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  1. [01:07:48] <Nephene> As promised, she's up quite early, window shopping, and checking the opening time.
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  4. [01:08:10] * Henry is setting up his shop for the day. He takes his closed sign down and is sweeping the floor of his small shop. Really, it's the front of the little cottage he bought.
  5. [01:08:46] * Nephene knocks.
  6. [01:09:12] <Henry> "Hm? Come in, please!" he calls out, taking the broom over and setting it aside.
  7. [01:10:56] * Nephene opens up the door, and takes a look around. "You're up early."
  8. [01:13:10] <Henry> The inside of the store is rather quaint. He has a few articles of clothing hung up on display, not too many yet as he hasn't the money to fill his entire store yet. Shelves are lined up almost everywhere, though, and curious little wind-up mechanisms are lined up on them. There's a desk set up near the door, as well as a loom and chair in the corner, and a table in the back with a sewing
  9. [01:13:11] <Henry> kit open. On the other side of the room, there is a box-like booth with a curtain on the front, presumably for changing clothes.
  10. [01:13:45] <Henry> "And so are you, my good madam. Welcome to Levanny's Envy! How may I help you today?"
  11. [01:14:51] <Nephene> "Well, about what we discussed last time..."
  12. [01:15:23] <Henry> "Yes, you'd like me to prepare a new outfit for your pleasure? I certainly can do."
  13. [01:15:51] <Henry> "Or was there something else on that note?"
  14. [01:17:26] <Nephene> "That was really it. Most of what I have looks the same."
  15. [01:17:33] <Nephene> "Never could afford something tailored."
  16. [01:17:44] <Nephene> "Or walk that far just to get such an outfit, really."
  17. [01:18:23] <Henry> "I do hope my prices are to your tastes, then." he smiles broadly. "Now then, any preferences? Details, colors, fabric?"
  18. [01:19:04] <Henry> "Would you prefer something modest, or perhaps lower cut for a more casual wear?"
  19. [01:19:52] <Nephene> "Lower cut? Oh, um...."
  20. [01:20:11] <Nephene> "...I don't think I'll be going for that."
  21. [01:20:19] <Nephene> "Colors just seem to be....anything but brown."
  22. [01:20:26] <Henry> "Very well!"
  23. [01:21:24] <Nephene> "What do you think? You're an expert on this."
  24. [01:21:27] * Henry studies Nephene for a moment. "And other preferences? Hm... would you like me to perhaps just use my imagination to fashion you a new look?"
  25. [01:21:31] <Nephene> "I'll leave the cut, color, and fabric to you."
  26. [01:21:39] <Henry> "Excellent, then."
  27. [01:21:39] * Nephene nods. "I trust you."
  28. [01:22:00] <Henry> "First, I'll need to take your measurements."
  29. [01:23:15] * Henry beckons as he heads over to a small stool.
  30. [01:25:14] * Nephene nods, and stands on the stool.
  31. [01:26:04] * Henry gets out a measuring tape and begins to circle it around her in various places, taking note of the various curvatures of her body. He is quick, however, and professional. He doesn't linger in awkward spots for more than it takes to get the measurement.
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  33. [01:27:12] * Henry finishes up quickly.
  34. [01:27:19] <Henry> "Excellent, that should be it."
  35. [01:28:11] <Henry> "I know you asked me to decide for you, but this is important for the pricing. Would you like a normal quality dress, or a finer piece?"
  36. [01:28:42] <Nephene> "Honestly, I think I need a normal one to start. The inn really isn't too fancy, and I need something that I can move around in."
  37. [01:28:49] <Nephene> "Durable, to an extent."
  38. [01:28:57] * Henry nods. "Very well, then!"
  39. [01:31:00] <Henry> "I'll get to work right away. Excuse me a moment."
  40. [01:32:20] * Nephene sits on a nearby chair, and gets comfortable.
  41. [01:33:26] <Henry> (One moment)
  42. [01:35:52] <Henry> It seems like only moments pass, but eventually he gets this done:
  43. [01:35:56] <Henry>
  44. [01:36:06] <Henry> With the dress part appended to be longer to suit the tastes of the time
  45. [01:36:26] <Henry> "Hm..."
  46. [01:36:53] <Henry> "What do you think?"
  47. [01:37:12] <Henry> He holds the dress up for you to see.
  48. [01:37:28] <Nephene> "Hm. Interesting. I think I'd prefer sleeves, but I can definitely see myself wearing this."
  49. [01:37:43] <Henry> "I can fix that, if you like!"
  50. [01:38:05] <Nephene> "This is fine! I'll see how it fits, first."
  51. [01:38:14] * Henry nods and hands it over.
  52. [01:38:32] <Henry> "The changing booth is right over there."
  53. [01:41:29] * Nephene walks into the changing booth, still continuing to make casual conversation. "What's the material?"
  54. [01:42:34] * Savage is now known as Garlyle
  55. [01:43:11] <Henry> (I don't actually know. <:3 One moment)
  56. [01:47:12] * Nephene comes out of the booth, adjusting both the flower on the belly of the dress, and the ribbon at the back.
  57. [01:48:11] <Henry> "It's 'oxford', a soft but durable cotton blend."
  58. [01:48:48] <Nephene> "Comfortable."
  59. [01:49:27] <Henry> "Is it?" he looks over you a few times. "You look quite nice, I must say. Is it to your liking?"
  60. [01:50:12] * Nephene nods. "I think I could get used to this."
  61. [01:51:45] * Henry smiles brilliantly. "Excellent, excellent. Let me know if you find anything to your disliking with the design, and I'll fix it at no extra charge."
  62. [01:53:02] <Henry> "As for the price, that will be 950. Will you be wearing it out of the store?"
  63. [01:54:08] <Nephene> "What made you choose the things you did, anyway?"
  64. [01:54:32] * Nephene counts out a few hundred-denomination coins, leaving the extra as a tip.
  65. [01:56:57] <Henry> He tips his hat in gratitude. "You needed something durable, yes? But you work hard all day serving customers, it wouldn't do if it were uncomfortable, so I made sure to have it extra soft. The design itself removes the sleeves for extra mobility if you're having to carry larger orders. The flower? I thought it was a nice touch."
  66. [01:57:13] <Nephene> "And the color?"
  67. [01:57:40] <Henry> "I think it helps highlight your hair and eyes."
  68. [01:58:05] <Henry> "Striking shade of blue, really."
  69. [01:59:53] * Henry continues smiling.
  70. [02:02:22] * Nephene smiles. "Here you are, then. 1000."
  71. [02:02:43] <Henry> "Thank you very much for your generosity, and I hope I have the pleasure of serving you again."
  72. [02:02:59] * Henry takes the money, setting it aside in his lockbox.
  73. [02:04:12] <Henry> "Remember, if there's anything you don't like, feel free to bring it back by. I'm sure the new look will attract the right kind of attention, but you never know, hm? I also do mending..."
  74. [02:09:14] <Nephene> "Should be handy. Wear and tear comes with the job."
  75. [02:11:04] * Henry nods. "I hope you enjoy your new dress, then. You look stunning in my opinion, and I have an absolutely keen eye for beauty. You have yourself a wonderful day, Nephene, and come back anytime."
  76. [02:11:16] * Henry gets back to sweeping his shop.
  77. [02:11:26] * Nephene chuckles. "Take care of yourself. Going to stop by tonight?"
  78. [02:11:47] <Henry> "Of course! I might even try that Blood Cherrim Tonic I keep hearing about..."
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  80. [02:14:26] <Nephene> "It's great. Fairly light as far as alcohol goes, but the Cherrim flavoring is quite strong."
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  82. [02:14:35] <Nephene> "Rather sweet, too."
  83. [02:15:10] <Henry> "Sounds delicious. I think I will, then."
  84. [02:17:02] * BB_ ( Quit (Ping timeout)
  85. [02:18:16] <Nephene> "I'll see you then. Thanks -so- much for the dress."
  86. [02:18:22] <Nephene> "It's nice to finally have something new."
  87. [02:19:46] <Henry> "Mhm. And thank you! And maybe that won't be the only thing, hm? Since I told Raven I'd be volunteering to help out, I was thinking..."
  88. [02:21:06] <Henry> "I realize I have a business here, but it's been a little... slow so far. I keep finding myself fairly idle. If you show me the ropes, maybe I could find time to help Barkeep watch you inn while you're out?"
  89. [02:21:12] <Henry> *your
  90. [02:22:22] <Henry> "I'm not expecting anything in return, I just know from experience what it's like to be cooped up all day when a lot is expected of you."
  91. [02:22:38] <Nephene> "I'll...."
  92. [02:22:42] <Nephene> "I'll think about it."
  93. [02:23:03] <Nephene> "The customers can be quite demanding at times, and it's not just a matter of manning the counter."
  94. [02:23:10] <Henry> "Hm..."
  95. [02:23:15] <Nephene> "There's guests in the rooms you have to take care of, too."
  96. [02:23:34] <Henry> "Well, I'm not trying to downplay the skill level of your job by any stretch..."
  97. [02:24:12] <Henry> He shrugs. "So maybe I wouldn't be cut out to help. But I wanted to offer anyway."
  98. [02:25:38] <Nephene> "Maybe during the less hectic hours."
  99. [02:27:12] <Henry> "Since you expressed your desire to get out and help others as well, I couldn't help but think of the caged songbird who sings her songs, but yearns for freedom... Ah, nevermind. I really am getting far too ahead of myself these days. I apologize. I would probably be horrible at your job and my own shop would be unattended in the meantime."
  100. [02:27:53] <Nephene> "I appreciate the concern, though."
  101. [02:27:55] * Nephene smiles.
  102. [02:28:00] * Henry tips his hat.
  103. [02:28:08] <Henry> "Have a pleasant day, now."
  104. [02:28:57] * Nephene nods. "See you tonight."
  105. [02:29:07] <Henry> "Indeed."
  106. [02:29:13] * Nephene turns to leave, and returns to the inn.
  107. [02:33:33] * Henry tends his shop for the rest of the day, fairly bored.
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