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Dragon Lewd

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  1. You're scared, far more scared than you've ever been. And the reason is simple; You've been abducted. Some time during the night there was a tremendous crash in your room, you woke up with a shout to see a hole in your roof and a dark silhouette hovering there before it pounced on you leaving you no time to scream before the blackness took you.
  3. You woke up to find yourself chained to a rock wall by your hands at first you shouted for help but after a short time you gave it up as futile. Looking around you could see a gentle shimmering, of what you aren't sure but there was just enough of a glow to figure out you were in some sort of a room.
  5. Something shifts under your feet when you move, making a clinking sound. You think you might know where you are and that knowledge does nothing to soothe your thoughts. You hear a sound approaching and to your fear heightened sense it seems both loud and foreboding. It grows closer and closer until finally you can see the same silhouette that took you from your home.
  7. You go to speak but are cut off as the figure acts. A jet of flame eye blindingly bright in its intensity erupts illuminating the cavern. You close your eyes thinking this is the end. After a few seconds pass and there is no searing pain or smell of burnt flesh you again open your eyes to your surroundings revealed to you.
  9. You look on in awe at the vast piles of gold and silver coins around you, mixed in with other luxurious items such as gems weapons and even clothing, it's all strewn haphazardly around this small cavern like room. You hear a low chuckle from a few feet in front of you now. Slowly you move your eyes to the source and your breathing stops in wonder.
  11. Standing there is a creature you thought you'd never see. Pale creamy skin curvy hips and full breast meet your eyes before your gaze is drawn to the figures face. Beautiful red eyes stare at you and they are attached to a face that could quite possibly be perfection its self. However, it is the black scales that cover her arms and legs that garner your attention next.
  13. It's a Dragon and not just any. Its a Black Dragon. There is a loud snap that startles you as her wings open allowing you to see her full glory. the drake finally speaks her voice sounding like smoke and honey.
  15. "Do you like what you see boy?"
  17. You can only nod, too afraid to do much else. Those red eyes still watch you, a grin forming on her beautiful red lips.
  19. "Good." She says stepping closer to you
  21. It's then you notice something else. She is completely nude. You look away as blood rushes downward, trying to stall your dick from reacting to this sight.
  23. You're understandably startled when she reaches you and her clawed hand moves and grabs your face, turning it so you look at her.
  25. "Don't look away from me boy." Though she says it with a smile there is an undertone of danger to it.
  27. She continues to speak. "You know I have waited months for this, watching you, following you. Ever since I first saw you I couldn't remove you from my thoughts." Her red eyes bore into yours.
  29. "Who is he? Where does he go? Why is he here?" Her faces inches closer to yours and you are unable to pull away as her hot breath washes over your face.
  31. "Finally I decided enough was enough, you're in my territory and that makes you mine. And so I will have you." Its here that she captures your lips with her own, you gasp in surprise but that only gives her incentive to thrust her tongue against yours and begin violating your mouth.
  33. As the battle of tongues happens her hand trails down your chest before landing on the tent in your boxers. She pulls away with a throaty chuckle.
  35. "Is this just from a kiss boy? How shameful." You try to protest and then flinch as she grabs the fabric covering your crotch and tears with away with a savage yank.
  37. Your cock springs forth, poking her stomach and leaving a smear of pre. She smirks at you as she runs a clawed finger through it before flicking her tongue out to taste it "Only a kiss and you're already leaking? What a lewd boy, do you have no control?" She taunts you again.
  39. She slowly drops to her knees kissing your chest and stomach as she goes before she at eye level with your cock. Her face moves forward letting it slide along her cheek as she kisses down your length, her tongue, occasionally lathering you with attention before she slowly moves back and kisses your head.
  41. You're panting heavily by this time, in both fear and anticipation this is not how you expected this encounter to happen. She opens her mouth, her tongue on full display as a string of drool drips down her chin and drops to the floor.
  43. Where the gold coins there immediately begin sizzling and melting. Your eyes widen. Acid. It makes sense she is a Black, you try to warn her but it's too late. She thrusts her face forward swallowing your cock in one fluid motion all the way to the back of her throat. You close your eyes with a fearful hiss and wait for the pain.
  45. Only there is no pain just a wet slimy velvetness that engulfs your cock. You look down in surprise as you hear a giggle. She stares up at you with a knowing look. You go to speak and stop with a shuddering breath as she slowly withdraws along your length, her tongue lavishing it with attention before it exits her mouth with a muted pop.
  47. "Silly boy..." is all she says before she begins again burying your cock in her throat and building a steady rhythm as all the while her eyes watch you taking delight in your soft moans.
  49. You feel your cock twitch and know you're about to cum. you try to warn her but you're a panting mess. Finally you can take it any more and release your load down her throat. She gives a satisfied hum as you empty your self in her mouth, swallowing your thick cream with relish.
  52. You hang limply from the chains on your wrists when she finally moves her mouth off your cock to stand up and aggressively kiss you. You're not too thrilled at the taste of your sperm and her saliva mixed together but she pulls back quickly.
  54. She begins stroking you again and you groan. Her laughter echoes around the room. "My poor beautiful boy, if you're spent after that you're going to be dead by the time the night is over!"
  56. She brings you to hardness again quickly and then turns around, bending so that her sopping cunt is on full display as she guides you into her folds. She looks back at you with a smirk. "Get to work boy, we still have a few hours till dawn."
  59. Later, after the frantic fucking you're both lying on the ground with you cuddled against her body wrapped in her wings and arms before you finally are able to talk.
  61. "You know, if you wanted to meet me you could have just come over for coffee..."
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