Clean Slate

Jul 1st, 2015
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  1. Throughout the course of Mortal Souls, the party will encounter a traveling merchant known as Clean Slate. While he is a slightly eccentric pony, he is more than happy to sell items to those that have the coin, as well as buying and trading for other curiosities the party may find. He carries the following items in his caravan:
  3. No-Bake bags X15 - 9C each (8/purchase)
  4. Hard flat biscuits that expand into loaves of bread when exposed to heat. A staple of any adventurer's diet, and often used in conjunction with Fire Beads when camping.
  5. Eating them in their biscuit form is usually fatal.
  7. Fire Bead jar - 3S each (20/purchase)
  8. A jar of small glass orbs about 3cm in diameter that upon closer inspection appear to have a tiny orange flame burning brightly inside them. Burst into flame when thrown at a solid object or struck with a tool.
  9. Often used to start campfires or ward off lesser creatures.
  11. Oil Urns x10 - 4S
  12. A glass urn filled with oil. Shatters on impact, leaving the target coated in oil and extremely susceptible to fire.
  13. Near-useless on its own, but with a little creativity could be used for a great many things.
  15. Dyes - 1G
  16. Phials of liquid dyes used for changing the colors of clothes. Includes a disparity of colors from across the spectrum.
  18. Telescope - 1G
  19. A rare craft which uses warped glass to allow the user to see far-off distances clearly. Most likely created in the Machine City Vathis, where such contraptions are commonplace.
  20. Try as they might, all the sages in the Machine City Vathis combined could never reach the stars. Crafts such as these allow one to see them more clearly, perhaps to grant hope.
  22. Thunder Rune Stone x5 - 1G each
  23. A smooth gray oblong stone engraved with glowing yellow runes. Creates a deafening noise upon impact.
  24. These enchanted stones are another of the famous Syro's many creations. Nobody knows just why he made this contraption, but they are commonly used as a cruel prank. With a bit of brains, they could also be used as a diversion.
  26. Clothing - 1-5G depending on the clothes
  27. An assortment of different colored clothes of varying quality. Mostly made from sturdy leather and quilting, although the most lavish of clothes contain rarer materials such as satin or velvet.
  29. Skull of the Soothsayer - 2G
  30. A wooden replica of a pony skull with clear gems in the eye sockets that glow with arcane power. Ask the skull a question to receive a cryptic answer from beyond.
  31. In truth, this is meant as an amusement more than a real tool for divination. It only has a low chance of truly giving an insightful answer; most of the time, it will cast aspersions on its wielder or merely make an incredibly low-caliber joke.
  33. Birdsong Tales - 2G
  34. A thick, faded blue book. Transcribed from the Briom scrolls by Asuandil of Geldra, it is filled with traditional folk stories, an important part of Rinish culture.
  36. Sarnath Repeating Crossbow - 3G
  37. >Dual/Ranged, can only hit 1 target, DC+1 to hit
  38. A weapon favored by certain mercenaries in Sarnath. Its elaborate design makes it closer to a work of art than a weapon.
  39. The intricate mechanism makes heavy damage possible through the firing of two bolts at once, but in fact each bolt inflicts less damage.
  41. Candle of Truth - 30G
  42. A long candle made of green glass. The light it gives off does strange things to colors, making them incredibly vivid. White becomes bright as fresh snow, yellow gleams like gold, red turns to flame, and shadows become so black that they look like holes in the world.
  43. Anyone caught in the light of this candle will find themselves unable to tell a lie of any kind. The effect lasts for exactly one hour before the candle burns out and returns the area to normal. If the candle is snuffed before the time expires, the effect wears off and the candle is ruined forever.
  45. Vorticular Greatshield - 35G
  46. >shield, +1 to attack rolls
  47. >Instant Automatic skill, recharge 2; change from Shield to Dual, or vice versa
  48. An ornate circular shield forged of solid brass. Flanged with broad toothlike serrations, and mounted on a handle of sorts.
  49. This strange contraption is as effective at defending as it is as a weapon. The shield can be made to spin at a frightening velocity, the serrations on its edge tearing flesh and other materials into shreds
  51. Babble Rocks - 40G
  52. Three smooth white stones, perfectly spherical in shape. They distort the holder's voice into incomprehensible gibberish to anyone around them. The only way to understand them is to hold one of the other stones in the set.
  53. A mystical item created by the famed inventor Syro. These stones are much older than they appear, having been made on request of King Lorn II in the Ninth Cycle.
  54. King Lorn was notoriously paranoid of his enemies, and wished for a safe way to communicate with the few he trusted. In the end, however, his death came not from the swords of his enemies, but from the dagger of his closest ally.
  56. Compass of Want - 50G
  57. An enchanted one-of-a-kind wooden compass from Ibergal. Does not point north, but instead points directly towards the wielder's greatest desire.
  58. A strange yet highly useful contraption by all means. One should be wary to follow it, as the object of their desire may not be what they deserve.
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