Execution of two royal daughters

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  3. On this day, the evil incarnate named as Loya had captured and brought two girls to his colosseum to be sentenced to a painful long execution for his own pleasure. Runa and Sari were the daughters of a weak king known as Fuhay, who was inexperienced as a ruler and was mentally and emotionally weak as a person. Eventually the strain of his kingship came upon him and he fled from his home in search of refuge from his responsibilities, hoping to mend his broken confidence.
  5. In his sudden leave, he left behind his two precious daughters who he loved, and all his other family members. With his absence, the evil Loya, an incarnate of evil that had threatened Fuhay for his entire existence, swept in and abducted Fuhay's two daughters and other family members. He planned to humiliate Fuhay through the humiliation of his daughters and executing them in front of a crowd for all to see the price of Fuhay's weakness.
  7. Loya took the two girls to his private colosseum where they would be executed. They stood chained and surrounded by guards in the flat dirt grounds of the arena, surrounded by black and purple walls of spikes that were used to impale and hang victims tossed from the top of the wall. Behind them were high standing bleachers and stands where the crowd would watch the whole execution. Above the colosseum were only dark black clouds and a barrier that kept outside weather from coming into the colosseum.
  9. The two girls were still in their daily home attire and had no wounds but a few bruises and scuffs from when they were subdued and abducted.
  11. Sari was the tall eldest sister but was also a cyborg with her internal muscles, bones, and organs made of metallic parts and bio organic fibers. She was born this way from expirementation done on her mother by a demon named Menik during her pregnancy. Sari's cyborg body under her human skin had never been a drawback for her but would contribute to the pain she would soon experience.
  13. Sari had a slim and tall stature, her body curved gently at the waist while her thighs, hips, and buttocks were rounded and small and her shoulders were short in length. Her arms and legs both were thin and bony with smooth muscle curves to them. She had reddish orange colored hair tied back into two small ponytails and had darker coffee bean colored skin. She had large neon blue eyes fit with a sharp chin and a mouth with pointed thin lips. Sari wore an orange dress that covered her torso and arms completely while going halfway down her thighs in length. She also wore long shiny smooth orange stockings and orange sneakers.
  15. Runa was the younger and shorter of the two sisters, being a normal human instead and inspiring to become a heroic figure amongst her people. Runa had a soft and round chubby stature, her body being completely proportionate with itself. She had wide hips and a moderately busty shaped chest that evened out with a slightly chubby waist, round thighs and moderately beefy arms. Her entire body had muscle to it rather than fat though she was still soft. Runa had an angled chin, soft cheeks, and a small Nordic nose. She had red hair tied back into a short ponytail and also had jade green eyes that had sharp eyelashes. Runa was wearing a dark red t shirt and a pair of shorts that went down to her knees but was barefoot.
  17. Both girls were stood stifling at the prospect of what was about to happen to them. Neither dared to move. Sari's expression remained cold and headstrong but with obvious shudders of fear. Runa on the other hand had her eyes wide and crying and she shivered.
  19. Loya came into his arena and went to stand at the side. With him were Menik and Kossinov, two demons and long time enemies of Fuhay who he had brought to help with the execution.
  21. A feather winged humanoid creature also flew in, followed by a few guards, and came to hover infront if the two girls. It had a scroll in its arms. The creature rolled out the scroll and began reading from it, "Runa and Sari, you are hereby sentenced to death for being the daughters of my sworn enemy, Fuckhay. Your death sentence will be an envon styled suspension, followed by whipping and crucifixion with nails."
  23. With that the creature rolled up the scroll and flew off. As it flew off, the guards raised a tall tree sized metallic pole in the middle of the colosseum. The two girls watched in suspense as the guards prepared the equipment for their execution.
  25. Two guards came up to Runa, one came from behind her and undid the cuffs on her wrists and ankles and held her by the wrists that she did not escape or resist. The second guard came infront of Runa. He gripped the sides of the collar of her shirt and pulled them hard, that the collar ripped and a tear went down its middle, revealing Runa's bare skin and black bra underneath. The tear was so big, the shirt began sliding down Runa's arms. The first guard behind her straightened them out while the second one pulled Runa's shirt down and off her body. She stood shirtless in just her bra and shorts and began whimpering from embarrassment.
  27. The first guard moved Runa's arms forward where the second guard grabbed them and held them tight together. The first guard then grabbed Runa's bra strap and tugged on it until it came apart. He then slid the straps down Runa's arms, causing her bra to come off. The second guard temporarily released her arms to let the bra fall off. Runa's developed breasts with slightly pointed and tender pink nipples were now showing and she began crying. The guards paid no attention to her and moved onto her shorts.
  29. The first guard undid the button holding them, then slid his thumbs down Runa's side and under her panties. He then gripped her shorts with the rest of his hand and yanked down hard, forcing the last of Runa's clothing to come off forcefully.
  31. Runa was now crying tears with no sound as she couldn't cover herself nor hide her shame. Her smooth, slightly chubby but muscled navel was showing, her small puffy and tight vagina glistened between her legs as she tried to squish her thighs together to hide her genital. Her round buttocks showed though with a bit of pubic hair between her legs.
  33. Sari could only stare in horror at what was being done to her sister and started spitting curses at Loya and the guards and demons. They paid no heed to her.
  35. Kossinov then came up to Runa in his white coat and an injection device in his right hand. "This right here are tiny atom microscopic magnets. I will inject them into you and when your body comes in contact with electricity, these tiny magnets will draw out their tiny spikes, impaling your bodies from the inside on the microscopic level and causing you to bleed. They wont kill you though." Kossinov grinned sadistically as he came to Runa and pressed the metallic end of injecting device on her right shoulder. The faces of the two girls expressed the most horrific terror as Kossinov explained to them the effects and purpose of the injection.
  37. He pressed down on the trigger and felt a small jab happen as the needles pierced Runa's skin. She whined from the injection while Kossinov simply grimaced. "This wont be the worst of your pain princess. Trust me". He pulled the device away and six 2×3 little horizontal holes were left on Runa's shoulder from where he injected. He then moved to her right wrist and did the procedure again, leaving behind 6 holes and Runa whining. He then moved to her left shoulder and left wrist and did the same.
  39. Kossinov let Runa go and she instantly grabbed her shoulders, trying to stop the irritating pain from the injections. Kossinov turned to some of the guards and signaled for them. "Take her!". The guards came over and grabbed Runa by her arms and force walked her over to the large pole in the center of the colosseum.
  41. Some guards brought over a long metal hollow bar and set it down on the ground. "Get on it!" the guards barked at Runa but she stood confused by what they meant. Seeing that the girl was refusing to cooperate, two guards took Runa by the arms and forced her down on the ground on her back. They lifted her back as she gasped trying to recover from the force while the guards moved the bar underneath her shoulders, then lowering her back down and spreading her arms out horizontally across the bar.
  43. Runa looked over and saw the guards bring over a generator next to her and attached the cables from it to both ends of the bar. She became fearful of what they were gonna do, but before she realized her fears, the guards turned on the generator and a bolt of electricity shot into the bar and into Runa. Instantly she felt a wave of stinging and burning pain across the back of her shoulders, arms, and wrists. She suddenly felt as though she was attached to the bar and attempting to look over, she saw small spikes had come out the back of her arms and sowed her skin to the metal bar. She was now impaled to it.
  45. Runa's eyes widened and she screamed in agony and terror. Her back arched and her feet kicked around as she tried to writhe from the pain.
  47. Kossinov came over with the injecting device again to next inject Runa's feet. However he could not get her feet to stay still, so with annoyance, he kicked her in the side, causing Runa to spasm and buckle and quit flailing. Seeing his chance, Kossinov took Runa's right foot and placed the end of the device on the top of her foot. He pressed down on the trigger and a sharp twitch came from Runa. Kossinov ignored it and moved straight onto Runa's left foot and injected it. He then moved aside for the guards to come in.
  49. By now Runa was weakened enough that her legs collapsed and fell to the side. One of the guards brought over a shorter metallic beam and placed just under Runa's feet. The guard then pulled her feet down onto the metallic bar so that their soles curved around the bar itself, them held her knees so her legs wouldn't buckle and move out of place.
  51. Another guard took the cables from the generator and now attached them to the smaller bar. He turned the dial and the generator shot a bolt of electricity into the metal bar. Instantly Runa screamed and the guards looked over to see the soles of her feet pinned to the bar at multiple spots that it couldn't be removed. Some blood trickled from Runa's feet from the impalement.
  53. Runa squirmed and whined from the pain, her body was now crucified to two bars to an excruciating degree. Her arms, shoulders, and the soles of her feet were all burning from the pain. Runa would arch her back upwards, showing her navel and causing her legs to spread and show her vagina.
  55. After a few minutes of being left in that state, Runa was approached by Kossinov once more. He had taken out the phial of magnets he was using and input another one into his injector. He dialed through it a bit until it was in optimum condition. Satisfied, he turned back to Runa.
  57. "Now these magnets don't permanently spike up and instead only do when electricity flows through them but then revert to normal." he explained and chuckled. Then he leaned down and placed the injector onto Runa's breast, just above the nipple, and squeezed the trigger. Her then proceeded to do the same to the other breast. Kossinov then moved down to Runa's navel and injected her just below the belly button. He then moved to inject her in her thighs and once more at the upper halves of her arms under the shoulders.
  59. Runa moaned as 6 hole marks were left everywhere on her body. Feeling satisfied with his work, Kossinov ordered Runa to be hoisted up. Two guards came and each grabbed the end of the longer bar and pulled it up with Runa hanging by her skin off of it. The pull of the numerous spikes made Runa shriek from pain. One of the guards moved his hand to Runa's breast and began groping her and squeezing hard on it to create pain. The other guard moved his hand in between her legs and grabbed tightly, causing Runa to start spasming. They then dragged her by the metal bar over to the central pole and moved the bar up to the pole.
  61. Instantly the bar stuck onto the pole from its magnetic pull and Runa groaned as her body thudded from the suddenly pull. The magnet pull began pulling the bar upwards and the guards let it be pulled up by just a bit until Runa was off the ground and hanging by her shoulders and arms. The guards then lifted the short bar with Runa's feet and brought it up against the pole. They then let go and the two bars went flying upwards. Runa screamed as her body was sent flying up. The first bar thudded as it hit the edge of the pole as it was carved out to prevent the bar from completely flying off the pole. Runa thudded as she hit the edge and her body flew up for a brief moment before falling back down in weakness. However the smaller bar kept going up without stopping and pulled Runa's legs into a kneeling position while also separating them apart and showing off Runa's wet vagina.
  63. Runa shivered and whimpered as she hung hundreds of feet above the ground in a humiliating manner, her body exposed for everyone to see and positioned in such an uncomfortable way that it tore at her muscles and joints and made her moan from pain and agony.
  65. Sari stared in horror at her sister, though the guards wasted no time getting to her next. The guard behind her unclipped her dress from the back and pulled the front forward so that it hung by her sleeves and down to her waist, leaving her entire top exposed for a single red bra. The guard ripped apart the thin straps of the bra and it fell away, revealing Sari's small cupped breasts with perky darkened nipples. Sari didn't react as she was in a dazed state.
  67. The guard continued and pulled Sari's dress completely off, leaving her in just her panties, stockings, and sneakers. The tug of the dress being pulled off woke Sari back to her senses and she screamed in a sudden panic of shock and shame. She attempted to cover herself and whipped around to punch the guard but he was too quick and she felt a jab in her stomach and fell over.
  69. The guard pulled back his fist from Sari and proceeded to casually lift her legs and pull the sneakers off each one as Sari lay in pain on tube ground, holding her stomach. He then proceeded to slowly peel down each of the stockings till they released their grasp on Sari's feet and fell off. Seeing as she hadn't yet recovered, the guard leaned down and grabbed the front of Sari's panties and pulled them down off her legs and her feet. Sari lay naked with her glossy smooth vagina in plain site.
  71. Menik came up to stand over Sari's pathetic body and grinned. "You want suffer like your sister. You are part cyborg and that will make this even more painful for you! I will use your strength to my advantage and humiliate you with it!" he mocked her and then signaled to some guards. "Stand her up and take her to that wall over there and chain her!"
  73. Immediately the guards grabbed and dragged Sari by the arms to a wall that had been filled with chains and torture tools. They raised her up and cuffed her wrists and ankles to the wall with her entire body spread against it. The guards then left her as she hanged in clear view.
  75. Menik came up to Sari with small exacto knife in hand. "You are part cyborg so I will strip you down completely and strip you of your human skin. Now let us begin" he laughed and took his knife and moved it to the middle of her chest, just under her neck, without touching her skin with the blade.
  77. Sari's clenched her teeth in a face of terror and anger and hatred at the demon. Her entire body was no exposed to him in whatever manner he wished.
  79. Menik pushed the blade of the knife into Sari's skin and dug in until he felt the blade touch solid metal. White blue liquid came dripping out from the cut and Sari grunted loudly in pain. Menik dragged the blade down Sari's middle, between her breasts, down through her navel, and then through the middle of her vagina until he reached its end. Sari moaned from the pain, though her inner body being metallic prevented her from feeling as much pain had she been a normal human. The white blue liquid gushed out and spilled down onto the dirt ground and the wall Sari was chained too.
  81. Next, Menik moved the blade up to Sari's right wrist and dug his blade in. He cut a line across the front of her right arm until it connected above Sari's breasts with the cut going down her middle. He then moved to her left wrist and made the same cut. Sari continued moaning, annoying Menik who would rather hear her scream.
  83. Menik then moved the knife down to Sari's belly button and dug the blade in. He began cutting diagonally from it and then went down the middle of her right thigh and lower leg till he reached her ankle. He moved back to her navel and made the same cut to her left leg. Then he moved the blade back to the top of the middle cut and cut around in a circle around Sari's neck. She squirmed and groaned from feeling the severance of the skin on her neck.
  85. Menik moved to both her wrists and and made a circular cut around them and proceeded to do the same with her ankles. Now with all the cuts being made, Menik grabbed Sari's skin from her back and she screamed from the amount of force he applied. Menik tugged fiercely at it as Sari shrieked and the skin around the cuts began pulling back more and more. Menik pulled again and this time he felt a large tear as Sari's body jolted up as she shrieked again and her skin slid back to reveal shiny metal parts. He pulled one last time and the skin slid off, revealing Sari's synthetic robotic body. It was a blue steel gray and decorated with synthetic metal muscles and organs., most of it consisting of wired and metal tubes and beams. Her breasts consisted of soft synthetic plating and her vagina was comprised of two metallic pieces that opened and closed.
  87. Sari had dropped back into hanging and panted heavily as she tried to recover from the shock. Her synthetic lungs could be see expanding and minimizing as she breathed. Menik undid her cuffs and she collapsed on the ground in a heap. The guards came in and dragged her onto her feet and she was walked over next to the pole her sister was suspended on.
  89. A few white figures in coats brought over a giant tub of green acidic liquid and placed it infront of Sari. Menik gave a simple snap of his fingers and two guards grabbed Sari by the arms and dragged her down to the tub and shoved her hands in it.
  91. There was a sharp sound of sizzling and Sari shrieked in torment. The guards quickly pulled out her hands, revealing that the human skin had melted away and her metallic bandy hands were no smoking from the acid.
  93. The guards lifted Sari up as she began to protest kick, but to no avail. She dunked her feet into the tub and loud sizzling followed. Sari continued shrieking as the guards pulled out her burning metallic feet and place them back onto the ground. Sari could not hold her own wait from weakness and collapsed on her knees.
  95. Menik watched from behind her and proceeded to put on a long black glove. He walked over and grabbed Sari by the hair and bent her head over the tub. Her eyes widened as she realized what was about to be done and screamed "NO! PLEASE N-". Her words were drowned out by guzzling and sizzling as Menik shoved her entire head and neck into the tub.
  97. He pulled out a skeletal like face with organic muscles instead being replaced with synthetic ones. The teeth showed but had eroded to a black rusted color while the head's eyes were rusted gray metallic spheres with blue lights coming from the middle of them where the pupils would be. The eyes were rolled back as the face hung limp, unable to react.
  99. Satisfied, Menik dragged the now stripped robotic skeleton that was Sari and pressed her against the pole. He attached cuffs on each of her wrists and ankles and had them latch onto the pole from the side, leaving Sari's entire front exposed while her limbs were binded behind her. Menik took out an injecting device and placed it against her neck and squeezed the trigger as all of it was emptied out.
  101. "Your robotic body will automatically attract electricity and carry the magnets." Menik stated to Sari who was near unconsciousness. He walked back to stand with kossinov and loya to watch the party.
  103. The barrier above the pole opened, and suddenly with sheer might, lightning struck down and hit the pole. Runa shrieked on top as her body spasmed and blood burst from tiny hole in her body. The pain made her cum and urinate down onto her sister below. Sari in turn shook frantically and her screaming was blocked out by a constant buzz as her robotic body shook and vibrated in the most violent of manners. The lightning quickly and both girls dropped back into hanging as their bodies were released from the pain. The physics of this realm did not allow them to die so easily though and both girls continued to hang as lightning bolts would hit the pole and cause both to spasm.
  105. Loya, Kossinov, and Menik both stood and laughed as the two girls suffered their sentence on the pole. Soon a crowd began to gather and more executions took place of other family members as Sari and Runa hung in constant shaking and spasming.
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  108. This is amazing.
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  112. >>16334
  113. What do you think of this method of execution? Sorry for typos. I was using a quickmemo app and it had a word count limit and glitches out once I went past max.
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  117. Part 2
  119. By late afternoon, with most of Fuhay's family all executed and humiliated in the worst ways possible, Loya turned back to the two girls on the pole. Runa and Sari hang limp with slight spasms whenever lightning struck, now too weakened to even react, but definitely still alive.
  121. With the time being right, he ordered them to be taken down and be prepared for the final stage of their execution. The crowd was now watching as the barrier opening above the pole closed and guards rushed over. They unlocked the cuffs Sari had been suspended to the pole by and let her drop on the ground in a twitching smoking heap. Some of the guards took her by the arms and dragged her away.
  123. Loya came up to the pole himself and hit the ground with a cane he had in his hands. Immediately the magnetic field of the pole weakened and Runa began sliding down slowly to the ground till she was in arms reach of the guards to pull her off the pole and lay her on the ground.
  125. Runa was a bleeding mess with black burnt drops of blood all over her body while her arms, shoulders, and feet remained attached to the bars they had been sown to. Guards lifted her feet up while some others came and attached some chains to the ends of the small bar Runa's feet were sown to. They began pulling fiercely at the chains and the bar, Runa screaming in pained exhaustion. The bar tore the skin off her soles as it was ripped off her feet and they were released from it. Blood gushed down onto the ground from her feet as they lay shaking on the ground.
  127. Next the guards lifted up Runa's back and dug hooks in between the skin on her back and the longer bar she had been crucified to. The hooks ripped away her skin at had been fused to the bar, causing more blood to flow from her. The hooks had been successfully been latched on and two guards pinned Runa's back downwards while 3 others pulled on the chains attached to the hooks.
  129. Runa began shrieking full force as the bar was ripped from her shoulders and arms, leaving behind a red mess of bloody muscle and bone where the skin had been torn off. She was allowed to fall onto the ground and bleed out for a few minutes.
  131. The guards began setting up two vertical posts about 9 feet high and carried over crossbeams and placed them just under the posts. Another post was set up a distance away with chains coming from its top.
  133. Guards took Runa by her hands and dragged her over to the post with chains. They forced her up and chained her by her hands to the post.  Kossinov came over with a whip in his hands and ordered the guards to stand aside.
  135. Pulling back, he flung his arm and the whip flew and struck Runa on her buttoks. She moaned and a deep red gash with blood could be seen. Kossinov reared back again and struck, leaving another gash on Runa's back. He revved up and began whipping Runa non stop, leaving gashes across her entire back, including her buttocks and thighs.
  137. He came over and pulled Runa back, then force spread her legs apart and kept them spread using chains attached to spikes he drove into the ground. He then stepped back and readied the whip again, and this time he whipped underneath that the whip struck between Runa's legs and left a gash on her cunt. He kept striking her inner thighs until a river of blood was gushing out in between her legs.
  139. Kossinov then came over to Runa, unchained her legs and yanked her around to face her front. Taking the whip, he lashed at her navel and delicate breasts until they were shredded and covered in blood. All this time Runa cried and moaned and her eyes were a sore red from her pain.
  141. Satisfied, he made another order for the guards to drag her over to one of the crossbeams under the two posts. Runa was left laying half dead on her side on top of the crossbeam. She heaved every breath in and shuddered and cried every breath out. The physics of the realm were still keeping her alive.
  143. Sari was dragged up next to the whipping post and chained up, then turned around with her back towards the post. Menik came up to her with an electric long whip in hand, and smiled sadistically. He wasted no time getting to work and lashed at her. The electric whip struck Sari across her navel, sides, and back in one lash and her metallic body shook violently and her voice buzzed like a broken voice box. Menik continued whipping her, as Sari's body spasmed and her voice kept vibrating at higher and higher pitches. Smoke rose from her and she stood on end as her body was tarnished with the electrical currents from the whip.
  145. Sari shook so violently that parts flew off of her and her voice became a screeching radio. Menik stopped and looked at her. She was burning up and falling apart. He took out a metallic electrical prod and came up to Sari. She looked at him and attempted to speak but her words came out as disembodied jargon.
  147. Taking the rod, Menik shoved its end right into Sari's pelvis where her genital would be and watched as her body shuddered and her crotch piece leaked mechanical fluids on the ground. Menik took off the chains and let Sari collapsed on the dirty ground. Some guards came and lifted her onto their backs and brought her over to the second crossbeam and tossed her onto it.
  149. Instantly they got to work. The guards spread Sari's arms out across the crossbeam and one of them brought electric spikes. He took out one of the spikes and placed it above Sari's right wrist, then pressed a button on top of the spike and instantly it drilled through her arm and into the beam, nailing her right hand to it. Sari shuddered a bit but made no sound or other movements in reaction to her hand being impaled
  151. The guard then walked over with a second spike and placed it over her left wrist and did the same. The spike drilled itself through Sari's left wrist and into the crossbeam, suspending her to it. With both of her hands now nailed, the guards took Sari by the crossbeam and lifted her up.
  153. A guard came up behind the post with the ladder and took the beam and lifted it up and over the post, so that it slotted in and formed a T cross shape.
  155. Sari hung uselessly on her cross and made no sound more movement, only a slight buzz came from her neck.
  157. The guards infront of her lifted up both her feet that her knees bent, and placed them together higher on the post. Taking two more nails, the guards drilled each one into Sari's feet, putting her legs in a bent and spread position. They stood back from Sari and looked on at her as she hung crucified.
  159. The guard on the ladder pulled out a small little canister of fuel, lit a match and stuck it in the canister, lighting it on fire. He then opened up Sari's mouth and stuffed the burning canister down her throat. After a few seconds, Sari's insides lit up and smoke came from every hole and opening inside her as she burned.
  161. Runa lifted herself up a bit and wept at the sight of her dying sister. Her weeping was interrupted as she felt her arm being grabbed and she was forced onto her back. Her arms were spread along her crossbeam and her back that had been torn of its skin burned at the touch of rough wood, causing Runa to cry endlessly at the pain.
  163. A guard held her right hand down as another came in with a hammer and steel nail. The guard placed the nail onto her wrist and pressed it down by a bit. He then lifted back the hammer and came striking down hard with it.
  165. The sound of metal being struck and crunching bone could be felt and heard and Runa cried harder as her body reared up from the sudden pain. The guard kept hitting the nail, driving it further through Runa's fleshy wrist and into the wooden crossbeam. Her face contorted from the pain.
  167. The guard grabbed another nail and came over to Runa's left side and pressed the nail onto her wrist. Rearing back his arm, he swung down and hit the nail as it tore flesh and broke bone. Runa kept arching her back upwards as the pain coursed through her. The nail was driven further in until the process was finished. She lay whimpering and crying as her body was left to lower itself back down to the ground.
  169. The guards lifted up the beam and Runa's head thumped against it as she was raised by her nailed wrists. She was lifted up against her post and another guard behind her grabbed the beam and lifted it into place and secured it, completing the T cross. Runa was hanging once more by her arms in full view of everyone.
  171. The guards bellow lifted up her feet in the same position as her sister's and placed nails on both of them. Two guards simultaneously picked up hammers and began hammering the nails in as Runa began screaming and crying again and rearing upwards on the cross. The guards kept hammering and left Runa completely nailed to her cross.
  173. Runa continued crying and after a while of hanging with her head down, she raised herself back up and screamed "please kill me!". Kossinov grinned from where he stood and came over. He stood before Runa who was shuddering and whimpering, her bloody body painted her entire cross red.
  175. Kossinov took out a small activation button with a bladed end and stabbed Runa into her belly just below her ribcage. Runa's breaths became fast and shallow as her attractive yet bloody navel quickly moved in and out and she began moving up and down on the cross in agony, but Kossinov wasn't done yet.
  177. With press of the button, all of the magnets within Runa spiked up. Blood began to gush out of her and she began gurgling as blood began flooding her lungs and choking her. Blood poured and spat from her mouth while her vagina released clots of dark red blood instead of urine or cum. A few more seconds and Runa's body dropped and hung limp on its cross, twitching a few times and growing cold as the blood covering her dried.
  179. On two crosses in the arena now hung two bodies. One that was a complete bloody mess and the other a mangled heap of burnt metal and circuitry. The crowd watching looked in horror and awe at the two executed princesses.
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