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May 5th, 2019
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  1. Still not done.
  3. --gss-e0.exe:
  4. Executable for Gore Screaming Show. Do not use for other games.
  6. --gssgpk.exe:
  7. Unpacks and repacks images. (FILE.gpk)
  8. .gpk container should be accompanied with .gtb file.
  9. Doesn't work with newer games.
  10. You can use Garbro to extract the images, but not repack.
  12. --Init folder:
  13. Contains files in .xtx format which contain various engine parameters. E.g. printmessage.xtx has stuff related to the textbox.
  14. See Init folder.txt for more details.
  16. --gsspt.exe:
  17. Unpacks and repacks scrip files (FILE.spt)
  18. Usage: gsspt.exe input.(spt|txt) output.(txt|spt)
  19. !Large script bug:
  20. Don't know if it's my system (Using Win7 because 10yo craptop) or if there's something wrong with the tool, but apparently trying to repack a large script (+2000 strings) makes the tool crash.
  21. HOWEVER, there's a workaround for this: Set gsspt.exe to run in compatibility mode for Windows 95 / ME.
  23. >Linebreaks:
  24. Manually. Else, the text goes off screen.
  25. Character limit can be adjusted by modifying the text size. See initFolder.txt, PrintMessage.xtx section for details.
  26. However, a simple linebreak script should work.
  28. >###
  29. Marks the end of a text box.
  30. On newer games, you need need to change the position of the ### to be under the line or else the game crashes. There are engine commands that also use the ### at end end of the line instead of under it, so check the end of the script before using regex to make the change, else it breaks the save function.
  31. It's not possible to make extra text boxes or lines ATM.
  33. >Names
  34. Change the names in namecol.xtx inside the spt folder before changing them in the script, else it crashes. Don't just use Search and Replace blindly; check the end of the script first. Else it damage the engine commands.
  36. >Ruby text
  37. You can use #[numTEXT] for ruby text, where "num" is the number of characters preceding the command where you want to display it over. Only a maximum of 9 characters are allowed, so you may need to use 2 or more.
  38. Needs further testing...
  40. >Choices
  41. Either enclosed in 『』 or after a %
  42. Search for these.
  44. >Special Characters:
  45. 「〜ー♪―※」<>(){}[]!?,.;:+-*=°¨|¬"'“”‘’§/@
  47. Use Japanese quotes or the name goes out of the textbox.
  48. Also use smart quotes since the dumb ones default to ”’.
  50. >Font
  51. Monospaced, but you can modify PrintMessage.xtx to make it look better.
  52. See initFolder.txt, PrintMessage.xtx section for details.
  55. Games tested:
  56. >Dasaku ~Nuiawase~ (The Add-on uses KiriKiri)
  57. -### fix required.
  58. -Font hack functional, but values of PrintMessage.xtx must be guessed.
  59. -Encrypted init folder (init2).
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