The Dwellers (Quote Game Reward)

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  1. *** The Dwellers, Part One: Uprising ***
  3. It was always believed that all of mankind had been safely relocated to the moon. That was afterall the mission of all YorHa soldiers: Take back the earth from the machines, ensure the planet is completely safe again, and then allow humanity to take its place back on their world once more. Small pockets of humans however, were never able to board the spaceships that lead to their safety. Instead, they had to find safety in underground caves. No, not just caves, that wouldn't fully explain just how far they had to go to survive for so long. The dark, damp places they lived in were more like underground cities - the original survivors had burrowed down so far just to escape the slaughter from the machines. Deep, deep underground, so deep that even the highly advanced technologies of YorHa's scanning systems couldn't trace them.
  5. The humans that created this 'paradise' underground gave birth to children, and then those children grew up in the same dark, depressing cave systems, only to give birth to more children. This cycle continued for centuries, and the fear of the machines was always instilled in the young so that they knew never to venture to the surface. They were also taught that there were androids trying to take back their planet for them... But over the centuries, this fact became distorted, and each generation was taught something different about humanity's saviors. Eventually, the dwellers began resenting the androids just as much as the machines. The newer generations had it in their heads that the androids were just trying to eradicate the machines so they could inhabit the planet themselves.
  7. During the final war between the machines and the androids, the battles became so fierce that the world was shaken to the point that even the dwellers, hundreds of feet underground, could feel the severity of the conflict. But by this point, it wasn't just fear that dwelled within the hearts of the humans. It was also rage and opportunity. Their bravery actually increased as the severity of the tremors magnified, until some were even going up to the surface to scout the happenings of the world.
  9. Bruce, one of the braver members of the scout parties, happened to be there during a great battle between multiple androids dressed in black battle uniforms, and machines that outnumbered the androids nearly ten to one. Despite hating the androids just as much as the machines, he couldn't help but admire their courage and ferocity, in how they'd fight down to the last man until each squad was wiped out. He almost shed a tear as he heard one android scream a furious battle cry as she charged towards a group of giant machines that had just slaughtered her squadmates... Almost. Because he remembered that the androids are only fighting so they can control the world, while he, and his kin, continue their miserable existence without sunlight or fresh air.
  11. As time passed, the fighting just got more severe. Eventually, however, it became clear that the machines were being wiped out, and the androids were coming closer and closer to reigning supreme. Due to being in the right place at the right time, the scout discovered two things. The first, is that these androids known as YorHa, once had command center that was able to thoroughly scan the entire planet for any signs of life... And the second thing he learned, one that quickly erased the building anxiety he had once he learned the first piece of information, was that this command center was destroyed, and that the YorHa soldiers she was looking at now was among the last few surviving combat androids in existence.
  13. The man went back to his people underground and told them this information. He knew that this was a critical moment for them. The machines were practically gone, and the androids were much fewer in number as well. He assembled his most trusted comrads.
  15. He, and five others, headed to the surface with weaponry and armor gathered over the past several months from desolate battlefields, and began their hunt. Each android they ran into seemed to look at them as if they were their own kind, or at least partially android... And that made it easy for them to destroy their enemies.
  17. One particular android, however, didn't go down so easily. She was a lithe one with long, white hair, and almost completely naked, that seemed distrustful of anything that moved. She took out Gorkus, the squad's tech expert, before severely wounding Tittin, the squad's big man. Fortunately for them, this android, who they'd later find out was named A2, was fought off by another android, who introduced herself as 2B. With A2 being forced to retreat, the squad captain and the other three functional squad members attacked her blindspot and rendered her immobile. Perhaps it was just the way this one was dressed, but something about how her ass poked up in the air as she fell on her face made his crotch stir. Just as one of his men was about to finish 2B off, the party leader stopped him, and told his squad mates his idea.
  19. ***
  21. Captured
  23. When 2B awoke, she was almost completely naked. Her battle dress had been torn apart. By the looks of it, someone had cut through her dress when they realized they couldn't simply just tear it off her, and then continued to cut until her body was visible enough for them to get a good look. She also discovered that her hands were cuffed by very thick metal to opposite ends of a large metal surface, and her legs were spread, and locked in the same way. Finally, it also dawned on her that a cold draft was wafting up her pussy, and she shivered as she felt something leaking  from her spread and used cunt, down the crack of her thick ass cheeks. She understood that for sure, those people that attacked her had also raped her. She turned her head to the side and coughed hard, forcing a thick, salty flavoured mucus to shoot out from somewhere in her throat, only to dribble down the side of her cheeks.
  25. "Damn, you saved my life, and you choked on my dick." It was Tittin, the larger man she saved earlier. He was completely naked, his fat, wide gut looking so contrast compared to the rest of his heavily muscled body.
  27. "Told you it was the right choice," a smaller man chimed in, appearing from behind Tittin's large mass.
  29. 2B's eyes trailed down to waist level for both of her captors, to see they both had massive, mostly flaccid dicks. Well, the smaller man's looked bigger than Tittin's, if only due to his much smaller frame. As if her looking at their cocks was enough to excite them, the smaller man gripped his cock and started stroking it, it got hard within a few seconds. Tittin followed suit, jerking his monstrous cock off as well.
  31. "You take her pussy this time." Bruce ordered the big man, and was soon standing above his prisoner. He smiled down at 2B, knowing that the android could mostly only see her captor's fat cock being stroked right before her eyes.
  33. "Mmm!" 2B moaned, turning her face away, as the man slapped her over her nostrils, mouth, chin, and cheeks repeatedly with his fat girth. The contact just seemed to make the man more excited. "Ggguuuuhhh!" She suddenly screamed out loud as she felt something big slide between her pussy lips, "Uuuurrrmmph!" Her cry was muffled almost immediately, as the man took the opportunity to force his dick in her mouth. She tugged at the cuffs bounding her wrists and legs, but the metal was too strong, even for her.
  35. *Fwap fwap fwap fwap fwap!* The big man kept slamming himself between her legs, the wetness of his companion's cum deposited inside her less than thirty minutes ago acting as a very effective lube. Despite being much bigger than him, Tittin knew his place, and understood entirely that he was in charge. He, and the rest of the squad answered to him no matter what. Secretly, Tittin wished he could have something more with his squad leader... and the feeling of his younger friend's sloppy seconds gushing and squishing around his dick inside the android's pussy was building him to orgasm fast. Every now and then, he looked at the form of his friend, who was very much lost in his own pleasure taking the android's throat, and just wished he was in this android's place... Suddenly, a strong feeling of shame came over him, his cheeks blushed darkly from the embarrassing thought, and his cock erupted in a furious explosion that filled the android's pussy up. "Ooooouuuugggghh!" He groaned, gritting his teeth.
  37. "Fuck yeah!" The boss cheered, grinning madly at his big friend as he raped the android's mouth. He knew full well how Tittin felt about him, but he wasn't interested. In fact, he thought that was down right gross, and it took everything he had not to either laugh at how Tittin looked at him before cumming, or shuddering in disgust at the very notion of it. He loved how the android's throat gave in to him though. She clearly wasn't willing, and would probably try to attack him and Tittin if she managed to get free... But that was never going to happen. She'd never be set free. The man slammed himself in and out of the android's throat, causing 2B's neck to bulge out with his girth each time, as he thought about how this 'savior of mankind' was now going to exist solely for his pleasure.
  39. Tittin had pulled out of 2B at this point, and was huffing on a chair somewhere, just watching the scene play out before him. The wound from the battle earlier had greatly effected his stamina as well.
  41. The man never really thought of himself as much of an exhibitionist, but he had to admit, knowing how strongly Tittin felt about him, and was probably fantasizing that he was in the android's place, was kind of hot... if at least amusing.
  43. "This is going to be... your life... from now on," he told the android in between deep breaths, the ferocity of his own thrusts growing much, much more violent. He was slamming his hips into the android's face, bashing his balls againstt her forehead and sometimes completely sheathing hisfat dick inside her throat, only to hold himself there for minutes at a time with his balls resting on 2B's eyes.
  45. "Uuurggh! Uuurrgh! Uuurrhhk! Gggllrrk, glllurrgghk, ggluurrghk!"
  47. He knew the android didn't have to breathe... probably? So he could just enjoy the feeling of her throat retching and convulsing around his monstrous dick. Hmm... If she didn't have to breathe, why was she retching and convulsing around his cock in the first place? Ah, whatever, it feels too fucking good to think about that kind of stuff now. If this android does suffocate to death, they'll just go find a new one. That bitch A2 deserves to be treated like this as well.
  49. "Uuuugggh, alright, get ready whore!" The man ordered in a primal, grunty voice, as he squeezed down hard on 2B's breasts, and slamfucked his dick in and out of her throat much harder than before. Spittle and slop was hanging down 2B's face, making her face almost unrecognizable. "Here's... Your... Dinner!" With that, the man groaned deeply as his cock spewed rope after rope of thick, creamy jizz straight down his robot whore's throat. It felt amazing, he loved how 2B's throat just clung and squeezed tighter and tighter around his cock, as if trying to milk out more and more of his potent spunk. The heavenly orgasm continued for what felt like an eternity, if only, and by the time it was over, he was panting restlessly, his body laying over 2B's while his cock is still buried in his android whore's throat.
  51. "Keep watch for me, Tittin... I'm gonna have a nap." And just like that, he fell asleep, his cock eventually growing flaccid in 2B's throat, but even still, it was so big that a good portion of his dick was still crammed in there.
  54. *** The Dwellers, Part 2: Reckless Revenge ***
  56. Androids weren't really built to feel things that could severely slow them down. Excessive heat, excessive cold, these were things that battle types such as 2B weren't likely to be hindered by while on the field. So often did she hear her human captors griping about how it was cold, and how they needed to keep the fire going, or arguing over who let the fire die out. Feelings conflicted within 2B to no end that she was captured by a group of humans, who she was sworn to fight for and take earth back for. These selfish, primal creatures, the very same ones that were supposed to all be living safely on the moon right now... Are holding her captive, and have used her mouth, anus, and vagina as nothing but holes to satisfy their sexual needs. Humiliation was not an emotion that 2B was familiar with, but she understood that apart from a few things purposely left out, androids like her were built with traits that any living human might have.
  58. "You need some help with that, bud?" Kureau asked, standing behind Fickert, who was busy trying to get the fire started again. It was fairly difficult while struggling with his shivering hands.
  60. "No, I've almost got it. I need to be able to do some things on my own at least..." That response seemed to bring a proud looking smile on Kureau's face, who turned to look at the prisoner.
  62. "Something wrong, tits?" He walked over to her and gripped her exposed left breast - well, really, 2B wasn't wearing anything anymore except for a few tattered and torn scraps remaining of her battle raiment. "If you're looking for another round of dick, I can help you, sweetheart." He squeezed her breast harder and kept squeezing when 2B didn't react until he was almost crushing the soft flesh in his gloved hand. Finally, the android let out a pained moan, which seemed to satisfy the sadistic 19-year-old. He was about to take his cock out of his pants when the familiar roar of his comrade could be heard from the front entrance of the building. "Shit, what is it now?!"
  64. *** Abandoned Building, Front Entrance ***
  66. The structure they designated their base was large, and had multiple stories. Back in the day when humans inhabited the earth, these buildings were commonly called Sky Scrapers, and the squad could see why just by the sheer size of the thing.
  68. When Kureau came running out to see what the commotion was, he was immediately startled when Fasca's body was sent crashing through the wall all of their base, just meters away from where he was standing. "What the hell?! Fasca!" He exclaimed, and readied a large knife, which had the barely recognizable wording "KA-BAR" under the rust, and prepared to take on whatever challenge was coming. He had assumed his female comrade was dead, but when he heard the sound of her coughing, he knew she was likely barely struggling to stay alive. "FICKERT! Get out here now! Take care of Fasca!!" He shouted out, just hoping the young boy could hear him from way out here. He realized then that he didn't have time to make sure he did, because just at that moment, Tittin was sent tumbling down the middle of the road that separated the skyscraper building from all the other smaller structures on the other side.
  70. "Give her back!," screamed a young white haired male. He was dressed in similar clothing to 2B when they first took her, and he looked ferocious, with nothing but vengeance on his mind. "If you've hurt her, I'll kill every last one of you!!"
  72. The boy's speed was too much - the moment Tittin rose up to his feet, the boy crashed into him at such high velocity, that Kureau was sure that he heard something snap in the big man's body. "What... What he fuck?!" It was all happening so fast that Kureau still hadn't completely registered what was happening. But, suddenly, his body began moving on his own and he rushed towards the tumbling mass that was Tittin and the boy. As their momentum came to a halt, the white-haired boy was on top of Tittin, and was about to jam some kind of blade straight through the big man's chest. Kureau withdrew three knives, each far smaller than the K-bar in his right hand, and threw them all with incredible precision. If the target was an ordinary human, he knew they'd be dead, but this boy, despite facing the opposite way, was able to bring his sword up and deflect each blade without even being able to see them. "No way!" That small distraction was enough, though, and Tittin slammed his massive right hand into the boy's exposed temple. It sent him flying, and while a hit in that spot, and with that much power ordinarily would have killed a normal man, the boy got up with barely a scratch.
  74. "Give... Her... back!!!" The boy screamed furiously, and just as he was about to charge towards Tittin again, some kind of giant black metal thing exploded out of his lower abdomen in a downward angle. The boy was rocked, but to Tittin's and Kureau's surprise, he looked like he was about to keep going... Then suddenly, his body began jolting violently in a recurring electric shock. It was only then Kureau noticed the very thin wire attached to the black metal object, which he could clearly make out now was some kind of harpoon.
  76. "Shut the fuck up already," the squad leader shouted from somewhere up high, holding what was apparently the weapon that the giant arrow was shot out of. It was like some kind of giant crossbow that had been modified to shoot harpoons, that he'd also somehow managed to fit with an electric charge.
  78. In one final act of anger and defiance, the boy gritted his teeth as he fell to his knees, and threw his sword. The sword impaled Tittin's muscular abdomen, the blade coming out through the other side, completely lodging itself in the big man's body. "Uuurrgghk! God... Damn it." He collapsed to his knees and coughed up blood.
  80. Bruce and Kureau both rushed to his aid - they brought him back into the base, and applied the best first aid they could. But with their very limited resources, this really just involved pulling the blade out and applying some bandages. Kureau, who was probably the most knowledgeable in first aid, told the group that the sword only just missed his vital organs, but blood loss could very well still be a great danger to his life.
  82. The leader of the squad gritted his teeth in anger at the potential loss of another comrade and rushed back out to the boy. "You little fucker... You want your precious bitchdroid so badly, yeah, alright, I'll let you see her." The boy was hurt and kept his face on the ground and gave but the slightest hateful grunt in return, but the enormous weapon in his stomach, and the electric charge must have really done a number on him. The squad leader removed the cable attached to the weapon, and then grabbed the harpoon by the haft just under the handle, and began dragging it, and the boy back into their base, all while listening to the boy's pained screaming.
  84. ***  Inside the Base  ***
  86. 9S must have lost consciousness sometime during the agonizing experience because when he woke up, he was tightly restrained in some heavy metal cuffing. Those cuffs were fastened to multiple metal pipes, which he soon found out couldn't be broken too easily, as he immediately struggled to get free. The first thing he saw once his vision returned to him, was a strong flame in the center of the large room, and several people - humans - gathered around it. The big man he wounded was laying beside the fire, breathing heavily, but seemingly unconscious. There was the woman which he sent crashing through the building, a little boy, and the guy with long blonde hair that tried throwing knives at him.
  88. "Finally awake, fucker?" One of the men asked. He was dressed in various scraps of armor. He hadn't seen him before, so he must have been the one that impaled him with... He grunted when he realized that big fucking harpoon was still sticking him through. "Yeah, left it in there for you. That way, if you fuck around again, I can just..." The man pressed a button on a device he had in his hand, and the metal object released a powerful jolt of electricity that ran through his entire body.
  90. "GGGUUUURRRHHHH!!!" The high voltage electric shock was so powerful that the room was temporarily illuminated with bright blue flickering lights.
  92. "That's gonna happen any time you mess around. Got it? Anyway, just turn your head to your right. Go on."
  94. 9S was huffing and gasping, but he obeyed, and his panicked reaction seemed to satisfy all of the humans who were watching. "2B!" She was restrained in a similar way to him, but he noticed straight away that her clothing had been torn apart, and that she was exposed in a way that... pretty much only meant one thing. "You sick bastards!" He rocked back and forth, his chains clinging and ricketing on the metal pipes, but nothing he did meant anything.
  96. "You nearly killed my friend," the man said, gesturing towards Tittin, "Hell, he still might..." He had a brief moment of concern then, but didn't finish the sentence, especially since he was in earshot of the others. "So, you know what we're gonna do? We're gonna fuck that whore over there, and you're gonna watch. We're gonna be extra rough with her too, while you just sit here uselessly, unable to do a god damn thing."
  98. "Alright then, let's do this huh?" Kureau said, getting up. "I was gonna give the bitch a good rutting earlier, but... well, then you showed up causing a ruckus." He was looking at 9S while walking over to 2B. "Welp, your call boss. You want her pussy, ass, or mouth this time?" He had his cock out at this point, jerking it while looking at 2B's form, but also making sure his junk was within sight of 9S.
  100. "Don't you fucking tou-" 9S tried to shout, but again, the room was filled with flickering blue light as the man sent another wave of electricity through the harpoon in his stomach.
  102. "I'll take her mouth again. Fucking looooove rutting the bitch's throat..." The squad leader said as he fished his cock out of his pants, and gave 9S two quick slaps with it on his nose. Then, he walked over to the head of 2B's concrete bed, and lay his dick over her face. "Huh... She barely even talks or fights this anymore. Did we fuck her so much this past week that we broke her?" The thought made his cock flex, it grew bigger, it grew harder, and he moved his hips forward slightly to push his length up along 2B's face. "Ooooh, I get it... You think if you don't obey and be a good fleshlight, we'll hurt your friend more?" In truth, the man hadn't really considered that, but it was a good idea. "Is that it? Alright, well, kiss my cock then." He gripped his thick, hard dick around the base and slid it back along 2B's face until the tip of his cock was hovering just about her mouth. "Go on, give it a kiss.~"
  104. 2B obeyed and puckered her lips, giving the man's cock a kiss.
  106. "Hah! Wow, what a good bitch you are. Now give it a lick."
  108. Again, the android was obedient. She stuck her tongue out and licked the underside and slit of the fat, bulbous cock. It throbbed at her touch.
  110. "Uhhnn..." This made the man moan a little bit, "Now say 'please let me suck your cock Master...'"
  112. 2B's cheeks were red with humiliation, the degradation now being much worse than anything this group of savages have ever put her through. She knew 9S was watching her now, and she knew he was probably barely keeping his emotions in check as he watched his partner degrade herself for his sake. "Please... Let me suck your cock Master."
  114. "Fucking whore~," the man chuckled, "Well if you need it so badly..." He aimed his dick for the android's mouth and slid it in. "Aaaauuuwwh..." He sighed, the feeling of the android's warm, wet mouth and tongue enveloping his dick, inch after inch as he inserted more of it, was amazing. His sheer size forced the slutty android's mouth to expand further and further, until his cock was in her throat, bulging her neck out and making her gag disgustingly.
  116. Kureau, who was watching 9S this whole time to see how he'd react, finally felt that his own arousal had built up too much to hold himself back anymore. "God damn it, dude, those fucking moans of yours make it sound like you're having one never-ending orgasm..." He said to his squad leader and approached 2B's lower half. He jerked his cock in his hand - it wasn't quite as big as the squad leader's or Tittin's, but it was still a reasonable mass of dick meat that could satisfy any woman. Well, it has - many times in fact. Due to his feminine good looks, and long, luscious blonde hair, many women have come to him craving a taste of what he has, and to the immense stroking of his ego, they've come back for seconds, and thirds. He pressed his dick up against 2B's pussy - he rubbed his shaft up and down it as if he was trying to hot dog her pussy lips. "Mmmh... You ever wanted to do this, kid?~" He asked, turning his head to look down at 9S, who returned a fairly typical hateful glare at him. "Bet you have... I bet you love her, don't you? Bet you've wanted to do all kinds of things to this bitch..." Kureau had quite a sadistic streak, despite the fact that he was probably better looking than most of the women back where he comes from. Well, not that most of the women in those caves are bad looking, but he doubted living in misery like that could really bring forth ten-star hotties that often. "You know how much cum we've unloaded in this whore's mouth, pussy, and ass, bud? If we didn't clean her every now and then the stuff would be seeping out of her fucking pores, rotting and fermenting and just..." The thought made him shiver. Though, it sucked that it was mostly him cleaning up everyone's cum from her holes. He felt it should be a job they take turns in doing, but apparently no one wants that job, and no one else is really bothered by the thought of their cum stinking their personal cumdump up.
  118. "Heheh..." Kureau chuckled, as he realized his mind was digressing onto other things like it always did. "Alrighty..." He pushed the tip of his dick into the android's pussy and felt her shift at the sudden intrusion. That was the great thing about android pussy: no matter how much you fuck it, it stays tight or mends if it gets abused too much, and is always in tip-top shape for fucking.
  120. *Fwap fwap fwap fwap fwap!* The squad leader and Kureau repeatedly slam their cocks inside their android whore's mouth and pussy at the same time, sometimes being in perfect sync as they bury their rods inside her.
  122. "Ggghhrrk! GuuurrghK! Gluurghl! Uuurrghl! Glug!" 2B gags and sputters and retches constantly, her throat hugging tightly around the man's cock as he mercilessly rapes her esophagus, once more, without any care at all for her wellbeing.
  124. 9S was startled when he felt a harsh sting on his cheek when a tanned skinned woman brought her hand powerfully across his face. It was Fasca. Apparently, he didn't do as much damage to her as he thought.
  126. "You fucking pervert," the woman debased him, and then pressed her foot over his crotch, which caused him to cry out. "Hey, this little freak's got a fucking hard on watching you guys!" Fasca slapped him again, and then again, and then once more. Then, she kept going after a pause, deciding she wouldn't stop until she was satisfied. Her satisfaction came when 9S' cheek was bright red, and he actually began flinching when she raised her hand up again. Fasca also noticed that her pussy was tingling beneath her raggedy armor. She lifted her skirt up and looked down at 9S expectedly. The male android just lowered his head in refusal. Fasca suddenly stepped back when the boy began jolting violently again, and flickering blue lights emanated off him, brightening the room. "Jesus! Fucking warn me when you do that!" Fasca told her squad leader, who just chuckled as he continued fucking 2B's mouth. "Well, you get it, right? Eat me out, loser. Why do those fuckers get to be the only ones who get their rocks off?" This made the two fucking 2B laugh. Fasca slapped the boy again and held his chin up. Then, she walked forward, spreading her legs, and positioned herself over his face. She was practically sitting on his face, and when she felt his reluctant tongue press up into her pussy, she groaned in ecstasy. "Oooh, god, fuck yeah..." She tightened her grip in his hair and pulled him harder into her crotch until his face was totally buried in her sex.
  128. "You'll be alright, Pip," Fickert told the big man while changing his bandages and cleaning the wounds on his back and stomach. The little boy didn't care much for abusing their captors. He was a fighter, but he had no interest in this. Part of him just wished they'd rip off the female's head, and electrocute the male until he stopped moving. Then, they could go and find [b]her[/b]. But... The other part of him enjoyed the sounds of two cocks impaling 2B at the same time and the thought of 9S being humiliated by Fasca as she slapped and fucked his face with her pussy... Because this meant their suffering would last longer. Fickert wanted them to suffer... He wanted all the androids to suffer. But more than anything he wanted Gorkus back.
  130. "Alright... Unnnhh... Fuck, I'm close." The squad leader announced, picking up the pace, slamming in and out of the android's mouth as her orgasm built up more and more.
  132. "Damn, really? Me too!" Kureau was biting his lips softly as he rammed his thick, bitch-satisfying cock in the android's pussy.
  134. *Smack smack smack smack! Fwap fwap fwap fwap!*
  136. "Come over here!," the man in charge told Kureau, who halted for a moment in confusion, but understood what the boss wanted when he saw him jerking his fat dick off right above 2B's face. He didn't have feelings for the squad leader as Tittin did. But, he damn sure had a lot of respect for him. He came over as well, standing next to the man. They both jerked off, both moaning in pleasure as they took in the degraded, broken sight of their android slave.
  138. "Uuuhh.. F-fuuuck!" Kureau groaned, his legs starting to buckle slightly as his cock spewed rope after rope of his thick, white, creamy sperm. The first rope landed with a loud splat right between the android's bright blue eyes. The next rope hit her right on the cheek. Right as his third rope landed in roughly the same spot, the squad leader's cum gushed out of his cock too, splattering right on 2B's gasping, slop drooling mouth. His next four loads landed in 2B's hair. Then... In a show of cruelty, he used his right hand to hold 2B's left eye open and used his index finger and thumb to squeeze out the last few thick droplets of jizz right on her eye. Then, he even spat in the whore's face, adding more fluid to the mess of the poor android sex slave.
  140. Fasca was finishing up right around then too and ground her pussy all around 9S' face. So much pussy juice had seeped out of her cunt that his face was practically dripping with the stuff, but when her orgasm actually hit, thick, clear spumes of female mess oozed and squirted right onto his visor, absolutely drenching his visor and his bangs in the nectar. "Nnnh god... Fuck... My god... Yeah..." She sighed breathlessly and stepped back to admire the work.
  142. Panting, and clearly satisfied sexually, Bruce and Kureau gathered on either side of Fasca to look down at 9S. "Not bad," Kureau commented, "Didn't know you could cum so much."
  144. "Been a bit uh... Backed up," Fasca chuckled, "and I'm not really into women, so..."
  146. "Welp, he's yours then. All yours. Like... your own personal pussy-pet." The squad leader laughed.
  148. Fasca thought about that for a moment and then walked back over to 9S. She raised her left foot and propped it up on his right shoulder, pressed her index and middle finger just above her clitoris, and released a stream of piss that began soaking the boy's head. "Uhhh..." She sighed in relief, watching the boy struggle to keep his face out of harm's way. She reached down with her free hand, gripped his hair, and tugged him back so that his face would be the sole recipient of her golden gift. "You're mine, and this proves it." She said. Her piss was drenching him, but also washing away her pussy's cum. That was okay though because she'd give him plenty of more facials like that.
  150. There was an unspoken rule among the group. Fasca was the only female among them, but they all had a rule that no matter what, they'd never sleep with each other. Despite being 'savages', they had a bond that would never be broken, and they'd never risk that by having any type of relationship with one another that went past being comrades. After Fasca finished up with 9S, she gathered around the fire with the others. They could just bearly hear the sound of Fasca's fluids dripping off 9S' face and hair, and there was cum definitely dripping off in heavy splats from 2B's face. For the moment, they were all silent... And they were just thinking about one thing.
  152. It was Fickert, the youngest among the group, who broke the silence. His voice and eyes both were filled with determination. "We've got to get revenge for Gorkus... A2 needs to die."
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