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Feb 26th, 2021
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  3. Update 1.04.00 (26 February 2021)
  6. Fixed a NEW UNITS screen error that kept the OK button appearing as disabled even though it is enabled and clickable (sschnar1).
  7. Fixed an error where Armoured trains did not automatically provoke counter artillery fire that were in defensive range (Will952).
  8. Fixed some localization issues for Multiplayer games that were not translating properly between players in different languages (EarlyDoors).
  9. Fixed a resource supply/strength calculation error that did not see Minor controlled Primary/Industrial resources drop in strength when cut by rail to a Major Primary/Industrial supply source (mdsmall).
  10. Fixed a PBEM++ tournament game 'Save' and 'Quit' error that would end in a CTD.
  11. Fixed an issue that did not properly indicate that an artillery is no longer able to move or attack after an upgrade or reinforcement (Tanaka).
  12. Fixed an error in 'objective' based scenarios/campaigns where the wrong hex control was assigned for occupied but then liberated hexes.
  13. Fixed a naval combat error that did not properly have naval units demoralizing other naval units whenever applicable (Gilber).
  14. Fixed an AI purchase animation error that had it CTD when purchasing and replacing destroyed Carrier units (Ason).
  15. Fixed a bottom edge of the map scrolling and display glitch that would sometimes show units in the wrong positions (Chernobyl, OldCrowBalthazor).
  16. Fixed an HQ attachment range helper highlight that did not always match up with the actual attachment range (Pocus).
  17. Fixed a Partisan unit display error in the bottom operational interface panel when mouse hovering over the partisan unit (Pocus).
  18. Fixed a Purchase Unit screen error that did not list the correct country unit information when coming back from the Production screen and having switched countries.
  19. Fixed a Purchase Unit error that did not allow you to place Italian units in Sicily (Will952).
  20. Fixed a Carrier interception error that did not apply its current research level to the intercepting aircraft (Gilber).
  21. Free units from minor nations will now be able to upgrade relative to their current controlling major nation, previously they could not because consideration was still relative to their original parent nation (Gilber).
  22. Players can now switch between the strategic menu options without having to close the current window, e.g. switch back and forth directly from Diplomacy to Research, to Purchase Units etc (USGrant1962).
  23. Improved an AI HQ position vulnerability issue (Joseph).
  24. Improved GRAPHS screen readability with a relative max value between all nations per category (mdsmall).
  25. Loop sea transfer hexes enhanced for greater visibility (Christolos).
  27. MODS
  29. Blue Max Mod added to the WWI Community Pack.
  33. Fixed an editing Weather zones error that did not keep data separate for each season (Elessar2).
  35. 1914 Call to Arms
  37. Italian AI will now focus more on Trieste and Fiume (stockwellpete). 1914 Call to Arms and 1914 Triple Alliance
  38. Central Powers AI will now better protect the Kattowitz and Jakobeny mines (stockwellpete).
  39. US AI will now invest more in Logistics research (Chernobyl).
  40. US AI will now attempt more Diplomacy (Chernobyl).
  41. French AI will invest more in Command and Control research and less in Advanced Subs and Airships (Chernobyl).
  42. UK and Russian AI will invest more in Industrial Technology research (Chernobyl).
  43. Albania will now provide plunder to an occupier when it surrenders (cendrich).
  44. Fixed an issue with Albania’s status as an unsurrendered neutral country.
  45. The Montenegrin Detachment in Cetinje now starts entrenched (OldCrowBalthazor).
  46. Enver Pasha HQ now deploys at Erzincan at half strength when the Ottomans enter the war (Chernobyl; shri).
  47. The Greek I & III Corps should now deploy sooner if Greece is invaded.
  48. Amended the Austro-Hungarian UNIT script #NAME= Austro-Hungarian 4th Army Continues Its Deployment so that VI Corps primarily deploys at Sambor rather than Przemysl (stockwellpete).
  49. The timing of the UK’s Decision to occupy Lemnos via DE 115 has been brought forward to 1st January 1915 (mdsmall; stockwellpete).
  50. Corrected the German language version of the Pop Up Strategic Advice To The Central Powers (8) Belgium (Michael Scholz). 1914 Call to Arms, 1914 Triple Alliance and 1917 Fate of Nations
  51. US AI Transport and Fleet planning improved to bring more units over to France.
  52. Increased the Ottoman Detachment Build Limit from 15 to 16 (OldCrowBalthazor).
  53. Reduced the attack values for naval units carrying out shore bombardment against aircraft from 1 to zero (canuckgamer).
  54. Artillery and Heavy Artillery’s base Maximum Shells reduced from 10 to 5, and this can now be increased by 1 per level of Logistics tech (stockwellpete; OldCrowBalthazor).
  55. All Artillery types can now only gain a maximum of 1 experience point rather than 2.
  56. Maritime Bombers can now only upgrade to level 1 in Naval Weapons and Anti-Submarine Warfare (stockwellpete).
  57. Subs’ base dive chance increased from 20 to 35%.
  58. Trentino is now a Fortified Town (stockwellpete; Chernobyl).
  59. Mülhausen is no longer a Fortified Town (stockwellpete).
  60. The British Cyprus Detachment has been replaced with a Garrison unit that isn’t capable of amphibious operations (stockwellpete; Chernobyl; mdsmall).
  61. The UK and France now start with level 1 in Amphibious Warfare (mdsmall; stockwellpete).
  62. Bulgaria’s starting dispositions altered to reduce the chance of them being conquered in one turn (OldCrowBalthazor; Dazo).
  63. Varna added as an alternate Bulgarian capital (ThisEndUp).
  64. Added alternate deployment locations for the Portuguese Corps that can arrive via DE 105 (Tendraline).
  65. The Strength script reducing Ottoman unit morale if 2 Entente units are within 1 hex of Gallipoli now fires if they are within 2 hexes of Gallipoli. Additionally, their effect has been increased dramatically too, from a unit morale reduction of 3-8% to 35-50% (mdsmall; stockwellpete).
  66. Territory scripts Romania Gains Bessarabia amended so that Romania rather than Serbia receives the territory (Michael Scholz).
  67. The cost of providing Mexico with funding via DE 616 has been reduced from 500 to 150 MPPs (stockwellpete).
  68. Gaziantep renamed as Antep and Kahramas Marash (Tendraline).
  69. Nuuk renamed as Godthåb (FOARP).
  70. Ounaajoki river renamed as Ounasjoki (FOARP).
  71. German translation of Duke of Aosta corrected to the English name so that the HQ will arrive with the correct HQ rating. All Campaigns
  72. Changed von to Von in all German text files to avoid the duplication of any unit names (cendrich).
  73. Logistics tech tool tip updated to mention that it boosts HQ minimum supply distribution (Elessar2).
  74. Tool tip updated for Naval Weapons research (Christolos). 1914 March on Paris
  75. The rail networks of Belgium and the Netherlands can now only be used by Belgian and Dutch troops respectively.
  76. German new unit deployment is now set to Home Builds only.
  77. Corrected the rail junction at Sedan.
  79. 1918 Ludendorff Offensive
  81. Corrected the rail junction at Sedan.
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