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  8. Trigger an easter egg by pressing a sequence of keys.
  9. Validate Access Keys from Brazil's Treasury Office.
  10. A tool to add emojis to any text, based on context.
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  13. My name is Vinicius Marchesin Araujo. I'm a 25-year-old developer from Brazil that likes to make fun stuff for the web. I graduated from <USP (Universidade de São Paulo)> in 2018 with a Bachelor in Computer Science. I am currently working at <Arquivei>, a brazilian startup that handles eletronic invoices and enables companies to transform bureaucracy into opportunities. I live in <São Carlos>, a city in the state of <São Paulo>, Brazil.
  15. You can see my open source contributions at <Github> and my career achievements in my <LinkedIn> profile. You can also check my working stack at <StackShare>. I like to write about code and tech in general, so make sure to read one of my blog posts at <Medium>.
  17. About this website
  19. This website is built using <React> and <Webpack>. It's hosted on <Netlify>, an awesome static (and beyond) hosting service that enables continuous integration out of the box for free. You can check the source code at its <Github repo>.
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