Komodo-oneechan (series) [20160507]

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  2. Disgusting Komodo-oneechan                      14      sloppy blowjob
  3. Komodo-oneechan's Weekend                       62      bestial incest
  4. Komodo-oneechan's Webshow                       116     shooting illegal pornography
  5. The Trial of Komodo-oneechan                    150     forced public sex
  6. Komodo-oneechan's Day Trip                      176     outdoor sex
  7. Komodo-oneechan's Slutty Cosplay                206     willing public sex
  8. Komodo-oneechan's Day Job                       248     shooting legal pornography [arc end]
  10. Komodo-oneechan's Summer                        286     Intermission: Crossover Summer Special  NEW
  12.    ***   ***   ***
  14.     Disgusting Komodo-oneechan
  16. I got jumped right after walking out of the club. Some Harpy girls dive bombed me to the ground and started pulling my pants down with their teeth. Their leers turned to ash as the smell came out.
  17. >Ewww!
  18. >Stinky dick!
  19. >What the hell is this?
  20. >Let's just go...!
  22. And so I was left alone. I was already used to this, and apart from the disgusted stares from girls at school it was pretty great. No monster girl would come even close to raping me. One whiff of the disgusting bacteria on my dick and boom, they're gone. I can go whereever I want, and there's nothing any of these chicks can do about it. The rape attempts are a minor inconvenience at best.
  24. ...Why does my dick smell that bad, you ask? Well, I have to thank my darling big sis for that. Every morning she takes her disgusting, bacteria filled mouth and slobbers her bioweapon-grade saliva all over my dick. She's a Komodo girl, you see, and they have just the most disgusting mouth on the planet. I can actually see her heart break a little every time she does it. She gets bullied for her bad breath just about every day, but she still takes the time to save me from rape every morning.
  26. There's a little secret I keep from her. I... I actually enjoy her slobbering on me. I know it's disgusting in a whole lot of ways, but... I have to jack off twice in the morning just to keep myself from coming while she does it. I still get rock-hard. I just don't think I could bear the shame if anyone found out I like it. I get enough shit for having her do it to protect me.
  30. This morning, though...? I'm up late. Zero cumshots before going off to school. This is bad. I shake as I walk down to the sofa, where she's already waiting for me. I sit down, trying desperately to think boring, unsexual thoughts. She's already wearing her school uniform, her actually rather large breasts pressed between her arms, her long, scraggly hair framing her lewd mouth. I slowly reveal my dick - my suspiciously hard, red, pulsating dick. She has to see something's up.
  32. She opens her mouth, and her smell assaults my senses. It's like one of those expensive cheeses - bordering on vomit. Somehow, it seems more intoxicating than disgusting. I can feel even more blood rush into my dick, despite all my efforts. I can feel her hot breath drawing closer and closer to me. It's making it impossible to think about anything else, and my willpower soon runs out. I turn my head just in time to watch her mouth envelop my head.
  34. The pleasure overwhelms me. Suddenly, my hips tense, shooting my tip deep into her throat. I scream in pleasure as I shoot my load in my sister's disgusting lizard oesophagus.
  35. >B-bro...?! Did you just come?!
  36. There's no way I can still keep it a secret. I nod as she stares at me dumbfounded.
  37. >Do you...? Are you...? You never told me...!
  38. >I'm sorry, sis... I was too ashamed to tell you...
  39. I can't believe I'm getting hard again. Neither can she, it seems. She's blushing, staring at my turgid member, right in her face.
  43. Neither of us obviously made it to school that day. Instead, by early afternoon I was still sitting on the sofa, my sister deepthroating me for like the tenth time. It's hard to tell, really, since I don't think she's taken it out of her mouth since. My uniform is covered in her spit and drool, but miraculously absolutely no jizz. That's all down in her stomach. My hips shake again as my lord knows how many'th orgasm of the day shoots more watery liquid into her throat.
  45. It looks like I'm just going to have to deal with being known as Mr. Stinky-Dick for the rest of my life. There's just no way this stench is going to stay in my pants. I'm almost lost in thought as she starts up again, slobbering up and down on my dick like a rotten onahole. The incest part is almost bearable - plenty of monster girls rape their brothers as practise. It's shameful for me, sure, but nowhere near as bad as smelling like her breath all day every day. Maybe I can turn this into a win-win situation...
  47. >Sis...?
  48. >Mmph?
  49. >Do you love me?
  50. >Mmph!
  51. >W-would you like to...
  52. >Mmmmph...?
  53. >Would you like to have sex with me?!
  54. Her eyes shoot up at me in shock and surprise. She sits still for a second, and then jumps up to kiss me. Holy shit, is that disgusting. Her stinky saliva gases gets all over my sinuses, and I'm pretty sure there's some penis debris in there. Even so, I can't control myself as my face contorts to a lewd mask and I shoot my latest batch of rice water onto her skirt. I just hope the next one goes inside her.
  60.    ***   ***   ***
  62.     Komodo-oneechan's Weekend
  64. This whole week my sister has deepthroated me every morning. It works wonders, really, nobody has even tried to rape me all week. Looks like Mr. Stinky Dick is gonna have a nice, easy everyday life at school from now on. Still, as glad as I am, there's something more important on my mind. Our parents are away for the weekend.
  66. Sis promised to fuck me once we get the house to ourselves, and I can't think of anything else. Without her smell all over me I bet I'd get raped in every class - I just zone out all day with my cock up, imagining her thick thighs, her huge bust, her flabby tummy... I dunno if the girls in class can smell my boner or not, but at least they don't act on it.
  68. It's finally friday. Mom and dad are leaving in a few minutes and Sis and me are just waiting and waiting, watching TV. I want her so bad, I want every part of her, I want to rub myself all over her. She's sitting next to me, breathing exaggeratedly calmly. She's staring at the TV like a horse with blinders, but I can see her squirm on the sofa. Finally it happens - we're alone.
  72. I immediately spring into action. Sis is barely surprised as I crash onto her soft body - her lewd smile fills my face as I jiggle on top of her and the wobbly old sofa. I plunge my tongue into her disgusting mouth like a rabid animal, desperately drinking her drool as my wandering tongue brushes on her rough, jagged teeth. My penis rubs on her inner thigh as I unconsciously hump herthrough our clothes. Her rather large breasts cushion me like a waterbed as I knead them from the sides. Really, I could fit both hands on just one of them.
  74. Sis strokes her hands all over my back as we kiss. One hand holds my head down as she probes my whole mouth with her bacteria-filled tongue as the other caresses my butt - slowly her hands make their way onto and into my pants. She fumbles with my jeans, slowly unbuckling them and pulling them down just enough to expose my dick. She gives me one last, lingering kiss before pushing me back.
  76. I fall on my back with my hard cock swinging in the air, drawing a strand of precum like a string from her skirt to my tip. She pulls her knee-length skirt up to show me her panties - or rather the lack of any. Her hairy, stinky pussy is drooling even more than her mouth. She pulls her skirt all the way up to her waist and beckons. I fall forward with my knees still stuck together in the jeans.
  80. Sis guides my dick onto her lips. While I rub and knead her bust on my face, her deft hands guide my hips to hers. Finally I feel her moist mouth on my tip, and I plunge myself into her lewd hole. She gasps as her first dick glides all the way inside her. Once my hips strike hers, I flop my hips back and forth like a fish on dry land. My cock probes her wet meat erratically as I drown in pleasure.
  82. I quickly reach my limit, panting and gasping for air between her breasts. I moan like a dying bull as I give my big sister her first creampie. Her breath grows rapid, and she gasps as strike into her a few more times as if in a seizure. I gasp for air, my softening penis still inside her and my head cushioned on her chest. She hugs me softly as we bask in the afterglow.
  86. Are we done here? Hell no. I pull her sweater up over her head, trapping her arms like she before trapped my legs. Her magnificent bust is barely contained by a sexy black bra. I sink my face into her cleavage as I fumble with the clasp behind her back. Finally, it falls loose and her breasts fall out. I immediately descend upon her nipples like a wolf would on a lamb. I suck on them like an octopus, playing with them with my mouth and hands. Sis moans in pleasure as I bully her bust all over.
  88. Finally It's time. I pull back to release myself from my jeans, and Sis takes the chance to toss away her sweaer and bra. She climbs onto the floor in just her skirt and kneesocks as I position myself to sit. She knows exactly what I want, and she positions her breasts around my now again hard penis. Her bust swallows it up as if it was never there. She looks me in the eye as she slowly begins to milk me.
  90. Sis kneads her breasts around my dick, moaning exaggeratedly all the while. I can't control myself - I pump my hips into her chest even as she pumps it up and down on my member. My groans mix with her moans and the slaps of her breasts upon each other, until I finally come inside her bust. Sis withdraws and straddles me, still kneading her breasts. I see my cum dribble down from between them and onto her flabby stomach - some of it even makes its way into her belly button. I am amazed to see my dick harden once again at the sight. There is no end to my lust for my lovely big sister.
  94. This time Sis kneels on the sofa, her head resting on the back and her big, beautiful ass pointing out and away. Her breasts swing even as her chest rises with breath. I stare at them in trance, until I finally snap out of it. There's something even better waiting for me: her butt. I sink my face into her big, fat buttocks and slap her thighs all over. I hear her yelp as the undulations of her soft flesh reach my face. My penis twitches in anticipation.
  96. I lift my head and replace it with my cock. I position myself behind her and ever so slowly slide into her. Sis begs me to speed up, but I deliberately take my time. When I'm finally balls deep in her lewd pussy, I lean forward to hug her back. My face rests on her lower back as I wrap my arms around her waist. I slo~wly inch my penis out of her, and return into her at snail's pace. Sis is getting desperate by now, but I keep bullying her. I thrust in and out of her gently and slowly, listening to her aroused breathing.
  98. Slowly I begin to pick up the pace. Sis' moans become more satisfied and her breasts slowly begin to slap onto the back of the sofa. As I pick up the pace, the room is filled with the sound of flesh striking flesh and flesh striking fabric. Soon my pace becomes wild and bestial, and I fuck her from behind like an animal. I slam into her as fast and hard as I can, and she responds with ever louder and lewder moans. Finally I reach another climax inside her still slimy pussy, and my assault slows down to a few half-hearted thrusts. I collapse on top of her onto the sofa.
  102. After half an hour spent naked on top her her lovely back, the stench from her mouth next to my face grows too much to bear. It's time for THAT. I turn her on her back and give her a long, tongue-filled, dirty kiss before slamming my latest erection onto her forehead. She blushes slightly and whispers something: "Bro... I didn't cum yet..."
  104. I know just the thing. I lay down on top of her into a 69. I hump her face all over before she catches me in her mouth. I let out a soft moan of pleasure as I wrap my arms around her thick behind. Her meaty, delicious thighs wrap around my ears as I lick and kiss her clitoris. Every taste of her sends her legs twitching, and every taste of me sends my hips deeper into her throat. I finger her buttocks all over as her body heat threatens to suffocate me.
  106. Finally Sis jolts as if hit by lightning. Her legs threaten to throttle me, but then they fall away. She turns perfectly relaxed, and even stops sucking my cock. She must have finally come - time for me to follow suit. I stand up and turn around, plunging my dick into her mouth from below. Sis lies on the bed with a contented, empty expression as I irrumate her wet lips, tongue and throat. I soon send one final load plunging into her, and she swallows it instinctually. I fall on top of her on the sofa, enjoying her warmth all over me.
  108. I drift off to sleep, still naked on top of my darling sister, who is only wearing socks.
  114.    ***   ***   ***
  116.     Komodo-oneechan's Webshow
  118. "Hey bro, did you catch the stream last night?" I sit, shitting, as I listen to some older guys prattle on while washing their hands. "Yeah bro! Holy shit that was hot, I must'a come like five times!" They're the sporty type, not the kind of guys that would ever hang out with 'lil' stincock'. I resent the implication. "Bro, did ya ever think that school looks kinda like ours? You think it might be some chick at our school?" It is, but I'm not about to tell them that. "Haw haw, no way bro! There ain't even a single bitch that hot 'round here! Sucks ass brah..." The voices disappear out of the door. Finally, I'd spent half of recess listening to those idiots.
  120. That stream they were talking about, well, that was me and Sis. Ever since we went all the way that weekend, she'd got more and more brash. She had started off slow, escalating things little by little. First she'd start fucking me with our parents home. Next she started pestering me for sex outside, then at school. Fucking her after school in the orange dusk of an unused clubroom wasn't that bad - it was maybe even a bit fun - but then...? Next she'd demand I take photos of her sucking me off. What for, I have no idea. By that point she was taking enough dick from me that it couldn't have been to schlick to. Maybe it made her feel like a porn star? Honestly, I had no idea.
  122. And that gets us to here and now. Sis has started streaming us fucking over the net. She said we'd never get busted, but I wasn't so sure. I mean, sure, there's no way anyone could tell it was her - her usual mess of a hair was immaculately styled back and we both wore masks. Well, it's not like anyone knows her face anyway, but still. Her lewd body must have be just as unrecognizable as that hunched-over loser in baggy rags she runs around school as. That isn't the point. Everyone fucks up sometime, and it's just a matter of time before someone walks in on us or the masks fall off or something.
  126. Sis sits on the ratty old sofa in her black lingerie. Black lace bra, black lace panties, black garters, black hair and a red-and-white half-mask... She looks like a prohibitively expensive Venetian courtesan. I turn on the camera. "Hi~, darlings~ Are you all watching us? This slutty high school girl is about to be fucked like a pig~" Dozens of them are, judging by the stats. Probably most of them are dirty geezers on the other side of the world, but maybe - just maybe, she had said - some fellow students were watching, rubbing their cocks raw to the biggest loser in the school. I knew they did, but she didn't. No use telling her, really. She'd just go even wilder. I can almost see her going to class without a bra or panties, just to provoke the guys. She was already really getting off on being an object of desire.
  128. The first scene is the usual deepthroat. I walk to the end of the sofa and turn to face her. A long tongue dripping with foul-smelling saliva extends from her crimson lips and caresses my hard dick all over. It teases my head with its wetness, making it bounce up and down in front of her hidden face. Finally she positions her tongue along my bottom, tickling my balls with her tip, as her lips and skull descend upon me. She is excruciatingly slow, letting each part of her mouth caress my head in turn. After the lips she throws her head back ever-so-slightly - barely enough to swing her hair - to slowly drag her alveolar ridge across the top. My penis is sandwiched between her palate and her bacteria-slick tongue for what seems like eternity, but finally it's over. I feel her lips on my base and her uvula on my urethra. I almost come that instant. She begins to retract almost as slowly as she had assaulted me, dragging her lewd tongue back all the way across my length. Finally I can feel her hot breath on my glans once again. I pant like an animal on the verge of orgasm. After several painful seconds, she again takes me into her mouth - but this time like she wants to headbutt my stomach. Her beautiful hair flutters and waves in the air as she thrusts her head forward in an instant - and in an instant I come, shooting spurt after spurt into her eagerly swallowing throat. I half scream, half moan like an animal as the first act is complete. I collapse onto my knees as she licks her lips, playing with the tiny amount of cum that is still in her mouth.
  132. I have to reposition the camera for the next scene - the first one had been straight from the side. As I do, I notice that our viewer count was already over a hundred - a new record. Better not tell her that. This time I set it up off of the head of the sofa, looking up. Straight at her outright pendulous breasts, that is. It's almost a shame to let all those pervs see that, but what can you do? It's what she wants.
  134. She stretches herself out on the sofa like a fat cat, displaying her dramatic curves for all the viewers. Even if her stomach is more than a little flabby, her hips and bust are gigantic enough to give her an hourglass figure. She wiggles her huge hips as I prepare to mount her from behind. I push her chest down, pressing her bust into and over the edge of the sofa. The elegant black and peach contrast with the cheap, green-ish textile under her. I can hear her breath grow heavy as her long, lewd tongue falls out of her mouth. I push her panties aside as I position myself at her dripping-wet entrance. Her head rolls to the side in bliss as I quickly and fully penetrate her. Her body is squished forward by the strikes of my hips against hers. The audience must be getting a nice view of her huge breasts pressing into the sofa again and again with each thrust.
  136. One position wouldn't be enough to satisfy her. 'The audience is counting on us~', as she had put it. Really, it was all about her imagining everyone fapping to her several times per night. What a perv. An exhibitionist. I turn her to her side, one breast resting on the fabric and one hanging in the air, one leg pointing in the air. Her soft midsection folds on itself even even before my thrusts push her hips forward. Those warp her soft flesh over and over as her large upper breast swings in its black constraints. Finally she turns her face from the camera to me, revealing a lewd leer - her eyes have turned almost entirely up into her lids and her long tongue hangs complerely out of her mouth. I bend down to kiss her. Her tongue lashes around as if in a daze, only finding my mouth by random chance or a process of elimination. Finally her entire tongue enters my mouth and proceeds to violate it like a crazed tentacle.
  138. I near orgasm, her leg on my shoulder and her tongue in my mouth. Sis wraps her hands around my head in bliss, pulling my face into hers as she squirms in orgasm. That's when it happens - she pulls my mask off. Her probing hands pull open the drawstring and before I could react, it bounces off her face and onto the floor. Shit. I finally feel the thrill that must have drawn her to this. Time seems to slow as I watch my mask fall, her soft flesh warp and fold over, and the saliva hang and fly from her tongue. In that instant I become harder than I have ever been in my life. Sis screams as I give her a final, frenzied strike from my dick.
  142. I scramble to turn off the camera in panic as my second load falls all over her white thighs, black garters and the sickly green sofa. It's too late. Before the stream was abruptly cut off there were a dozen posts to the effect of 'I know that little faggot!' I feel my school life come to an end as Sis rolls around in bliss, alternately fingering her thighs and licking her lips. She might love to hear that we broke 150 viewers, but I sure don't. Shit.
  148.    ***   ***   ***
  150.     The Trial of Komodo-oneechan
  152. "It's true!" The Harpies crow excitedly. "He's not a virgin!" The bros hold me down in the toilets as a Bloodhound Girl sniffs at my crotch. The stench of Komodo saliva had thrown her off at a distance, but with her nose almost touching my dick there could be no question about it. Shit. I knew I should have become a shut-in. One of the bros pipes up to his companion, bitterly: "Fuuuck bro, how the hell did a shrimp like this get to be a porn star!? Fucking shit!" A gaggle of human girls are taking photos, just for fun, I guess. They seem to all forget their differences at the thought of a 'hot bitch' muscling in on their turf.
  154. "How'd you do it, fucker? Who's that bombshell? Where'd you meet her?!" They take turns punching me in the stomach. "Who is it, you little shit!? We can do this all day!" They already have, really. It's been a couple of hours since school was out. I can't take it anymore. "Stop...! The only girl I've ever touched is my sister!" They look each other in the eye. "That can't be it, can it? His sister's that fat nerd nobody ever talks to, right?" The Bloodhound doesn't even up from her phone, sitting on the washbasin counter. "I can tell if it's true, just make them fuck each other." The bros laugh, and the human girls giggle to themselves. "Eww, that's disgusting~!" "We totally should!" "Hey, let's film it too!"
  156. I fall, pushed, face-first through the door and onto the floor of the classroom. Sis is already there, terrified, surrounded by some more sports bros. She's hunched over in her ill-fitting clothes, her hair barely styled and covering half of her face. She looks as she always does at school. "Your lil' bro is here, fatty! We heard you two like to fuck!" I look up at Sis with a bruised face. "I'm sorry, Sis... I had to tell them!" She rushes over to me, unimpeded. "It's all right... It's all right... You shouldn't have let them hit you for it!" She lifts my head into her lap, holding me to her soft thighs. The bros are gathering around us like hyenas, with the monster girls as well as humans girls in tow.
  160. Sis and I can tell what they want. There's no choice. She sits on a desk, her knee-length uniform skirt crumpling between her huge ass and the hard wood. She must be the only girl in the school with a regulation-length hem. Her oversized blazer hangs on her like a tent, masking her waist. With that thing on, it's no wonder nobody has made a move on her her entire life. That's the way I'd like to keep it. I kiss her softly, pulling her hips towards me. Her long, slimy tongue meets me halfway, and is left hanging in the air as I break the kiss. Some of the audience make faces at the slight smell drifting their way. It's going to get a lot worse before it gets any better. I push Sis onto her back, sprawled over the table, her blazer still buttoned up tight. I pull down my pants just enough to get my member out - the erect penis digs into her soft inner thigh, warm, coursing with hot blood, as I reach under her skirt to push aside her already wet panties.
  162. Sis moans softly as I enter her. She's even wetter than ever before - the live audience must be driving her even wilder than just a webstream. Her legs hang off the desk, freely swinging with each thrust, her arms wrapped around my back, my body obscuring her true form to the onlookers. She rocks softly back and forth with every penetration, her head hanging off the edge of the table. The audience shuffles awkwardly, not sure of what the point is again, exactly. They were promised a mystery, but the only thing they see is the two biggest losers in town going at each other. The Bloodhound girl peeks her face close to our joined parts, sniffing the air, before slinking back to the ring. "That's it, guys. That's the smell on his dick." The bros sound dejected: "Fucking shit, that ain't her! Who'd want a piece of that fat geek! That piece of shit must have a long-lost twin or something, shiyeet..." "It was too good to be true, anyway. There ain't no bitch that hot 'round here..." The murmur of the crowd seems to disappear, as Sis fills my consciousness with her moans, her breaths, the squeaks of the table and her soft, clammy, hot touch on my skin. I feel as if running out of air, panting like a dog in heat, my cheek pressing on her collar. It is as if Sis and I are melting into one another, merging to become a single, sweating, panting organism on the altar of some long-forgotten temple under the sea.
  164. I come inside Sis, but it does not feel like the culmination it usually is. I keep humping away at her, with my  hard member slowly growing soft, and then hardening again, still inside her. Her insides undulate around me, massaging me, begging me to continue. Two puddles form at both ends of the desk - one from her stinky drool and the other, well... The musk has begun to permeate the entire classroom, even as my penis finally hardens enough to start the second round. Most of the audience is already gone, shuffled away one by one. One moment melts into the next, until I finally realize that dusk is falling. There is no-one left in the room but us, still intertwined. My thrusts slow down after another watery ejaculation, who knows how many preceded it. I finally come to a halt and lie on top of Sis without moving a muscle. I drift to sleep in her embrace, her slimy drool coating my tongue and gums almost as thoroughly as it does her own.
  168. How is it that Sis and I are home sick at exactly the same time? Who knows. Maybe the chill got to us, maybe we're faking it... Who knows what happened in the morning, for that matter? Perhaps the floor was still slick with drool, cum and natural lubricants when the teacher came. Perhaps someone cleaned it out in the morning. I only know that as we left the school in the middle of the night, the air was still heavy with our love, and with a certain deception.
  174.    ***   ***   ***
  176.     Komodo-oneechan's Day Trip
  178. Iron wheels clank on the iron tracks, steel grinds against steel as the carriages shift against one another, wind screams as the mass hurdles along. I cannot hear it, but I know my sister softly moans as the jostling surface adds a harsh vibrato to my short thrusts. Her sundress is tied close just below her bust, the close-fitting curves and the low neckline showing the entire world her lewd breasts. That dress is the only piece of fabric on her - her nipples are barely obscured by padding on the dress and her lower parts are entirely free to the wind. Her fragrant perfume fills my head as I pump myself between her thighs and into her lewd, wet hole, only interrupted by the rancid smell that emanates from her mouth with each moan. They combine in my nose to form an intoxicating combination.
  180. Soon I cum all the way inside her, twitching both in pleasure and from the rattling floor. Sis hugs me tight to her chest, the curve of her breasts settling into my neck, her hot breath sneaking under my shirt. Her breath is ragged, almost as if she had actually moved a muscle during the act. Just as my slowly deflating dick falls out of her, a door rattles open. Sis squeezes me to her body in surprise as a fellow passenger walks past us. He must look at us, as she seems to try to absorb me into her body for a moment. I have to wonder if he knows what we're up to...? If he does, he doesn't bust us. Sis and I make our way back to our seats, flushed, holding hands, our hearts beating like steam hammers at a foundry.
  184. Half an hour later we get off at the seaside. The warm, almost oppresive summer day is finally pleasantly cooled by the ocean air. A shady footpath snakes down the ridge towards the old town and the waterline. I lead Sis down the stairs by the hand, while most other passengers filter away towards the main entrance. The scenic route is almost overgrown - the path is barely lit by direct sunlight filtering through the canopy. Sis quickly steps up to me in the shade and guides my hand to her butt. I get the drift and worm my way under her sundress. We walk slowly down the path, my hand gently massaging her buttock and she rubs my crotch over my jeans. I work the entire surface of her huge, warm, ass in crescents, drawing closer and closer to her anus. Finally I prod at it with my fingertip and Sis yelps in surprise.
  186. She spins to weakly punch my chest, pouting. "Bro! You know I don't like butt stuff! Knock it off!" I smile and climb to my toes to kiss her on the lips. Her dress and scraggly hair flutters in the breeze as she rolls her eyes at me. The smells of her breath and her sweat mingle with the musk of the moist forest floor. It drives me mad, and I grab her by the hips. She backs up, ending with her back against a tree as I kneel to get my head in below her dress. Sis lets her dress fall over my head and grabs my temples. The sunlight filters almost completely through the light fabric, and I enjoy a perfect view of her glistening, wet bush and dripping wet vulva.
  188. Sis grinds my face to her crotch. I greedily suck and lick at her salty flesh. I try to ram my face deeper and deeper into her, as if attempting to eat my way into her womb. Her hips twitch intermittently, as if trying to irrumate me. As her squirms grow more frantic, I sneak my finger back around her hips and between her legs. My fingertip applies soft pressure onto her ring as I position my hand against the tree. "What the hell are you doing, Bro?!" Sis squeals almost brethlessly, before driving her hips into my face once again. As she rams her hips back into the tree, my finger penetrates her virgin anus. She howls as I waggle it inside her as she twitches in orgasm from the cunnilingus.
  192. Sis falls on her gigantic butt with a loud slap. She pants with half-closed eyes as I rise to my feet and unbuckle my jeans. "Ahn~ Bro... I..." She stammers in a post-orgasmic daze before my rock-hard dick presses onto her lips. Her mouth opens as if by reflex and I thrust myself deep into her slimy, slick mouth. Her almost oily, saliva-coated tongue sandwiches me between itself and her palate, compressing me from both sides like an onahole. I start off slowly, but pick up the pace more and more until I'm furiously fucking her face like a dog in heat. Spittle flies from her mouth as my member violates her mouth - lewd, wet sounds ring through the forest all the while. Slurping, smacking, milking my dick for all it has. I hold on to Sis' lovely, dark hair as I lean my own to the tree bark above her. I can only imagine the lewd expression on her face.
  194. Suddenly I feel something brush my taint. Before I can react, Sis has inserted her finger into my butt. I ram myself forward from the shock, pushing myself deep enough to nudge her uvula, making her gag. Sis takes her revenge on me, pumping her finger in and out, forcing me so deep into her mouth that her jaw presses painfully into my balls. My frantic ejaculation slams into her uvula again and again, making her head jolt all over my dick. The extra stimulation almost drives  me blind, and I collapse onto her, a long, lewd string of saliva extending from her mouth to my falling dick before being finally cut as my jaw hits her sweaty shoulder. Sis' drool falls onto my shoulder from her open mouth as we lie on top of one another, both trying to catch our breath after mind-shattering orgasms.
  198. Sunset paints the carriage a vivid contrast of dark shadow and amber light as we sit, exhausted, on our way back home. Sis must have dripped enough cum and saliva onto the forest floor to feed the plants for a month, and she wouldn't stop until she was completely satisfied. Suddenly I feel her head droop onto my shoulder. Her soft breath reveals her secret - she has fallen asleep next to me. I've finally outlasted her.
  204.    ***   ***   ***
  206.     Komodo-oneechan's Slutty Cosplay
  208. Sweaty nerds leer and drool, their cameras snapping like a thunderstorm around her. She thrusts her massive chest forward, straining the tiny amount of fabric draped across her bust to the limit, her meaty thighs curve gently, one knee on the ground and the other slightly in the air, her back archs like a breaching whale as she presses her elbows together in front of her face. I can't see it, but I know her face is twisted into a lewd grin as the cameras flash all around her.
  210. It was Sis' idea to come to the con. She wanted to dress as the busty sensation of the season, sure that hundreds of desperate nerds would rub themselves raw to her, and, well, she was right, of course. They must be taking thousands of shots, all combined. One guy is lying on the ground on his back, trying to get a closeup of her cameltoe, while another one drools on his camera, desperately trying to hide his erection as he points his lens at her barely contained breasts. Yet another tries to elbow his way around the crowd to get the perfect angle on her huge ass.
  212. One admirer after another streams in to replace those who are either done with their photoshoot or have to excuse themselves for a certain other reason. Hours pass as Sis contorts herself into a new, seductive pose after another. I can't look away, and I must be up to my dozenth erection for the day. Every time I manage to get it down, she manages to twist and turn another one out of me. I look away from her, desperately trying to avoid another useless boner. My eyes seem meet with a woman wearing sunglasses and a surgical mask for an instant, then she disappears.
  216. Another hour, another couple of erections. Slowly a buzz begins to ring inside my head, throbbing with every beat of my heart. My breath grows shallow as I watch Sis writhe like a snake - her generous body beckons me with its curves. I can't take it anymore. I run up to her and grab her hand, pulling her away from the ring. Sis moans slightly as the hands of the throng rub on her as we pass, but I don't care anymore. I have to have her. I pull her behind me into the men's bathroom.
  218. Inside a stall door swings open and Sis swings on my arm, falling onto her ass on the bowl. She shakes her head to brush her hair off her face, revealing a blushing, excited face. "Bro...! Are you finally gonna do it? In public?!" Her mouth, opening for the first time in hours, lets out a cloud of the stench of death itself. I sit in her lap and bury my tongue into her stinky mouth, probing her lips and slimy gums like a man in the desert gorging on a bottle of water. Her eyes spin as I wrestle with her tongue.
  220. I stand up again as I pull my belt open and slip my fingers inside her. She's dripping wet after hours spent teasing her audience - and me. Finally my rock-hard cock plops free, already begging for her warm touch. I position myself at her lips and thrust myself into her with one powerful stroke, her tiny skirt crumpled up, her almost non-existant panties pushed to the side. Sis moans as I do, her warm, wet insides caressing me all over. I bury my face into her breasts as I fuck her like an animal, ramming myself into her in a daze. Her lewd hole almost seems to slurp and gasp as I thrust into her.
  224. A flash draws our shadows onto the wall. I feel Sis' hole contract as she realizes we have an audience - the undulating walls bring me over the edge, gasping as my semen shoots inside her steaming-hot vagina. My lust for her is not satisfied. Instead, I keep pumping my semi-hard rope into her now doubly slimy hole even as more and more flashes flicker behind us. Sis pulls me into her soft, elastic flesh and rams her tongue inside my mouth. The roles reversed, she begins to slowly lift her hips on the bowl, caressing me in rhythm with my own thrusts.
  226. Sis' smell fill my mind as I feel myself harden inside her. It fills my head like a drug, turning me on harder and harder. Sis and I grind our hips together like monkeys in heat, egged on by the snapping cameras, my penis wallowing in my own semen as it probes her depths. The primal, inhuman lust brings her to another twitching orgasm, followed by another flood into her lewd hole. She moans in bliss even as I grow soft, leaning onto her body, gasping for breath. As our mutual moans quiet down, I can hear those of the audience.
  228. Minutes pass as Sis and I kiss, my hands quickly tracing her body back and forth, her meaty thighs, her fat butt, her relatively thin waist, her droopy, massive breasts - I run my hands back on forth on her body in a lusty trance. She squirms under me, with pleasure, as my second shot slowly seeps out of her. Suddenly I hear a groan from behind. One of our spectators must have come. I begin to harden again just as Sis looks me in the eye, her cheeks flushed with blood, her eyes twinkling with lust. She heard it too.
  232. Her tight, slimy, twitching grasp on me is no longer pure pleasure. My penis aches at the third almost consecutive round, but Sis' lustful, loving face keeps me going. Our third union is slower, more gentle. Our fingers intertwine and our lips come together in a gentle kiss, as if on a wedding night. We slowly slide against each other, lubricated by the fruits of our previous love. Sis breaks the kiss to blow directly into my nostrils, driving me almost insane for her. I pin her arms above her head, driving her wild.
  234. Sis kneads herself into me in the dizzying lights of the cameras. I stop, the stimulation now comes entirely from her twitching thrusts up at me. It brings me over the edge for a third and final time, and I collapse onto her sweaty body. I hug her tight as the groans, moans and flashes slowly die down. After a while the toilets are silent, the only sounds the beat of our hearts, the rasp of our breaths, the trickle of semen into the bowl. I slowly stand up and reach for some toilet paper to wipe us dry.
  236. I pull up my pants as Sis readjusts her microscopic thong to again barely cover her genitals. Behind us is a mess - the floor is covered in semen from who knows how many spectators. I grab her by the hand and tiptoe across the already liquified spatter on the floor. We make our way back to the cosplay floor and her bag of clothes - only to find her underwear soaked with semen. Everything that would touch her skin right down to her socks is encrusted white, and everything else is stained from the contact. She can't wear this. We have no choice.
  240. The way home is nothing if not embarrassing. Everyone stares at the voluptuous girl clad in the tiniest tube top imaginable and a microscopic miniskirt, looking, pointing, gossiping, on the train and on the street. Whore, slut, compensated dating... It's true that no good girl would go out dressed like this. Sis hunches over as she always does at school, but with no baggy uniform to hide her form, the enticing flesh remains fully visible. I hold her hand throughout the way, and slowly she seems to regain her composure. By the time we walk home from the station, she again stands upright, her desire to show herself overpowering the last shreds of her modesty. I wonder what this will lead to...
  246.    ***   **   ***
  248.     Komodo-oneechan's Day Job
  250. Sis' soft flesh ripples in the sweltering heat from the lights. Her arms are tied behind her back, her cheek pressed against the bed, her big ass hanging high in the air. A massive dildo protrudes from her anus, vibrating like a jackhammer. Her butt and thighs twitch erratically as she almost convulses in pleasure. A ululating moan escapes her slackening lips, her eyes seem to slowly lose their focus. I, on the other hand, focus the camera on them.
  252. I check the screen. One camera is focused on her lewd, leering, thoughtless face. Another sits just behind her, angled up at her hips with a close-up of her anus being ravaged by the vibrating dildo, so close to her unmolested vagina. Yet another sits to the side, watching her subtly slide on the cushions at her chest, squished under her weight. Everything seems set - I just have to hope she doesn't knock anything down during the day.
  254. The stream has gone for ten minutes now, and already more than a hundred people have tuned in to watch her torment. Likely we'll break a thousand, with luck two, for the big finale. I check my bag and blow Sis a kiss as I step out of the door and the gloom inside into the light. The bed and cameras take up most of the space in our tiny apartment, but at least we can pay for it - or, rather, she can. I just help her.
  258. A full day of lectures today - Sis will have to bear it for quite some time. She never did go on to study, and I'm not sure she even applied, for that matter. Every day she squirms and moans through the day on the bed, sometimes tied, sometimes masturbating. Every day a bit of money trickles into our account. We go on living, although not in luxury. The only problem is, sometimes I think of her during the day...
  260. The day drags on, until finally, after what seems like an eternity, I return to the door. As I open it, the lewd stench assaults my nostrils. The smell of her fetid breath fills the air, and I soon find the pillow drenched with her drool. Sis lies on her back, her legs spread wide, the giant dildo still inside her whirring on the bed. One rotor taped to her bust has come off, and the crotch-cam barely shows her.
  262. "Bro..." She moans at me in desperation. "Please...! Please fuck me already! I'm dying~!" It's still half an hour until our scheduled show - "Chubby Big Sister's Masochistic Blood-Related Orgasm Denial Creampie." I can't give it to her yet, or our fans will go nuts. Instead, I train the crotch-cam at her current position, capturing her lewd thighs spread wide. She twitches as if poisoned, her long, stinky tongue hanging long out of her mouth.
  266. Finally it is time. I slowly pull the vibrating chair leg out of Sis' huge ass as her face contorts to the camera in desperation and pleasure. Her arms are still tied - just as well, this way she can't hug me and hide her own body. That's what everyone wants to see, after all. I finger her drenched hole as I kiss her flabby stomach below her massive breasts. Every moan makes my penis twitch in the air. I'm almost as desperate for it as she is.
  268. I pull myself away to display her lewd body as I slowly enter her. She squeals in delight throughout the long thrust, until finally my hips connect with hers, knocking her ripe body forward. Her tongue hangs so loose it touches the pillow. I extend my arm to her mouth and grab her tongue. The lewd, wet muscle twitches in my hand as her walls tighten in shock and discomfort. I pull on it - and she twitches all around me.
  270. I bend back down to touch the tip of my tongue to hers as I begin to slowly thrust. She cranes her neck at me, trying to reach me for a kiss. Instead, I pull back and give her bulbous breast a light slap. She yelps as her flesh jiggles on her chest. It feels so wrong, but somehow good. My pace picks up by itself and soon I ram myself into her like an animal, her soft thighs pressing into my chest, jiggling with every slap.
  274. Sis degenerates into a quivering, orgasming pile of flesh under me, moaning, grunting, drooling as I pound myself into her. The hypnotic jiggle of her breasts with every slam of my hips, the muffled vibrations through her fleshy thighs, the wet tightness inside her - all combine to drive me over the edge. I keep thrusting through my orgasm, humping Sis' soft flesh until it becomes painful. Only then do I pull out and turn the camera to her gaping hole.
  276. The camera watches my liquid, mixed with hers, dribble out of her body. I climb onto her to kiss her as the camera watches her hole drain onto the sheets. I open the knot behind her back and her arms shoot out to embrace me. Sis kneads me into her soft, flabby body with all her might. "I love you, Bro! I wish we could stay together all day~..." She moans in bliss, forgetting all the cameras trained on us as she hugs and kisses me.
  278. Her smell overwhelms me, filling my brain with her sensations. Her soft touch, her sweet words, and her rancid stench combine to fill me with lust. I too forget the cameras and blindly drive my new erection at her crotch. Finally we find each other and I resume pumping into my sister's slimy hole. Only now, instead of a staged show for the audience, they get a rare glimpse of us, wrapped around each other like the lovers that we are.
  284.    ***   ***   ***
  286.     Komodo-oneechan's Summer
  288. The dark forest is suddenly filled by an electric whirr. I look up to see a bright crack in the hillside - excited oohs and ahs grow more clear with every second. One by one, I see shadows step up to the edge. The lights inside blanket the woods all around us, and it is only a matter of time until they notice us. Sis' massive wet tongue coils around me faster and harder. Then the voice of a young girl cries out: "Oh, look! There's a couple down there!"
  290. Sis deepthroats me like a piston - her strokes are as long and drawn-out as possible. With every stroke she lets my head rest in the cool night air on top of her warm tongue. Then, suddenly as a thunderclap, she rams herself onto me. The warm flesh of her mouth and throat paints a stark contrast with the fresh breeze, and I cannot contain myself. I moan and shudder as Sis gives me one slow, dramatic push after another. I hear voices gasp and giggle, and a second, deeper voice seems to bark and speaks up: "She's deepthroating him! That's so lewd!"
  292. Sis is in ecstacy. She can't keep up the show and instead buries her face in my groin. My hands instinctively grasp her frizzled hair and my hips try to push me even deeper inside her throat. My back arcs, I am suspended by my shoulders on the tree and my toes on the forest floor. The darkness around me disappears in a flash of light as Sis' lewd mouth brings me to orgasm. Just as my eyes begin to again adjust to the darkness, a massive flame roars out of the crack. The entire forest is lit for an instant, and a high-pitched voice screams: "G-g-get out of my forest, you fa-fa-FATTY!"
  294.    *   *   *
  296. The evening had begun like many others. Sis lounged around the house in her underwear, sweaty and bored. Suddenly she perked up and told me to get dressed while she got something from her room. She wanted to escape the heat into the dark night, but I could tell she had something else in mind. Mom and dad had been home all week, and we could only do it at school. I wanted it almost as bad as she did, and I became erect as I saw the packet outlined through her pocket.
  298. This time we went to a small patch of forest within walking distance of our house. It was too late to take a train, and we couldn't be away for long anyway. So we walked, hand in hand at first, then hand in jeans once we were out of sight, until Sis swung me around and pushed me against a tree. She pushed her big, stinky tongue into my mouth as soon as my back was against the bark. The taste and the smell filled my head with the familiar mixture of revulsion and lust. It was like a powerfully aged cheese.
  300. Sis' massive breasts pushed into my chest like warm pillows as she violated my mouth and her unkempt bangs caressed my face. Finally she retreated - her massive tongue hung limp and lewd, glistening in the darkness. Then, without breaking eye contact, she fell to her knees and began to dig around for my penis. It swung, throbbing, into her face as I was transfixed by her colossal hips and ass. I felt myself harden, if possible, even more as she gave it a tentative lick.
  302.    *   *   *
  304. We run through the woods as another and then a third jet of flame light up the darkness. The girl's outraged yells grow dimmer with every step, and before long we can no longer hear her. Sis leans onto a tree, panting like a dog, trying to catch her breath. Her massive ass is barely visible, but I can see enough of it to get hard again. Sis sounds like she's about to vomit - running has never been her thing. I'm surprised she came so far so fast, but I imagine the flames had something to do with it.
  306. Finally she calms down. As she begins to rise, I push into her from behind. She gives a sharp yelp as I push her hips into the tree. My erection presses almost painfully into her huge butt as my weight smooshes her massive breasts against the tree. I sniff her hair - it smells like her sweat, and the scent of her drool wafts into my nose around her head. I can't control myself anymore. I reach around her to open her jeans and pull them down.
  308. "Bro... What are you...?" Sis pants at me as I edge her panties down, just low enough to slip my penis between her legs. "Bro...! The condoms...!" Her voice is worried, but also excited, almost delighted. I'm not going to put it in. I slide it between her buttocks, then between her thighs. Well, as deep as it can go. With all that ass in the way, I'm barely out of her butt before my base hits her soft flesh.
  312. I begin to pump myself into her. My hands climb up and down her front, teasing her pudgy belly and her magnificent breasts through her t-shirt. She moans as I draw lazy circles into her bust, slowly and rhythmically thrusting into her buttcrack at the same time. Her flesh surrounds me - only my frenulum makes occasional contact with the cotton of her panties. The smooth, moist fabric makes me shiver as I grind along it.
  314. "Bro, please! I can't feel this...!" Sis complains as I pleasure myself with her body. My penis is not nearly long enough to reach her slit from this angle. Still, I can't stop. Her crack gets more slippery with every droplet of precum I dribble into it and spread around with my piston. It mixes with her sweat, and soon I can hump her buttocks like an animal. Sis moans in desperation as her butt and bust are jiggled by my dick and hands.
  316. My pace is now frantic. It's almost as if I tried to impregnate her ass. My arms wrap tight around Sis' belly as I begin to ejaculate. The pleasure is too much, I cannot stop, I keep on humping her even as the semen spreads all around her butt. Finally I grind to a halt. I pull my hips away from her and we both spend a moment panting in unison. Then, as she still gasps for air, I pull her panties up with her buttocks still coated in semen.
  320. It's already late. We have to hurry home. Sis is too tired to walk by herself, and instead she leans onto me as she stumbles forward. "Bro...?" She almost whispers to me as we approach the street. "I didn't get to come..." I know, Sis. I'll make it up to you the next time we get a moment alone. "No, I mean..." She cranes her neck to whisper it in my ear: "I sort of liked it... Do you want to try something like that again?" What a question! Of course I do.
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