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  1. CCO RIGHT NOW opened memo on board PEANUTGALLERY.
  2. CURRENT wistfulShot [CWS] RIGHT NOW responded to memo.
  3. CWS: zz:(
  4. CURRENT wickedPainter [CWP] RIGHT NOW responded to memo.
  5. CWP: it shouldnt ought to ever be
  6. CWS: i WOULD never WANT someone TO fear ME
  7. CCO: honk
  8. CWP: honk
  9. CMT ceased responding to memo.
  10. CCO: i came in on somethin serious huh
  11. CWS: oh FUCK not AGAIN
  12. CCO: ... uh?
  13. CWS: honking ZZ:(
  14. CCO: oh yeah
  15. CCO: you don't like it
  16. CWP: we talkin about respect
  17. CWP: I'm uh
  18. CCO: oh
  19. CWP: gettin a cook
  20. CCO: :o?
  21. CWP: you know I caint cook for shit
  22. CWP: ..neither can my mates
  23. CWP: so I'm gettin a cook
  24. CURRENT minuteTimestone [CMT] RIGHT NOW responded to memo.
  25. CMT: I can cook.
  26. CWP: you aint comin to my hive
  27. CCO: i can cook
  28. CMT ceased responding to memo.
  29. CCO: what makes you think i can't cook
  30. CURRENT minuteTimestone [CMT] RIGHT NOW responded to memo.
  31. CMT: Hey CO.
  32. CWP: i mean somethin that aint deep fried or pit fired
  33. CCO: hey mt
  34. CCO: the fuck is your name anyhow
  35. CCO: why's that gotta be a limiter?
  36. CWP: cause
  37. CMT: Cause that is the point.
  38. CCO: .... i think you think you just made sense
  39. CCO: but i can tell you you didn't
  40. CCO: wicked, why cause?
  41. CURRENT purposefulVoid [CPV] RIGHT NOW responded to memo.
  42. CPV: ~~☐= MT prefers the name J0na
  43. CWP: anyhow i was sayin maybe i should have them cook for me so i could choose and gamzee was like yeah you better cause otherwise they might not like you and would poison you
  44. CMT: I do.
  45. CWP: n i was like nah they're human
  46. CWP: and he was like okay but still
  47. CWP: and then we was talkin about respect
  48. CCO: .... i mean, admittedly they could just poison you
  49. CCO: that's technically possible
  50. CWP: n respect is a word that amkes me a little wary cause sometimes people mean fear when they say respect
  51. CCO: but you'd know anyhow
  52. CWP: they literally cant
  53. CWP: chromed gut says no
  54. CCO: it's /technically/ possible that they'd try
  55. CWS: and I said I dont WANT anyone TA fear ME
  56. CWS: sucks HAVIN fins SOMETIMES
  57. CCO: also technically also some poisons can seep in through mucus membranes, which your mouth is
  58. CWS: zz:(
  59. CWS: they CAN?
  60. CWP: anyhow they're humans and they aint gonna poison me I'm payin them money to make me food just like a resteruant except at my hive
  61. CCO: you gonna subject them to the hydroct?
  62. CCO: and vel?
  63. CCO: and /two/ or /more/ tarrats?
  64. CWP: we decided my apartment in new york not the tower
  65. CCO: oh
  66. CCO: aight fair nuff
  67. CWP: so no hydroct but everything else yes
  68. CCO: i'm gonna not huff bout money even though i kinda wanna
  69. CCO: it's not hurtin anythin so i should chill
  70. CCO: but like. also.
  71. CCO: there's a sayin, gamzee.
  72. CPV: ~~☐= Hiring s0me0ne t0 d0 a task that y0u d0 n0t have the capabi1ity t0 d0 y0urse1f is redistributing wea1th as 10ng as they are paid a fair rate
  73. CCO: some people say 'treat me with respect' and mean 'treat me with authority'
  74. CPV: ~~☐= There is n0thing wr0ng with hiring he1p
  75. CCO: and some people say 'treat me with respect' and mean 'treat me as a person'
  76. CWP: Null's got my back
  77. CCO: and some people say 'i'll treat you with respect if you treat me with respect' and they mean 'i'll treat you as a person if you treat me as an authority'
  78. CWP: its better to spend money than to hoard money anyhows
  79. CCO: and they don't understand the difference when ya point it out
  80. CWS: glub
  81. CCO: you're right, wicked and also null, it just makes me feel away
  82. CCO: a way*
  83. CMT: Hm.
  84. CCO: so long as ya pay em extra fair. find one of those fuckers who ain't gettin payed what he could cuz of circumstance
  85. CCO: they're all over the place
  86. CCO: they won't be up they own ass and you could really change their life
  87. CPV: ~~☐= Certain1y the best 0f a11 situati0ns
  88. CWP: I already narrowed down to who I want :op i knows what i'm doin
  89. CCO: i'm just remindin ya! i trust you and all but i don't necessarily know if you think of everythin i'm thinkin of
  90. CCO: we balance eachother, right?
  91. CWP: :o*****
  92. CCO: :o*****
  93. CCO: honk
  94. CWP: these is just out of college, in one of thems kindred and the others kin so they got a leg down if ya know what I mean
  95. CWS: Honk
  96. CCO: i just like makin everyone hear the honk :o)
  97. CCO: HONK!
  98. CWS: zz:(
  99. CCO: forgive me, i'm just teasin you
  100. CCO: but you're good, wicked
  101. CCO: you know what you're about
  102. CCO: .... still, be careful bout the vel and tarrat thing
  103. CWP: my tailors also in her senior year n shes kindred too
  104. CWP: a werewolf :oD
  105. CCO: :o0
  106. CCO: oh yeah i just remembered you still won't let me get my blood sucked :o(
  107. CWS: my ANCESTOR says ALL the SERVANTS we TAKE onboard NEED ta BE respectful AND i JUST like TALKIN ta PEOPLE
  108. CWS: so I dunno
  109. CCO: uh
  110. CCO: ...... uh....
  111. CMT: Hmmmm..?
  112. CWP: )o:
  113. CCO: he almost certainly means the 'treat me like an authority' thing, brother
  114. CWS: i MEAN
  115. CCO: like, 95%
  116. CWS: he IS an AUTHORITY
  117. CMT: Cya peeps.
  118. CWS: oh
  119. CWS: bye!
  120. CMT: Gtg.
  121. CMT: Adios.
  122. CCO: cya don't die
  123. CCO: how many ways you gonna say bye
  124. CCO: go on
  125. CCO: get
  126. CWP: have fun stormin the castle
  127. CCO: hahahaha :o*
  128. CMT: Non.
  129. CCO: but gamzee, that ain't what i mean
  130. CMT ceased responding to memo.
  131. CCO: i mean he expects servants to treat /everyone/ like an authority
  132. CCO: or they don't get to be treated like people
  133. CWS: glub
  134. CCO: almost certainly
  135. CCO: i don't know him for sure
  136. CCO: but i still feel quite confident in this
  137. CWS: he TREATS them ACCORDIN ta THEIR status AND station AND tenure ON the SHIP
  138. CCO: yeah yeah who the fuck cares he still calls em servants and their lives are still at his mercy
  139. CWS: ...glub
  140. CWS: zz:(
  141. CCO: 'oh no you oversalted my meat. wonder if you should lose a finger today'
  142. CCO: it fuckin happens
  143. CCO: don't do him any favors, all we can do is tell you what may or may not be happenin
  144. CCO: don't blind yourself to any truths
  145. CCO: either this is true or it ain't
  146. CCO: either you can live with it bein true or not
  147. CCO: right?
  148. CWS: glub
  149. CWS: i DUNNO
  150. CCO: you dunno?
  151. CWS: that DONT sound LIKE him
  152. CCO: aight, then it might not be true
  153. CWS: but I dunno
  154. CCO: you know better than i do. but only if you keep ya eyes open for it
  155. CCO: that tells you a little somethin, don't it?
  156. CCO: it don't sound like him, but you don't trust him entirely?
  157. CWS: sometimes SERVANTS get LET go FOR little THINGS but THEY aint THE right FIT for THE ship
  158. CWS: thats HOW ya RUN things
  159. CWS: efficient
  160. CWS: i NEED a FUCKIN drink
  161. CCO: alternia's shit at efficient. efficiency is lettin em learn from a mistake or two so you don't have to retrain a whole ass new person
  162. CWP: does little things include refusin to sleep with someone?
  163. CWP: I'm just curious
  164. CCO: > Wow that was a jump
  165. CWP: >it was not these are the kinds of things highbloods do and you want to know
  166. CWS: what NO the FUCK
  167. CWP: good (o:
  168. CWS: thats FUCKIN nasty
  169. CCO: listen, we got our share of horror stories
  170. CCO: no offense intended brother
  171. CWS: we AINT got NONE of THAT on THE ship ONLY the FUCKIN ingrates IN the CHURCH do THAT kinda SHIT. respect IS two WAYS.
  172. CWP: careful
  173. CWS: ...fuck
  174. CWS: sorry
  175. CWS: glub
  176. CCO: ... i'm not gonna comment on that, because rape is just a thing that happens regardless of power level, but i'm glad to hear you ain't thinkin he like that
  177. CCO: don't worry bout it, we touchy sometimes but we can be reasonable plenty
  178. CWP: I wasnt even thinkin rape or nothin like that I was thinkin like turnin a motherfucker down you know CWP: all hurt feelins all over it
  179. CURRENT purposefulVoid [CPV] RIGHT NOW responded to memo.
  180. CPV: ~~☐= There are many injustices visited 0n the 10w by H**hb100ds
  181. CWP: )o:
  182. CCO: if they say yes under coersion it's still rape, brother. though i don't know how hard it is to get a new job when you get deported off of a spaceship
  183. CURRENT wistfulShot [CWS] RIGHT NOW responded to memo.
  184. CWS: no THAT dont HAPPEN on THE ship
  185. CCO: shush, gamzee, at this point we ain't talkin bout you
  186. CWS: we ARENT in SPACE either
  187. CCO: don't go defendin somethin more, it just makes you sound more guilty
  188. CCO: well whatever goddamn ship you on
  189. CWS: ...glub
  190. CCO: you fire someone, they gotta sit in the brig or some shit til you get to port
  191. CCO: and then ?? what, just search around for another ship?
  192. CCO: if they say no, how much are they riskin?
  193. CPV: ~~☐= Gamzee says servants but I am unsure what the wages are if there are any
  194. CPV: ~~☐= M0re 1ike1y these tr011s were drafted 1ike himse1f
  195. CCO: so if the risk to sayin no is... basically, more than 'damn, awkward times at the water cooler', then
  196. CCO: if you say yes, decent chance it's coerced
  197. CCO: unless you really wanna bone i guess
  198. CPV: ~~☐= What a t0pic we have br0ached
  199. CCO: you can still get removed from a no wage position. and if the job you got is one that don't come with a lotta risks, that's one you wanna keep. or if gettin fired gets on some fuckin record or somethin...
  200. CCO: or if gettin fired means you homeless......
  201. CCO: there's still /consequences/ to gettin kicked off a place, wages or no
  202. CPV: ~~☐= 0r if getting fired means y0u are cu11ed
  203. CCO: yeah that too
  204. CCO: but gamzee don't seem to think that's the case
  205. CCO: unless he's condonin killin people over small things, that is
  206. CWS: ...
  207. CCO: well?
  208. CWS: i DONT kill ANYONE
  209. CCO: does /he/
  210. CCO: we ain't talkin about you, STILL
  211. CCO: don't be so narcissistic
  212. CCO: do people die. for small mistakes. on your ship, gamzee ampora
  213. CWS: ..................
  214. CWS: aint MY ship
  215. CCO: they do, don't they
  216. CCO: don't fuckin give up responsibility like that
  217. CCO: it ain't your responsibility to bear, tell us the fuckin truth
  218. CWS: what THE fuck AM i SUPPOSED ta DO
  220. CWS: people DIE
  221. CWS: shit HAPPENS
  223. CWS: thats HOW alternia FUCKIN works
  225. CWP: it dont gotta work that way
  226. CCO: you said it's small mistakes! it's efficient, you say, defendin demise
  227. CCO: they don't show enough respect, you say, with blood on the floors you tred on
  228. CCO: do you feel like it's wrong? say somethin
  229. CWS: how ABOUT you SHUT your FUCKIN mouth
  230. CCO: do you feel like it's fine? say somethin
  231. CCO: don't sit there in FUCKIN SILENCE
  232. CWS: i FEEL like A fuckin DRINK
  233. CCO: more cowardice
  234. CWS ceased responding to memo.
  235. CPV: ~~☐= ...Hm.
  236. CCO: damn, sucks to suck
  237. CCO: wonder what poor fuck is gonna die because he puked on deck and they didn't clean it up in time
  238. CPV: ~~☐= B1aming him f0r being unab1e t0 v0ice an 0pini0n aside fr0m the 0ne he is required t0 is n0t particu1ar1y he1pfu1
  239. CCO: well, him not voicin any opinions ain't really helpful neither, is it
  240. CCO: so it's a net neutral, ain't it
  241. CCO: and maybe, just maybe, he'll wake the fuck up
  242. CCO: he speaks up, what's he put himself at risk for. death? no, he's a fuckin heir
  243. CCO: his life just gets kinda sucky for a bit
  244. CCO: and he seems pretty comfortable with drinkin, so i'd bet it already is
  245. CCO: at least then, it'd suck for a /reason/
  246. CPV: ~~☐= Y0u are awfu11y bitter t0ward him
  247. CCO: nothin ever happens when people are complacent
  248. CPV: ~~☐= And I understand y0ur p0int 0f view
  249. CWP: Ring's a lowblood too
  250. CCO: complacency disgusts me
  251. CPV: ~~☐= He w0u1d get much m0re than a s1ap 0n the wrist
  252. CCO: boo hoo
  253. CPV: ~~☐= He c0u1d be cu11ed f0r shirking his duty same as the rest 0f the crew
  254. CCO: then he could say so
  255. CPV: ~~☐= Hm
  256. CCO: i'd cut him some slack if it would risk his life
  257. CCO: we all do what we gotta to survive
  258. CCO: but if he's got the freedom to act in those confines, he fuckin should
  259. CCO: or he's a coward, plain and simple
  260. CURRENT minuteTimestone [CMT] RIGHT NOW responded to memo.
  261. CMT: -.-
  262. CWP: i know i knew if i ever stopped doin my job i'd be culled back when
  263. CCO: and at the very least, he shouldn't shield his poor highblood eyes from the truth
  264. CMT: Whaaa?
  265. CCO: whaaaa
  266. CPV: ~~☐= I have been speaking t0 him far 10nger than any0ne 0n here has
  267. CCO: and that means you're biased
  268. CPV: ~~☐= And I simp1y think he requires a m0re gent1e t0uch
  269. CCO: i like to do a shock and awe bit
  270. CWP: you came on a bit strong love
  271. CCO: gentle don't work unless you turned the right way
  272. CCO: yeah, i always do
  273. CPV: ~~☐= Making him think ab0ut the h0rr0rs 0f the ship he is 0n usua11y ends with him b1acking 0ut
  274. CCO: i ain't inclined to change because i made a highblood cry
  275. CPV: ~~☐= Te11ing him the sma11 things he can d0 t0 he1p 0ften ends with him he1ping
  276. CCO: well, i can't tell him shit if he won't even be /honest/ with me, can i?
  277. CCO: all i fuckin want is honesty
  278. CWP: yeah he did say like, that they was let go, not that they was murdered
  279. CWP: thats a whole different thing
  280. CCO: he can't do shit if he ain't honest with himself
  281. CCO: yeah
  282. CCO: i ain't gonna be gentle with him when he's usin 'let go' as a euphemism for 'oh yeah, we kill the fuckers for puttin too much pepper in our soup and not usin enough spit to shine our boots'
  283. CCO: you think that deserves gentle?
  284. CCO: fuck you
  285. CMT: Woah.
  286. CCO: woah
  287. CCO: say actual opinions instead of noises, mt
  288. CPV: ~~☐= I think I wi11 perhaps 10g 0ff f0r the 1ight as we11.
  289. CMT: Calm down m8
  290. CWP: )o:
  291. CCO: glight
  292. CCO: you don't even fully know why the hell i'm excited, mr 'whaaa' and 'woah'
  293. CCO: and i sure as FUCK ain't your MATE
  294. CPV: ~~☐= I was attempting t0 assist y0u in he1ping him understand but as I am n0w being attacked myse1f it is pr0bab1y time f0r me t0 1eave
  295. CCO: ...
  296. CPV: ~~☐= G00d 1ight
  297. CWP: I'm gonna sit on you and see if anyones got some apple fritters
  298. CCO: sorry
  299. CCO: just got pissy
  300. CCO: i'll try to be nicer next time
  301. CPV: ~~☐= Y0u certain1y did
  302. CCO: i don't think anythin ever gets accomplished by bein dainty and pussyfootin around
  303. CCO: i just don't
  304. CPV: ~~☐= I d0n't either
  305. CMT ceased responding to memo.
  306. CCO: do you think i shoulda been delicate about him lyin to us or bein all euphemistic/
  307. CCO: ?
  308. CCO: i don't know how
  309. CWP: you was comin on real hard, I shoulda said somethin, i wanted to
  310. CCO: not when bein delicate actively means he just sits by while blood spills and thinks 'well, i can't do anythin so why even try'
  311. CCO: no one goes lookin for help if they don't acknowledge there's a problem ta begin with
  312. CCO: would it make you fuckers happy if i talked to him
  313. CCO: apologized or some shit
  314. CWP: not till you've simmered a little
  315. CURRENT minuteTimestone [CMT] RIGHT NOW responded to memo.
  316. CMT: You need to calm don first.
  317. CCO: and by then he's drunk himself into a stupor and forgotten every damn thing i said
  318. CCO: DO I KNOW YOU?
  319. CWP: I get to say that you cant
  320. CCO: NO?
  322. CPV: ~~☐= MT y0u may want t0 step away fr0m this as these tw0 are M0irai1s and I d0 n0t think they appreciate 0utside he1p
  323. CMT: Heard.
  324. CPV: ~~☐= Thank y0u very much
  325. CMT: I am just gonna stand by.
  326. CPV: ~~☐= I d0 n0t be1ieve in being dainty 0r pussyf00ting ar0und issues
  327. CMT: Ok.
  328. CPV: ~~☐= I d0 be1ieve in being p01ite
  329. CCO: was you gonna call him out?
  330. CCO: on that obvious and disgustin lie?
  331. CPV: ~~☐= Y0u seemed t0 have that we11 hand1ed
  332. CCO: oh shut the fuck up with your bitter shit, i wanna know what you would /do/
  333. CCO: we all know i did plenty, i wanna know what you do without me
  334. CCO: cuz, what do ya know, i can't see that when i ain't around
  335. CPV: ~~☐= I w0u1d have asked him if he knew what happened t0 th0se wh0 were 1aid 0ff
  336. CCO: course he knew... they always do
  337. CPV: ~~☐= And if he said he did n0t I w0u1d have asked if he wished t0 kn0w
  338. CCO: mmm
  339. CCO: no i'm not calm i'm bein a shithead
  340. CCO: i'm gettin the fuck off a while. hit me up later, aight?
  341. CPV: ~~☐= G00d 1ight
  342. CCO: not you mt, you're deeply annoying
  343. CMT: ...
  344. CCO ceased responding to memo.
  346. =====
  347. and then wicked came and chilled on me and gave me food and made me calm down and then passed along the message that null (pv) advised i apologize to gamzee quick. probably cuz of the whole 'drink himself into a stupor' thing
  349. -- carnivalsOration [CO] began messaging wistfulShot [WS] at 19:02 --
  350. [07:02] CO: hey
  351. [07:02] CO: sorry for goin off the handle
  352. [07:02] WS: ...
  353. [07:02] CO: i'll try to keep my tits calm
  354. [07:02] CO: don't go drinkin, that shit's bad for you
  355. [07:03] WS: its THE only THING that MAKES anythin FUCKIN better
  356. [07:03] WS: you AINT my LUSUS
  357. [07:03] CO: you right, i ain't
  358. [07:03] CO: but how much can it make things better if it just makes things null
  359. [07:03] CO: do you feel better, not rememberin what happened?
  360. [07:03] WS: yeah
  361. [07:03] CO: don't you just remember again later?
  362. [07:04] WS: sure THEN i JUST pour ANOTHER
  363. [07:04] CO: ... you can wish the world would go away all you want, brother, but it don't
  364. [07:04] WS: youre RIGHT
  365. [07:04] WS: it WONT go AWAY
  366. [07:04] CO: you know what you do instead?
  367. [07:04] CO: or at least, what i try to do
  368. [07:04] WS: survive
  369. [07:04] CO: you ain't me
  370. [07:05] CO: ... well, there's that. but then the world especially don't go away
  371. [07:05] CO: i try to change it
  372. [07:05] CO: somethin bout the world makes me upset, well damn. how can i make my little corner a little better
  373. [07:05] CO: can i talk to someone, can i make somethin easier
  374. [07:05] CO: can i /not/ talk to someone
  375. [07:06] WS: im MAKIN my CORNER better WITH a STIFF one
  376. [07:06] CO: and what does that help, long term?
  377. [07:06] WS: thanks FOR apologizing
  378. [07:06] CO: don't go, please
  379. [07:07] WS: are YOU gonna KEEP yellin AT me OR impartin LIFE lessons
  380. [07:07] WS: because IM pretty TIRED of BEING yelled AT
  381. [07:07] CO: unfortunately, it's my brand. but hey, if you really don't like it that much, a stiff one will wash it all away down the drain anyway, right?
  382. [07:08] WS: and PRETTY tired OF tryin TO learn WHEN it DOESNT change SHIT
  383. [07:08] CO: nothin to feel bad about, just a few extra minutes
  384. [07:08] CO: .... it can change you
  385. [07:08] CO: you care, i can tell you do
  386. [07:08] CO: else you wouldn't bother with the drinks
  387. [07:08] WS: whats THE use OF feelin LIKE shit ABOUT things I cant FIX anyway
  388. [07:08] CO: you can make moments
  389. [07:09] CO: a moment where someone looks at you, afraid, and you do a fuckin zip lip motion, a wink, and the shoulders... relax a little
  390. [07:10] CO: a moment where someone says 'well fuck this, they fucked up', and you go 'i'm gonna give em a thrashin they won't forget' and maybe you do, but they ain't dead. or maybe you don't, maybe you take em to your block and you tell em to scream real loud, and you hit em just hard enough to bruise
  391. [07:10] WS: what DIFFERENCE does A fuckin MOMENT make WHEN all THERI lives ARE miserable
  392. [07:10] CO: and it sucks
  393. [07:10] CO: but it sucks a little less
  394. [07:10] WS: ...
  395. [07:10] WS: i DONT hit NO one
  396. [07:10] CO: because one night, you can survive to tell someone else
  397. [07:10] WS: i DONT kill NO one
  398. [07:10] WS: if SOMETHIN was MY fault I clean IT the FUCK up
  399. [07:10] CO: do you intervene?
  400. [07:11] CO: i'm not tryinna judge, i'm tryin real hard to stay calm
  401. [07:11] WS: no
  402. [07:11] WS: i DONT intervene
  403. [07:12] CO: if you intervene, sometimes. take care of punishment when you know it might have been death otherwise...
  404. [07:12] CO: it's those little blessings
  405. [07:12] WS: i DONT fuckin HURT anyone
  406. [07:12] CO: used to be, people who wanted to heal others wouldn't ever do surgery
  407. [07:13] CO: they thought it was just doin more harm than anythin
  408. [07:13] CO: ... then ya learn, sometimes a little hurt has to happen for any help to go on
  409. [07:13] WS: i DONT know WHAT you WANT from ME
  410. [07:13] CO: i want you to think, that's all
  411. [07:13] CO: and be honest
  412. [07:13] WS: i DONT wanna THINK
  413. [07:13] WS: thinkin JUST gets YOU fucked UP
  414. [07:14] WS: thats WHY rebels ARE dyin
  415. [07:14] CO: ... i'm sorry that you gotta go through that
  416. [07:14] CO: that's why rebels are dyin happier than when they lived. no one ever tells you bout that
  417. [07:14] CO: ... but i don't wanna put too many thoughts in your head.
  418. [07:15] CO: that's not sarcasm, i swear
  419. [07:16] WS: > Picture INCOMING! It's A selfie, blurry AND not GREAT, but IT's OF Gamzee POINTING to SOME wicked LOOKING scars ON his FACE.
  420. [07:16] WS: thats WHAT thinkin GETS ya
  421. [07:16] CO: ...
  422. [07:16] CO: > Picture return. he sends a picture of his back.
  423. [07:16] CO: i know
  424. [07:17] WS: ....
  425. [07:17] WS: glub
  426. [07:17] WS: those LOOK shitty
  427. [07:17] CO: yeah, they sucked pretty bad
  428. [07:17] CO: i got em lettin others blame me for mistakes, so that they could look all cowed when i got whipped
  429. [07:18] CO: i got a gift, you see. i like pain. and i thought about it a while
  430. [07:18] CO: and i thought, well i like it. and they don't.
  431. [07:18] CO: so.... if i take it, then they stay safe.
  432. [07:18] WS: yeah
  433. [07:18] CO: and we all got little gifts
  434. [07:18] CO: sometimes it's status. sometimes it's a pretty face.
  435. [07:19] CO: and you get to choose whether you want to use your gift or not
  436. [07:19] CO: but you gotta realize it's there. and you gotta /choose/
  437. [07:19] CO: or you're just gonna be drinkin yourself into a stupor every night, wonderin 'what if'
  438. [07:19] CO: and that just makes your sufferin worse
  439. [07:19] WS: i GOT a GUITAR and A nice VOICE and A genuine SMILE
  440. [07:20] CO: you can marry make
  441. [07:20] CO: [[merry make*
  442. [07:20] CO: that don't cost nothin at all, hardly. so long as you think about when you can do it without causin too much fuss
  443. [07:20] WS: like I said I like TALKIN
  444. [07:20] CO: and maybe everyone around you will think their lives suck. but if they're surrounded by a minute or two of joy, then it sucks a little less
  445. [07:20] CO: hm?
  446. [07:20] CO: that ain't nothin
  447. [07:21] CO: ... tell yourself that, when you wanna drink. think of somethin you did like that recently. and tell yourself 'that ain't nothin'
  448. [07:21] CO: if you still wanna drink, i ain't your lusus. but
  449. [07:21] WS: youre STILL actin LIKE it BULGESUCKER zz:)
  450. [07:21] CO: keep talkin. keep thinkin. sometimes, use wisdom. keep your thoughts to yourself. but do little things
  451. [07:22] CO: listen, don't call me bulge sucker unless i suck ya bulge
  452. [07:22] CO: or i'll start cryin, and then where will we be
  453. [07:22] WS: dont OFFER a GOOD time UNLESS youre SERIOUS zz;)
  454. [07:22] CO: no i am
  455. [07:22] CO: i gotta ask my pitch first, but i am
  456. [07:22] WS: glub
  457. [07:22] WS: uh
  458. [07:22] WS: oh
  459. [07:22] CO: hahahaha
  460. [07:23] WS: i MEAN we JUST landed PORTSIDE so LIKE
  461. [07:23] WS: if YOU
  462. [07:23] WS: really WANNA?
  463. [07:23] WS: glub
  464. [07:23] CO: hahaha you're cute
  465. [07:23] CO: i won't suck you off if you're drunk, though.
  466. -- carnivalsOration [CO] changed their mood to DEVIOUS  --
  467. [07:24] CO: consent gets wiggly and i don't like people makin faces at me
  468. [07:24] WS: i AINT drunk
  469. [07:24] CO: good.
  470. [07:24] WS: only HAD one SO far BUT i CAN stop
  471. [07:24] CO: i'll ask my moirail to get the fuck off me and ask my pitch if i can the fuck off
  472. [07:24] WS: i MEAN
  473. [07:24] CO: :oP
  474. [07:24] WS: glub
  475. [07:24] WS: ok
  476. [07:24] WS: sure!
  477. [07:24] WS: zz:)
  478. [07:24] CO: hahaha i need your coords though
  479. [07:25] WS: fuck LEMME find A pad
  480. [07:25] CO: gimme just a sec to get permission
  481. [07:25] CO: wouldn't want you to make a walk a shame if i don't get it
  482. [07:26] WS: ill BE walkin IN shame IF ya DO my ANCESTOR fuckin HATES clowns
  483. [07:26] WS: if YOU honk IM punchin YOU
  484. [07:27] WS: zz:)
  485. [07:27] CO: i accept
  486. [07:27] CO: ... two more minutes hold up
  487. [07:28] WS: no RUSH babe I can CHILL a WHILE
  488. [07:28] CO: babe hahaha
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