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  1. manipulated
  3. title:  Voice of the Voiceless
  5. subtitle: n/a
  7. author name: ineffabley or aira (can you put "written by" or "by" pls)
  9. ideas: (1) A girl (preferably dark hair and golden eyes - if you plan on showing her face) in a dress running away with the forest in the background, and then maybe a castle? as if she's running towards the forest and straight to the castle? a crown on her head or hand would lovely but not necessary)
  11. (2) a girl with her back turned towards the screen, maybe standing in front of a mountain with a castle on it, or like her face can be revealed as if she's looking back? then with maybe fire surrounding her (not necessary)
  13. (3) a girl sitting on a throne with blood on the floor or on the throne, with a fallen crown at her feet or hand? maybe have her look confident, and then with a black wolf (violet eyes please) next to her?
  15. (4) this model or something like her (https://saphiriacat.deviantart.com/art/Saber-Stock-26-638065527) with a castle in the far distance, and then maybe her on a summoning or ritual ground (i can provide pics if it doesnt make sense lol), with a ring of fire surrounding her, a red ribbon tied around the weapon?
  17. mood/colors: mood can be dark and mysterious. any color is fine, if you planned on making it black and white with a few specks of 1 color then maybe blood red, golden yellow, violet, orange, or blue. if not, then any color is fine as long as its not bright (like neon lol)
  19. pictures:  albums of stock models you can use: https://pastebin.com/raw/1SCV3SYP  |||| https://imgur.com/a/iSQwS
  21. inspiration:
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