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  1. +Rain+
  3. Name: Song Minji
  4. Nicknames: Min, Ji, Minnie, Crybaby
  6. Age: 17
  7. Date of birth: September 17 2000
  9. Portrayer: Jisoo(BLACKPINK)
  10. Back up: Wendy(RedVelvet)
  12. Weight: 47kg
  13. Height: 169cm
  15. Personality:
  16. -affectionate
  17. -naive
  18. -talkative
  19. -timid at first
  20. -awkward
  21. -stubborn
  22. -insecure
  23. -sensitive
  25. +Make me love you+
  27. Love interest: Park Jimin(BTS)
  28. Back up: Mingyu(SEVENTEEN)
  30. His age: 17
  32. How they met/how they will meet: They've always been in the same classes at least once, so they know each other somewhat. But they never really got along or became "friends". He sort of looked down on her because of different rumours spread about her and how weak she is. However he never really hated her or despised her existence.
  33. How long they've known each other: 5 years
  35. Current status: classmates
  37. His personality:
  38. -happy
  39. -sarcastic
  40. -hard to please
  41. -sweet
  42. -tsundere
  43. -gullible
  44. -smart
  45. -comforting
  47. +|+
  49. Rival: Jisoo(BLACKPINK)
  50. Back up: Jennie(BLACKPINK)
  52. Her/his age: 17
  54. How they met: She always seemed to have something against Minji. Nobody really knows why, but she's never left Minji alone and she spreads lies about her.
  55. How long they've known each other: 3 years
  57. Why they hate one another: Minji hates her because she does nothing but spread lies and bother people.
  58. She hates Minji because Minji used to be top of the class and her father always talked about how he wished that she was like Minji. She also bullies her because she's a lesser person and it feels good to have somebody under her foot.
  60. Her personality:
  61. -vain
  62. -arrogant
  63. -insecure
  64. -short-tempered
  65. -fake
  66. -liar
  67. -uptight
  69. +Why+
  71. Birthplace: Daegu, South Korea
  72. Hometown: Daegu
  74. Background: Minji's always been alone. From her pre-school years to her high school years, she's never had a true friend. Most of the time she couldn't bother with the thought of friends due to her parents harsh rules of getting A's. Minji focused more on succeeding in school to please her parents. But she's always envied people with friends, people who can do anything together. In the fourth grade, she met a girl named Daeun. They seemingly got along and Minji felt as though she finally met a true friend. They told each other secrets and were always with each other. But after they reached the seventh grade, Daeun left her. She decided to demove herself from her life, and suddenly there were rumours and stories being told about her. They called her an abuser and Daeun was the cause of it, along with Jisoo. They were bestfriends was what Minji realized, Daeun and Jisoo. But even after Daeun transferred schools, Jisoo continued to bother her. When Minji reached the age of 14, she realized that other than not having friends; she just really wasn't loved. This made Minii develop an inferior complex and she usually seemed cold towards people. But after a few months into her first year of highschool, Jisoo came back. She told everyone about how they knew each other before anx that she always hit people. Of course after that people were wary of her and Minji was once again alone. However Minji was never fully alone. Since the sixth grade, she's always been in the same class as this one boy. He dated Jisoo at one point and it seemed like he believed every lie she spat about Minji. So they never really got along, but he never really bothered Minji; they just talk every now and then. That's how her life went on, nobody liked her, nobody wished to be near her and she was labeled as a bully.
  76. Languages: English, Korean
  78. Family:
  79. Mother/Song Jina/49/Doctor
  80. Father/Song Minhyuk/51/Doctor
  82. Nationality: Korean
  83. Ethnicity: Asian
  86. -banana milk
  87. -meat
  88. -music
  89. -reasing books
  90. -studying
  91. -going for walks
  92. -dogs
  93. -skin products
  95. Dislikes:
  96. -Jisoo
  97. -bullies
  98. -sharp objects
  99. -pain
  100. -school
  101. -drawing
  102. -pranks
  104. +Fine+
  106. Slot: To be loved
  107. Back up: To be left alone
  109. Hobbies:
  110. -reading
  111. -playing music
  112. -working
  113. -swimming
  115. Talents:
  116. -musical talent
  117. -very flexible
  118. -running fast
  120. How her wish could backfire: Possibly when everybody "loves" her, she can get more hurt. Just because everybody loves her doesn't mean she'll find someone who really does love her, sometimes those people are the hardest to see.
  122. Nickname at school: Abuser, Crybaby
  123. Reputation at school: A bully who pretends to be innocent
  125. Clothing style:
  131. After her wish is fulfilled, how does she change?: She becomes more extroverted and seemingly full of herself. She acts like she's "all that" all of a sudden.
  133. Password: BLACKPINK
  134. Username: lattemin-
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