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Aug 18th, 2013
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  1. [20:22:31] <SmackGyver> yo noob, havent i promised i will make you look stupid when you keep flaming me?
  2. [20:24:35] <baerliczz> y do u even try
  3. [20:24:50] <SmackGyver> =)
  4. [20:25:01] <SmackGyver> you gotta admit the picture is damn funny
  5. [20:25:56] <SmackGyver> oh i see you changed the reply
  6. [20:26:08] <SmackGyver> dude your initial reply "please" before the approval of the picture at least had style
  7. [20:26:25] <SmackGyver> this one is boring
  8. [20:26:33] <baerliczz> it wasnt there for long, u must've been f5ing :D
  9. [20:27:10] <SmackGyver> ye, i replied somehwere above and it updates automatically
  10. [20:27:44] <SmackGyver> and uploading 2 pics implements 2 additional reloads
  11. [20:28:08] <baerliczz> dont talk to me anymore
  12. [20:28:22] <SmackGyver> u mad now?
  13. [20:28:25] <SmackGyver> =)
  14. [20:28:47] <SmackGyver> i can propose you peace
  15. [20:28:56] <SmackGyver> or diss your current reply even harder
  16. [20:29:44] <baerliczz> im not xtina
  17. [20:30:05] <baerliczz> there's nothing u can do that i'd care about
  18. [20:30:08] <SmackGyver> like mine, your demo shows no shuffle so why you pretend you would remember me joining after it, i was in the game the start and that is what matters
  19. [20:30:08] <baerliczz> so do w/e u want
  20. [20:30:26] <baerliczz> ofc there's no shuffle in the demo
  21. [20:30:28] <baerliczz> its during warmup
  22. [20:30:51] <SmackGyver> jup
  23. [20:30:55] <baerliczz> intr0naut who said i whine has been banned for 6 months or w/e
  24. [20:31:23] <SmackGyver> i know, you had a cheater and i a ping 300 guy (intro was in my team at begin)
  25. [20:31:46] <SmackGyver> dont you agree that your argument-free claims are sad?
  26. [20:31:57] <SmackGyver> i mean the winjoining and statswhoring
  27. [20:32:01] <baerliczz> i dont even need any arguments for you
  28. [20:32:11] <SmackGyver> well you dont have them tbh
  29. [20:32:24] <SmackGyver> (dont worry i aint going to post logs or such crap)
  30. [20:32:33] <SmackGyver> i am here to end it
  31. [20:32:56] <baerliczz> i wont post anymore
  32. [20:32:58] <baerliczz> anyway
  33. [20:33:02] <baerliczz> thats the last one
  34. [20:33:51] <SmackGyver> well your last one is pretty bad then. complaining about me starting flame wars is pretty stupid, considering what you talked in that thread, and how you started to talk to me in two other threads (map pool & #ctfpickup)
  35. [20:34:25] <SmackGyver> the effort when you know the map and timeframe is loading 3 demos. i needed about 2 min to find the game and the consecutive map.
  36. [20:34:36] <SmackGyver> and i also remember you whining shortly after it on reflux in an embarrassing manner
  37. [20:34:48] <baerliczz> ok
  38. [20:34:49] <SmackGyver> it is less effort than working 32 min on a 2 min reply.
  39. [20:36:18] <SmackGyver> so you ok with ending it?
  40. [20:37:40] <baerliczz> i already told u i wont post more
  41. [20:38:12] <SmackGyver> hahaha, but i will on your last lame post if i find it tomorrow after work still inplace hehehehe
  42. [20:38:31] <baerliczz> ok, hf
  43. [20:38:33] <SmackGyver> i can propose you deleting the stuff that aimed at you
  44. [20:38:50] <SmackGyver> whe nyou do the same (keep copies if you dont trust me)
  45. [20:39:04] <baerliczz> i couldnt care less
  46. [20:39:09] <baerliczz> do wat u want
  47. [20:41:06] <SmackGyver> well i tried to propose you peace after the siberia game, the next reflux game, the #pq thread you flamed me and one time on irc
  48. [20:41:27] <SmackGyver> and your respond arrogant as fuck, everytime
  49. [20:41:52] <SmackGyver> i will do what i want hehehehehe
  50. [20:42:22] <baerliczz> hope this aint your only hobby
  51. [20:42:39] <SmackGyver> nope it aint
  52. [20:43:12] <baerliczz> at least u can look good on forums
  53. [20:43:15] <baerliczz> thats something
  54. [20:43:16] <baerliczz> :D
  55. [20:43:29] <SmackGyver> i also look good in real life
  56. [20:43:55] <SmackGyver> never wonder why i dont play on weekend nights?
  57. [20:44:04] <SmackGyver> wondered*
  58. [20:44:13] <baerliczz> cant say i have
  59. [20:44:35] <SmackGyver> from renderj i heared you and danstar play always at that time
  60. [20:44:45] <SmackGyver> :P
  61. [20:44:59] <baerliczz> thats funny
  62. [20:45:02] <baerliczz> since i work weekends
  63. [20:45:09] <baerliczz> i have 2 weeks holiday though
  64. [20:45:14] <baerliczz> thats why im online this weekend
  65. [20:45:39] <SmackGyver> i have 4 months holidays because i work at the university =PPPPPPP
  66. [20:46:04] <SmackGyver> and even when i have to work, i am home never later than 16:00 =P
  67. [20:46:08] <SmackGyver> what you work?
  68. [20:46:33] <baerliczz> im in IT business sales
  69. [20:46:48] <SmackGyver> ah that cool
  70. [20:46:55] <SmackGyver> is*
  71. [20:48:41] <baerliczz> how old are you
  72. [20:48:46] <SmackGyver> 29
  73. [20:48:53] <SmackGyver> u?
  74. [20:48:59] <baerliczz> ur like same age as danstar :}
  75. [20:49:01] <baerliczz> im 22
  76. [20:49:32] <SmackGyver> well then you have the time with the fastest reaction time and most brain capacity infront of you
  77. [20:49:45] <SmackGyver> 25-27 is peak
  78. [20:50:04] <SmackGyver> well depending on lifestyle it also could be 23 tbh
  79. [20:55:31] <SmackGyver> ok dude, i will watch some boardwalk empire, sleep and tomorrow after fishing i write you a reply, pick one option: a) i will make you look stupid as seen before and you keep flaming me with argument-free claims b) i will write a rather lame reply, we stop that shit, you never ever dare to claim any shit about me on esr or reply to me there and we are fine (and can battle it out on pubs
  80. [20:55:31] <SmackGyver> hehehehe)
  81. [20:56:32] <SmackGyver> (i also wont reply to you on esr or claim anything there, on server you can still flae me as much as you want)
  82. [20:57:38] <SmackGyver> b) would be something like: "blalblabla, sorry no time need to winjoin against you"
  83. [21:04:02] <SmackGyver> pick one
  84. [21:04:20] <SmackGyver> brb, kitchen
  85. [21:11:51] <SmackGyver> back
  86. [21:11:56] <SmackGyver> you thought about it?
  87. [21:24:09] <SmackGyver> well, when i wont find an answer after the boardwalk empire episode i pick a) as default so you got about 50 min
  88. [22:39:43] <SmackGyver> well, the dice have fallen: a)
  89. [22:39:49] <SmackGyver> gn noobor
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