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Sep 11th, 2019
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  1. Key: RX800
  2. Name: Gaia Ashfall
  3. Race: Deus Human
  4. Age: 10
  5. Rank/Skills/Ic Knowledge Applying For: Dues Human
  6. Rank/Skills/Ic Knowledge Previously Applied For: Nothing.
  7. Intent With Rank/Skills/Knowledge: I intend to use this race as a unique and interesting roleplay device for myself and others. It is not very often that you see a Human that's directly linked with gods themselves, or with some form of divinity. This character will, of course, be purely reactive. Due to their young age, I believe that they would be easily manipulated, or molded, into things that may benefit whomever chooses to do such. For example: If the CL takes over, and their subjects are insanely loyal, I would be brain washed into serving the CL, and be their most loyal soldier as a result. Or, if the Guardian makes a force of good, of which includes myself, I would become a very justice focused and 'Moral' character. Due to the (assumedly) high standard I'd be held towards, I'd make sure to promote as much roleplay with this reactive character as I can.
  8. Rp:
  10. Gaia opened her eyes. A spectrum of colours exploded before her eyes. Blues, reds, greens, you name it. Gaia had never seen this much colour before. It was like a rainbow flowing down from the sky, exposing itself to the young girl. It was as if the universe was revealing it's true beauty, all at once. However, as quickly as it came, it was stolen away from the girl, slowly replaced with a dark cloud of mist. It suffocated the girl, intoxicating her with a strange feeling akin to being drowned. It hurt her lungs. It hurt her mind. It hurt everything, all at once.
  12. Gaia didn't question this pain, though. It was not unusual to her. For some strange reason, she felt..Safe. Whenever this cloud was around her, she knew it would only hurt for a little while. It would only suffocate her for a small amount of time..Soon, she would be free from it's grasp..And the colours would show themselves once more. Soon, the mist would fade, she thought, and the colours would be able to dance around her eyes once more.
  14. So Gaia waited...
  16. But it never came.
  18. For the longest time, Gaia was trapped. Suffocated in a cloud of darkness. It was cold..Empty, even. It felt like she was well and truly alone..With nobody to talk to, nobody to see, to touch, to smell..To cry to..She really was isolated. It hurt to feel like this. She didn't like it. She didn't know what she did to deserve it..Did she hurt the colours? Were the colours even real? She couldn't tell. Anything outside of this cloud was..Almost a myth to her at this point. She couldn't remember how long she'd been trapped like this for..
  20. Then, one day, Gaia opened her eyes, and the darkness was gone. Instead, a strange..Place..Exposed itself to her. Buildings..Grass..Sand..The sky..Colours? What was this place? She had no idea. It felt..Different. Mysterious. Wonderful..Yet, it felt strangely dangerous. It didn't suffocate her like the dark place. It didn't scare her like the dark place, either..Yet, it felt so much more..Like home.
  22. The girl raised herself from the grass she had found herself upon. She could hear voices. Voices she could understand. Voices she could hear outside of her head. Voices that she could touch, smell..Feel..People? Were these really..People? After being trapped in the dark place for so long, was she finally finding someone to talk to? To interact with? To make friends with? Or was she about to be sent back to that horrible place once more?
  24. Only time..Would tell..
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