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A Guide to Exoplanet Corporations

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  1. Civilian; According to our system you have recently been terminated from/are now eligible for Employment. We wish to welcome to the workforce, and remind you that you have 30 Terran days to receive an employment assignment before you are automatically assigned to one.
  3. Your aptitude tests indicate you may be eligible for an assignment in the exoplanet colonization industry. Congratulations! To assist in your search for employment, please consider one of these companies in this exciting new business:
  5. Astral Holdings Conglomerate: Founded as an asteroid mining startup pre-FTL, AHC now scouts exoplanets for rare minerals and metals. AHC will take you to massive crystal filled caverns, mineral rich mountains, and deep sea salt deposits. Prior mining experience a plus!
  7. Astral Holdings Conglomerate: Unearthing the Future.
  9. Notable Product Line: Stellar and Terrestrial Mining Powersuit (or STMP). Small bipedal Exosuit that excels in traversal of craggy and subterranean terrains
  11. Oceana Inc: The seas give life. A Marine Biology and Oceanographic Research Company, Oceana has pioneered researching sustainable and ecofriendly industrial operations on aquatic worlds, including fisheries, Deep Sea Geothermal Energy, and Large Scale Desalination for fresh water. We believe in respect for the beauty and power of the ocean, Terran and otherwise. Join us.
  13. Notable Product Line: AES Mark 2 "Mersuit." Synthetic gills convert both fresh and salt water into oxygen, allowing for unlimited underwater exploration. Features a synthetic fish tail that allows for rapid mobility.
  15. Purcell-Baraslav: A Joint Venture between Purcell Shipyards and Baraslav munitions, Purcell-Baraslav now produces exoplanet colonization defense equipment, offworld base fortifications, and combat mechs. Seeking mechanics, product testers, and medics.
  17. Purcell-Baraslav: Safety and Security Throughout the Stars
  19. Notable Product Line: Titan Assault Mech, a massive bipedal exosuit that offsets its hefty price tag and complex control system with sheer destructive power.
  20. Outer Rim Coalition: At the ORC, we believe a better future is only created together. Started as a cooperative settler fund in the early days of space travel, we now specialize in agricultural development and infrastructure construction, making frontier exoplanets just a little less wild for good folks like you.
  22. Notable Product Line: Parvati Terraforming System - Remotely deployed to foreign worlds, it reduces trace chemicals in the air that may be chronically hazardous to human populations. Gradually alters weather patterns to be similar to earth. Requires constant maintenance and monitoring due to sensitive electronics
  26. Olympia Energy: Power to Those Who Deserve it.
  28. Notable Product Line: Helion Mobile Energy Plant. A drone deployed mobile power plant, utilizing atomic energy sources.
  30. O'Hara Chemical Solutions - Twenty years ago, Michelle O'Hara's team  developed and patented Neural Suit Fluid, putting O'Hara chemicals on the map. Now, all exoplanet pioneering operations rely on this unparalleled invention, as well as the synthetic suit materials O'Hara Chemical has invented in the last decade, making us THE fastest growing corporation in history. Consider employment with O'Hara today, and receive 40% off on your first leased Neural Suit!
  32. Notable Product Line: Neural Suit Fluid. With extreme shock absorbing and energy conveying properties, this substance is vital to the entire Neural Suit industry.
  34. Speedy Jack's Transportation: Howdy there bud! Originally a producer of star ships, Speedy Jack's has expanded into engine design, faster than light travel, and even teleportation! If you feel a need for speed and want to cruise the stars, we might just have a cozy spot by the campfire for you at Speedy Jack's!
  36. Notable Product Line: Emergency Return Teleportation System "Lifeline." A small scale teleport that returns pilots to designated safe zones in the event of extreme danger/potential fatality. Extremely expensive and energy costly to use. Side effects may occur
  38. Pacific Panacea: At Pacific Panacaea, we believe healthiness is happiness. For decades we have been developing vaccines to combat the horrifying offworld viruses and parasites encountered by our brave settlers and explorers. If you wish to make the galaxy a healthier place, inquire within any of our health clinics.
  40. Pacific Panacea: The Doctor Will See You Now.
  42. Notable Product Line- Restoramax Cellular Regeneration Serum. Suspending a human in a vat of serum allows for rapid growth of scar tissue and moderate wounds. Long term treatments can even restore lost limbs and eyes
  43. Lockdown Private Security: When you need to nab the bad guy quickly and efficiently, You go to Lockdown Private Security. Originally formed as a Security and Private Penal Facility company, Lockdown as seen new success developing personal restraints and incapacitating tools widely used by hunters. Use Lockdown Private Security tools, so when you knock them down they stay down.
  45. Notable Product Line: Vactite Personal Restraint Sack: A durable full body bag that, when activated, rapidly shrinks and vacuum seals around target. Comes with optional Stun Shock feature
  47. Fresh Start Credit Union: Opportunity lies offworld. We'll get you there. With our affordable exoplanet settlement financial packages, you can begin anew. And when you're wealthy beyond your wildest dreams, we'll be there, glad to have helped you along the way.
  49. Notable Product Line: Sleep-Easy Hibernation Cubes. Allows you to let some time pass if you find you're having trouble making loan payments. Let's just say we hope you never have to see one of these, valued client.
  51. Thank you for reading Civilian. We wish you luck in your search for employment. For more information on employment, offworld opportunity, and debt consolidation, Please visit the nearest Capital Resources Office.
  53. Sincerely
  54. Ministry of Capital
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