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ulfben Mar 11th, 2016 86 Never
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  1. I am here to save you, supporter of Anita. Please do not support this campaign, it is a total lie. I understand that you want women's rights, and support women's equality, and I do as well, but Anita Sarkeesian is a thief, who has stolen the money of thousands of people before, in her previous video series. She promised to make Twelve Videos, and the cost of the entire project was going to be 6,000$. She made 160,000$, which is more than 25 Times what she was asking for. You would think that with this extra money, she would be able to make, better quality videos, or maybe more videos in the series. She failed to do so, and only made three of the twelve videos she originally promised to make. These videos apparently cost 25,000$ Each, and the other 75,000$ will be going to her personally. The question we should be asking is, does it really cost 25,000$ to make a youtube video? The only way this would be possible is if she isn't editing or producing the videos herself. Most video series makers, who don't produce the video themselves, will pay a per hourly fee to a producing company, and will be charged usually around 800$ in total. If she is stupid enough to pay a per minute finished fee, she would be paying 1,000$ a minute finished, per video. This means that her last video would have cost her 3,000$ to make, which is unreasonable, and a poor economic decision. Most of the things in her video, can be found on youtube, like her video on "Strategic Butt Covering". That video was not hard to produce at all, it was her sitting behind a blue background, commenting on video game clips. I want you and others to understand that she is pocketing your money, and we need to stick together, and fight for real women's rights, not allowing women like her to exploit this community.
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