Elastic Hentai Story 3 NSFW

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  1. Natalie X Viva: Fanfic
  3. Natalie had just returned from work, when she heard someone cooking in the kitchen. Thinking it to be Baron, she stretched herself out and slithered along the ground towards the door. Then, she snapped back, opened the door, and leapt in, glomping onto Baron and hugged him, feeling his… breasts?
  5. “Eek! Oh, hey Natalie!”
  7. Natalie looked up, and much to her shock, she was not cuddling her boyfriend, but instead one of her elastic friends, Viva. Viva was wearing her usual flashy green and pink hero wear, with taut rubber strapless bra, and conforming rubber underwear.
  9. “So, ah, Natalie… why are you cuddling me?”
  11. “I – I – I, uh, I-“
  13. But Viva suddenly blushed, and shushed her. “Ah, I see how it is… it’s ok, I’ve always been curious myself, but I never thought it’d be someone else who made the first move, especially not you, Natalie…”
  15. Natalie, her bright orange hair standing on end, began to stammer again, but then she thought back. It was partially true. She had always wondered what it’d be like; maybe not the love, but the mushy stuff… Eventually, she mustered up the strength to speak. “Y-yeah, o-ok. Ya’ caught me… I do think you’re kinda hot…”
  17. With this remark, Viva’s face turned beet red, and she almost stumbled. Then, she began to wrap Natalie around in a tight, rubbergirl grip; elongating her arms, and wrapping the two of them together.
  19. “Tee hee,” giggled the voluptuous red-haired girl, “so, little cutie, my place or yours?”
  21. Natalie, after finally getting used to the situation, stammered out, “M-mine; we have a queen-sized bed upstairs.”
  23. “A queen’s bed for a pair of beauty queens; seems fitting. Let’s go.”
  24. = = = = =
  26. A few minutes later, in the bedroom, Natalie sat, completely in the nude, mentally getting herself under control. “It’s ok,” she thought to herself, “If anyone dares to ask, you can always say you were both drugged. Yeah, that’s it – we were drugged, and a wizard came along and took advantage of the situation.”
  28. Then, in walked Viva, completely in the nude. Her pinkish, smooth, curvaceous body; her large, teardrop breasts; her nice, rounded buttocks; and a slimness to her thighs and hips that made everything seem perfectly proportioned. Natalie’s jaw dropped, literally, to the floor. Suddenly, she felt her heart pound, and she stood up, eyeing her partner in bed for the night.
  30. “Aw,” said Viva, who bounded right over to Natalie, large breasts bouncing like beach balls on her chest,” You’re so small; it’s soooo adorable!” With this, she hugged Natalie, pressing the girl’s head into her cleavage.
  32. Before she knew what was happening, Natalie found herself underneath Viva, who looked down at her with soft, soothing eyes; eyes that held no secrets – Viva felt something for Natalie, betrayed in those deep gray pools. “Oh god,” thought Natalie, “I’m going to break her heart when this is over…”
  34. “I’m going to start. Are you ready?” Natalie snapped back to reality, and nodded.
  36. “Good – I hope you’ve got plenty to give in return, sweetie.”
  38. And thus, Viva did begin. First, she began to feel up Natalie, rubbing her hands on her chest, molding and mushing them like piles of clay. Natalie moaned, as Viva began to finger her nipples. She did not notice at first, but eventually she saw that her breasts were growing. “Oh, seems you can do it; I just thought you weren’t able to make your boobs bigger. Well, lemme help you with it.”
  40. Viva then placed her mouth on Natalie’s now hardened nips and pushed air out of her mouth, inflating the breast. She continued to do this, all the time Natalie gripping the sheets and gasping, until Viva had swollen the girl’s grapefruits into great walloping melons. Then, the red-haired babe drew a finger down Natalie’s crotch, slowly drawing the finger up and down, and pressed. Deeper and deeper she pushed it, until she could feel the end of her tube.
  42. “Aaah~,” moaned Natalie, succumbing to the pleasure that wracked her body. She shivered, causing her newly enlarged breasts to shake back and forth, bouncing off of Viva’s head.
  44. “You’re rubber, and I am too. Let’s just see what we can do,” rhymed Viva, and after that, she put two fingers on each side of Natalie’s cunt, and pulled in different directions, enlarging it, expanding the opening, until it was wide enough to fit a person. Natalie began to drool.
  46. “Oh yes, that feels so good!” she exclaimed, and Viva gave a knowing wink. Then, Viva climbed into the hole she had made, and began to squirm around, feeling the warm, sticky insides of her new friend. Natalie contracted her muscles, and heard a small “eep!” come from inside her vagina, which had retracted to normal sizes, although was a bit wetter than earlier. Reaching between her new breasts, she reached into her crotch and pulled out a flesh-colored blob of… Viva? The red-haired girl reformed her body, and sat there, covered head to boob to toe in Natalie’s pussy juices.
  48. “Looks like you’re stronger than you look – it usually takes a lot of pressure to squash me, but you just smashed me with your crotch.” Natalie blushed, not sure what to think.
  50. “So, now that I’ve played with you, let’s see you return the favor, cutie.” Viva lay down, spread out, and gave a seductive look. Natalie now saw that it was her turn, so she stuck out her tongue.
  52. Viva got a curious look on her face, until Natalie’s tongue then shot out and drove into Viva’s crotch, growing larger in the process. Now Viva moaned with pleasure, and as she did, Natalie wrapped her arms around and around Viva’s boobs, and began to pull them and squash them, twist them and feel them, while taking her legs and wrapping them around Viva’s legs, spreading them out further and sliding closer, until her tongue was sliming up both their pussies.
  54. “Haaah!” sighed Viva, and she came, showering Natalie’s tongue in the salty goo. She retracted her tongue, and swallowed the goo, shivering as it went down her throat.
  56. They began to pull at each other’s elastic skin, stretching it out, and getting closer and closer together. Finally, they began to wrap around each other, twisting and stretching and squishing until they were a ball of skin, bouncing and rolling around, pulsating as they rubbed against each other’s bodies, every piece of skin being pressed with the other.
  58. They continued, and began to take turns going inside each other, coming up with new ways to make their bodies the ultimate sex toys.
  60. When they had finished, they lay down together, exhausted and covered in the juices of the other and their own.
  62. “Well,” said Natalie, “now we know what happens when two elastic girls screw each other.”
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