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  1. General:
  2.     Rankup system
  3.  With each server there will be a rankup. For example, there are 12 rankings in the skyblock server (names tbd). But, in order to rank up, there should be a certain amount of cash.  Then, that could be used in the shop to get more money. Ie. Say someone wants to rank up from 1 to 2, they spend 10000 cash to rank up. Rank 2 has better prices in the shop so it will make it easier to rank up, but the prices are that much better. Maybe a 1-5% upcharge. Then, it will take longer for the rankup from 2-3. Etc.
  5.     Custom Crate Rewards
  6. Some of the crates should be chests but there should be some that are just items. Whether that is a nether star or some other item that is not able to get in game. For example, there should be the basic crates all the way up to the best in the game. But, say someone mines 10000 blocks there should be a mining crate that can be instant. That way they do not have to exit the mine and try to find their way out without the back command.
  8.     Actually Good Enchants For Items
  9. There should be some special enchants for items. For example, there should be books that contain enchants that you get from an NPC named the “Enchanter” there are three or four ones named after planets. GET IT BC SOLNYX IS SPACE THEMED?! There should be a possibility to get an enchant that is based on how much experience they want to spend. They are not cheap but they are controlled by a GUI. The enchant is not just for a specific item, they are all general and at random. IF you want a certain enchant it is at random. That way everyone has a fair chance at getting good enchants.
  11.     Custom Boss Eggs
  12. So for this idea I would like to do custom mob eggs, its something that takes a lot of damage but it has the health bar like an ender dragon. These things hurt like a bitch, they constantly try to kill you. If they get close to you, then they strike you. They are fast and they are deadly. They do not despawn so if you die they will stay wherever you are. But, they are very rewarding if they are killed. They drop rare items and a ton of experience.
  15.     Lag-Free/Lagless Environment
  17. I would like to create as little lag as possible, if that means being able to combine plugins then let’s do so. I would like to create the best possible environment for players. Depending on what we would like to offer, I would like to create as little lag as possible. So let’s do some heavy plugins but then mix it up with some light to balance it out. A big ying and yang here. Hoping to have 10-15 maximum 17 plugins.
  19. Factions:
  20.     Upgrades
  21. Upgrades the growth speed, spawn rate, and exp drops in claims.
  23.     Better Map
  24. Optimized larger map size, click to claim, and work border indicators.
  26.     Permissions Check
  27. Easily done by /f perms and it can control the permissions and one can look at the different permissions given to a group.
  29.     Remote Vaults
  30. Once a chest is placed then it can be accessed by doing a command doing /f vault.
  32.     TNT Bank & Fill
  33. A virtual bank where the faction members can deposit tnt in (command: /f tnt add/remove) and hooks into tntbank to get tnt if you are a moderator or higher (/f tntfill).
  35.     Checkpoints
  36. Designed to be easy to use as a warp, you can set it in wilderness & the player’s claim.
  38.     Faction Fly
  39. Fly in your own faction land and in other factions’ land if permission is granted.
  41.     Seechunk
  42. Particles are shown of each corner of the chunks.
  44.     Inspect
  45. You can see who placed blocks and when making catching insiders easier (moderator and up).
  47.     Obsidian Breaker
  48. Allows players to break obsidian, or any other block in-game that once couldn't be broken. This is for TNT, Pickaxes, or anything else. I use this to allow players to do directly what the plugin says, destroy obsidian with tnt. But this can also come in handy on extremely OP servers and you can allow Bedrock to be destroyed with tnt.
  50.     Silky Spawners
  51. Allows players to mine spawners with a silktouch pickaxe. You can also enable crafting spawners through a crafting table and customly define the crafting recipe.
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