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  1. Fetishes include Baphomets being salty old ladies, brother-sister incest roleplay, sex, and ‘I love you’s.
  3. The bus was crowded, and cramped. Narrow aisles, not built for monstrous individuals. A minotaurus sat in the seat in front of me, and had tilted her chair so far back that I'd nearly been crushed before Catrine intervened on my behalf. It would have been completely unbearable, except for Catrine. Somehow, having her warm, plush body infringing on my personal space was comfortable. It was rather intimate as the two of us lay together, her arms wound tightly around my shoulders and burying my face in her generous cleavage. She slept soundly through the entire trip, while I woke up every twenty minutes, painfully erect. I could make out at least two other couples that were engaged in coitus on the bus, and wondered just how dirty the cushions were.
  5. Of course, Catrine still smelled pleasantly of sex and peaches. Of the two options, she'd chosen to forgo the shower.
  7. Eight hours later, in the bright dawn, the bus arrived at the last stop on its route. The city, even the towns, had faded away hours ago. It had just been endless rolling green hills, covered in forest. As the sun rose, a cold wind blew through, the last remnants of winter rushing through the bright green fields. Catrine looked completely nonplussed. "This is the countryside? It seems so..." She struggled for a word.
  9. "Quiet? Pleasant? Relaxed?" I suggested, as I tugged our bags out of the bus. The small bus stop was at the edge of town. Our bed and breakfast was just a half mile's walk. Catrine lifted the bags easily over her shoulders, towering over me in her casual drinking outfit, a rather stained black sweater that clung appealingly to her chest, and exposed a bit of her stomach.
  11. "Empty."
  13. "Your ancestors grew up in big open spaces like this. How could it feel odd to you?"
  15. "Your ancestors grew up in subtropical savannah. Do I hold that against you?" I gave her a brief look to see if she seemed genuinely unhappy. Her expression was dark, but her tentacles arched and sniffed at the air, drooling happily. I smiled, and took that as a good sign.
  17. "Oh, just sign in here, dears. Let me guess, oh, I'm so good at this..." A very short girl stood behind the counter, a pair of glasses balanced on her nose, her hair pulled back into a conservative bun. She looked barely twelve years old, dressed in a shawl and a rather conservative sweater. She could have been human, save for the furred paws, and the two spiraled horns growing out of the sides of her head. "Mmm... honeymooners, just married and out here with us to celebrate?"
  19. "Ah, no-" I began.
  21. "Oh, perhaps family? Brother and sister, having a discreet rendezvous where nobody will find out about your predilections?" The girl waggled her eyebrows in a way that should have been a capital crime when performed by anyone under the age of 80.
  23. "No-!" I protested.
  25. "Oh, then you must be two co-workers here to engage in a secret tryst, one forbidden by your company, but which is undeniable to your hearts."
  27. "N- Well, yes, but we'd appreciate if you didn't spread that around."
  29. The girl laughed, smiling indulgently as she leaned her head on a furry palm. "Oh, of course. I do so love those who are willing to break taboos for their love. It warms these old bones a real treat." She set down the guest book. "Please, feel free to sign with a false name. Breakfast will be served in the dining room in an hour. We like to let it go late, since most of our visitors tend to be very busy in the morning." She laughed softly, and let the two of us go, both feeling ferociously embarrassed.
  31. I lay underneath Catrine on the plush king-sized bed. It was large enough for us both to sprawl out without even touching, but Catrine seemed entirely content to pin me down and curl against me. "You're my treasure, Princess," had been her only excuse. I would have complained, but it was awfully pleasant to lie drowsily in her warm embrace, feeling her soft body pressed against me, those sharp claws reminding me of her monstrous nature. Scary, and yet so soft. I reached up to stroke behind her horns, and she let out a sound that was almost like the purr of a housecat the size of a tiger, rumbling deep into my chest.
  33. "You know," she began, her golden eyes flickering open with a sly smile on her lips. "That brother-sister thing sounded... interesting." I looked her up and down, dressed in her sweater and nothing else. I didn't have a big sister, and even if I did, she surely wouldn't look anything like the colossal dark-skinned dragon woman. And yet... Catrine had a certain tenderness. It was far from motherly, much too mischievous, much too bad an example. But she could be very caring when she wanted. Her claws trailed down my chest as her lips moved to my ear. "You know, if anyone finds out about this, we'd be in terrible trouble. But I just can't keep my hands off my little brother."
  35. "That's weird," I muttered. But the shiver that ran down my spine was almost as big a giveaway to her as the erection pressing against her thigh.
  37. "Oh, come on, little brother. I know you've been watching me. Wanting me." Catrine sat up slowly, smiling seductively. "It's alright. I know you're ashamed of wanting me. But I couldn't say no to such a cute little brother." Her legs wrapped tightly around my waist, straddling me as she pulled her sweater up, exposing her gorgeous chest. "I've seen the way you've been looking at me when you think nobody's watching. I even heard you last night, when you were masturbating." She grins. "Calling my name like that, you're lucky that nobody else heard you."
  39. "T-This isn't turning me on, you know," I lied, shivering slightly underneath her as she interlaced her fingers with mine. Her hips rolled back and forth like a tide, grinding down against me eagerly.
  41. "You don't have to lie, little brother. Mom and dad never have to find out. The two of us can just do it here, where we're safe. Don't worry, I'm on the pill. You're not going to get your big sister pregnant or anything." She giggled softly through clawed fingers, her tentacles running down my legs, gently tugging my pants down. "God, can you imagine how we'd explain that to mom and dad? That'd be so embarrassing. Telling them how I started humping my little brother because I just couldn't keep my claws off of him."
  43. "You shouldn't tease me like this," I whispered, for lack of anything better to say. Then her hips stopped, and she frowned down at me.
  45. "So, you don't want your big sister to have sex with you...? You'd prefer I just go...?" Her hips began to rise out, and I let out a cry of dismay. The grin of triumph on her face was a mile wide, as her tentacles sniggered softly. I hadn't even known they could snigger. "Oh, look at that. Little brother talks a big game, but when it comes right down to it, he can't stand the idea of not having his big sister fuck his brains out, can he?" She smirked. "I'll still play with you, but you've got to beg me."
  47. I took a deep breath. Did I have the willpower to say no to her, to refuse, to keep my dignity? ... Even if I did, why the hell would I want to. "Please... have sex with me."
  49. "Please have sex with me what?"
  51. "... Big sister."
  53. The change was palpable. A smile spread across her face, warm and superior. Almost a smirk, but still too kind for that. Her tentacles leaned down, and licked at my earlobes tenderly, sending a shiver down my spine. "Well, I guess... But you have to promise me something. No screwing around with other girls, okay? Your big sister is your only lover, from now on. I don't want anyone else getting to steal my cute little brother from me. Not those coworkers, or any of those girls you see out on the streets, okay?" She interlaced those claws with my fingers, holding my hands. it was almost painful, having my fingers spread by her scaled talons. They were certainly large enough to make it a little uncomfortable. "You have to promise me that you're not going to leave your big sister."
  55. I bit my lip, and looked up at her, feeling the warmth in the pit of my stomach that was only partially from the way her bare pussy was grinding down against the length of my shaft, and swallowed. "Of course I won't, Catrine. You know I love you."
  57. Her eyes widened, and her nostrils flared. I knew how it provoked her when I said those kinds of things. But she'd been teasing me all day- It only seemed fair. Her hips rose up, and pressed down, her chest falling to rest against mine, clinging to me tightly as I was forced inside of her. "Stupid boy. Saying such thoughtless things. We're just supposed to be playing a game, you know." Her fingers were tightly clasped with mine, as she buried her face against my cheek, nuzzling in against my skin. Her breath came out in ragged snorts, and I could feel a little warmth on my cheek as she began pounding her hips up and down roughly. No preamble, no easing in, going straight to the quickest that she could. "Being too kind."
  59. "But it's true, I do lov-" I was silenced as her lips pressed down, her sweet tongue drifting across my lips, teasing them gently as she rolled her hips mercilessly. They slammed flush against mine, hard enough to make the bed bounce and creak, as her tongue withdrew, a grin on her face.
  61. "I know. I love you, too."
  63. "Are you still roleplayi- aaah." My words died in a gasp as she pumped down harder, her back arched, her breasts thrust forward. She let out a roar of triumph that shook the floorboards, her hips pressing down against me as she came. Her back arched, perky pink nipples stiff as pebbles as her tail curled, her tentacles wrapping themselves around my shoulders affectionately. At the same time I came inside of her, my shaft twitching and gushing into her, unable to hold back as her inhuman pussy clenched and milked. My head spun, breath coming in deep gasps as she continued to ride, her hot juices dripping down my legs, staining the bed. Eventually, mercifully, she collapsed on top of me. Her warm body pressed close, as she let out soft little huffs, her chest rising and falling against me as she pawed gently at my chest.
  65. "I love you." She nuzzled my cheek softly, her whole body going still. There was a knock at the door, and it opened moments after, the owner smiling with her glasses still perched on her nose.
  67. "Well, it sounds like you two are finished, so I thought I'd let you know that breakfast is served; You can come get it whenever you like!" She gave a wink. "Plenty of fortifying food and drink so you can continue to make as much noise as you like." She shut the door, leaving the two of us flushing with embarrassment.
  69. "That's another upside to the city. Nobody embarrasses you about the sex you're having in the room next to them," Catrine grumbled, even as her tentacles languidly lay around me.
  71. "Hey... You said you were taking birth control. Was that part of the roleplaying too?"
  73. "Of course." She grinned. "I've never taken birth control. Come on, let's go get some breakfast." She sat up, and without even bothering to change her clothes, she dragged me over her shoulder and made her way down to the kitchen.
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