammer' i never heard of him so u r full of nasty i say a prayer 4 u maybe god will help ur life so sad u have to flame on me in chat
  129. 01[01:06] <Raygoldilocks> hahahaha he gone must have scared him
  130. 01[01:07] <Raygoldilocks> feds will be after him anyway
  131. 01[01:07] <Raygoldilocks> hes g@Y
  132. [01:07] <Trev> I am so gay. You don't even know.
  133. [01:08] <Trev> There needs to be an "ops alert" bot or command
  134. [01:08] <Trev> I may make that.
  135. 01[01:08] <Raygoldilocks> looking to sell my 4chan tripcode comes with high level rep any1 interestd pm me i have on ebay/craiglist as well bitcoins welcme
  136. [01:09] <Ctrice> Raygoldilocks, do you have a 4chan gold account for sale?
  137. 01[01:09] <Raygoldilocks> will accept payment in hookers/drugs if u got contacts also welcome hitmen if u r a serious murderer and not some lame ass fake
  138. [01:09] <Ctrice> I want to see all those exclusive images
  139. 01[01:09] <Raygoldilocks> i alrady sold all my 4chan gold accounts for 10g each
  140. [01:09] <Kazon> Raygoldilocks you want someone to shoot your parents for you for not buying you an android?
  141. 01[01:10] <Raygoldilocks> Kazon not sure who u think u r to coem at me with ur lame ass jokes but u better be prepared hen a hitman comes to ur door and blows ur fucking head off
  142. 03[01:10] * Trev ( has left #4chan (Leaving)
  143. 01[01:10] <Raygoldilocks> with love form me
  144. 01[01:10] <Raygoldilocks> f@g
  145. [01:10] <Kazon> blows my head?
  146. [01:10] <Kazon> yeah ok
  147. 01[01:10] <Raygoldilocks> yeah ok yourself jew
  148. 01[01:11] <Raygoldilocks> u r nothing rofl
  149. [01:11] <Kazon> i'm whiter than you you nigger
  150. 03[01:11] * Trev ( has joined #4chan
  151. 01[01:11] <Raygoldilocks> dont say racist shit to me thanks
  152. 01[01:11] <Raygoldilocks> i am from a mulatto background descended from spanish nobility and chinese royalty + u seen the movie da vinci code...?
  153. [01:11] <Kazon> get bent you punjabber
  154. [01:11] <Kazon> ah, a mongrel
  155. 01[01:12] <Raygoldilocks> i am actually descended from the greatest rulers of india and pakistan u fucking white racist pig
  156. 01[01:12] <Raygoldilocks> whats so funny is my country is good and urs is shit an di laugh cuz thats funny hahaha
  157. [01:12] <Kazon> what country is that bertie num num?
  158. 01[01:12] <Raygoldilocks> dont chat with me anymore i find u g@y
  159. 01[01:12] <Raygoldilocks> u r not interesting
  160. 01[01:12] <Raygoldilocks> u r negative
  161. [01:12] <Kazon> you're a child
  162. 01[01:12] <Raygoldilocks> ====kazon ignored for all eternity cuz he g@y lol====
  163. 01[01:13] <Raygoldilocks> owned
  164. [01:13] <Kazon> you can't deal with it haha
  165. 01[01:13] <Raygoldilocks> soryr to own u like that kid
  166. 01[01:13] <Raygoldilocks> but i cant deal with losers like u
  167. 01[01:13] <Raygoldilocks> i got no time
  168. 01[01:13] <Raygoldilocks> i make 100,000 per hour
  169. 01[01:13] <Raygoldilocks> usd
  170. 01[01:13] <Raygoldilocks> no time for shits like u
  171. [01:13] <Kazon> I MAKE 100,000 an hour hahaha
  172. 01[01:13] <Raygoldilocks> i got 2 wives and about 17 children to feed
  173. 01[01:14] <Raygoldilocks> u just a bum
  174. [01:14] <Kazon> you talk more shit than an african dung salesman
  175. 01[01:14] <Raygoldilocks> u probably sayin all kind a shit right now but i can tell u whst if i ever meet u irl iw ould kill u in 1 move
  176. [01:14] <Kazon> hahaha
  177. 01[01:14] <Raygoldilocks> im not interested in any foreplay just execut grapple on u and ur face go out ur arse hahah a u die
  178. 01[01:15] <Raygoldilocks> im friend with fbi cia mi6
  179. [01:15] <memyselfandi> True story.
  180. [01:15] <Kazon> is this Aznprince troll?
  181. 01[01:15] <Raygoldilocks> u wan tto call me a troll u better back it up with evidenc
  182. 01[01:15] <Raygoldilocks> u show me logs of trollin
  183. 01[01:15] <Raygoldilocks> u show me testimonials of people claiming i troled them
  184. 01[01:16] <Raygoldilocks> or u shut ur fucking mouth u dirity white b@tch
  185. 01[01:16] <Raygoldilocks> hahahaha nice he silent because he g@y liar
  186. [01:16] <Kazon> dear /b/
  187. 01[01:16] <Raygoldilocks> brb going to go send 50 g on hookers, drugs, anti g@y chat software
  188. [01:17] <Kazon> he had me going till the second or third line
  189. [01:17] <Kazon> not bad for a
  190. [01:17] <Kazon> [censored by ircw due to racism]
  191. 01[01:18] <Raygoldilocks> kazonis a virus tbh ignore him
  192. 01[01:18] <Raygoldilocks> brb 50minutes
  193. 01[01:22] <Raygoldilocks> i am  a murderer
  194. [01:27] <Trev> Today I learned that Kazon is Aboriginal
  195. [01:27] <sprink|droid> Oh really?
  196. 01[01:27] <Raygoldilocks> Trev laready ignored kazon
  197. 01[01:27] <Raygoldilocks> and already said that
  198. 01[01:28] <Raygoldilocks> <Raygoldilocks> kazonis a virus tbh ignore him
  199. [01:28] <memyselfandi> that wasn't 50 minutes
  200. 01[01:31] <Raygoldilocks> memyselfandi: time flies when ur rich
  201. [02:04] <memyselfandi> walked into Toys R Us today, and after a few minutes of browsing an employee walked up to me and asked me my name. They then asked me if I had "an incident with a manager last week".
  202. [02:04] <memyselfandi> hahah
  203. 01[02:10] <Raygoldilocks> not FUNNY
  204. 01[02:11] <Raygoldilocks> if u think thats funy consider urself not my friend
  205. [02:11] <slamm> Hi mods
  206. 01[02:12] <Raygoldilocks> shut up
  207. [02:13] <slamm> thats rude
  208. 01[02:13] <Raygoldilocks> u r by far the rudest perosn in this chatroom
  209. [02:13] <slamm> :(
  210. 01[02:14] <Raygoldilocks> something sad?
  211. 01[02:14] <Raygoldilocks> is it urlife?
  212. 01[02:14] <Raygoldilocks> need help pikin up girls?
  213. [02:14] <+Katsurugi> pikmin up girls
  214. 02[02:15] * memyselfandi ( Quit (Quit: mooo)
  215. [02:15] <slamm> Yeah making fun of me is so funny, so funny I forgot to laugh. If you wanna talk like that to me why don't you come here and say it to me face so I can answer your insults with a swift fist to the nose. Yeah you have a lot to say from hundreds of miles away but I bet if my fists were in reach of your face you would be like a tv on mute with no volume button.
  216. [02:15] <slamm> So do yourself a favor and keep your mouth shut unless you want to die. Next time you think about saying something like that to me I want you to remember one thing. I know the guy that created google maps and I can locate you in the time it took me to type this. Don't want anymore problems.... didn't think so faggot. You have any idea what gorilla warfare is?
  217. [02:15] <slamm> I do, I was in the US Marine Core and I perfected it. I'm fully capable of using it on you motherfuckers. Do you know the dander your in if I find you? I am 100$ serious. Bunch of god damn newfaf loser here and I will not have it. At least I've had sex, had girlfriends, and gotten laid, and blowjobbed unlike you virgin piece of unpatriotic SHIT.
  218. 01[02:15] <Raygoldilocks> added to my insult.txt thanks
  219. [02:15] <+Katsurugi> ( ゚∀゚)アハハ八八ノヽノヽノヽノ \ / \/ \
  220. [02:15] <+Katsurugi> ( ゚∀゚)アハハ八八ノヽノヽノヽノ \ / \/ \ \ /\ / \ ノヽノヽノヽノ八八ハハア)`ν°)
  221. 01[02:16] <Raygoldilocks> that's not that funny though
  222. [02:16] <slamm> Raygoldilocks, want to trade insults so we can make our copypastes.txt larger
  223. 01[02:16] <Raygoldilocks> whoever wrote it was just an unoriginal hack trying to cash in on the unprofitable art of making spam
  224. 01[02:16] <Raygoldilocks> first off
  225. 01[02:16] <Raygoldilocks> there aren't enough spelling mistakes
  226. 01[02:16] <Raygoldilocks> second off
  227. 01[02:17] <Raygoldilocks> it was written by a kid
  228. 01[02:17] <Raygoldilocks> third off
  229. 01[02:17] <Raygoldilocks> it's written by a gamma male trying to sound alpha
  230. 01[02:17] <Raygoldilocks> fourth off ^^^
  231. 01[02:17] <Raygoldilocks> opening line is shit
  232. 01[02:18] <Raygoldilocks> @m so cool @n u so g@y idgaf smd lol
  233. [02:18] <Quiddity> Krackupsurugi.
  234. 01[02:19] <Raygoldilocks> the fuck @ Quiddity
  235. 01[02:19] <Raygoldilocks> someone takes wheelock latin 2 seriously LOL
  236. [02:19] <Quiddity> from outta nowhere
  237. 01[02:19] <Raygoldilocks> someone takes wheelock latin 2 seriously LOL
  238. 01[02:19] <Raygoldilocks> thats u friend
  239. 01[02:19] <Raygoldilocks> u r that someone
  240. 01[02:19] <Raygoldilocks> u r that g@Y who wills forever g@yness and is g@y
  241. [02:19] <Quiddity> wheelock?
  242. [02:19] <Quiddity> I am not familiar with the wall of text I am seeing.
  243. [02:20] <+Katsurugi> I think it's just stupidity, Quiddity
  244. 01[02:20] <Raygoldilocks> wall of text idgaf u stupid fag
  245. 01[02:20] <Raygoldilocks> u r a fucking stupid retard
  246. 01[02:20] <Raygoldilocks> suk my cok
  247. [02:20] <+Katsurugi> I don't know what idgaf means
  248. [02:20] <Quiddity> Must be from :)
  249. [02:20] <+Katsurugi> but backwards it's fagdi
  250. [02:20] <+Katsurugi> yeah, who knows?
  251. [02:20] <Quiddity> wow
  252. 01[02:21] <Raygoldilocks> would rather read a read of china text than 1 sentence of ur pretentious nickname + faggotry
  253. [02:21] <Quiddity> thats up there with flog spelling golf backwards
  254. [02:21] <+Katsurugi> it's crazy, man
  255. [02:21] <+Katsurugi> the english language
  256. 01[02:21] <Raygoldilocks> <Quiddity> thats up there with flog spelling golf backwards
  257. 01[02:21] <Raygoldilocks> <+Katsurugi> it's crazy, man
  258. 01[02:21] <Raygoldilocks> u 2 can get a room
  259. [02:21] <+Katsurugi> it's like they're trying to brainwash you
  260. 01[02:21] <Raygoldilocks> 2 pretentious f@gs
  261. [02:21] <+Katsurugi> like melon and lemon
  262. 01[02:21] <Raygoldilocks> 1 in2 anime the other in2 gay words
  263. [02:21] <+Katsurugi> they're both fruit
  264. [02:21] <+Katsurugi> and they use the same letters?
  265. 01[02:22] <Raygoldilocks> not FUNNY
  266. [02:22] <Quiddity> palidromes dude
  267. [02:22] <Quiddity> they're out to get us
  268. [02:22] <+Katsurugi> if you ever got those mixed up
  269. 01[02:22] <Raygoldilocks> Katsurugi is a fucking nigger desperate for laughter
  270. [02:22] <+Katsurugi> you'd be in deep
  271. [02:22] <Quiddity> spelled the same backwards and forwards
  272. [02:22] <Quiddity> that shit ain't natural
  273. 01[02:22] <Raygoldilocks> Quiddity u say dude one more time like u from the hood u 30 year old obese f@g
  274. [02:22] <+Katsurugi> yeah, the only real safe profession are racers
  275. 01[02:22] <Raygoldilocks> 1 more time ill fucking rape ur wife
  276. [02:22] <+Katsurugi> because racecar is a palindrome
  277. 01[02:23] <Raygoldilocks> no1 gives a fuck about ur white middleclass liberal arts degree bs
  278. [02:23] <Quiddity> HOLY SHIT
  279. 01[02:23] <Raygoldilocks> take ur palindromes and sell them and buy me crack
  280. 01[02:23] <Raygoldilocks> fucking idiots
  281. [02:23] <Quiddity> I'm gonna go contemplate the english language for awhile.
  282. 01[02:23] <Raygoldilocks> more like contemplate porn u fat pece
  283. 01[02:23] <Raygoldilocks> hahahaahha
  284. 01[02:24] <Raygoldilocks> run away u scared i know
  285. [02:24] <+Katsurugi> it's really quite penetrating how far the rabbit hole goes
  286. [02:24] <Quiddity> Would you prefer I do that here?
  287. 01[02:24] <Raygoldilocks> i earn more money per second than u do in ur hole life u nigger
  288. [02:24] <Quiddity> I can just as easily post all the links I trawl off Wikipedia...
  289. [02:24] <+Katsurugi> certainly, there are poets and wordsmiths of our times that have some mastery of the english language
  290. 01[02:24] <Raygoldilocks> u are a racist loser Quiddity, ur palindrome white education can suck my black dick
  291. [02:25] <+Katsurugi> maya angelou, toni morrison, souljaboy
  292. [02:25] <Quiddity> Imagine, way back in time
  293. 01[02:25] <Raygoldilocks> u r so obese that when u try 2 talk irl about this nerd shit it is like lifting weights cuz ur fat
  294. [02:25] <Quiddity> Someone was William Shakespeare's English teacher.
  295. 01[02:25] <Raygoldilocks> lol
  296. 01[02:25] <Raygoldilocks> Quiddity wrong loser
  297. 01[02:25] <Raygoldilocks> Quiddity shakespeare wasnt educated like u
  298. 01[02:25] <Raygoldilocks> shakespare was from hood
  299. 01[02:25] <Raygoldilocks> fucking dumb ass white obese nigger
  300. 01[02:26] <Raygoldilocks> shakespere learnt all his words from rapping
  301. 03[02:26] * TIME_PARADOX (~ZOMG@F1D3457F.4C24EFCB.EECE0609.IP) has joined #4chan
  302. 01[02:26] <Raygoldilocks> oxford on avon rap superstar shakesper didnt go 2 school didnt give a fuck
  303. 01[02:26] <Raygoldilocks> learnt sum latin when he was 12 then dropped out cuz he didnt give a fuck lol u think they taught english in the 16C u r a pretentious ignorant idiot
  304. 01[02:27] <Raygoldilocks> yeah i wonder what english class in 16C was like 'ok so we got chaucer and we got marlowe thats it class dismisst'
  305. 01[02:27] <Raygoldilocks> lol @ english teacher in the 16C u fucking ignorant white pece
  306. 01[02:27] <Raygoldilocks> suck my black dick
  307. [02:28] <Quiddity> Are we talking about Will Shakespeare from upstate New York or the one from Warwickshire?
  308. 01[02:28] <Raygoldilocks> can i piss on ur face u piece of pretentious shit?
  309. 01[02:28] <Raygoldilocks> cuz u r a fucking nigger
  310. 01[02:28] <Raygoldilocks> lol
  311. 01[02:28] <Raygoldilocks> u know j4ck
  312. 01[02:28] <Raygoldilocks> u know nothing
  313. 01[02:29] <Raygoldilocks> u r a fucking pece of shit Quiddity
  314. 01[02:29] <Raygoldilocks> lol
  315. 01[02:29] <Raygoldilocks> suck my black dick u racist white nigger
  316. [02:29] <Seraqui> originality +1
  317. [02:29] <Quiddity> Oh you'd like that wouldn't you?
  318. 01[02:29] <Raygoldilocks> hahah u talk like a f@g
  319. 01[02:29] <Raygoldilocks> u r a f@g
  320. [02:30] <Quiddity> Anything for an internet random.
  321. 01[02:30] <Raygoldilocks> shut up fucking idiot
  322. 01[02:30] <Raygoldilocks> u know nothin u r nothing ur shitty whtie education only proves that shakespeare was black
  323. 01[02:30] <Raygoldilocks> the fuck u probably think hamlet was white
  324. [02:31] <Quiddity> Was Othello?
  325. 01[02:31] <Raygoldilocks> dont mention otehllo 2 me u white racist fuck
  326. [02:31] <Quiddity> Why not?
  327. 01[02:31] <Raygoldilocks> otello is a bunch of shit that only white niggers read cuz they can't read hamlet or brutus(julius caesar 4 u fucks)
  328. [02:32] <Quiddity> Prrrropositional fallacy!
  329. 01[02:32] <Raygoldilocks> and u can suck my dick as well cuz otello is not even wrote by shakespeare every1 know otello was writed by some pece of shit like u so that 400 years later a pece of white shit can write about how iago is a racist and im not cuz i can call iago a racist even tho i think desdedoloia is a slut 4 goin blax
  330. [02:32] <Quiddity> O
  331. 01[02:33] <Raygoldilocks> fallacy is a bunch of shit like all ur logic, penal system, white bullshit and racism
  332. 01[02:33] <Raygoldilocks> so u can suck my dick
  333. 01[02:33] <Raygoldilocks> and shove ur proposition in my arse so i orgasm harder over ur white face u bitch
  334. [02:34] <Quiddity> There's a website for that...
  335. 01[02:34] <Raygoldilocks> dont be cute with me u pretentious fuck
  336. 01[02:34] <Raygoldilocks> i will rapae u 2 death
  337. [02:36] <Quiddity>
  338. 01[02:36] <Raygoldilocks> i earn more money tan this whole chatroom combined
  339. [02:36] <Seraqui> yeah Dune was a good movie, Quiddity
  340. [02:37] <Quiddity> 10 points Seraqui:
  341. 01[02:37] <Raygoldilocks> racist fucking idiot think cuz im tellin him 2 suck my dick im mad lol forgot ur wite sang froid shit u think every1 is mad who aint a pussy lik u
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