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  1. <size=30><color=blue>------Welcome to TSK Gaming------</color></size>
  3. <size=20><color=red><link=>CLICK FOR DISCORD</link></color></size>
  5. <size=20><color=blue>----Server Rules----</color></size>
  6. <size=12><color=blue>1.</color> No cheating. (Game/Global Staff and Server Staff can use the admin console for a bit of fun, but NOT excessively)
  8. <color=blue>2.</color> Using an application in any way to ghost is not tolerated.
  10. <color=blue>3.</color> Gaining unauthorized access to admin privileges results in a Permaban and report to studio staff.
  12. <color=blue>4.</color> Using anything to wall hack, instantly kill, teleport, or any other such hacking will result in a Permaban and a report to studio staff.
  14. <color=blue>5.</color> Modifying core files/software results in a Permaban and report to studio staff.
  16. <color=blue>6.</color> Bullying, harassment, slurs, or any sort of intentional harm to another player and/or server hardware results in a Permaban. We do NOT tolerate such acts on our server.
  18. <color=blue>7.</color> Respect others. If asked to stop doing something annoying, please respect that. We all just want to have a good time.
  20. <color=blue>8.</color> Moderate mic spam. Follow the rule above, and keep it to a level where others can still hear.
  22. <color=blue>9.</color> If you play music or use a voice changer, keep it low enough so others can still hear one another as well as the game itself.
  24. <color=blue>10.</color> Staff reserves the right to punish actions which are deemed as harmful, upsetting, or annoying to other players.
  26. <size=20><color=blue>----Misc Server Stuff----</color></size>
  27. <size=12> Running Latest Servermod
  28. Custom 914 Rolls
  29. <color=blue>Type:</color></size> <size=15><color=red>.Prefs help</color></size> <size=12><color=blue>in ~ console for PlayerPreferences!(Sets your preferences on what classes you want to spawn as)</color>
  30. SCP-343: Spawn as a Superior D-boy, and work with D-boys and chaos by picking up items and changing them to better keycards/guns to give to fellow players! DISCLAIMER: USING 914 TO CHANGE CLASS FROM SCP-343 WILL CHANGE YOU FROM 343, AND YOU WILL LOSE HIS HEALTH AND ABILITIES!
  31. SCP Healing!
  32. <color=red>Discord Members Get Special Class Loadouts!</color>
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