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  1. [00:32:39] <Giantree> No though,
  2. [00:37:17] <Giantree> The night of the failed mission which you all try to scrub from your memories and pretend never happened (except Spinel, who still makes fun of everybody for it every day), Clara does indeed burst through Elly's window.  As in... just sort of flies through ahd helps herself inside.  Now that I'm not half-asleep I can actually describe her in more detail and will indeed do so: A harpy with multicolored wings, Clara's legs and arms are both covered in downy tufts so she doesn't actually wear any pants or legwear.  I guess she has some claws on the arm-wings though so it's not like she's completely without hands, meaning she's able to fasten the cloak she wears onto herself.  Not really much for fasion though, since it's just the cloak covering her upper body, and with the biology of the arm-wings being a thing that means she's baring a lot of midriff.  In place of feet are large talons which hurt like a bitch to be scratched by, as Ellamae would be aware of by now because even underneath the armor it was kind of like, ow.  But this is also somebody who fucking cut herself open and left a rock sitting inside the wound for hundreds of years so she'd probably be more immune to pain than my dog, who is specifically bred to be resistant to pain because he's a sled animal.
  3. [00:38:27] <Giantree> ... Tangent aside, the birdlady lands in the room with all the style and grace of Lanky Kong, and eyes the room like a hawk.  Which probably isn't the kind of bird she is.  Maybe more of an eagle?  "Where is it?"
  4. [00:40:16] <Giantree> She asks just out of formality, but has already found her egg before speaking at all, as if led to it by motherly instinct.  Unless it was hidden downstairs with all the brains in tanks and prototype giant robots I haven't mentioned yet because I keep forgetting to for some reason, but those guys have better things to do than babysit monster eggs.  And presumably it was kept away from Steyr's notice anyway because she would have gone nuts with that thing.
  5. [00:41:09] <Flamy> What, is Steyr going to use it to make a HOLP or something?
  6. [00:41:20] <Giantree> Nah, she would've scrambled it.
  7. [00:41:40] <Flamy> That does sound pretty nuts, yeah.
  8. [00:42:18] <Kille_Lund> Yeah, turns out that rock gave her bonuses to defense growths by being there. Ellamae, who has gotten used to sleeping like a normal human being but still having the third eye of someone used to the idea of getting stabbed to death in her sleep, takes her blanket off to go get the egg, and then watches Clara take the blanket on top of the egg off. It's warm! But obviously
  9. [00:42:18] <Kille_Lund> not cooked. "Right there." Maybe drowsy.
  10. [00:44:20] <Giantree> "Ooooh, I missed you so much!"  Clara wraps the egg in a tight embrace - but not tight enough to crack or or anything - and then lightly sets it down, checking it over for cracks.  You'll notice that because Giantree decided to have her sprite have those upturned-smiling-eyes because he couldn't decide on what her eye color would be, she actually smiles like that a lot.  ESPECIALLY now.  As she does so, however, a partially-translucent head pokes through the floor.
  11. [00:45:24] <Giantree> "Interesting," remarks the head.  Oh, it's Shyistella.  "A half-human-- your story must not be too dissimlar from ours.  Pray tell, might I ask you to share it?"
  12. [00:46:09] <Giantree> "Wah-!"  Clara rolls back, wings comically flapping.  "D-D-Don't talk to me like I'm a g-g-g-ghost!  I'm totally alive, see?  Alive as can be!"
  13. [00:47:28] <Giantree> "That's not what I meant, dear."  The Shy fully floats through the ground and stands upright.  The heads of the other three peek through the walls and ceiling too.  "Ms. Ellamae, you don't mind, do you?  If we have a brief discussion?"
  14. [00:47:56] <Giantree> "Mega CUTE! n.n" says Shyanna as she pokes at the egg with a very-not-incorporeal banana.  Clara hisses at her in response.
  15. [00:48:09] <Kille_Lund> Cute! Ellamae continues waking up, but yeah she totally wants to hear this! "Yeah, I don't mind. I'm pretty interested too~"
  16. [00:48:37] <Giantree> "What... What ARE you all?  Don't tell me you're..."
  17. [00:49:20] <Giantree> "That's right," says Shyzer, hanging upside-down.  "I guess ancient dragons had to do with your circumstances too, eh, little lady?"
  18. [00:50:43] <Giantree> "Somehow, I doubt that was just a wild guess."  Clara rolls up her wing-arms and places them at her hips.  "That's right, but it was a long time ago.  Before I was born.  So all I have is the stories from my tribe's village - which, by the way, I am NOT telling any of you how to find - if that's good enough?"
  19. [00:51:57] <Kille_Lund> ...Man, maybe human and dragon relations are hard because ancient dragons loved CURSES so much. What other insanity did they pull to make everyone hate them? Worth hearing, honestly! "Yeah, that's fine with me!"
  20. [00:57:56] <Giantree> A nod from Shyistella follows, and the harpy begins.  Following is a paraphrasing instead of the exact wording she uses, but it's pretty similar for the most part: About a thousand years ago 1,1btw gj shuku saying you'll /nick and then never doing it, give or take a few centuries, man tried to build their own wings to fly with, much like the birds.  Very similar to the story of Icarus from Greek mythology, but since there is no Greece or anything from Earth in this world (which isn't Earth) you wouldn't know that- basically, instead of flying into the sun, a man ended up flying into a dragon.  Which has breath that's probably just as bad as the sun to get hit by, for the most part.  But nonetheless, the flight-gone-wrong led somebody to a dragon's resting place, where said scaly beast was incredibly upset but fancied itself a pacifist, and wouldn't kill somebody just for that.  Instead, the ancient beast reared its monstrous tongue, and pronounced the man as one of the birds he once loved, gradually causing him to sprout feathers across his body.  However, try as he would, the change was too minor, and he never attained true flight; he did, on the other hand, raise a family as a normal human, and it seemed that the 'curse' was nothing for the longest time.  Until, suddenly and without warning, the man's daughters started to sprout feathers much as he did, growing into wings.  The transformation marked them as monstrous, and as nonhumans were rarely known in that age, it triggered fear in the toenspeople more than anything else.
  21. [00:58:26] <Kille_Lund> 1,1yeah decided I wanted to be kill0,0e
  22. [00:59:56] <Kille_Lund> 1,1toenspeople
  23. [01:00:16] <Giantree> Thus, they were exiled, or perhaps they chose to flee from society of their own free will.  1,1I'll kille you.  The story's pretty vague on that part.  The transformation progressed throughout the girls' adolescence, and much to the man's dismay, they were able to soar like birds.  And soar they did, realizing they could have true freedom and live like the birds.  Realizing that this was indeed a curse, the man grew old and died alone with his wife, not knowing the whereabouts of his children.
  24. [01:00:27] <Giantree> shut up i don't look at stuff when i type it
  25. [01:00:27] <Giantree> fag
  26. [01:01:08] * Kille_Lund is now known as Ellamae
  27. [01:04:52] <Ellamae> What, is it a curse to have his daughters living out his dream? He should be happy!
  28. [01:05:38] <Giantree> The daughters, fearful of the creature that cursed their blood so, decided not to seek it out and ask it to undo the curse.  And at this point, supposedly, they were just humans with wings, so basically LITERALLY laguz.  They didn't even have talons, aside from maybe sharper fingernails or something.  One daughter lived like a wild animal, hunting for food and migrating north for winter, and the other (by the way there were two in case that wasn't clear) decided to wear heavy clothing that would hide her wings and live like an ordinary woman, marrying and raising a family of her own.  I mean, obviously her husband found out she was a freaky winged creature, but their love was true.  Unfortunately for them, they had no sons, and their all-girl litter were already birdlike from birth.  Nobody knows what happened to daughter #1, some say she became an old hermit and died like she lived.  Others say she became such a wild animal that she triggered the curse to progress further and became a bird, leading the eagles/hawks/whatever like she had been one her whole live.  It is uncertain.
  29. [01:06:54] <Giantree> It's basically history from there, as the family had no choice but to totally withdraw from society.  There were no men born no matter how many times they tried, and over the next few generations, they stopped reproducing like humans altogether.  Harpy chicks are the cutest thing in the world though- brb google
  30. [01:07:18] <Giantree>
  31. [01:07:20] <Giantree> Something like that.
  32. [01:08:57] <Giantree> But the tale ends there; there has been no sign of the dickass ancient dragon, even after a few generations when the tribe went out actively hunting for it to find how they could become human again.
  33. [01:10:56] <Giantree> Being a chicken isn't all that bad though, Clara insists.  And spying on human society isn't hard either- it's getting caught by scouts and mistaken for a dragon that makes things complicated.  Fortunately, most of the tribe has learned ways to get around that, and they're still fairly modest in number so they aren't worried about getting hunted or anything.
  34. [01:11:35] <Giantree> Well.  Okay, a LITTLE worried, because there are nonhuman hunters out there, but the only nonhumans that are widely known are the dragons, thanks to the dumbass king a couple hundred years ago and Sir Rolant making a big deal of things.
  35. [01:12:15] <Giantree> The Shies agree, though- being a ghost isn't so bad either as long as you know how to hide your ghosthood and act normal.
  36. [01:12:44] <Giantree> Which they didn't do at all when they were under orders from their own dragon, which may have had to do with what they were ordered to do?  Who knows.
  37. [01:14:58] <Ellamae> ...Well, the dickass dragon at least vanished as opposed to holding the tribe captive to go feed it or some shit, so at least there's that difference. Good story! ...That said, perhaps one day, man won't fear things that are different from them. ...H-hopefully. At least keep it from being a kill-on-sight thing. Baby steps.
  38. [01:15:59] <Ellamae> HNNNNNNNNNNNNNNGH at those harpy chicks, by the way. Cutest thing in the world, very yes.
  39. [01:16:33] <Giantree> "It's perhaps for the best that you didn't meet your malefactor," Shyistella remarks, now that the tale is finished.  "Unlike your case, we aren't multiple generations.  We were granted the curse of everlasting life, and before you ask: no, killing the dragon that placed this fate upon us didn't release us from it."
  40. [01:17:59] <Giantree> "Y-You didn't just ask it to remove the curse?"  Clara nervously asks.  The Shy shakes her head in response.
  41. [01:18:23] <Giantree> Suddenly, there's a knock at the door.
  42. [01:19:45] <Giantree> "Excuse me."  Speaks an autistic voice from the other side of the wooden obstruction.  "I have gleaned... plenty of knowledge from listening in on this conversation from afar.  However... it has come to my attention... that it is good manners in society to be physically present when listening to others telling stories.  May... I join you?"  Asks Nihi.
  43. [01:19:45] <Ellamae> It's Ellamae's room, so...Ellamae answers the door!
  44. [01:20:02] <Giantree> Oh cool she's midsentence already, then the door opens, then she finishes the sentence.
  45. [01:20:05] <Giantree> Not even a pause.
  46. [01:20:38] <Ellamae> "Y-yeah, you can. If you have anything to add to what's been told, you're welcome to!"
  47. [01:21:17] <Giantree> "Wow, you were eavesdropping on the whole thing?"  Arche, clad in pink pokadot pajamas, sleepily turns the corner of the hallway.  "Rude af."
  48. [01:22:27] <Giantree> "... I was watching you eavesdrop the whole time too.  Only closer."  Shylthfarm sneaks up behind the loli and speaks right into her ear.  She starts to scream but covers her mouth before waking up everybody in the building.
  49. [01:22:39] <Ramiel> Why did that ping me?
  50. [01:22:48] <Giantree> loli?
  51. [01:22:54] <Ramiel> . . . . yeah
  52. [01:22:56] <Ramiel> huh
  53. [01:22:56] <Giantree> wow
  54. [01:23:02] <Ramiel> I have no idea when I did that
  55. [01:23:06] <Giantree> adorable
  56. [01:23:19] <Ramiel> Must be on my laptop only
  57. [01:23:23] <Ramiel> ANYWAYS, CONTINUE
  58. [01:24:22] <Giantree> "E-Er, whatever!  I have permission to be rude 'cause I'm the best at it!"  Archinnon hmphs.  "But uh, yeah, I want in on this storytime too.  Brought cookies!"
  59. [01:25:04] <Giantree> "Wow.  How thoughtful of you."  Shylthfarn drips with sarcasm.  Then everybody notices Shyanna peeling a banana and eating it.
  60. [01:25:11] <Giantree> Shyzer shyrugs.
  61. [01:26:04] <Giantree> Shyistells shyghs.  Wow, I need to make a THING out of this.  "Okay, children, quiet down.  I'll tell our side of the story."
  62. [01:26:12] <Giantree> shyde*
  63. [01:28:16] <Giantree> Not nearly as long ago as the other tale but still a good few hundred years, a Lord from a border country not nearly as well-known as the major powers - and so small that it doesn't exist anymore - wanted to expand his land territories to lands yet unreached, so he sought out the Western Isles.  At this point in time, they were mostly uncharted territory, so his men were excited at the prospect that there could be buried treasure there.
  64. [01:28:41] <Giantree> As soon as the Western Isles are mentioned Clara gasps a bit, but then shiftyeyes around the room, hoping nobody noticed her.
  65. [01:30:14] <Ellamae> ...Huh. Is this...every dragon + dragon-trolled human-blooded in the army? Not including Nanashi, anyway. But technically, she wasn't trolled by the dragon so it's OK. Totally listening. Listening enough to give Clara a look, but no there's more important things to do, like listen to this story!
  66. [01:30:19] <Giantree> Contrary to what one would expect, the expedition was successful, and the Lord founded the very first island kingdom.  He invited nobles and peasants alike from across the world to live in his tropical lands, proud of being an island by the sea covered in volcanoes.  And it's BEAUTIFUL~
  67. [01:30:50] <Giantree> Yeah Nihi basically ate Nanashi's soul so Nanashi is here in spirit anyway.  Get it?
  68. [01:31:28] <Ellamae> Get it. Spirit. Haaaaaa. And this guy...literally Hawaii. He created Hawaii.
  69. [01:31:36] <Giantree> lol
  70. [01:31:38] <Flamy> Hello, Edwin eavesdropping by do not mi- The trickster attempts to roll from one side of the door to the other side of the door, but ends up rolling into a wall instead and probably making some sort of thud noise. It seems that the memory of the failed operation still weighed heavily on his mind! Makes sense, he was once a thief and all... er, as in, never.
  71. [01:31:38] <Flamy> "... oh, a lot of people are here. What is this, an oddball jamboree? ... no offense to you, Lady Ellamae- Wait, why do we have a bird woman here?"
  72. [01:32:39] <Giantree> "ExCUUUUUUUSE you!"  The pink-haired woman blows raspberries.  Arche approves +10.  "The term is 'harpy!'  ... No, wait a second, 'bird woman' actually sounds more polite.  I'll take it."
  73. [01:32:46] <Giantree> Speaking of jamboree
  74. [01:32:48] <Giantree> yeah
  75. [01:32:50] <Giantree> it's uh
  76. [01:32:52] <Giantree> it's on the ceiling
  77. [01:33:41] <Giantree> "Oddness... acknowledged."  Nihi nods approvingly.
  78. [01:33:54] <Giantree> "rude" i'm not even going to point out who says this line you can just guess
  79. [01:34:08] <Giantree> shut up taki your joke response is bad and you're bad
  80. [01:35:03] <Giantree> "Ahem."  Shyistella doesn't actually clear her throat because she's a ghost, but waits for everybody to quiet down.  "May I continue?"
  81. [01:35:10] <Ellamae> Oddness isn't even online, man. "Because she's the mother of the egg I had! We're pals now."
  82. [01:35:18] <Giantree> fkn krauts
  83. [01:35:22] <Ellamae> "But yeah, go on~"
  84. [01:35:40] <Giantree> "Y-Yes ma'am!"  Clara flushes red a bit and straightens her posture.  It's obvious she feels really out-of-place.
  85. [01:35:43] <Flamy> "Yes, sorry, do go on," Edwin gets up, dusts himself off, and bows apologetically at Shyistella.
  86. [01:37:18] <Giantree> Where was I?  Right, so this guy showed off his island to everybody in the land, thinking it was hot shit, when it turned out one of the volcanoes wasn't actually a volcano but rather a beast of legend, and quite an upset one at that once it came to the realization that humans were partying and socializing right next to his home.  So he did what any self-respecting ancient fire dragon would do, and started slaughtering them left and right.
  87. [01:38:06] <Giantree> This took a long time, by the way.  Like, maybe up to a century, but at LEAST decades.  I'm not even gonna explain how everybody who lived there was brown, I guess it was just THAT hot that they all had tans and now they're pseudo-nigs.  ~Fantasy settings~
  88. [01:39:15] <Ellamae> The world could sure do more with less fire dragons. They're the most obvious assholes of the bunch, man.
  89. [01:40:15] <Flamy> "I still do wonder if there was another way to lift you of that curse," Pretty sure they made it worse!  This is why NSes are not the solution to everything dragon.
  90. [01:40:36] <Giantree> Hmm, actually, nah, it was a few generations now that I think about it.  So, the kingdom became even more famous, calling dragon slayers from around the world to come in and fight off the best in the wreckage of the nation, and all of them failed.  Of course.  And then this was the time when the king in Sirrolant got ousted as a dragon and the world's attention turned to that, almost completely forgetting about this one.  Most stuff about it ended up in the Forbidden Archive, which the Shies have been spending a lot of their time reading.
  91. [01:43:00] <Giantree> Instead of being satisfied just killing everyone, though, the Dragon wanted to make sure it wouldn't happen again, and he was pretty pissed off at whatever dumbass decided to found a country here in the first place.  So he sought out the direct descendants of the founder's bloodline - who were basically regular citizens because it wasn't a fancy monarchy or anything - and granted them a fate far worse than death: they were put under a geas that would make them unable to disobey orders, had their corporeality stolen, and were sent out to lure unsuspecting sailors to the island so they could be slaughtered just like the people of the kingdom.  Because yeah, angry dragon, huge asshole, etc.
  92. [01:44:36] <Flamy> Well, it wasn't a very big dragon. Or at least, /that/ big. Maybe it was compensating for something? No, you can't say that about the Buster Sword, it actually is compensating for something.
  93. [01:44:39] <Giantree> The process it was actually done by, the Shies try to remember but can't quite describe: It's very hazy for them, like they blacked out and woke up the way they are.  Curiously, the geas also prevented them from speaking to anybody other than themselves, and THAT was lifted somehow.  Shyistella is skhyptical, but Shyzer thinks that the reason they're still here is because the curse lingered so long that it's gradually fading away.
  94. [01:44:56] <Giantree> Shyanna thinks 'banana.'
  95. [01:45:11] <Flamy> ... shit not Buster Sword, Dragon-Slaying Sword.
  96. [01:45:14] <Giantree> nice
  97. [01:45:53] <Flamy> ... hell, if we wanted to go simpler, BUSTAAAHHHH BUREEEIIIIDDDOOO. There we go, qPU per minut generation is at max.
  98. [01:46:46] <Giantree> In fact, since she's insane, the other shies go on to explain that Shyanna was actually the closest thing to a princess.  She didn't actually rule the land, but lived among the government as the president/dictator/whatever's daughter, which made her basically a prissy noble.  However, this country was full of LAX ISLANDER MORALS so the more I think of it, the more I realize that in its attitude it was BASICALLY the modern United States.  Despite being in medieval fantasy world.  And the island it was on being not all that big.
  99. [01:46:49] <Flamy> "So only time will tell if the curse has truly been lifted from you..." It sounds pretty awful in Edwin's mind. "Hopefully, we'll live to see that."
  100. [01:49:36] <Giantree> Instead of just taking the president and forcing him into servitude, though, the VERY angry dragon decided to curse his only child instead.  She was close friends with the others, who were like... probably cousins or something, by the way, but they all lived apart and did regular citizen stuff for the most part before the dragoning happened.  That said, though, the president begged and pleaded to have him taken instead, but the pissed-off dragon basically went "fuck you" in the worst way possible and ordered, through the geas, his daughter to take his life instead.  This was the first time they were granted use of the Fenrir spell, which wasn't inscribed on a tome just yet but used the dragon's residual magic to do it.  Even though it was a fire dragon.  Yeah.
  101. [01:51:18] <Giantree> Delighted at the breaking in of his new slave, the asshole dragon used the 'princess' to commit most of the murders of the remainder of the islanders, and of course he ate their corpses and hoarded their valuables.  Somewhere along the line, even with the others trying to comfort her through it, she just snapped and turned into a meme character, unable to enjoy anything and attempting to ease her broken mind through the one thing she enjoyed most while she was alive: bananas.
  102. [01:52:09] <Giantree> Shyzer was actually a cobbler, by the way.  Living the simple life and chatting it up with brown people while making their sandals and such.
  103. [01:52:35] <Flamy> So Shyanna went bananas. Amazing. And Shyzer made shyoes.
  104. [01:52:37] <Ellamae> That is so horrifying that she can completely understand why people hate dragons. What a fucking asshole. Good thing he's dead!
  105. [01:53:35] <Ellamae> ...Progress will have to be slow and steady. She'll never give up, no matter how many horrifying dragon stories she hears. Never ever! Tolerance for life!
  106. [01:53:37] <Giantree> Shylthfarn was actually a scholar of magic, planning to leave the island and study wizard shit - NICE - at a prestigious academy, which his family didn't like because they felt like he had some obligation to stay due to his ties with the island's founder.  Due to that, he hesitated and stayed an extra year, which was the worst decision of his life.  He isn't happy about Shyistella telling this part of the story, by the way, and leaves the room.
  107. [01:54:00] <Giantree> Shyanna didn't care during hers, she was dancing in midair the whole time.
  108. [01:54:12] <Giantree> Oh!  The most important part!
  109. [01:54:46] <Giantree> Their names are just what they've gotten used to, as the 'Shy' and 'Shyren' brands were put on them by the dragon, but they were actually... shit did i write this down anywhere
  110. [01:55:44] <Giantree> Sharistella, who was actually a lawyer.  Yeah, OBJECTION! and all that.  If I wanted to be nuttier I'd go into full phoenix wright shit but nah, I'm thinking she's basically Jessica Walters if she turned into a ghost instead of She-Hulk.  But then became less goofy.
  111. [01:55:50] <Giantree> ... in fact she's nothing like she-hulk at all
  112. [01:56:02] <Flamy> Maybe more like Mia Fey?
  113. [01:56:05] <Giantree> Shuzer, WOW CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?  HIS NAME SOUNDED LIKE "SHU."
  114. [01:56:10] <Giantree> oh yeah mia fey that's a good example
  115. [01:56:18] <Giantree> because she ACTUALLY turned into a ghost too lol
  116. [01:56:18] <Flamy> Even is a ghost.
  117. [01:56:22] <Giantree> ghostmind
  118. [01:56:40] <Giantree> er
  119. [01:56:42] <Giantree> "shu"
  120. [01:56:44] <Giantree> "shoe"
  121. [01:56:44] <Giantree> dur
  122. [01:57:04] <Flamy> Shu Shirakawa? I can get behind Shyzer being secretly the pilot of a giant gravity-manipulating robutt.
  123. [01:57:10] <Giantree> n i c e
  124. [01:57:41] <Giantree> Sylthfarn was totally not a reference to a mango the GM likes and was also the laziest renaming
  125. [01:57:42] <Flamy> But enough digression! "So could someone please tell me who the bird woman is?"
  126. [01:58:13] <Giantree> "The little lady's explanation wasn't good enough for you?"  Clara grumps.
  127. [01:58:58] <Giantree> uh shit i forgot shyanna's actually BUT NO SHE WASN'T THE ANNA BEFORE YOU ASK
  128. [01:59:21] <Giantree> it might've been 'Syanna' actually
  129. [01:59:35] <Giantree> sianna?
  130. [01:59:36] <Giantree> idk
  131. [01:59:40] <Flamy> Syalla?
  132. [01:59:43] <Giantree> no
  133. [02:00:55] <Ellamae> Sierra?
  134. [02:01:19] <Flamy> "Well, Shyistella did explain it well enough, but... who leaves their egg behind where it could be stolen by anyone? It's like you wanted it to be stolen."
  135. [02:02:43] <Ellamae> "E-Edwin, don't make me have to break up a fight."
  136. [02:05:31] <Giantree> "Hmph, as if."  Clara stands her ground.  "I had it resting safely in my nest!  It's just that poachers came and took it, that's all."
  137. [02:06:04] <Giantree> "Maybe they would've taken li'l ol' me too if I weren't away when they came.  Oooh, if I find out who did it I'll claw their eyeballs out!"
  138. [02:07:32] <Flamy> "Whoever they are, I'm sure they have what's coming for them," After a moment of thought, the trickster shrugs.
  139. [02:07:40] <Ellamae> "How does the egg even get in the hands of someone that just wants to immediately give it away in the first place..." Still doesn't get it. "What's important is that it's safe!"
  140. [02:07:52] <Giantree> See if I were more batshit this is when I would have the Scuttlebug take you into a parallel universe where the shies were all their past selves/jobs/etc but even giantree has limits
  141. [02:09:15] <Giantree> "Maybe you got it from the poacher who was trying to get rid of it 'cause they knew I was going to kill them and then some?"  Clara muses.  "I'd say 'gimme their address right now' but after all those stories, if I took revenge like that I'd be no different from those jerkwad ancient dragons."
  142. [02:09:43] <Giantree> "N-Not like I plan on forgiving poachers or anything!  But, sometimes venegeance isn't the best option, is all."
  143. [02:11:28] <Flamy> Edwin nods to that one. "... say, we haven't told her about /that/, have we?" Was this woman in their army now? Or were they some source of extremely relevant information?
  144. [02:12:52] <Giantree> "Requesting clarification."  Oh hey, Nihi's still here.  She was oddly silent the whole time... wait, no, that's not odd at all.
  145. [02:13:01] <Ellamae> "Yeah. Vengence breeds vengence, and it generally gets worse over time if nothing's done about it..." She can see it now, Clara clawing the eyeballs out of some hunter, then their son/daughter grows up remembering that a harpy killed them, and then the youngling going off to kill Clara, and then their chick growing up angry at humans in general...always gets worse.
  146. [02:14:49] <Giantree> shh don't tell everybody about my sequel plot
  147. [02:15:07] <Flamy> "Well, the general reason why we're off to Acaiah and all," Edwin had an excuse, but not really. Still, it was best to stay vague!
  148. [02:16:03] <Giantree> "Oh, headed that way, huh?  So you're with the army?"
  149. [02:16:59] <Giantree> "Well, doesn't matter to me."  The harpy folds her wing-arms.  "I don't care WHICH country you're with, it's still comforting to see dragons and humans getting along."
  150. [02:17:12] <Giantree> "Er," she pauses.  "That wasn't supposed to be a secret from these guys, was it?"
  151. [02:17:46] <Ellamae> "We're going in the same direction as them, but we're certainly not with them." Nod. "A-and yeah, I got ousted by circumstance a while back. They didn't seem to mind though, which is a relief!"
  152. [02:18:20] <Ellamae> "Cause usually it's torches and pitchforks. And entire, organized armies, on occasion."
  153. [02:18:45] <Giantree> "Oh, good."  She sighs with relief.  "Well, my people are no stranger to that one."
  154. [02:19:40] <Giantree> "Uhhhhhhh."  Arche speaks up all of a sudden.  "This comfort talk is real cool and I'mma let you finish, but can I storytime too?  I mean, everyone knows by now and you're pretty much all nonhuman weirdoes, so it's not like I need to keep it a secret."
  155. [02:20:05] <Flamy> "Well, you're still Lady Ellamae, but... well, we... it's good to know that there aren't secrets hidden from each other," Except for the cucking one. "Still... I hope there'll be a- Oh, yeah, go on."
  156. [02:20:26] <Giantree> Nihi could probably tell everybody about the cuck if she wanted to.  In fact, maybe she did.
  157. [02:20:42] <Ellamae> "Yeah, we're all nonhuman weirdos here. Cept Edwin. He's just a weirdo."
  158. [02:20:58] <Giantree> Archinnon shiftyeyes around.  "Okay so uh... geez, you guys sound like you practiced this stuff."
  159. [02:21:08] <Flamy> "I am _not_ a weirdo!"
  160. [02:21:14] <Giantree> "Are too."
  161. [02:21:26] <Flamy> "Then what are you?!" BTFO.
  162. [02:21:36] <Giantree> "They call me,"
  163. [02:21:40] <Giantree> "'Best Girl.'"
  164. [02:21:41] <Ellamae> I'm imagining Nihi sneaking up on Clara before she manages to get to Ellamae just to trap her in a conversation about cucking because she's a bird that lost ownership of her egg..
  165. [02:21:52] <Giantree> don't give me ideas
  166. [02:21:58] <Ellamae> "yeah, can confirm"
  167. [02:22:01] <Flamy> Holy fuck no boss. Please.
  168. [02:22:34] <Flamy> Yeah, he fell for that bait. "What's that even mean?"
  169. [02:22:47] <Giantree> Everybody shrugs in unison.
  170. [02:23:06] <Ellamae> "Means she's the best girl." She still shrugs, yeah, but she also answers.
  171. [02:23:46] <Giantree> "Well once upon a time, my great-great-great-great grandma or something got banged by a dragon.  And he also happened to be a king.  Yeah uh, the king of THIS place.  Hush-hush by the way no shut up I'm not a princess and Arry told me not to go spreading this but it seemed like a cool idea because it's kinda similar to your stories so anyway."
  172. [02:25:15] <Giantree> "So she pumped out some babies, but the third one had weird eyes like me and I guess was part-dragon or something, so she got executed.  And her mom - the one who did the dragon - got exiled for being some kinda dragon-lover.  I only know what half these words mean by the way."
  173. [02:26:09] <Giantree> "And from then on our family stopped having three kids to a mom because the third one was always cursed and is supposed to be killed, but my mom didn't care about superstitions and had me anyway and now I'm some kinda hardcore half-dragon or something.  Cool, huh?"
  174. [02:27:01] <Giantree> "... Oh, er, the reason that matters is because... there was a dragon being a dick involved in there, I guess.  I guess it's supposed to be a 'curse?'  But it's kinda... uh.... not that noticeable..."
  175. [02:27:14] <Giantree> Arche realizes she can FEEL the glares from Clara and the Shies.
  176. [02:27:43] <Flamy> "So... the third born child will inherit the traits like you," Edwin doesn't quite understand every word she says, but it's definitely more than what Arche understands. The term was... Branded? Feels like it, because they're branded with some wack trait.
  177. [02:29:10] <Giantree> Even she knows they're called Branded, she just didn't think it mattered this time.  But yeah that's info that could be looked up in the Forbidden Archive ez, which you'd ESPECIALLY know if you looked up the GGs because Mina is Branded too.  But even though some people know about it, nobody tries to stone her to death because she's basically the country's pet or something.
  178. [02:29:19] <Giantree> Well, Rolant's pet, but normies DEFINITELY don't know that one.
  179. [02:29:51] <Ellamae> "Hey now, it got her roasted by dragon book fire. Human scorn, even if it's kinda meaningless, is still a curse itself, especially when you're not in a position to live away from them. Maybe it wasn't as bad as the Shy's experience, but..."
  180. [02:30:29] <Giantree> "Confirming..." Nihi speaks up.  "That this ability... is not necessarily a 'curse.'  I am... capable of only a muted, minor version of it... as ancient, decompressed members of my species are the only ones that can utilize such a power.  However... it is not inherently magical in nature... although it would be considered supernatural."
  181. [02:31:10] <Ellamae> ancient, decompressed members
  182. [02:31:53] <Giantree> "When I used it on the Nameless One..." She speaks as autistically and monotone as usual, "I did so... by using the full extent of my Ark capabilities to not only observe information, but alter the way it is perceived... therefore rewriting her DNA to be as if it contained some of my own..."
  183. [02:32:28] <Giantree> "... Not unlike the human reproduction process, however, without creating a separate entity.  And with... much less forceful penetration involved."
  184. [02:32:37] <Giantree> shut up btw
  185. [02:32:41] <Flamy> Mina's trait is that she goes "pwahaha", and the other other ├čranded gives no shit. "Being regarded as someone not human is certainly a curse for a human, I'd say. We live on interaction, after all- Oh, so that's what you did. Yeah, she got pretty embarrassed about it, like it was something deeper."
  186. [02:32:49] <Giantree> ok that's good
  187. [02:32:50] <Giantree> i smiled
  188. [02:32:51] <Giantree> good job
  189. [02:33:44] <Giantree> "It is not a geas..." Continues Nihi. "But... due to this, I am able to take over her body.  Therefore, I can surmise that a more powerful version of this ability... is the cause of your woes."
  190. [02:34:35] <Giantree> "However... the way it manifests seems to indeed be the very definition... of what is considered a 'curse' by the standards of this world's magicians.  As they write... the cure to a curse depends on the curse itself."
  191. [02:34:56] <Giantree> "And... I do not know how to undo the one I myself have implied, or if such a possibility even exists."
  192. [02:35:22] <Giantree> Nihi doesn't realize what she just said, but though they say nothing, the Shies are suddenly so dejected that even Shyanna stops dancing and looks depressed.
  193. [02:35:24] <Giantree> >implied
  194. [02:35:25] <Giantree> applied.
  195. [02:36:11] <Flamy> > implying
  196. [02:36:44] <Ellamae> "You'd think rewriting...uh, DNA? That sounds important, so you'd think rewriting that would be pretty deep. ...Huh. Wonder if I could possess Arche or something." Ellamae tries to fully grasp what Nihi said!
  197. [02:36:57] <Flamy> "Wait, so... what exactly did go on between you and her, Lady Nihi? Am I missing something here?" So many questions...
  198. [02:38:06] <Giantree> "Searching database for more simplistic phrasings..." Nihi is silent for a moment.  "... 'I cast mind control magic so that she could fight stronger opponents.'"
  199. [02:39:23] <Flamy> "What," It's a "what" flatter than... yeah, sure, Nihi. The "what" is flatter than Nihi.
  200. [02:40:11] <Ellamae> "Yeah, she was down with it, and I'm pretty sure she'd have agreed even if she wasn't recovering from getting breathed over by a tough dragon."
  201. [02:40:12] <Giantree> Arche, meanwhile, sticks a tongue out.  "Nyeh!  Even if you could you couldn't handle me!"
  202. [02:41:08] <Ellamae> "not like it stops her from nearly dying all the time anyway geez--and I totally could! ...A-and yeah. I'm not best girl, so I can't handle best girl."
  203. [02:41:58] <Flamy> Still doesn't get best girl. "Yeah... you'd think that since she had someone to protect, she'd be a little more careful..."
  204. [02:42:24] <Giantree> "Her recklessness is a sign of her individuality."  Somehow, that line has more personality than most things Nihi has said before.
  205. [02:44:28] <Ellamae> "...I guess. It's hard to show individuality when you're dead, though. ...Pretty sure Foney needed a necromancer." And the Shies aren't actually dead so they don't count shh.
  206. [02:45:04] <Giantree> Foney opens the closet door.  "Someone call me?"
  207. [02:45:12] <Flamy> "Desiring nothing but to defeat the one whom she must slay... W-well, she doesn't really have much to lose. It must be why she can kill so easily. By charging in without any regard for safety, she trips up the opponent, and then strike their weak point..."
  208. [02:45:33] <Flamy> "Maybe she's more of a genius than we credit her for."
  209. [02:48:32] <Ellamae> "or I have to carry her back for the hundredth time--Oh, we mentioned you, I guess, but we didn't actually call you! Mentioned how you're such an...individual, even though you kind of already died once!" ...Man, she just realized that excluding Foney, it's just a bunch of girls in here.
  210. [02:48:49] <Giantree> >Edwin
  211. [02:48:55] <Giantree> nice nci encienci en ience
  212. [02:49:13] <Giantree> "oh ok" The skellington closes the door and goes back in.
  213. [02:49:18] <Giantree> Arche's eyes light up.
  214. [02:49:22] <Giantree> "can i say it?"
  215. [02:49:25] <Giantree> "i'm gonna say it"
  216. [02:49:29] <Giantree> "I'M GONNA SAY IT HERE IT COMES"
  217. [02:49:37] <Giantree> "LOOKS LIKE YOU'VE GOT SOME"
  218. [02:49:44] <Giantree> "SKELETONS IN YOUR CLOSET"
  219. [02:50:58] <Giantree> ... And so the sound of crickets sends you off into the long night, where you idiots may or may not just start drinking and pull an all-nighter getting fucked up.  Or just go to sleep finally.
  220. [02:51:03] <Flamy> Edwin gives something between a chuckle and a groan. "At least Kiuru doesn't think that I'm controlling him anymore."
  221. [02:51:13] <Ellamae> ...meant to say 'bunch of girls AND Edwin'. Foney doesn't really count on the gender scale. He's a skeleton. Dragons are fine though, they look female enough!
  222. [02:51:33] <Giantree> the ghosts don't count too, huh
  223. [02:51:45] <Flamy> Edwin is wimp enough to count as a chick.
  224. [02:51:49] <Flamy> Same with Randall.
  225. [02:52:28] <Flamy> ... pffft. They're both country boys whose countries are massive trade hogs, and are out of their natural enviroment.
  226. [02:52:34] <Giantree> Regardless, Clara thanks you for taking care of her babby and goes to return it to her nest, but promises she'll come back to provide support if you need it.
  227. [02:52:34] <Flamy> *environment
  228. [02:52:51] <Ellamae> Ghosts had a gender once. ...Completely forgot about Shyzer though. Whoop.
  229. [02:52:52] <Giantree> ... Unless you break out the alcohol, in which case she obliges and it turns out she's a lightweight.  Go figure.
  230. [02:53:00] <Giantree> shylthfarn is a dude too, he's just a shota
  231. [02:53:06] <Ellamae> yeah but he left right
  232. [02:53:15] <Giantree> oh yeah for that one part
  233. [02:53:18] <Giantree> he came back in
  234. [02:53:31] <Ellamae> oh, thought he was pouting, alright, sure
  235. [02:54:47] <Ellamae> But yeah, she's totally breaking it out. To celebrate weirdos getting along!
  236. [02:54:50] <Ellamae> Like Edwin.
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