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  1.                          +8888888?
  2.                     Z88D8$DDD88MD8NNZZZ
  3.                  D8888888888OZOOOOZO77Z$Z7
  4.                888D8888             Z$87NM7$I
  5.             +D8N888D  Keaton's Bloody   DI$8M+77
  6.            D8NN8D  Aegis is still a pup,  I+8M??O
  7.          O88ND   but despite his youth, he  O?8N~I
  8.         DNNDD  already weighs close to 40lbs IO+ONO~
  9.       I8DDDD with paws that foretell of being  DOO,NO:
  10.      IODDD giant in the future.  Bold, bright,  D~O$NO:
  11.     8O8DD intelligent eyes look out at the world I8,7D8:
  12.    +8OND ready to take it on.  Protective, he is  O,8:O?
  13.    $OM8D well mannered and already showing skills 8~:NOO:
  14.    7O88N in taking commands.  His coat is a dark,  OI~:8~
  15.    IMON8 ruddy red, long of leg and noble of head. $M~NO~
  16.    IODMO  One of the famed Keaton Bloodhounds and  $O:D?
  17.     OND8N  son of the flagship pair of Oaken and  I,O8,
  18.      M88NM  Echo, this pup has a ton of promise, OD~O8
  19.       ONDNO  with an excellent bearing, brains, 888O:
  20.        8NNO88 and a great nose, he is hunter  7I887
  21.          NOO8DO     and guardian both.     8ODDD
  22.            ODDODN8OO88                Z8$8D$IO
  23.               DDD7OZ7ONNDNDDDDNDDD8DDID?O8$OZ
  24.                 NZ7$D7DOZIDDDNDNDDDDD8MDOOZ
  25.                       $888888888888?
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