Don't Talk to Strangers - Part 2

Feb 13th, 2015
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  1. 17:34 *** Midnight joined #DXthegame
  2. 17:48 Midnight You clean the spider guts off of you as well as you can and look at the small army of creatures you dispatched. Most of these don't seem to be native and even worse, many of them are larger than your fist. You don't hear any more skittering but you can see clear webs that lead deeper into the sewers.
  3. 17:49 Tsuboki_Junko "This sucks."
  4. 17:50 Mary "It certainly could be better." Mary lands carefully, the wings disappearing from her back in a little flash of light, like glitter disappearing. "The webs are pretty in their own manner, I suppose. But onwards we go?"
  5. 17:53 Ian Ian looks at his ruined suit, limping back to the group. His limp still is faster than most people's brisk walking pace. "Everyone okay? Why did I sign up for this..."
  6. 17:54 Katrina is wounded, but still carries on well enough, "Let's just keep moving before they can swarm us again."
  7. 17:55 Mary nods, following the side of the sewer again. There's a little less bounce in her step, but she still hums to herself.
  8. 17:55 Midnight Moving down the subway, it's not long before the webs are covering everything not really hampering you but making strange squishing sounds under your feet. You begin to notice it's not really sewers anymore. It looks like...well like a bunker.
  9. 17:57 Ian "Here we go, straight into the relics of Imperial Japan.", tease Ian as he examines the distances before them.
  10. 17:58 Mary "How rude." Mary coughs into her hand. "We're not even that near Edo."
  11. 17:59 Tsuboki_Junko Junko laces her fingers behind her head, keeping quiet as she listens to the light banter.
  12. 18:03 Midnight The webs are pretty thick but as the hallways turn into stairs and you begin to descend you see that it opens up to a rather large complex. You walk out on a balcony to see another two floors below you with many different doors around. This has to be the False Heart's base.
  13. 18:04 Ian "I don't know if I'm up for this...", mutters Ian under his breath, already feeling his blood boil from the encroachment, before shaking his head. This wasn't the time to have doubts.
  14. 18:05 Tsuboki_Junko "Don't be a fuckin' cherry boy, suck it up."
  15. 18:06 Mary "... Ara ara~." Mary takes a deep breath, glancing around. "This... is not what I was expecting."
  16. 18:10 Midnight There's stairs directly behind you leading further down and not many rooms on this floor. Mostly you notice that it's quiet. There's not nearly enough sound for the hub of a spider army.
  17. 18:10 Katrina "Stop making so much noise," She whispers sternly to the others, taking careful steps forward, her powers seeming to allow her to fade into the ambience.
  18. 18:11 Tsuboki_Junko Junko rubs at the corner of her eye with her middle finger, aimed right at Astra's back.
  19. 18:12 Mary "Were we making noise?" Mary says that too loud.
  20. 18:14 Ian Ian stays back for now, watching their rear for more spiders.
  21. 18:16 Mary glances around, "So.. should we go down there?" She whispers this time.
  22. 18:17 Katrina moves quietly forward, stickign to the shadows and moving for whatever cover she can, keeping an eye out for anything of interest.
  23. 18:17 Tsuboki_Junko "Any ideas how to get down," the delinquent mutters back.
  24. 18:18 Mary "I could try carrying you when I fly but... I'm not that strong, you know?"
  25. 18:19 Ian "I could run down that wall.", suggests Ian.
  26. 18:20 Mary "Well? Want to try it?" Mary smiles.
  27. 18:20 Midnight The stairs behind you look like a good option. As Astra moves down the stairs she passes a few rooms, mostly with computer monitors, though there one filled with empty cots.
  28. 18:22 Mary goes to follow Astra, covering her mouth with a hand, tip-toing as best as she can. She stops, almost takes off her sandals, realizes where she is, and continues, trying her best to not look embarassed.
  29. 18:22 Ian Ian stands at the top of the stairs, watching them go down into the room for now.
  30. 18:24 Tsuboki_Junko Junko follows after Mary at a distance.
  31. 18:29 Midnight A glance in the next room stops you short. There are large cylindrical tanks within. From what you can see from the outside, it looks like there are people trapped in them.
  32. 18:29 Mary "... That doesn't look comfortable," Mary whispers.
  33. 18:33 Ian Ian slowly follows them down the stairs, shouldering his rifle.
  34. 18:35 Tsuboki_Junko grunts and chews in her lip, wishing she could smoke down here.
  35. 18:35 Katrina "This place looks empty," she finally speaks up, before gesturing to the tanks, "Well, except for those guys."
  36. 18:36 Mary "Can we release them?" Mary looks around. "We haven't seen anything that wants to stop us yet..."
  37. 18:38 Midnight The tanks themselves look like they're made of plexiglass and a closer look at the people within tugs at something in you. At least half of them seem to be disformed in some way, too much coarse hair on their bodies, attennas, a couple too many eyes, an extra limb. The rest look like they've been tortured.
  38. 18:39 Mary "They look like Gyaum." Mary starts approaching them, peering through the glass.
  39. 18:40 Ian "Shit, all of them?", asks Ian as bites his lower lip, looking at the vats, finally down with them.
  40. 18:42 Midnight The one in the tank closest to Mary opens his eyes, slamming on the glass with all three of his arms.
  41. 18:42 Ian "If they're Gyaum, it's too late for them, no?", asks Ian with a disgusted look.
  42. 18:43 Katrina "Too late to save them, yes, but we may still want to stop whatever the False Hearts are doing with them here."
  43. 18:43 Katrina "Can't be anything good."
  44. 18:44 Tsuboki_Junko "I agree with her. We came to kick False Hearts asses."
  45. 18:45 Mary squeaks and jumps back. "Ah! That one is awake!"
  46. 18:46 Midnight It's muffled but you can hear him, he's screaming "Please! Get me out of here! You gotta help me!"
  47. 18:47 Tsuboki_Junko "Ah crap."
  48. 18:48 Ian "I don't think freeing him is a good idea.", says Ian while shaking his head. "We should leave it bed."
  49. 18:49 Mary "Tsuboki-chan..." Mary clings to the other girl's arm. "Uh, should..." She glances around. "We can't just... We should find who did this, at least..."
  50. 18:50 Tsuboki_Junko "Can we really leave him in there?"
  51. 18:52 Katrina "I honestly don't think leaving them is the best solution. We should put them out of their misery, or at least sabotage this operation."
  52. 18:53 Midnight He's standing there, watching you, looking around his tank, slamming on the glass. "Please! No! I have to get out! I have to get home!"
  53. 18:53 Tsuboki_Junko "Put them out of..."
  54. 18:53 Ian "Well, surely the False hearts left some kind of killswitch behind in case things went wrong, no?", Ian ponders out rather coldly.
  55. 18:54 Mary turns pale, "I can't say they're wrong." She glances at the tube, "But that seems so heartless."
  56. 18:55 Ian "We're not gonna question the humanity of what's no longer human, are we? This is our job, right now.", Ian answers to Mary.
  57. 18:56 Tsuboki_Junko "Says the guy that isn't exactly Human anymore either."
  58. 18:56 Mary "We are not human ourselves, but I'm sure we would want more consideration, right?"
  59. 18:57 Mary "If we defeat whatever is doing this, maybe..." She looks like she's taking a bitter medicine, "Maybe the UGN will be able to help them?"
  60. 18:59 Tsuboki_Junko "Better than just writing them off."
  61. 19:00 Ian Ian takes a good look at the tubes on top of the vat, and pulls out his knife. "Whatever.", he says as he starts climbing.
  62. 19:01 Mary "You won't." Mary frowns, standing up straight.
  63. 19:01 Midnight "The man looks incredulously at the party. "You're gonna kill IT? I-" He stops and stares at Ian. "Hey! What're you doing?"
  64. 19:02 Ian "Tell me why you're here, or I cut your air supply.", says Ian as he brings the knife closer to the tube. "Everything you know."
  65. 19:03 Midnight "I-I don't know! I was walking home and I-I just woke up here! Please don't!"
  66. 19:07 Tsuboki_Junko "You cut that tube and I'll cut you cherry boy!"
  67. 19:08 Midnight The man's almost to tears. "The-the things come in and they stap us to the table...cutting and..." He stops trying to gain control of himself.
  68. 19:10 Ian Ian presses the edge of the knife against one of the few tubes, ready to slice it open, giving Junko some kind of 'I'll take my chances' look. "What things?"
  69. 19:10 Mary raises her arm, at the ready to fire.
  70. 19:12 Midnight "I-I don't know! Huge spiders! T-there were others...But I haven't seen them since I saw...IT." He's doing his best to tell you everything now. "It was huge! and it-a man...no a spider...I-I don't know! but the others, they listened to IT."
  71. 19:13 Katrina "So something's controlling all of these spiders? Likely a False Heart, judging from this base."
  72. 19:13 Tsuboki_Junko "Creepy."
  73. 19:13 Midnight "I don't know! Please don't kill me!"
  74. 19:14 Ian Ian sighs and hops off the vat, pocketting his knife for now, glaring down at Mary's raised arms.
  75. 19:16 Mary Mary watches him with a cool look uncharacteristic of her bubbly nature, lowering her arm as the knife goes away. "Well then. A man. A spider? Tsuchigumo?" She rubs her cheek. "We should find it and put a stop to... this."
  76. 19:16 Midnight "Y-you're not gonna let me out?"
  77. 19:17 Tsuboki_Junko "Maybe if we just start yellin' he'll come to us."
  78. 19:17 Mary "Do you wish to be released while whatever did that to you is still alive and well?"
  79. 19:18 Midnight His eyes open wide. "I-I'll be here. Please come back when you kill him."
  80. 19:19 Mary nods and takes a deep breath, eyes closing. "I will." She stands up straight, "You would not know where... /it/ is? Would you? Or a way to call it's attention?"
  81. 19:21 Midnight "I usually try not to get it's attention..." He said, "But since they all left I think he's been deeper inside."
  82. 19:23 Mary "Then deeper we shall descend." Mary nods, looking to the rest. "Unless...?"
  83. 19:23 Katrina "Alright, we'll go deeper, then we can decide what to do here."
  84. 19:24 Ian "Fine by me.", says Ian with a shrug.
  85. 19:37 Midnight As you reach the bottom you can hear a gruff, gargling voice shouting from down one of the hallways. "Regroup on the left! Damn that Hammer! Where the hell is Diablos and his damned reinforcements?"
  86. 19:41 Ian Ian then mentions something about being sneaky to Katrina.
  87. 19:41 Mary whispers a little, "Well... we may have some fun soon."
  88. 19:41 Katrina nods, using her powers to supress her sound once more and approaching, doing her best to keep to cover.
  89. 19:50 *** Midnight quit (Quit: A fine is a tax for doing wrong. A tax is a fine for doing well.)
  90. 19:54 *** Tina_ joined #DXthegame
  91. 19:55 *** Tina_ is now known as Midnight
  92. 20:00 Midnight Astra silently moves down the hallway into a room that is more web than walls. On the center of it is a huge spider, easily the size o an SUV who seems to be speaking to itself. It turns partially towards you and you realize that while it does indeed have the body of a spider, it has a torso of a man as well. The man has long flowing hair and six, pitch black eyes.
  93. 20:04 *** Midnight_ joined #DXthegame
  94. 20:06 Katrina tries to hide her shock at the sight, looking about the room once more for signs of anyone else.
  95. 20:08 *** Midnight quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
  96. 20:15 Midnight_ It's hard to see much past the webs, really. You're not even sure if there are any other entrances to the room.
  97. 20:18 Katrina quietly retreats back to the group. Once there, she reports, "So, there's a large half-spider, half-man in that room. And tons of webs."
  98. 20:20 Ian "Do you want to fight it in there, or should we lure it to us?", asks Ian.
  99. 20:20 Mary "Ah..." Mary sighs a little, "So... that must be what the other man was talking about."
  100. 20:21 Tsuboki_Junko "Might want it away from its webs, if it'll leave 'em."
  101. 20:24 Ian Ian points his rifle up. "I know a noise that might get its attention, but then again it might attract more tiny spiders too."
  102. 20:25 Katrina "Probably better to try luring him out rather than walk right into his web."
  103. 20:30 Mary "Then, are we all in agreement? Lure the creature out and crush it?"
  104. 20:30 Tsuboki_Junko nods.
  105. 20:31 Ian "Well then.", says Ian as he fires a shot into the distance, the loud detonation echoing through the bunker.
  106. 20:31 Ian "They'd have heard it anyway in a few moments.", says Ian as a justification, bolting his rifle.
  107. 20:36 Ian As a safety measure, Ian steps away to the furthest cover he could reach (up to 27 meters). "Wellp, you guys do your thing, I'll support you."
  108. 20:40 Mary takes a deep breath and kicks off the ground as the previously seen wings blossom from under her shoulderblades, hair floating as she ascends
  109. 20:43 Midnight_ The creature growls as it climbs out from its webbing moving slowly towards the party. "How did they get past my guard?" He frowns angrily. "Wake!" Theres the sound of crunching from behind him and hissing screams.
  110. 20:46 *** Ian quit (Quit: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client)
  111. 20:50 *** Ian joined #DXthegame
  112. 21:03 Katrina looks as the creature lumbers closer, going for cover behind the nearest thing to provide it. It was probably better to get the jump on him in this condition.
  113. 21:07 Ian peaks out from his corner and takes a potshot at the Drider, cursing under his breath.
  114. 21:09 Tsuboki_Junko Junko watches Astra before following quickly, arm changing as she runs.
  115. 21:11 Ian 's devastating shot shreds into the chest of the abomination, the shockwave hitting shortly after the bullet.
  116. 21:12 Midnight_ The creatures screams angrily and locks eyes on Ian's corner.
  117. 21:18 Mary fires a bolt of light off, striking the half-man, half-spider, enough damage to stagger a mortal, but overeds...
  118. 21:27 Midnight_ The creature streatches out two of its front legs as it charges into the room. Thin lines of hair fire outwards towards Ian's wall shreeding through it and him like neddles through paper.
  119. 21:28 Midnight_ Behind it in the hallway you can see the first few of it's dog-sized spider spawn crawling out of the web.
  120. 21:28 Mary "Ah! Goodwill-san!" Mary gasps a little, but her voice probably doesn't carry very far.
  121. 21:41 Katrina leaps out from cover, extending her cybernetic arm-blade as she does, puncing upon the spider-man, slicing fiercely into his upper body before landing in fightign stance before him.
  122. 21:49 Tsuboki_Junko Junko followed Astra's move by ducking out of cover long enough to throw a punch. Her now rubbery, mutant appendage shot out toward the spidery boss with blade-like fingers at the ready to pierce and slice.
  123. 21:49 Midnight_ The blades rip through the creature, coming out the other side. Its breath rattles but somehow its still standing.
  124. 21:51 Ian grunts as he stands back up, looking at the destroyed wall, taking aim at the monster. "FUCK YOU.", he yells in English with a very west coast accent before pulling the trigger of his rifle.
  125. 21:55 Midnight_ The creature staggers as the bullet flies through its skull. As it falls to the ground you hear the spiders behind it screaming in agony as they begin to rip each other apart. Even as you watch it fall to the ground you see that it has started to decompose.
  126. 21:56 Ian loads another clip into his now empty rifle. "You son of a bitch.", he says with a heavy pant, bloodied, his clothes ruined.
  127. 21:56 Mary "Ara..." Mary starts to descend. "Well done."
  128. 22:00 Midnight_ As you descend something catches your eye and you see the shoes of several people running down the hall towards you.
  129. 22:02 Mary "Ah- Company!" Mary stops descending, maybe 20ft above the rest, spreading her arms and preparing to fire yet again.
  130. 22:03 Mary Floating in the air, glowing, with flowering, glittering wings, she might even look like she contributed.
  131. 22:04 Midnight_ You see several men all wearing combat fatigues and carrying automatic rifles. Some of them blink when they see you flying there, others look less impressed. "Looks like the UGN got em."
  132. 22:05 Ian "Cavalry's fucking late.", complains the bloodied Ian with a shake of his head.
  133. 22:05 Mary "Indeed we did." Mary smiles, setting down slowly. "You wouldn't be with the Strangers, would you?"
  134. 22:06 Katrina She nods, retracting her blade witha grin as the military arrives, "Yep, we sure did."
  135. 22:08 Midnight_ The one who appears to be the leader nods. "Stranger Corporal Hinjo. The Sargeant thought you'd need help." He clicks his radio. "Basement secure."
  136. 22:09 Mary "Aaaah, did he? Did he now?" Mary grins widely, "They're quite capable, these people, you know?"
  137. 22:09 Ian "What a nice thought, guess he's not as much as an asshole as he let us presume", Ian tries to catch his breath, leaning against the wall.
  138. 22:10 Midnight_ "Aparently." The man nodded gesturing to his men to walk downstairs. "We'll handle cleanup. Better get you guys to a medbay."
  139. 22:11 Katrina "He mentioned they were expecting backup. From a "Diablos"."
  140. 22:12 Katrina "The facilitiies above look like a base of some sort, likely Fallen Hearts. Guessing this was the result of some made science."
  141. 22:13 Midnight_ The man looks at her for a second and then walks off down the hallway, radio in hand. The rest of the soldiers are down with you by that time.
  142. 22:13 Ian "And for your information, the vats in the room behind us will be handled by the UGN.", adds Ian as he walks up to Junko and Katrina, glancing up at Mary. "You can come down, darl."
  143. 22:13 Katrina "But yes, if reinforcements were expected, it would be wise to look out for them, assuming you didn't already intercept, Sergeant."
  144. 22:14 Midnight_ "Won't be necessary. We'll have the freaks handled-" One of the soldiers starts to say before he's interrupted but an elbow to the gut from one of his brothers in arms.
  145. 22:15 Mary "Ah?" Mary blinks, then realizes, hands jumping down to force her dress down. "You!" She sinks down to Junko's side, "Honestly!"
  146. 22:16 Tsuboki_Junko "Maybe we should go see to our new 'friend' before they find him," Junko whispers to Mary.
  147. 22:17 Mary blinks, and nods a little. "Yes. I agree. The tube-man, right?" She's whispering as well.
  148. 22:18 Tsuboki_Junko nods.
  149. 22:18 Mary Mary nods, walking backwards, humming to herself as she makes her way to the tubes.
  150. 22:18 Midnight_ The men look at you oddly for whispering before Hinjo is back. "No sign of reinforcements but the entire spider army is dead or dying. Looks like you guys did us a great service. Glad to see the Sargeant's trust wasn't missplaced."
  151. 22:21 Ian "Trust is a strong word...", says Ian as he follows the group back.
  152. 22:22 Midnight_ "He sent the four of you to deal with the source while we provided a distraction. Don't tell me he didn't have that planned from the start."
  153. 22:24 Mary "That'd giving him quite a lot of credit though, don't you think?" Mary giggles, heading up.
  154. 22:24 Midnight_ The soldiers stay on the bottom floor and begin working their way into heavily webbed area as you ascend. Hinjo walks down to meet you on the middle floor. "Probably. But he's been known for his tactical genius."
  155. 22:24 Tsuboki_Junko "Why is it I usually need a bath after spending time with you nee-san?" Junko follows Mary, wondering briefly if Hinjo was the only non-asshole in Stranger.
  156. 22:25 Mary "Maybe I make your heart race? Ah, is that it? That's it isn't it!" There she goes again.
  157. 22:25 Tsuboki_Junko groans.
  158. 22:26 Mary "Tactical Genius?" Mary looks over her shoulder, hovering a few inches off the ground as she continues to harass Junko. "Well... I can't judge. I can barely play Go."
  159. 22:28 Ian Ian slings his rifle behind his shoulder, a hand up to his recently pierced chest. "It's odd, y'know? Like, I was dead. I really was. But the thing just... kicked me back to life. Perhaps I could... reconsider what you said about humanity."
  160. 22:29 Tsuboki_Junko "Really wanna freak out? So you were dead. Braincells die and stuff I guess right, so are you the same person before you does?" Junko looks over her shoulder with a grin.
  161. 22:29 Tsuboki_Junko died*
  162. 22:29 Mary "Sometimes."
  163. 22:29 Midnight_ Hinjo just looks at you all blankly, probably wondering how your group managed to kill the source. "Well, get some rest, you deserve it. Like I said, the Strangers will finish clean up. Anything we need to know?"
  164. 22:30 Mary "Mmm... Besides the reinforcements?"
  165. 22:30 Mary "THat may or may not come?"
  166. 22:30 Midnight_ "Right. I already notified the Sarge to be on lookout for them."
  167. 22:30 Katrina "Nothing I've not already said," Katrina looks to the others with a relaxed smile, seeming significantly more at ease now that the situation's taken care of, "Everyone alright?
  168. 22:31 Ian "And how the Vats in the room we mentioned are UGN property."
  169. 22:31 Tsuboki_Junko "I feel like crap and smell like a sewer. Could be worse."
  170. 22:31 Midnight_ Hinjo narrows his eyes. "What vats?"
  171. 22:32 Mary "... Ah."
  172. 22:33 Tsuboki_Junko "Ara ara."
  173. 22:34 Midnight_ He stands a little straighter. "I'd like you to show them to me, please."
  174. 22:34 Mary "... H-hey, Tsuboki-chan, that's my line, you know?"
  175. 22:34 Ian turns to Junko and Mary, glancing at them and giving them the 'don't treat me like that' treatment. "The ones that are now under jurisdiction of the UGN, and we don't owe you anything."
  176. 22:35 Mary "W-what did i do?!"
  177. 22:36 Midnight_ "No. you don't. But you also don't get to claim things for the UGN in a Stranger controlled area. That's not how this works. I'm asking politely because I know my superiors won't. Please lead me to the vats."
  178. 22:36 Tsuboki_Junko "Fine, fine. We can do that at least. You seem reasonable at least, hope it stays that way."
  179. 22:37 Mary "Stranger controlled area, that's funny, considering-" Mary stops, looking at Junko and sighing a little.
  180. 22:37 Tsuboki_Junko Junko shrugs.
  181. 22:38 Midnight_ "Thank you for cooperating." He says with a gesture for them to lead.
  182. 22:40 Mary hesitates, looking to the others.
  183. 22:41 Katrina seems calm with the idea, for the most part. She wasn't entirely comfortable having such authority over life and death
  184. 22:42 Ian rolls his eyes and sigh. "Well, at the end of the day, it doesn't really matter to me."
  185. 22:46 Midnight_ You lead him to the room with the vats and he stares in openmouthed silence for a bit. "What...What were you planning to do with them, exactly?"
  186. 22:46 Tsuboki_Junko "Have the UGN look at 'em."
  187. 22:46 Mary "We were split on that issue." Mary nods at Junko. "If anybody can help them..."
  188. 22:47 Midnight_ "Help them?" He looks at one of the ones still sleeping, covered with hair and extra eyes. "How?"
  189. 22:47 Tsuboki_Junko shrugs.
  190. 22:48 Mary "You may not know this, but Overed can do amazing things." She smiles a little.
  191. 22:48 Ian "Honestly, Mary, Junko. These people are lost.", says Ian with a sigh, deep in his thoughts. "Gyaum are a threat to everyone, not just us. Could you... could you live with yourselves if they got free, knowing you could've stopped them?"
  192. 22:49 Mary Mary tilts her head, "Delivering them to the UGN is not neccessarily freeing them."
  193. 22:49 Mary "In fact, it would be quite the opposite."
  194. 22:49 Midnight_ "You plan to contain them..." He said, eyeing Mary.
  195. 22:50 Mary "... yes?" Mary frowns, "They are not /animals/, they were once people."
  196. 22:51 Mary She sniffs, "I've come to expect this kind of callous disregard for life from the military and...." She gives Ian a look. "Well, I'm not sure what to call a Gaijin toting weaponry in my country."
  197. 22:51 Mary "Brigand?"
  198. 22:52 Tsuboki_Junko "How do y'know they're even Gjaum or Overed for that matter? I'd seen some of the smarter Overed do some crazy science shit."
  199. 22:52 Ian "The name's Ian, darl. And I'm not here to babysit.", he says with a shake of his head, lighting another cigarette, pointing to his formerly gaping chest as some kind of reminder.
  200. 22:53 Midnight_ He mulls it over looking almost angry. Finally he sighs. "Look. You get your supervisors to claim this fast enough, say within the next few hours, and it should be enough to get the Strangers to leave it alone..." He looked almost regretful of what he said, but he looked at the man watching them. "I can only garuntee a few hours. We're military. We're thorough."
  201. 22:53 Mary "Clearly, you'd try to shoot the child."
  202. 22:55 Tsuboki_Junko Junko's gaze turns to Astra. "Can you do that? You're the UGN operative/
  203. 22:55 Tsuboki_Junko ."
  204. 23:03 Tsuboki_Junko With a sniff Junko finally turns to Hinjo. There's that defiant look in the face of authority but somehow she manages to bow, dyed hair threatening to touch the ground. "Thanks."
  205. 23:05 Midnight_ He nods, a little unsure. "Right. I'd best get back to my men. Good luck."
  206. 23:08 Mary waits for the news, watching the glass tube with a perplexed, troubled look.
  207. 23:08 Midnight_ The next few hours fly by almost too fast as you get out of the sewers and call in to Daigo. With the UGN's clout you're able to secure the room with the vats as well as earn yourselves some major favors for taking out the spider. It's not often that a Master is taken out.
  208. 23:12 Tsuboki_Junko "Smoking two cigarettes after this bath, I swear."
  209. 23:12 Mary "Ah... well, with that taken care of..." Mary smiles at Tsuboki. "Hey hey, join me at the bathhouse again! Last time was fun!"
  210. 23:13 Katrina "A bath sounds really nice about now, yes. I do hope we don't have to do anymore sewer work in the near future."
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