Island cleansing

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  1. [11:51] Alexandra meanders through the heavy winds and rain seemingly largely unbothered-- Hand rested on her weapon, she squints forwards as she goes to where she thinks things should be. Gone alone, despite the relatively dire atmosphere, there is smile to her face as she starts up this hill- Where things should be coming into sight for her, soon.
  3. [11:57] Aurora Cunnings (winter.ferryhill) flew down and just before she touched down her wings folded along her back and vanished from sight. She landed on her feet with a slight thump then straightened crossing her arms and looking around her in silence.
  5. [11:58] Dag Bearheart (castlecourtyard) made his way towards the given location. Full gear was required, and fit comfortably onto his massive frame. Well worn, familiar...a second skin that didn't interrupt his connection to the wilds. That weight of his connection hung heavy, greasy, in the air around him as his golden pupils dilated fully. His guards came with him, but were idle and passive to those around him. The bear walked towards purpose, and as he arrived, his head dipped to those he recognized. Thick Kothonic accents dripped off of every word, as did sarcasm, as he said,"Well...this will be fun." As he waited for others to arrive, the man would pull out a hunk of flint, and a wooden bopper, and got to work flint-knapping to pass the time. The absence of bountiful wildlife on the walk over had set the druid in a piss poor mood, evidentially.
  7. [12:00] Allira followed along keeping herself in time with the other Neophyte guards that trailed behind the group of Astreyan's. She'd come to a halt standing at attention. With the two collars visible on her belt for just incase. She'd remain silent at this time with her eyes focused on the others ahead of her.
  9. [12:01] Triste L'Andros (renevia): made his way along with Q and the others from Astreya. Easily recognizing Dag, he ambled his direct a moment to make himself known. It'd been awhile since they'd crossed paths and whatnot.  "Aye then. " Glancing over the rest and handing off a nod towards the rest who were gathering."See you done recovered some. Least standing on two feet wise." Making a light jest over it. "Shanti done filled us in. We did a bit of the same work up in Koth'ar evening past."
  11. [12:03] Xayah Nerédian Would arrive along with her mate on the place, kind of amazed to see so many people have gathered but also glad to see so many wanted to help to bring back the isle back to how it was or perhaps maybe better. She'd place a hand on her mate's arm smiling softly ' seems we have alot of casters present huh..' before looking around again
  13. [12:04] Qarinah made the walk over to the site in silence. She came to a halt on the grass, her eyes moved towards the others already gathered, givein a nod in greeting to those she recognised. Her guards kept a close eye on those lingering around. She settled back and waited.
  15. [12:05] Judge Zyrr (robb.devin): / nodded to Narisara " that I do, blood rain has desolated the forests and today we are going to change that " he said to Narisari. A grin on his face. " come lean against me this may take some time. It is after all, a ritual. "
  17. [12:06] Mathilda Rae-Arestegi (straitsilver.lekvoda) Mathilda paces from one end of the plateaux to the other. As she walked from place to place she muttered to herself, preparing the spell internally and mentally. COmpiling the long lists of words and spells that she needed to prepare. Mathilda needed more time, needed more sleep... but neither of it was coming, none of it was forthcoming. She would have to make do with what she had. As people started arriving Mathilda would not to them. "We are waiting for others to arrive, we need as many as possible." She said, despite her internally struggles her voice was strong and confident, on her face she held a confident smile. In one hand Mathilda held a nearly empty bottle of wine that she occasionally sipped from, It was her best wine for a special occasion. Alas the bottle was soon empty and without a drop of wine in her bottle it was placed to one side and she turned to look at the crowds as they arrived. She saw the Astreyans arrive and the Fae. "I will begin instructing everybody on their roles
  19. [12:06] Mathilda Rae-Arestegi (straitsilver.lekvoda):  shortly..."
  21. [12:07] Mathilda Rae-Arestegi (straitsilver.lekvoda): ((Waiting for our SW folks))
  23. [12:07] ..мιss ʜoρᴇ vᴀɴ ᴍᴀɴsᴅᴀᴇʟᴇ.. (xxmysticangelxx): (( all good ))
  25. [12:08]  Char'Karu arrived alongside Remy and Xayah, hand raised to the distant Charr to offer her greetings before she leaned in towards Jessica. "Did you ever find who you were looking for?" She shook off a bit of the downpouring rain on her feathers, wings raised to somewhat shield from it. "Starting to think that rainstorm might have been a bit too hard." She grinned a bit, straightening once more as frost started to coat her skin. Rain would never get old for as long as she was like this. "'s rain and who doesn't love normal rain?"
  27. [12:08]  Settling in within the stance of many when the woman arrives, Moirra peered through the veil that hid her pale aging features, taking in those around while her elegant long taloned fingers stroked the head of a snake around her. waist resting without a sound. All but a flicker of tongues are seen of the multitude of snakes about her person whle the old woman stood as still as a statue.
  29. [12:08] Yngvarr Eirikson (favien) made his way over to the ritual site, a frown on his features as he was apprehensive about that many people in one place all casting. A light scowl rested on his features, anyone who knew him would be able to tell he wasn't very pleased to be there. His hands folded behind his back as Mathilda spoke. ''Do you have time to answer questions while we wait?'' he asked Mathilda, a smile curling on his features as he approached, looking around at those gathered, recognizing some, others not so much.
  31. [12:08] Una ran home and quickly changed out of her tavern clothes, grabbing her staff and putting on the horns around her neck. She glanced over at Engvarr who had asked her not to cast, and in fact she would avoid doing that and do what she had always done, humming softly to draw energy from Cybel. She nodded politely to all present and looked on with great interest.
  33. [12:08] Kiriel does just that... leaning against the wall of a centaur and continues to watch the happening up on the hill, "Oh that'll certainly be nice... it's still been outright dreary this last week over here." She recognizes a few of the faces up there and gives them all a smile... not formally acquainted with some but still remembering their faces from past brushes and happenings, "Hopefully it'll help out with the wildlife population as well."
  35. [12:09] Remylos would pull out his peace pipe, strike it up and take a nice bigass hit “ Well no better time than now to get a wee bit stoned “ he said then recalled it was raining. Good this the bowl of the peace pipe as covered a bit. Remy would go to start passing it around, handing it off firstly to his mate, in case she wanted to partake. But then he would look around, a warm smile on his face as he looked at everyone that had shown up. “ This is good, this is very good. “
  37. [12:10] Nemyriah finally found and arrived to the place where they were all to meet and noted a number of faces in the crowd she knew and smiled at each, her head nodding in greeting to those who were too far away to greet personally. She spied Aurora in the distance and on the edge of the group. Making her way over to her she smiled and stood next to the female. "There you are. I wondered if you might be out an about today." She grinned and looked back over the gathered group.
  39. [12:10] Dag Bearheart (castlecourtyard) lifted his head, the moss on his helmasks horns swaying lightly. "Aye," the other Therian got a respect filled nod, but otherwise Dag didn't waste breath on formalities. The gentle teasing brought a bears huff from what could be assumed to be a humanoid mouth, given the masks contours. Dags tone lightened a bit, accepting the jest after a moment and poking fun at himself, with honesty,"Damned stupid of me, too. Casting in that condition," he sniffed. A slow nod before CRACKING off a sliver of flint with a savage blow to a platform on the rock,"Glad to hear it, need to visit soon." He looked out over the bloody waters, muttering,"Fucking hell..." Mathilda got his attention, and his chest expanded in a quick intake of air, a jest being readied. A jest that he bit back, seeing her mood...but one was never the less loosed as he heard Yngvarr. "First question," he dropped the rock and held up a wineskin offering it out towards Fancy-Mage McPace-alot,"mead?" Fuck the rain. he had another head ON his head.
  41. [12:10] Ilsa (chelsea.blauvelt): There were no smiles on this occasion; there was no mistaking the gravity of the whole affair, both in its risk and its potential. She pulled closer into the circle, ignorant of the rain. She only wanted to begin.
  43. [12:10] Alexandra come to a stop atop this bit of hill, she's turned her head about, keeping it on a swivel, "More than this?", she would be questioning to Mathilda's remark, skeptical of it being possible.
  45. [12:12] Judge attempted to give Kiriel a bit of a pat on the head." as I far as I can tell, she means to use our energies. " he'd nod. " i'm no mage though, got not a inch of magic in me. "
  47. [12:13] Aurora Cunnings (winter.ferryhill) looked towards Nem as she moved towards her and stopped speaking. Aurora nodding and offering her a smile said "Yes, somethign of a important occasion I would say." She glanced around then shifted on her feet moving a step closer to Nem as she said "I was wondring if maybe you were feeling under the weather after yesterday, things going well?" she would finally ask before she looked towards everyone and giving the assembly half her attention while still listening for Nem's reply.
  49. [12:13] Charr noticed Char waving at him from a distance which made him smirk and nod his head in a greeting back. Crossing his arms he felt grumpy from all the lost harvest... it make a fae quiet mad, especially a pooka.
  51. [12:14] Xayah Nerédian Did wave a hand to her mate when he offered the pipe, she was actually quit calm in all tis. She had a good feeling about tis all so it was going to be alright. As she did took a deep breath she already started to charge her energy up but faintly. Lotu would look up and tilt his head linking to her through mind to speak ' you sure you got tis?' she would look down and smile, ruffling his head a little " ill be fine lotu.. I got Remy here with me and you 3 so" as she gestured to the other wolves " besides i feel very confident and calm, so im sure everything will be alright. You did check on the babysitter like i asked right?" as she gave him a stern look. Lotu would bob its head ' yes i made sure the pixies where watching Iona.. but don't cover her to much in pixie dust so she'd fly off..' as he grunted, she couldn't help but laugh a bit " heavens no.. we don't want a flying baby right now right love?" as she glanced at her mate.
  53. [12:15] Enchanted Woods v2 - 6 (slope): Access denied.
  55. [12:15] Yngvarr Eirikson (favien) grinned as Dag offered him mead ''Won't say no.'' he replied, making his way over to the man, and if offered, he'd accept the wineskin and took a large sip from it, savoring the taste before he'd hand the wineskin back with a ''Thanks.''. Once he stood close to the man, he spotted Nemyriah close by and offered her a nod ''Ave, Nemyriah. How fare you?'' he'd ask.
  57. [12:15] Enchanted Woods v2 - 6 (slope): Access denied.
  59. [12:18] Tʜᴇ Yᴜɴᴀ (yuna.ovis) just joined the group, and listens, yep, all whity and glowy from behind
  61. [12:18] Kiriel blinks a couple times and then shrugs... accepting the head pat and hiding under Zyrr's rather large cloak from the rain, "I simply can't use the arcane any more... I was cut off from it... But I'm sure they'll be able to draw from it if'n they need to." Kiri lets out a short sigh and keeps her eyes looking around out from the impromptu shelter... She keeps peering out and recognizes more faces as she waits for this ritual... or spell circle? The merc wasn't really sure... to begin.
  63. [12:19] Evangeline Elouan arrived a little later settling in towards the back with her guards for now as she'd just take in the ongoings.
  65. [12:19] Nemyriah heard Yng asking after her wellbeing and smiled. "I am doing well, thank you. I hope you are doing so as well. I would come speak to you sometime in the near future if you have any availability." She said before turning and answering Aurora's question. "I am a bit tired but otherwise none the worse for wear." She smirked and held up a finger as if to halt the conversation until... yes... wine. "Special occasions deserve a drink." She nodded pulling her bottle of wine out and took a sip before handing the bottle to Aurora if she should like any.
  67. [12:20] Triste L'Andros (renevia): turned his attention to the woman who started speaking, and seemed to be the one organizing shit. His usual steady gaze flowing over her in obvious inspect, himself ignoring the inclement weather for the main part even with the soaking he was getting current, before rumbling a snort Dag's way. "Stupid arsed. It'd be what we do. " A nod over the visiting business. Shanti'd been by here and there some as late. About all he'd seen of the lot of them in truth. But otherwise he'd little to add to the various conversations floating about in the growing crowd of casters. An brief flex of magic pulled ensuring he had his druid and arcane both running clean along differing paths as had become his habit, but he always checked on it before any doins' regardless.
  69. [12:22] Mathilda Rae-Arestegi (straitsilver.lekvoda) when Dag offered her the Mead skin she accepted it gratefully. "Thank you, you may have just saved us all." Her hair and clothes were sodden with rain but she managed to make herself look regal and presentable despite this. Mathilda strolled back and forth still after sipping the mead from the skin. She would have drunk more but Yngvarr had also gotten to it and now it was beyond her control "So folks, I need you all to start forming up, those with skills in Necromancy to my left, those with skills in conjuration to my right. Fae in front of me. Those without skills in either should take the dies which has the least activity, Those who have skills in both should do likewise." Mathilda speaks loudly, her voice carrying across the rain and the chatter of others. She moved now to take a position at the centre of the headland. "When I say so, I want The necromancy specialists and Conjuration specialists to start Gathering their power into a primal form focussed on my self, Where I shall contain it and shape
  71. [12:22] Mathilda Rae-Arestegi (straitsilver.lekvoda):  it."  She took a deep breath. "Once That is done I need the Fae to start focussing on drawing up the power of spring and everything it means, it will be forming part of the greater spell that we all weave together."
  73. [12:22] Allira watched as the others seemed to pile in an almost circle. She'd step up to keep close by with out disrupting anything. Choosing to be more of a silent pale shadow for the time being unless addressed. Her eyes keeping careful watch and taking initial glances at all the faces and details. To note any changes that might occur.
  75. [12:24] Aurora Cunnings (winter.ferryhill) looked at the offered wine bottle then shrugging took it lifting it to her lips and drinking down a portion. she would lower it and offer it back nodding and then focusing on the assembly with a impassive expression. the wand in her hand tapped on her hit the tip of it tinkling against one of the small bottles of her thigh pouch apparently.. Her voice low muttered more to herself then anyone around her "Patience and focus...patience and focus.." then hearing the directions she closed her eyes briefly then looking towards Nem said "Apparently i chose the wrong side to start on .." then moving forward she moved to the opposite side half way between where the fae stood and the conjuring.
  77. [12:25] Qarinah 's eyes followed Yng as he moved along to accept a drink, but she remained silent for the most part. She listened to Mathilda when she started speaking and moved to the conjuration side. Because necromancers were creepy. She settled there and waited for the sign.
  79. [12:25] Remylos looked down at the three wolves that were sitting patiently just looking at the scene unfolding. Remy, on the other hand, took another hit from the pipe then handed it off to Char. Remy would look to Mathilda and nod to her, “ This is quite the turnout. “ he said with a smile towards her. His eyes would shift about, getting a good look at everyone, some he knew, some he did not. Though after a while of greeting people in turn, with respectful noddings of the head, Remy’s eyes would return to his mate “ No flying babies please. “ he said with a chuckling laugh. Remy’s tree staff was at the ready, and now they only wait for instruction, and for more to gather. Mathilda’s word would be nodded to “ Ok fae, with me, let's form up in front of Mathilda “ he said, calling out to the lot of the fae that had shown for the ritual.
  81. [12:26] Tʜᴇ Yᴜɴᴀ (yuna.ovis) looks around to see Kiriel and she snickers at the woman for recolonization and just watches the others, she also noted Judge but he probably won't recognize her, so she just looks forward and moves closer, but keeping distance to not run on someone as she wants to give her part in this too.
  83. [12:27] Judge listened to the woman but didn't kow what a dies is. He'd look confused but remained standing where he was. " any idea what a dies is? Twolegger language can be funny at times. having same meaning with the same word" he'd look to Kiriel when asking. As he looked towards the Yuna who had appeared. He'd show a grin, but indeed didn't recognize her..
  85. [12:27] Charr noticed Yuna walk about on her four hooved form , giving her a smile and a bow of his head to greet her " Greetings Yuna... "
  87. [12:27] Jessica Kifer (petrakiffer): ((I think Mathilda meant 'side'))
  89. [12:28]  Char'Karu flexed her fingers to get a feel for the weave. Just a little bit. She wouldn't begin casting until the time came, but she would feel for the innate Spring air around her to remember what it was like to be attuned to it. Stepping up before Mathilda alongside the others as requested she'd turn to spot the distant Yuna. "Ooh what a pleasant day it is to see you Yuna. Ready for a bit of Spring time cheer?" (brb real fast)
  91. [12:28] Alexandra turns her head about a few times, letting out some hum as she is given her instructions, and she starts to step away, so she can let people organize- And then once she has seen the sides form, she will go to wherever there seems to be lacking- Then a thought occurs to her. "Oh right."
  93. [12:28] Ilsa (chelsea.blauvelt) moved on over to the conjuration side, her gaze drifting to the other casters. There were many, although she wasn't certain if that was more or less risky in terms of the Withering. But there were paragons present, at least; prepped and began to in energy.
  95. [12:29] Nemyriah nods as Aurora moves to the other side of the gathering and noted that her own ability would do next to nothing here and moved out of the way to the back of the group and drank quietly. She nodded with a smile for Kiri and Zyrr and stood in their general vicinity.
  97. [12:32] Kiriel shook her head as she wasn't sure what that was either... "Not sure... but they seem to know what they're on about." Kiri noticed Nemy and gave her a bit of a smile... and then spotted Yuna moving up close to give some assistance as well.  The mercenary raises her hand up towards Nem and then drops it to keep on watching.
  99. [12:33] Tʜᴇ Yᴜɴᴀ (yuna.ovis) shifts softly on her hooves, she raises her head when Charr addressed her name and she gives him a nicker, even stepping a little closer to give him a nudge with her snout <Greetings~ Nice to see you again> She says softly with her telepathy opened to everyone around so it will just be like a normal person talking - and those who knows her will recognize her voice. Her head is lifted a little bit as she hears her name again, flicking her ears, she raises her head with a snort out before she bobs her head toward Char <Yes! I am ready for Spring to spot out and shine again!>  With a few of happy soft whinnies.
  101. [12:34] Judge saluted with all his ligaments towards Nemyriah. " hello there.. " he'd grin. " oh thats that little pale twolegger. " he'd recognize Yuna's voice. But rubbed his beard while he thought about the deeper meaning about dies.
  103. [12:34] Yngvarr Eirikson (favien) nodded at Nemyriah as she said she was doing well ''Excellent, and I'm doing well. '' he replied before he nodded as she asked for his availability ''The day after tomorrow, or the one after that would work for me. '' he replied to her. '' You know where to find me, in any case. '' he said with a smile before he turned his attention to Mathilda, listening to her instructions, he considered briefly before he moved on her right. He sighed as he started drawing in arcane energy, letting the energy course through his veins until it thrummed inside of him, yearning to be released in form of a spell.
  105. [12:34] Dag Bearheart (castlecourtyard) eagery gave it up for Mathilda, it being the wineskin of course. "Mead saves all," he'd reply with a hint of mirth. Though he blinked as Yngvarr accepted the offer meant for the fancymage as well, but...hey, the mead was in a wineskin sized for Dag, there would be plenty left even after both of them. "Anytime," came the amused reply as he accepted the wineskin back. Triste got a chuckled out,"Yep," in reply. Stubborn bears would be stubborn...and prematurely age those around them, as a consequence. Speaking of stubborn, Dag raised his head and focused some thousand feet up, muttering out a quiet,"You watching, right? Not napping?" Slowly his gaze lowered back down on the topic of Necromancy and Conjuration. The druid...stepped over towards Mathildas left. That wineskin? He'd drain whatever the duo hadn't, crinkling the sides of the booze bag with intent. "Alright, Naevius..." he glanced up,"we're on." Dag began to draw air in through his nose, and hiss it out through his mouth over his raised tongue.
  107. [12:34] Dag Bearheart (castlecourtyard):  Divine ju-ju, and arcane power swirled and mixed within him. The drow ranger at his side gently, for a Drowess, reminded him,"They'll kill you if you're stupid...again." A short grunt was her only reply. FOCUS TIME!
  109. [12:34] Xayah Nerédian Would move and continue to wait untill furder instructions but was already still charging her energy within her.. (( will be a tad slow to post, eating dinner ))
  111. [12:34] Una did not move and stood in the back just watching, but the staff she was holding began to vibrate and she tighten her grip, leaning her weight on it.
  113. [12:37] Mathilda Rae-Arestegi (straitsilver.lekvoda) Mathilda starts by drawing the four cardinal points into the air in burning purple fire that held and floated, They would form the nexus that would hold and contain the magic, keeping it in constant motion. The points of the purple fire flickered and floated in the air. "Casters, Begin to draw on your energy and work your weave. Focus on me and on the Nexus I will form, Work together if needed to draw more efficiently. Look to your neighbours and follow their lead if needed, Those that have the ability to do so should look at drawing power of those that cannot cast..." Mathilda turned her attention briefly to Alexandra. "Holy Casters of all types! take the ground behind me. No matter what part you are playing, Your divine energies can interfere with that of the Arcane if not properly added into the weave!" She gestured behind her, this would allow them to complete the circle.
  115. [12:38] Evangeline Elouan noticed a lot of people preparing for some sort of magical feat, she'd stand in the back as she'd seen a couple of people do some gestures with their fingers. As she hung back she'd pretend to be joining in as she just focused a bit staring ahead with the rest. She nudged her guards to stand to the sides of her so people couldn't see the lack of arcane revolving around her digits as she'd utter some muttered nonsense under her breath...truthfully she was sort of jealous of most of those here...she at least wanted to pretend she could help though.
  117. [12:39] Charr listened carefully as Mathilda explained what they should do.. still fully not knowing what was going on , only the conversations that occurred around him. Lifting both his paws only to widen his hooves into a wide stance as Charr readied his magic to be cast at any time as he cofused , ready to cast at any time.
  119. [12:39] Triste L'Andros (renevia): set himself into motion. His usual amble carrying him off to the correct side once it was named and shit like that, people moving about every which way in the same type of doins. The ask for things to get rolling, he merely flexed a hand absently, a brief pull on his arcane to start building it to add to the pile when needed.
  121. [12:42] Aurora Cunnings (winter.ferryhill) nodded once then lifting her hands she closed her eyes and focused intently. Her companions moved in close to Aurora adding their energies to her efforts even as she shifted and chanted softly under her breath the energies moving together and over one another like just that a weave filtering up towards the Nexus once it was created.Once she started her focus was locked there and only her innate ability to draw from others if offered allowed her to possibly tap those who could not cast themselves.
  123. [12:43] Ilsa (chelsea.blauvelt): "What are we weaving?" She remarked. She was still not entirely sure. She'd drawn in a great deal of aether but was waiting for instruction on the specific nature of what they intended to do with it. She cast a sidelong glance at Q and Yng to see if they'd any better inkling than her. A great deal of magical energy concentrated in one place, and yet she was unsure of where it was all going; that concerned her a little bit, at least.
  125. [12:44] Judge looked at all the mages, there were only few of the non-casters here. Still rubbing his beard about the meaning of the word dies. He'd stand at the sides and sort of , closed his eyes to feel the energies that are working here and add his own. " Ahh~  "he nodded as he felt it. kneading on Kiriel's shoulder in the meantime.
  127. [12:44] Alexandra raises her brow to Mathilda, as she answers the question she had been thinking internally- She tips her head to her, offering smile, as she starts to take to the back. She looks about herself, seeing if any the druids will come, also.
  129. [12:44]  Char'Karu would turn and weave a focus of her energies, but she wouldn't be adding much to this spell until the call of Spring was needed. A balance of energy and focus so she wouldn't overdo it this time.
  131. [12:44] Tʜᴇ Yᴜɴᴀ (yuna.ovis) hears Judge behind her calling her little and she huffs out - looking behind her with a deep horsie frown <I'M NOT LITTLE!> She grunts out with a stomped hoof on the ground but she needs to focus now, focus! She listens to Mathilda now and gasps some <Some explosion of holiness? That doesn't sound that bad> She ponders to herself... loudly. She looks to her side when she notices a woman with two guards, she would   try to sniff them from afar but she doesn't gets close to Eva even a little bit - armors and stuff! She watches everyone getting ready and she was grunting out to release air as she collects her energy, anything that can even just be given to the circle will do fine - so she prepares herself, look a glowing unicorn!
  133. [12:45] Nemyriah grinned at Zyrr's salute and smirked playfully before whispering to her friend. "I trust you are behaving yourself... or enough so that you aren't getting yourself into any trouble." She said it softly enough that she wouldn't be distracting from the group as she felt the magic around her gathering and felt her hair stand on end at it.
  135. [12:47] Nemyriah: ^ did in fact hear Yng's words before he turned back to the gathering to do his stuff and nodded in acknowledgment making a note to go seek him out in a few days.
  137. [12:48] Evangeline Elouan she heard some noise off to her side as she'd furrow her brow and muttered..."Don't...throw my concentration." She'd ask towards the unicorn, her guards continued near enough being shoulder to shoulder with her so she could keep her hands low...she was feverishly a bit embarrassed that this was...well an act...but nonetheless she flickered a bit of strain onto her features, glancing to the magic casters to sort of act the same as they were in a mimicking gesture.
  139. [12:48]  Moirra continued watching from behind the veil that just barely hinted at the aging features, or the smile that played idly at her lips as her gaze fell on the beautiful glowing pelt of the unicorn. The woman's head tilted as if the gorgon had been thinking of something but her attention returned to the gathering with a lift of her chin as both hands lifted up to touch the head of the snake close to her breast bone lightly.
  141. [12:49] Xhaltharix test test
  143. [12:50] Charr dug his hooves into the ground only to feel Yuna from the back, feeling her magic and if allowed he would draw from it to push his magic even stronger into the Nexus. One by one his feathers would start to glow , his aura would feel quiet warm and help casters focus.
  145. [12:51] Judge chuckled softly about Yuna's reaction " oh... " to him it was such a matter-of-fact thing that anything is smaller that he didn't think about what effect it had on the pride of big glowing unicorns. At Nem's question " trying.. trying.. say do you know what the word dies means? " he'd ask. " i mean I didn't come for that here. But I am willing to help out. " He'd really feel the magic up at that point a it all gathered into one spot and again tried to add his own.
  147. [12:51] Una closed her eyes and leaned her head back as the over flow of the arcane energy was spilling away a little from the group and she felt it go through her body. She hadn't tried to draw up any per previous instructions, but she would allow it to vibrate through her as if she was standing in the middle of an electromagnetic field.
  149. [12:52] Qarinah watched the groups form. It was decidedly uneven, the conjuration side having more than the Necromancy side by far and she weighed her options as she opened herself up to the aether and drew in energy towards herself. The action almost effortless, the amount she gathered grew larger and larger, until sparks of red started swirling about her. She started to move to the other side, when Ilsa's question came, she turned to her. "Healing." She told both Ilsa and Yngvarr. "That is the focus. Necromancy first to bring life where there is death. Conjuration follows, giving that healing a boost. There is a spell I am sure you have learned for this. Begin your weave." She told them. She then moved to the left to lend her energy to those casting the spells for necromancy, tendrils of energy offered to boost the spell.
  151. [12:54] Xhaltharix arrived as it always did. At moment, nothing, and then, an Illithid, no movment fromit save for the calm undulations of the tentacles dangling from its face. At the hearing of necromancy from Qarinah, the creature floated just inches over the ground to the appropriate location. A small wand would matrialize in its hand, flesh of sickly green energy beginning to collect on it.
  153. [12:54] Nemyriah watched Aurora curiously as she worked. She'd rarely seen her doing any sort of magical stuff. Her eyes caught sight of Ilsa as well as she too concentrated. She felt a bit of a tug that reminded her of the conversation she had with Aurora the evening before and looked up haring Judge asking her question. "Umm.. dies as in if he takes my wine he dies?" She asked. "That's my owly recollection of the meaning of the word." She nods at him. She felt the tug again and frowned a bit following it to Aurora before standing close to her. Her fingers brushed a claw on Aurora's shoulder.
  155. [12:56] Mathilda Rae-Arestegi (straitsilver.lekvoda) Mathilda rolled her shoulders and grinned "Showtime..." She mutters and called out loudly, "Stand with me now, for now, we heal our lands. We undo the work of one who would bring us ill will. Work with me now, pour forth your magic to me. Allow your weave to come to me. I am starting to prepare a weave but it is open, Think of it is a tapestry or weaving a sheet of fabric. You are adding your threads of magic to mine. You are forming the body of the spell, I am just guiding it." Mathilda in sequence tapped each of the glowing cardinal points of magic. as others added her magic it would start to form spiralling magic that ran through the points, like a burning circle of fire. For now, she did not have a lot to do. "Fae! Once the weaves of necromancy and conjuration have been formed you will start to add your power to weave. Focussing on spring." Mathilda turned on the spot.
  157. [12:58] Xayah Nerédian Would glance at Remy when she heard the fae would send their energies last wich she figured also was meant for them since they are guardians of the forest. Giving him a smile before she looked ahead again.
  159. [12:59] Triste L'Andros (renevia): might have been having the same thought that IIsa voiced. This was a fuckton of power for one anchor to hold and not be blown into gory bits of a different kind of rain to fall down on the group entire. A glance aside at Q with a quirked brow. Far as he was concerned, she was the expert of experts in regards to this sort of shit. Keeping his druid business hard under wraps, he and Ay had had their doings last night, and he'd not had an intent of working like today for other reasons beyond. A flick of magic pulled to life, he took a moment to form the thread into the conjuration required, ensuring it was what it was and all that, before beginning to draw more to fatten it up like an Aye'stide turkey. Once settled into a constant, he merely lent it outwards  for Mathilda to pick up when and she'd a want to to attune and braid into the rest of her doins.
  161. [13:00] Aurora Cunnings (winter.ferryhill) inhailed as a familiar presence touched hers and she shivered. It's cooling effect helping her to keep her own energies focused and inline even as she felt touches here and there from those willing to aid. Once the energies were called for she started them forward wand hand lifting and pointing towards the Nexus she projected them towards it, a thin stream controlled  and pouring forth instead of the tidal wave many spells called for. Her eyes opened partially at a touch and she calmed completely and standing tall and firm added that which she offered and those around her to the weave.
  163. [13:00] Judge mused a bit at Nemyriah's answer. " so..than.. oh.. " he'd smack his lips. " hm.. " he'd than recall the next set of instructions, to stand by the sidelines. Which he was doing in that stalward centaur way of his. Trying hist best to not get killed during this endeavor.
  165. [13:02] Yngvarr Eirikson (favien) 's hands moved as he started forming a weave, his brows furrowed in a slight frown as he concentrated. Ilsa's question was a very valid one. And before they'd started casting the ritual, he already had some misgivings about it. As Qarinah told him to focus on conjuration spells focused on healing he frowned. His head shook and he started weaving, both his hands moved as he directed thin strands of his weave toward Mathilda, quietly getting to work on that tapestry she spoke of. He looked at Mathilda, the frown on his features turning into a scowl as he wondered if she was aware of the consequences she'd suffer for turning herself into the focus of all that energy.
  167. [13:03]  Char'Karu would nod at the request, putting a feel out for the magic int he air. She opened her senses to the energy around her, calling on her time of magical training to feel for when the time was right while focusing on the smell of spring. The spring rains, the flowers, the sun. All of it that made spring and so much more. Memories of the calling of spring coming to mind as frost on her skin would recede while ivy began to sprout from the seeds tucked in her feathers. Char was ready for when it was time ot add the Fae Spring magic. "Fae from all walks of life, focus on what Spring is to you. Winter, Fall, Summer, Spring. It does not matter the past you come from or the season you stand for. We are all connected to the seasons and with that magic you will weave."
  169. [13:04] Remylos would nod to Mathilda’s words. The Druid had his living staff gripped tightly in his hand, his eyes would trail over to his mate and offer her a warm smile “ Fae, begin your call upon Cybele, upon An Ri. Ask them for the magic of spring that we can use to help awaken this sleeping land once more. “ The druid would raise both hands to the air before him. The words would be spoken, an ancient druidic song to the area, a prayer to his goddess for the power needed for just such a ritual. The words in a different language, something old in sound though familiar to other druids about. As his words were spoken, wisps of bright green would begin to form around him, a sign of the blessing that was offered from the mother. The energy was being drawn, the spell was being prepared. With the help of the other fae, they would bring in spring as requested.
  171. [13:05] Ilsa (chelsea.blauvelt): She watched intently as Qarinah started to gather and explain. "I see. So it's a healing spell." That she could do. A metallic odor manifested as she discharged bits of the weave in small spurts. Ordinarilly it would have been a fairly simple spell to construct and build upon, but - there was a veritable storm of aether growing, and one false move likely meant a good chunk of the island being blown to bits. So she measured her additions carefully, her brow knitting as she ran metaphysical fingers over the rapidly forming spell, wanting to be sure that what she offered up was compatible with those around her. There had been no practice run, no preparation together; they had leapt forward together into a very dangerous endeavor. She was very cognizant of the potential consequences.
  173. [13:05] Xhaltharix "Ass much as it pains me to participate.." The Mind FLayer would gurgle, "Idoreth dies if the island dies." A lithe arm was extended out, wand in hand, pointing the tip to the forming weave. "Necromancers and those.. as inclined, follow my lead." As such, the Illithid would begin to work, wand flourishing and flicking through the air, sickly green necrotic energy sparking off it. It took time, but its goal was apparent, an elaborate array started to take form over its head. Arcane sybmols, eldritch, ancient runes filled to the brim. But still, there was space for others to add to it.
  175. [13:06] Alexandra simply keeps her hand moving- And that glow in hand healthy, "O' Charitable Goddess Who Would Paint this World in Green. ... Turn your eyes to us. ... Uplift with mere prescence.", she does not seem to be having any particular troubles with keeping her magic ready.
  177. [13:06] Tʜᴇ Yᴜɴᴀ (yuna.ovis) opens one glowy eye toward the human, with a huff, as she raises her head a little bit and keeps herself collected in features, her legs were standing as if she is in combat or about to jump but it was just as if a person has a stance for casting or combat. She feels the magic raised from the front where all the casters stood, she can feel he connection to anyone who fed on her energy and releases soft grunts just as part of behavior. As she hears Char calling them to focus on Spring, Yuna starts glooming, she loved Spring, she raises her head up in the air as if she speaks to the sky, or just taking the air from around - her body dims down but her horn stays glowing - with deep breaths, she embraces what she loves in the Spring
  179. [13:06] Nemyriah frowned a bit. Not that she knew a lot about magic and all that but what she did have she could control fairly easily and wondered if all the power gathered today all streaming into one person was wise. She caught at her lip while her fingers frosted over making her metallic claws do the same while She continued to touch Aurora's shoulder. It seemed to help though she couldn't for the life of her say why it did, just seemed like what she should be doing. Almost as if they'd done this before. She continued looking out over the group a feeling of unease eating at her that she very much recognized from her life before.
  181. [13:07] Xayah Nerédian Would close her eyes and hold both her hands out facing the ground. She'd blocked all other sound out as she called upon An ri, Cybele and the elements. Asking for their strenght to help heal the island.. As her red aura started to become more visible, Lotu would close his eyes also to collect his energy to spread out to mathilda, all though she wondered if she could handle all the energies that would be send to her soon... As she continued to do so, she opened her eyes as hints of red escaped. She was ready.
  183. [13:07] Charr worked his fingers like a spider working at his web, his eyes would finally close and went into his dream-world to focus further, filling it with lots of flowers , grass , butterflies. If anyone knew his ability to aid others they could draw from him and enter his mind when he was touched. He would carefully weave his magic and bit by bit weaving it into the magic of others. He would finally , slowly sit down onto the grass as he continued.
  185. [13:09] Mathilda Rae-Arestegi (straitsilver.lekvoda) turned on the spot, watching the casters work. "Good work," she called out. As everybody else's spells joined her weave she could feel the power building, feeling it thrum through her and set her hair on end, the power was incredible. Mathilda's smile spread further as more and more people added their power to the weave. The cardinal points around her now almost on fire with magic as she started to guide it, shape it. Three separate bands, three separate orbs of power that were prepared. Mathilda began to push these fields of power outwards, not too far but just far enough they encompassed all of the casters. "Now! Fae! add your power, add the song of spring, add the words and power of new life and rebirth to the weave."  Mathilda had a few drops of sweat on her brow that where almost hidden by the downpour of rain as it descended from the heavens upon her. She began to work the magic as a whole, the spell starting to light up the rain clouds above, for they too played a part in the spell. They would act
  187. [13:09] Mathilda Rae-Arestegi (straitsilver.lekvoda):  as a bounding box, controlling the area of the magic and focussing it down upon the island.
  189. [13:11] Dag Bearheart (castlecourtyard) focused down deep, right at the split between his souls. Memories of his own death aided with focus on a concept that his temultuous relationship with Druidity protested against, yet understood. Idly he was aware of the lack of people on the 'evil' side of things, so he would instinctively push himself harder to make up for that gap. Vines grew over his body, steming down from the hefty fur that was all that remained of Reginauld, they grew thick and strong, coating him. Then, slowly, they aged and died but refused to wither and rot. Oozing blackish purple energies dripped from them as puss from racid wounds,"Horseshit," he growled back at the Illithid, eyes blazing gold from under his mask as his language of choice shifted to something more familiar to him as he prayed,"Naevius, dostoynaya Gospozha, rabotay cherez menya. Pomogite nam vosstanovit' to, chto ne dolzhno bylo umeret'." No divinity flowed out from him.
  191. [13:12] Allira kept silent as her eyes would move to focus on each caster be it familiar or strange. Her hands clasped behind her back. Her expression dull and stiff as she attempted to watch the energy about as much as she could. She might not be able to cast but seeing it an observing it was a start right?. Her mixed gaze focused intently to follow along the weaving patterns
  193. [13:14]  Char'Karu heard the ready and her magic would weave, wings spreading wide as she started to call for the power of spring. She felt her connection to the An Ri, the oath she had made and the magic that was woven deep in her core. It was the magic that only fae could weave, the magic of the seasons. Arcane magic gifted by the An Ri. It was a precious magic, the kind that fae had good control over. With a breath her usual chilled air was warm and sultry like the coming of spring. The magic weaving from her towards mathilda while plants wrapping around her form would weave and wind. A few even starting to bud and bloom. "With the An Ri's blessings our magic is cast. And from Spring our magic is woven."
  195. [13:14] Qarinah had joined the side to make up for the lack of casters on it, lending her own power to the weaves of necromancy that were formed. Those sparks of red, moved fitfully about her and she continued to draw onto more and more of the aether, her eyes on the group on the other side as they cast too, on Mathilda as she combined the weaves made.
  197. [13:15] Xayah Nerédian Was a little concerned at first but would give one glance to her mate before she sends out her magical energies to the woman, Mathilda. Like a string of red would shoot towards her and feed her all the energy she could miss to help heal the island. They will succeed.. they had to. As she held both her hands out, still pushing through she would give a glance at Lotu who did the same.
  199. [13:16] Xhaltharix let out an annoyed gurgle from behind its tentacles. "So be it then," It would respond to Dag, a stream of sickly green arcing from its wand over to Mathilda, join its array to her weave. Nothing more, nothing less, just adding in energy
  201. [13:16] Sha'ani made her way from the beach up the hill. Cautious at first, until her eyes meet Mathilda. She waved from afar already. Now new, with legs! And gave her a rather sad face. One that even more so sad meet Judge when she spotted him. Sha'ani kept herself close to the bushes, eying the land folk suspiciously, until she raised her voice to report to Mathilda. "The betrayal of the land dwellers has cast the oceans dead. I fear there will be none of the help you asked for. " She ended the report with a death stare towards Char and Rem.
  203. [13:18] Alexandra points her hand out further forwards, towards the mage in the center, the gestures changed, a couple different fingers bend now, "Cybele look upon us... Empyrean look upon us... See as we fight Suffering.", she would be murmuring, as 'her' magic, Cybeles magic she keeps contributing.
  205. [13:18] Yngvarr Eirikson (favien) continued weaving those conjuration spells, reinforcing the tapestry that formed the conjuration part of the spell, the one that bolstered and reinforced the life the necromancy spell would bring. Healing nature around them. He was very, very careful not to overdraw on energy. If anything he was casting at less than his capacity as he was reluctant to draw in much energy with this many casters gathered in one place, all casting. A chill ran through him as he continued casting.
  207. [13:20] Ilsa (chelsea.blauvelt): She added the last of her contribution to the spell. There were so many casters on their side that what was required from each individual was likely far less than those on the other side. Even so, she felt the energy amassing in a degree far greater than she liked, and - it was all focusing in on one individual. This was most concerning of all to her; she'd half expected a reaver to suddenly appear after skipping all the initial phases. But this concern was held for the moment as she now turned to watch, the air fairly sizzling around her. There would be time enough to deal with the potential repercussions later, assuming they survived.
  209. [13:21] Judge mostly saw a big glowing unicorn between the magic as it unfolds everywhere. He heard the voice of Sha'Ani coming from nearby bushes so he checked to look but couldn't see her at first. He finely tuned his own energies as to not die in the process of this.
  211. [13:23] Aurora Cunnings (winter.ferryhill) stood rooted in place her eyes half open yet only showing the black of them pester and annoyance drifted awy from her their lights dim and barely visible showing they were spent. Her arms trembled a moment then slowly lowered depleated of her stores and those added to them in such a way that her visage that form she showed as elven flickered briefly before once more becoming constant yet she just stood there then almost as if frozen in place. She was spent everythign she could add to this was done and she could only focus her will towards it now.
  213. [13:25] Tʜᴇ Yᴜɴᴀ (yuna.ovis) hears the words and whispers around her of those who cast and her fellow faes along with the others - a deep breath escapes her snout out, she was no good in words but the noises that she makes it as if she was - stomping her hoof softly on the ground and lowering her head down. She takes a few steps backwards, careful to not butt anyone and she rears up, it was a high rear to be able to stand long enough, waving her front legs lightly to push her up, she has her own ways for not using hands, and she lands softly on the ground with a grunt. She was getting tired of exposing her energy out, but she will not stop!
  215. [13:26] Nemyriah felt the flickering in Aurora and squeezed her friend's shoulder only to find the oddest sensation against her fingers and frowned looking at Aurora. What in the... that was going to have to be a conversation for later. Her eyes left her friend to look out over those she knew in the group and watched each of them intently. Their facial expressions and shook her head. She huffed out a little bit. Her nagging feeling inside was scratching at her fiercely and she itched for a weapon or retreat.
  217. [13:27] Mathilda Rae-Arestegi (straitsilver.lekvoda) Those who were worrying about Mathilda and the withering where entirely right to do so. The spell was dangerous, but the prior preperations should reduce the arcane casters not at the nexus from catching the withering. But Mathilda was fairly resigned to it herself. It was part of the reason she had been so adamant that Astreya would be there. Mathilda summoned more of the magic sent to her into the expanding bubble of power. As the various spring magics were added to her weave, Mathilda began to let it flow outwards. She could not interact with it much, but this also meant she did not need to touch it much. As the magic of springtime and rebirth gathered and grew she began to feed it into the glowing orb of energy that surrounded them all. Forming a third layer to the expanding orb of power. Mathilda could not hold the spell much longer, but soon the spell would be ready to cast. One final push from everybody would be enough. "Nearly...there. Just a moment longer people."
  219. [13:27] Remylos looked over to Sha’Ani “ Then I suggest you speak with your Idani. As she has been with us and with this ritual from the beginning, “ he said to her. Though he would continue to focus on the job at hand. The druid was setting his focus upon Mathilda, he had already begun reaching his magic to her. The first of the energy of the divine caster heading her way. Though for the briefest of moments, he was concerned with what all she was doing. It was certainly no small task. /me looked over to Sha’Ani “ Then I suggest you speak with your Idani. As she has been with us and with this ritual from the beginning, “ he said to her. Though he would continue to focus on the job at hand. The druid was setting his focus upon Mathilda, he had already begun reaching his magic to her. The first of the energy of the divine caster heading her way. Though for the briefest of moments, he was concerned with what all she was doing. It was certainly no small task.
  221. [13:28] **Storyweaver**:  As the magic of various schools and natures were harnessed by the different collectives, those of the necromantic capabilities with the intent of channeling liveliness back into that which had lost it so effortlessly over the span of the days past, the plant-life adorning the island itself having been smothered by the blood rain brought that had drawn itself across the skies in a crimson blanket. The conjuration specialists, those who would seek to go a step further in lending their energies to restore some of the sustenance, damage and destruction that had been dealt, and so the energy would continue to swell within the locale, surging to the point that were this ritual-cast not going through the hands of someone with an air of experience about them, it'd be apt to start sweating bullets even before the fae had begun their contribution, the forces of nature themselves would inevitably be aiding to bring the plant-life into season and into bloom once more as the ritual began rapidly reaching it's zenith.
  223. [13:33]  Char'Karu kept her focus, her magic dancing and winding as plants started to coat the edges of her face. Flowers bloomed, nature thrived on her skin with the magic flowing through her core, but...fear was there. Fear of the backlash of this spell. Last she'd done a spell of a large size..well...Reaver Bagawk. This? It made her worried for Mathilda and ready to act should things go wrong.
  225. [13:34] Dag Bearheart (castlecourtyard) snorted, the effort of the spell bringing the full bear out of him. This magic was newer to him, a passing fancy he'd struck upon soon after learning to read. It had soon blossomed into an obsession that saw him reading constantly. Though focusing, his eyes wandered over Mathildas outfit...if she exploded, and it survived, he was calling dibs on her hair piece cause...DAMN was it fancy! His own draw on the energies present wavered from safe, up to the line. Accidental luck, not design, kept him from drawing too much. On the outside he was covered, calmed though a bit growly. Inwardly, he was struggling for control and cursing the time spent on day to day events and activities rather than studying. He dealt with it like he did all things that caused him stress, dark humor,"" His horns waggled,"Are they, aren't they? Surpriiiise, everyone is!" His jaws clacked, and he leaned into his casting,"Shouldn't have drank dwarven coffee before this..." the vines around him were little
  227. [13:34] Dag Bearheart (castlecourtyard):  more than black goo, held in place by his will...he'd need like, twenty baths after this.
  229. [13:35] Alexandra reaches with her right- Which so far has been staying behind her back, to touch to her left, like a mold sped up many times, the glow starts to spread to her thumb, then cover that hand as well, both are raised to the air.
  231. [13:35] Xayah Nerédian Kept pushing through, gritting her teeth a little but she would perk her ears at the words coming from tis Sha'ani person.. She glanced over and gave her a glare back. How dare she.. she thought to herself but would turn her attention back to the casting, now wasn't the time to go over and slap that fish in the face but believe me she would.. No one gave a glare like that to her mate and birb friend.
  233. [13:37] Ilsa (chelsea.blauvelt): Her concerns lay not in the person conducting the ritual, but rather the fact that there was only one at its nexus; had Qarinah herself overseen the ritual she would have been no less wary. She glanced around at her fellow casters as she slowly let her aether dissipate, the spell carrying on with a life of its own. Everyone was a potential rogue now, she thought. Well, except the divine casters, lucky bastards. Dag's attempted humor did not so much as elicit a smile either; it was far too real for her.
  235. [13:38] Sha'ani had seen enough. She huffed to Rem: "Oh i would if your crimes hadnt send her into the deepest ocean." and then turned. She would rather keep her dear distance to whatever they where doing. Again. But stay close enough to watch if it was yet another crime. Mathilda had the benefit of the doubt, yet it was still a doubt. Of course this would oh so accidentally bring her closer to Judge again and she- faced down. Evaded eye contact and rather looked at the crowd.
  237. [13:39] Qarinah 's eyes moved from the group casting their conjuration spell to Mathilda and focused there. She continued to push her power into the spell, tying to make up for that which they had missed on the side of necromancy. Close. They were almost there, it seemed. Just a bit more. Dag's comment caused her to make a face, "I hope not." She said mostly under her breath, but likely not soft enough that it was completely unheard.
  239. [13:40] Xhaltharix was calm and collected, save for the amount of necrotic energies it was streaming into the weave. By its count, it was the only actual necromancer to have shown up, contributing more than his fair share to the weave. Most of its actual attention was glancing about the rest of the casters present. Words spoken, gestures made. Seemed like it was.. taking stock. As the spell seemed to be nearing completion, the Illithid would flick its wrist, the wand disappearing, and its addition to the weave seemingly complete. "Shall there be Reavers, I shall not be amongst them." The Illithid rasped, calmly taking a few steps to the edge of the group. The impressive sparkling arrary, threatening to overflow with nercromantic arcana would stay floating near Mathilda, for her use.
  241. [13:41] Judge looked towards Sha'Ani now. " its you the little blue twolegger " he'd grin. " glad you are here to share your magics to restore the land , the fish, the earth and ... uh .. plants, and the creatures. Maybe you aren't so bad after all. " he'd mention towards her. He'd see the array of magics again, which at this point became pretty much a blinding light to him with that bad one eye of his. That he held his hand in front of him
  243. [13:42] Allira sighed as she turned her head to ensure this woman had made her exit. "If you are going to be a disturbance do not make haste in your leave" She'd mutter softly though rather polite in tone. "Last thing we need is a loud mouth breaking the concentration" She'd move to keep a close eye on the casters and the energy. Her brow raising at the withering joke "we dont have nearly enough to dispel the lot" she'd whisper toward Q a bit concerned if it got that badly hopefully more would go reasonably in that case.
  245. [13:43] Mathilda Rae-Arestegi (straitsilver.lekvoda) Mathilda straightened upwards and lifted her staff high into the air, the glowing purple crystal in its tip flaring brightly as its vibrations. The staff was not a focus, but it helped her channel, it helped her to control this magic. Mathilda twisted her hands into clawlike hand motions, those who had seen her cast before would know this was her usual body language for the finale of a spell. Mathilda's eyes where no longer the silver and black nebulas, they were pits of purple fire. veins popped along her face and blood poured from her nose and she cried in blood as she continued to circulate and gather the magic.
  247. [13:43] Mathilda Rae-Arestegi (straitsilver.lekvoda):  and his friends had made to watch the casting from.  
  249. [13:44] Evangeline Elouan she would have glanced between people once more slouching into her guard as if she was exhausted from it all, he would hold onto her so she didn't fall over but knew why she was just pretending to aid to this blessing feeling guilty that she couldn't exactly throw in her own piece.
  251. [13:44] Una 's staff began to shake from the insane amount of arcane energy coming from the circle and she herself began to worry as if it was on a twelve horse drawn carriage running down the hill. With her heart racing, she looked up at the crystals dangling from the deer skull on her staff as they shook then back to the group, hoping they knew what they were doing as she hoped a China Syndrome blast wouldn't happen on Valesk.
  253. [13:45] Remylos looked over to Sha’Ani yet again “ Your Idani, has given her blessing for this ritual and was spoken to just last night, so how can she be deep out to see yet so close that one can meet with her. So again, talk to her, and leave your ill words for this island and landers to yourself, “ he growled out to her. He had just about enough of this fish and her shit. The druid would set his focus back, seems that he and Char for some reason were the focus of her ill words. But for now, he would try to ignore it and continue channeling to Mathilda. Giving her the energy needed to see this ritual to completion.
  255. [13:46] Tʜᴇ Yᴜɴᴀ (yuna.ovis) wasn't too afraid of having a lot of magic in the same place, that was foolish but she was all excited, too excited to help in this with her power, that she may even otustand her power and it will grow her weaker but she continues! Her horn slowly dims as the glowing grows back to her body and over to her hair, but it slowly sinks over to her blue eyes that are opened, she hears the comment about Withering and huffs some but gets her mind off it to not loose her path of mind and the energy held from her. She watches as the ball of energy, orb starts to move but will not stop till the words were told!
  257. [13:46] Triste L'Andros (renevia): wasn't too concerned in truth about himself. His own weave that was sent forth, vastly more underpowered then his usual doings, but the bulk of conjurers working together in the same made it plenty viable. Only the sensation of all the bound magics making his skin crawl, fair expecting more then a few to incur less then pleasant magical backlashes by the time all was said and done. A snort of humor rising openly at Dag's jesting remarks.  Eyes crinkling at the orbs  flashed off from Mathilda in the same moment.
  259. [13:47] Az'uel the Black "Impressive...." Az muttered to himself as he saw the Illithid conjuring up his necromantic aura. Az'uel's own necromantic aura was being kept hidden, now just a creeping chill to those in his vicinity. He'd have to talk to this creature later.
  261. [13:50] Aurora Cunnings (winter.ferryhill) seemed to waver suddenly her head rolling a little on her shoulders and blinking before she shifted her feet and half turned away from MAthilda and looking towards Nemyriah and offering her a smile while putting herself between the possibilities and the elven female.
  263. [13:50] Ilsa (chelsea.blauvelt): At the sudden surge of energy from the center, she prepped a small shield in front of her. It was only a cantrip and probably wouldn't do a whole lot in the event of a true overload, but, well; she didn't feel like dying in this particular moment. One of the paragons who'd accompanied them down followed suit, barring his section of the circle off with a crystalline bubble shield. They had prepared for every eventuality.
  265. [13:51] Yngvarr Eirikson (favien) shifted the weave the moment the spell finished. Now the ritual was done he cast a shield spell around himself, both his hands moving as he worked quickly, trying to reinforce it best he could, just in case something went wrong and Mathilda exploded, or turned into a Reaver instantly from the abundance of magic. Amusement formed on his features as he sensed Ilsa casting, seemed she had the same idea he had. Her shield even came up faster than his, though his wasn't a cantrip and took some more time to put up around himself.
  267. [13:51] Sha'ani shook her head. She mumbled to Judge:"Not even if i could." But after hearing Rem she put her fists to the hips. "Oh you twisted tongue wannabe. This ritual? Of course. >I< told you about it. But could you wait? No, you had to flush all the filth into the ocean. Now dont try and go all righteous in front of those all, half of them must know what you did. May the gods show mercy for your sin." She looked back to Mathilda and explained, more to the others for she must already know "I am here on the lunat...the queens behalf!"
  269. [13:53] Xhaltharix was off to the side of the group now a good distance away., off-hand moving in a slow circular motion, a dim shimmer starting to flicker in place before it. Any keen to such things would recognize the beginning of an Abjuration spell, but only enough to fit one being. Seemed to be taking its own survival in its own... tentacles. Slowly, and eventually, the small personal shield would pop in place. The creature looked about, indeed a couple others had the same idea. The Illithid would then call out, "Fishfolk." Towards Sha'ani. "Lest you wish to potentially become a smoldering pile of ash, this one suggests you take cover. This one doubts the others will give such a warning."
  271. [13:53] Charr would ready himself when the spell finished its course, his body quickly shifting as he stood up and flapped his wings to carry himself over to Yuna, he was surely drawn of energy but had enough to go into his defensive stance once again and create a shield in front of them, big enough to shield both of them... just in case..
  273. [13:53] Xayah Nerédian Would see the scenery before her and her eyes widened, moving her arms infront of her as she tried to form a shield though she wasn't that strong enough yet or didn't know so Lotu would jump in front of her as her shield and she'd cling onto him. But did hear that damn fish again and would turn to her " shut your yap would you! Now is not the time nor place" as she snarled at her.
  275. [13:54] Nemyriah felt something against her claws and noted Ilsa creating a shield in front of herself before she returned her attention to Aurora and frowned a bit shaking her head as if to say she didn't like this. Auora's smile put her a bit more on edge and she tried to smile back a bit but couldn't summon the wherewithal to do so and instead looked at those around her once more. The lights and energy made her entire body tingle and not in a good way.
  277. [13:55] Alexandra lets out a breath of relief, as it looks like the ritual is concluding- Not relieved at a lack of strain, but towards the end starting to grow concerned that Cybele may start cutting off her supply of magic, the glow fades from them, and she starts to lower them.
  279. [13:56] Dag Bearheart (castlecourtyard) would, as the spell seemed to be launched upwards, would be tempted to cease his channeling. A heavy foot slammed down before him, bracing the Lord Inquisitor so he'd not waver and fall as he leaned forward again. The vines began to slough off, dripping and hissing onto the wet ground. Then, all at once, he ceased; both arms dropping away and his head turning as if someone close to him were whispering into his ear. Pain radiated up and down his hands, which would twitch every few moments, but his eyes werent down there he was focused on Mathilda, on her current state. "Oh..." he breathed, heavily,"that's not worrying at all..." His right hand clawed, a crackling hiss as Division tore itself into reality. Thick ozone wafted up from the seemingly steaming edges. "Both of you..." he rumbled at Remy and Sha'ani,"Might be her last moments...know you'll give respect that due." Dag was, visibly, exhausted by the channeling, and no shield other than Division was seemingly readied before him. Though,
  281. [13:56] Dag Bearheart (castlecourtyard):  his left hand did extend out horizontally, palm aimed at the ground below it.
  283. [13:58] Qarinah kept a close eye and she saw the change in Mathilda's eyes, the veins that crept up on her porcelain skin. Did she create a shield like the others when the spell met it's conclusion? No. But there was a shift in the weave she had created, no defense, but an offense. She looked out around the crowd, trying to spot Allira's position, she had given the neophyte the necessary instructions and now was the time she should have been standing ready. Her own paragon guards noticed the change and they too prepared an offense, perhaps they would not be too late.
  285. [14:00]  Char'Karu stole a glance to the mer that was shouting, her focus falling on her with a raised brow. "You are insane." It was all the time she had to speak, she was focused on the magic so folks didn't go boom or worse. Cringing a bit at that idea she'd stay focus.
  287. [14:01] Aᴅᴇʟʀᴀᴍ Vᴀ'ᴛᴏᴜɪꜱ (kiro.ametza): ((Alrighty, sorry that was taking a second folks))
  289. [14:02] Tʜᴇ Yᴜɴᴀ (yuna.ovis) feels how the energy slowlyty drawns back and she breaths out as she slips one two in her spot before she shakes her head and looks around now that she is more focused, she watches the merfolk speaking and frowns, watching Charr next to her and with this shield, she would give him a thankful nudge but the glare goes back to the one speaking.
  291. [14:02] **Storyweaver** With the magic at it's pinnacle and at the call of the Val'Shtar, the powers of the arcane and what divine magic in nature had been mustered intermingling and flowing through the other's form as it had been offered so willingly in this time of necessity, it was then that after the Archmage's companion had retreated to safety and those who remained contributing their power to this effort would bear witness to the fruits of their labors.  
  293. [14:02]  
  295. [14:02]     The words of the elf inciting further the power, willing guidance upon it's ultimate intent, as the orbs would begin their orbit spiraling outwards at a gradually increasing pace over the lands, the magics revitalizing in a grand pulse of power flourishing outwards as though the deep bass of a heartbeat sounded out before falling silent as the orbs had soared over Valesk, the magic of the collective whispering life back slowly into the very grass upon the outcrop they stood, outwards through the woodlands and to reach the far stretches of the island itself, contacting
  297. [14:02] **Storyweaver**  the rainstorm itself and forcibly dissipating the clouds in it's entirety and receeding back in on their original path making a return pass as though it was a victory lap in their efforts as rainbows would gradually sprout up from the remnants of the rainstorm amidst the seeming chaos and discourse that now seemed to plague the group of casters below?
  299. [14:03] Drakkhru had wandered down from Astreya finishing up his work in hopes to see the last few moments of the spell casting, pleased that he was able to do so he walked up to the crowd in the wilds but got confused at the amount of shields around and not fully understanding what was going on, he looked around to see his fellow Astreyans around and he'd offer them a smile and a nod but then looked up as the weather began to shift.
  301. [14:03] Triste L'Andros (renevia): finally centered a look on the one making a fuss, his voice rising in a hard growl. "And on behalf of all of us in the here and now. Shut the fuck up." Riseg coming up large, front and center for a shiny of pure pissed off bear moment, now was hardly the time to start an arguments over any type of doing. Not with the raw sizzle of nearly every school of magic flying around the area. Another thread of magic pulled, but not added to his channel, just enough to buffer himself. A grey filmy wash of air seeming to blend about his own frame by way of protect as he returned his attention to the main doings.
  303. [14:05] Allira looked over closely noting the changes, she'd move to take one of the collers in her hand. Stepping up beside Q watching carefully for any aimless casting. She'd glance over breifly at Drak with a nod of her head her expression calm though her eyes offered a warm gaze. Her attention would snap back to the events at hand. An almost dead on focus to the woman in the center.
  305. [14:05] Mathilda Rae-Arestegi (straitsilver.lekvoda) Mathilda remained standing for a few moments, blood continued to pour down her face from her eyes and her nose but the pulsing veins receeded. She said nothing as she watched the spell expand, she did not get to see the final results, instead, she fell to the ground. Utterly exhausted and spent, her world gradually going back and dark, eyes flickering shut. The spell and her work were done, the ritual completed. The last thing she saw as her eyes shut was the first of the rainbows forming in the sky.
  307. [14:09] Judge looked up as the rain had finally receded " ah good.. I can dry off. " He'd see the cost however as well and decided a silent exit would be best and headed back to the nomad camp. Feeling quiet a bit more tired for some reason while he headed there and went on a slow canter instead of a trot.
  309. [14:09] Ilsa (chelsea.blauvelt): "Silence!" She snapped, echoing Triste's sentiment. The spell seemed far too important to disturb with arguments - even valid ones. Her gaze flashed green as she turned towards the small group of Fae and Mer from whence the bickering had seemed to originate. Unusually brusque, but now seemed no time for coddling. As the woman in the middle slumped down, the paragon at her side dropped his shield and started moving towards the center of the circle, looking expectantly at Yngvarr as if awaiting orders from a superior.
  311. [14:09] Alexandra there is smile to her face- One of joy as it seems that magic has been succesful, a miracle has been performed, as far as she is concerned.
  313. [14:09] Enchanted Woods v2 - 6 (slope): Access denied.
  315. [14:09] Aurora Cunnings (winter.ferryhill) reaching a hand out she would lay it on Nem's shoulder and squeezed gently before focusing on Mathilda in time to watch her fall. To far to even try to catch her she remained in place giving just a few moments to be sure of what would happen now before she would make further movements.
  317. [14:09] Remylos sighed, calming himself and choosing from here on out to ignore the yacking fish. The druid was proud, it came with his race for sure. Though for now, and further on, he would be focused on Mathilda. The druid would observe Mathilda as the channels ended and his eyes shifted to watch the spell take effect over the island. It was beautiful to behold, the sight PROUD as the rainbows began to form. A smile would curl the druid's lips upward “ Utterly brilliant, “ he said before his gaze went back to Mathilda, witnessing her fall, exhausted.
  319. [14:11] Xayah Nerédian Continued to cling on Lotu till it was over, looking up she noticed the rain stopped and rainbows where there instead. She smiled and stood back up properly " we did it.." she whispered but would look infront seeing the woman mathilda collapse wich made her take a step forward, wanting to help but she knew others would be taking care of her. Instead she would face her mate and smiled softly.
  321. [14:11] Una stopped shaking and suddenly opened her eyes as a sense of calm and rejuvenation took over her. She leaned on her staff while eying Mathilda, who was clearly in grave danger and clearly needed a healer. She took a deep breath and looked around before noticing that the pouring had stopped and then looked up to see the rather large arced rainbow. And just then she heard some birds chirping and felt the rapid growing of grass beneath her bare feet. Still shocked, she was wondering who would step in and take the bull by the horns.
  323. [14:12] Xhaltharix would occasionally glance about the orbs streaming through the skies, ending up in a display that ended up in what most would find quite a beautiful display. Keyword, most. "Revolting." The Flayer commented, hand raised to keep its shield up. For now, all attention seemed to be focused on everything else but it, as Xhal would continue to make its way further from the group. "At least we won't all die now." It gurgled, looking over to Yuki, "At least most of us, at this rate."
  339. ------------------------------------------
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