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  1. Similar to how factions crates formerly worked.
  3. Something that you can purchase. KEYS. (3, 4, or 5 different ones). [Different qualities?]
  5. Names don't have to be invented, but it'd be neat.
  6. Old ones were BASIC, LEGENENDARY, ETC.
  8. Purchase on store. (KEY CASES)
  9. - Guardian - $2.50 [per one] | $5.00 [bundle: x5] <-- BEST DEAL (put on store)
  10. - Paladin - $4.50 [per one] | $7.50 [bundle: x5] <-- BEST DEAL (put on store)
  11. - Wyvern - $6.00 [per one] | $10.00 [bundle: x5] <-- BEST DEAL (put on store)
  12. - Valkyrie - $7.50 [per one] | $15.00 [bundle: x7] <-- BEST DEAL (put on store)
  14. Evoker somewhere in Plaza, right-click with a key (ITEM), click it and then BAM, it unboxes it out of 12 different items. Spawners, money, parts of kits, like chestplates, helmets, etc.
  16. Ways to obtain them:
  17. - Purchase in Black market, pretty "FEASTY" prices. (Fuck Eula.) [Omens]
  18. - Purchase in mass / bulk from the store. (Mac has to figure out how to obtain them).
  20. [---------------------------------------------------------------------------------]
  21. **What keys there will be?**
  22. There will be FOUR kinds of keys. **Guardian > Paladin > Wyvern > Valkyrie**
  23. Each one gets progressively more awesome as you unlock it. These crate keys will come in various prices in the black market as well as the store.
  24. ➜ Mystery would contain typical items, food, money no more than $1,000 but goes in increments of $250.
  25. ➜ Exotic would increase a bit in "awesomeness" with the addition of partial kit armor. This means, no weapons from kits, but you have the potential to unlock / discover armor from a kit, but nothing above the rank of Elite's kit. Also better food, like golden carrots x16 or x32, or x1 or x2 golden apples.
  26. ➜ Mythical gets much better. This has partial ranked kits armor AND weapons, potions like strength, speed, jump boost, and night vision. As well as x2 golden apples and x4 golden apples.
  27. ➜ Valkyrie is the TOP tier. High possibility of bits and pieces of elite and ultimate gear, and a VERY small percent of divine kit pieces. Also, x32 sugar cane, x6 golden apple, x64 steak, x32 golden carrots, possibility of cow, chicken, wolf, or pig spawner eggs.
  28. As well as a specialty items:
  29. - _Mac's Marvelous Melon:_ A magical melon that is infinite and cannot be planted or placed, only eaten. It bypasses the /feed cooldown that would occur and is only x1. Can be eaten whenever. (ENCHANTED MELON); don't make the name or lore ugly.
  30. - _Bit's Book of Promises_: An enchanted book that has a lore saying give this to Bit he must give you whatever you ask for.
  31. - _Jordan's Jukebox:_: An enchanted jukebox item that has placement disabled and opens a GUI that displays available music to play near you.
  32. - _Thomas's Tomahawk_: Gives you an enchanted iron axe that can be thrown in a tomahawk animation and always comes back to you.
  33. - _SellWands_: Already in the code (SellWand.kt), basically you can right click on chests to sell the contents of the chest
  34. - _Kits_: You can earn any kit from a crate (Not the command, just the items)
  35. - _Permission Vouchers_: Can be commands such as /fly which donors will get by default but it can be redeemed using the vouchers for non-donors
  36. - _Omen Boosters_: Redeemable personal boosters which increase your Omen rates for a period of time after redeemed
  38. **How they will drop?**
  39. Players could possibly find them while opening voting crates as well as playing other network games, could possibly find them in Summer Cases as well.
  42. [---------------------------------------------------------------------------------]
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