Pocket Monsters Stadium 2 GLC movesets

Dec 2nd, 2018
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  1. Keep in mind i'm still finishing this if anyone who has Pocket Monsters Stadium 2 wants to add to this list just make sure you send me what you've got.
  3. Bulbasaur Razor leaf Leech Seed Reflect Toxic
  4. Ivysaur Body Slam Mega Drain Sleep Powder Razor Leaf
  5. Venusaur Vine Whip Leech Seed Poison Powder Solarbeam
  6. Charmander Flamethrower Fire Spin Slash Fire Blast
  7. Charmeleon Double Edge Swords Dance Counter Fire Blast
  8. Charizard Fly Dig Fire Spin Mega Punch
  9. Squirtle Surf S Toss Blizzard Mega Punch
  10. Wortortle Surf Counter Submission Ice Beam
  11. Blastoise Hydro Pump Strength S Toss Bide
  12. Caterpie/Metapod Tackle String shot
  13. Butterfree Solarbeam Mega Drain Supersonic Psybeam
  14. Weedle/Kakuna Poison Sting String Shot
  15. Beedrill Agility Mega Drain Twinneedle Pin missile
  16. Pidgey Fly Swift Sky Attack Double Team
  17. Pidgeotto Sky Attack Agility take down sand attack
  18. Pidgeot: mirror move fly wing attack quick attack
  19. Rattata: Super Fang Blizzard Quick Attack Rage
  20. Raticate: Hyper Fang Thunder Focus Energy Bubble Beam
  21. Spearow Drill Peck Mirror Move Leer Sky Attack
  22. Fearow Agility Mirror Move Fly Razor Wind
  23. Ekans Earthquake Mega Drain Wrap Glare
  24. Arbok Glare Dig Wrap Acid
  25. Pikachu Thunderbolt Slam Flash Thunderwave
  26. Raichu: Thunder Thunderwave Growl Mega Kick
  27. Sandshrew Earthquake Poison Sting Slash S Toss
  28. Sandslash: Dig swift Sand Attack Strength
  29. Nidoran♀ Body Slam Toxic Blizzard Thunderbolt
  30. Nidorina Double Kick Thunder Ice Beam Body Slam
  31. Nidoqueen Growl Toxic Horn Drill Double Edge
  32. Nidoran♂ Toxic Horn Drill Thunderbolt Blizzard
  33. Nidorino Toxic Horn Drill Double Edge Blizzard
  34. Nidoking Bubblebeam mega Punch Double Kick Horn Attack
  35. Clefairy Thunderbolt Psychic Blizzard Body Slam
  36. Clefable Sing metronome minimize Ice Beam
  37. Vulpix Reflect Fire Blast Fire Spin Toxic
  38. Ninetales Confuse Ray Bide Dig Ember
  39. Jigglypuff Sing Body Slam Ice Beam Rest
  40. Wigglytuff Sing Strength Psychic defense Curl
  41. Zubat Double Edge Confuse Ray Mega Drain Toxic
  42. Golbat Haze Mega Drain Wing Attack Confuse Ray
  43. Oddish Stun Spore Double Edge Mega Drain Toxic
  44. Gloom Bide Take Down Sleep Powder Pedal Dance
  45. Vileplume Swords Dance Absorb Poison Powder Double Edge
  46. Paras Spore Slash Mega Drain Reflect
  47. Parasect Double Edge Swords Dance Spore Dig
  48. Venonat Stun Spore Mega Drain Psychic reflect
  49. Venomoth Psybeam Stun Spore Toxic Supersonic Psybeam
  50. Diglett Rock Slide Earthquake Fissure Rockslide Slash
  51. Dugtrio Hyper Beam Cut Sand Attack Dig
  52. Meowth Slash Thunder Bubblebeam Mimic
  53. Persian Thunderbolt Substitute Double Edge pay day
  54. Psyduck Surf Blizzard Dig Confusion
  55. Golduck Swift Surf Toxic Disable
  56. Mankey Dig Submission S toss Mega Kick
  57. Primeape Seismic Toss Rock Slide Mega Punch Low Kick
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