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  1. 3 Random semi-related Articles and 1 Thought Provoking Clip From the World :
  3. ARTICLE 1
  5. Japan foresaw possible Fukushima meltdown from day one: documents - ReutersReuters – 22 mins ago
  7. Tokyo Electric Power Co (TEPCO)'s President Toshio Nishizawa speaks to reporters after his meeting with Fukushima Prefecture Governor Yuhei Sato at the latter's office in Fukushima,
  9. northern Japan March 9, 2012. Nishizawa visited the governor ahead of the one-year anniversary since the Fukushima Daiichi plant was wrecked by a quake and tsunami last March, triggering
  11. the world's worst nuclear crisis in a quarter of a century and swamping the firm with huge clean-up, compensation and decommissioning costs. REUTERS/Yuriko NakaoEnlarge Photo
  13. TOKYO (Reuters) - Japan's government foresaw the possibility of a meltdown at the Fukushima nuclear power plant hours after a huge tsunami smashed into it, according to cabinet minutes
  15. released on Friday, although it took officials more than a month to acknowledge it.
  17. The earthquake and tsunami on March 11 knocked out cooling systems at Tokyo Electric Power Co's (Tepco) Fukushima Daiichi plant, triggering the world's worst nuclear accident since
  19. Chernobyl in Ukraine in 1986.
  21. "Cooling functions still in service are those run by batteries. They will last eight hours," a summary of the first emergency cabinet meeting, four hours after the quake, quoted an
  23. unidentified participant as saying.
  25. "If core temperatures in the reactors remain on the rise for more than eight hours, there is a possibility that meltdown may occur."
  27. A Trade Ministry official who acted as a government spokesman after the disaster struck was replaced after he mentioned the possibility of meltdown on March 12.
  29. It was not until May that Tepco acknowledged that a meltdown of fuel rods appeared to have occurred, sparking criticism that the operator and officials were playing down the severity of
  31. the accident.
  33. Tepco now believes that three of the six reactors at the plant, 240 km (150 miles) northeast of Tokyo, suffered fuel meltdown.
  35. The minutes were released two days before the first anniversary of the disaster that left 19,000 dead or missing.
  37. Other entries in minutes of emergency cabinet meetings show confusion and disagreement among top leaders as Japan faced its deepest crisis since World War Two.
  39. "Who is the leader of the actual operation?" Yoshihiro Katayama, internal affairs minister at the time, told a March 15 meeting of the Nuclear Emergency Response headquarters.
  41. "I've got too many unintelligible demands and requests. No one is holding the reins."
  43. On March 14, then-Prime Minister Naoto Kan spoke of a consensus among specialists that a 20-km evacuation zone around the plant was sufficient. He was challenged by Koichiro Gemba,
  45. national strategy minister at the time, who pointed out contradicting views.
  47. Gemba, whose constituency is in Fukushima, told a different meeting: "This is war. We only win or lose. We are already losing in some battles. But the important thing is how we manage to
  49. limit our loss."
  51. (Reporting by Kiyoshi Takenaka; Editing by; Ron Popeski)
  55. [[[ *** RESPONSE *** ]]]
  57. Trying to save face? Or retro-gressively qualifying Japanese expertise? The most disappointing thing was the lack of even the simplest robotics to handle these problems. I saw Robocop in
  59. th 1980s, then 3 decades later, the Japanese do not even have anything like 'ED209' to repair the damaged plant and avoid radiation. Instead its 1940s again with Kamikaze TEPCO workers,
  61. and old ones at that. Nothing changed since the first nukes in Hiroshima and Nagasaki in that case. Japs are a bunch of wankers who might as well didnt progress since 19040s tech. From
  63. the looks of it all the Japs did was play lapdog to the West and churn out lots of interesting cartoons. Japan is a media house, propaganda outfit,  not a sovereign country.
  67. ARTICLE 2
  69. Misogyny in comics
  71. Superheroes need rescuing from sexism - by Ned Beauman - Monday 30 July 2007 14.09 BST
  73. I really want to stand up for graphic storytelling, and I'll be doing so in a series of blog posts starting today. But comics' representation of women can make this very hard.
  75. Menaced by outdated attitudes ... the controversial cover of Marvel Comics' Heroes for Hire
  77. Sometimes, defending superhero comics' right to a place in mainstream culture is like defending a sozzled, lecherous uncle's right to a wedding invitation. I dearly love them, but I'm
  79. ashamed of them, too. This year, for instance, three tawdry incidents have left DC Comics and Marvel Comics, the "Big Two", facing accusations of misogyny from even their most ardent
  81. fans.
  83. First and worst was the case of "Mary Jane Watson: slutty housewife", when Marvel released a statuette of Spiderman's girlfriend bending over to pull his costume out of a laundry pail,
  85. showing off maximum cleavage and thong. Soon after came two issues of monthly comics with irredeemable front covers: Heroes For Hire #13 showed three busty superheroes menaced by an
  87. alien insect called the Brood, which many saw as a deliberate reference to the "tentacle rape" genre of Japanese manga comics; Justice League of America #10, meanwhile, showed Power Girl
  89. with breasts that were surreally oversized even by comics' regrettable standards.
  91. Superhero comics have always been plagued with sexism. Back in the 60s, the problem was marginalisation - just as every black superhero had to have "black" in his name, female
  93. superheroes were called something like Shrinking Violet or Invisible Girl, and certainly knew their place.
  95. These days, there are lots more strong women in comics. But marginalisation has been replaced by objectification: female characters get stuck with implausible curves, skimpy costumes,
  97. and stripper poses. Then there's Women in Refrigerators syndrome - the way male writers seem happy to make violence against women (often sexual violence) into a cheap plot device.
  99. This year's scandals have left a lot of fans wondering if real progress will ever be made. But, on the bright side, they've helped rally together a network of passionate feminist
  101. bloggers and critics who are sick of Marvel and DC behaving like teenage boys. Sites like When Fangirls Attack and Girls Read Comics and They're Pissed have made the sexism debate
  103. impossible to ignore - and although Marvel refused to back down over Mary Jane or Heroes For Hire, the Power Girl backlash led DC to revise that cover, reducing her cup size from
  105. Inconceivable to merely Absurd.
  107. Except, actually, that's not really such a victory, is it? There's still a very long way to go - and you might feel that, if you want to see female characters treated with any respect by
  109. their creators, the male-dominated world of superhero comics is just not for you. But there are exceptions.
  111. Two of Marvel's most entertaining writers - Buffy creator Joss Whedon and Lost staff writer Brian K Vaughn - have casts full of believable women. (Try Whedon's Astonishing X Men Volume
  113. 1: Gifted or Vaughn's Runaways Volume 1: Pride and Joy.) But perhaps the greatest female superhero of recent years is Brian Michael Bendis's Jessica Jones. Formerly a flying crime-
  115. fighter called Jewel, Jones hangs up her cape to become a private investigator. For more than 40 issues - now collected in a series of paperbacks starting with Alias Volume 1 - Bendis
  117. took us inside her head, creating one of the bravest, wittiest and most sensitive portraits of a female character that superhero comics have ever seen.
  119. Plus, she had a realistic body and didn't try to battle evil in a gold bikini and stiletto heels. But even that wasn't what really shocked fans. Jessica Jones had a particular superpower
  121. that was so alien, so incomprehensible, so disturbing, that barely a single male comics writer had ever dared to depict it before. Wonder Woman or Storm may save the world twice a day,
  123. but they'd never admit this terrifying secret. That's right: Jessica Jones actually had a menstrual cycle.
  125. The best new graphic novel: The Poor Bastard. Out in a couple of weeks from Jonathan Cape, Joe Matt's graphic novel is more autoflagellation than autobiography: laying bare the neurotic
  127. author's idleness, pornography addiction, and brainless pursuit of every "exotic" woman he meets, it's an uncomfortable, hilarious read. Maybe sexism in comics isn't all bad.
  129. A (less than) intrepid Guardian blogger, helping you keep abreast of the Misituation in comic bookland.
  131. This year, for instance, three tawdry incidents have left DC Comics and Marvel Comics, the “Big Two”, facing accusations of misogyny from even their most ardent fans.
  133. First and worst was the case of “Mary Jane Watson: slutty housewife”, when Marvel released a statuette of Spiderman’s girlfriend bending over to pull his costume out of a laundry pail,
  135. showing off maximum cleavage and thong. Soon after came two issues of monthly comics with irredeemable front covers: Heroes For Hire #13 showed three busty superheroes menaced by an
  137. alien insect called the Brood, which many saw as a deliberate reference to the “tentacle rape” genre of Japanese manga comics; Justice League of America #10, meanwhile, showed Power Girl
  139. with breasts that were surreally oversized even by comics’ regrettable standards.
  141. This is a real problem here. How are our young Hollywood starlets and porn stars supposed to feel when they realize their legs are never going to comprise 66% of their body, their eyes
  143. will never cover three eightths of their face, and with a waist that small there’s actually no place to store your vital organs?  If comic books make life shit for our starlets and porn
  145. women, just think of how shitty your daughters, mothers, and sisters will feel when they realize a lower back tattoo just ain’t enough for either a pimply-faced teen or the stock broker
  147. he’ll become. But seriously. Ew. She looks…. pathological.
  151. [[[ *** RESPONSE *** ]]]
  153. Nop. Actually this means that sexy is not the sole preserve of porn or sex workers and that on main street, though not all offices where actual work is done, sexy is making a comeback in
  155. gentrified form. Whats so misogynistic, especially when no-touching rules apply? Strippers while entirely naked shouldn't be a turn on even, being more a a background of sorts for the
  157. tired subconscious. Lapdancing with actual contact, especially the naked form (the clothed form also but depending on the need of the use, some enjoy the tactile sensation, while others
  159. are there for actual orgasmic titillation) yes. But even then misogyny should also be given appropriate space for expression. Tentacle rape as a concept (maybe they will have a likely
  161. 'SPCA condemnable' tank filled with Octopi and squid - the Japs were way ahead of us here - ) by the way is more like multiple massage, much like maturbation is also massage, save for
  163. the climax. Comics ALONE are hardly misigynistic and is having fun and places were this sort of thing is pathological, the writer of the above article has yet to make that difference it
  165. seems. Which Ayatollah or Taliban village or Militant Feminist was the writer brought up with anyway? Ew? You need to pump up abit with the real men.
  167. Pity Randy Savage is already 'dead' (or retired perhaps? lets exhume . . . bwahaha) . . . though we hope that an 'Idiocracyland' Theme park franchise will reach the place where 'George'
  169. lives so he learns to appreciate a 'Gentleman's Latte' and identifies with the 'Dildo Monster Truck' that Randy Savage . . . I mean 'Beef Supreme' was supposed to die in. Some of us
  171. don't grow as much chest hair or facial hair as George, heck some even are confident enough to purposely grow b1tch t1t5 while manning it up in all other manners (if there is no sabotage
  173. otherwise), or are so GAY inclined yet 'Spartacus' manly, but here's a flaming domesticated/henpecked metrosexual writing 'soft' and whining about how misogynstic the to put it in Rush
  175. Limbaugh's terms 'b1tch3s and tw@t5'. You keep at it Limbaugh! Can't please everyone and you made clear which demographic your programme is for, no need to apologise, tell them to shut
  177. up and teach people that comic books are for kids, not whining about how misogynstic the characters are.
  181. ARTICLE 3
  183. Bill Maher Defends Rush Limbaugh's "Apology" - Mar 7, 2012 04:35 PM by Jess Dweck
  185. Rush Limbaugh and comedian Bill Maher are pretty far apart on the political spectrum. So, it was surprising to see Maher come to the defense of the right-wing radio demagogue for his
  187. offensive remarks about birth-control advocate Sandra Fluke.
  189. Maher tweeted yesterday… 'Hate to defend #RushLimbaugh but he apologized, liberals looking bad not accepting. Also hate intimidation by sponsor pullout.'
  191. Listen, I like Bill Maher. He's a great political satirist. But it's hard not to cringe when when he drops a c-bomb or calls female politicians like Sarah Palin a "dumb twat" and a
  193. "bimbo." (Although, to be fair, Palin is totally a bimbo.)
  195. Is this some kind of liberal double standard? Not at all. I'd rather have someone call me a bitch than treat me like one. And I'd much rather have someone call me a slut than deny me
  197. affordable health care.
  199. Let's take the misogyny out of political commentary and keep it where it belongs — almost everywhere else in politics.
  201. Photo by Michael Buckner/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images
  205. [[[ *** RESPONSE *** ]]]
  207. Titch. In 'Misogynic Language' the term bimbo and dumb twat is ONLY given to likeable and F-able women. Don't apologise and be a faux-b1tch to the actual b1tche5 or a faux-tw@t to the
  209. actual tw@ts. Bill, Rush and the rest of the Machomen have chosen their preferred demographic, so like any Porn or Adult Channel, will the children and non-bimbosstop watching, then crying and whining later about misogyny? This apology is WEAK. Limbaugh, take that apology back and just drop those who can't identify with OUR demographic. To each their own. Though do put up that (Real Men and Manly Lesbians - Misogynists Only Warning at the front of your programme, everyone else can go play with Jane the Plain, no ffense to Jane Does, or any non-bimbos.)
  213. CLIP 1
  215. Santorum, I mean Nicholas Cage . . . I mean Nicholas Cage playing Castor Troy . . . just watch the clip lol.
  219. The above was intended for :
  222. but since the site was unavailable, I posted here . . .
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