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Nov 27th, 2015
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  1. PREFIX: '&4Christmas &a> '
  2. LANG:
  3.   CONSOLE: Console
  4. TIME:
  5.   LESSTHAN: less than %time%
  6.   YEARS:
  7.     SINGULAR: year
  8.     PLURAL: years
  9.   MONTHS:
  10.     SINGULAR: month
  11.     PLURAL: months
  12.   WEEKS:
  13.     SINGULAR: week
  14.     PLURAL: weeks
  15.   DAYS:
  16.     SINGULAR: day
  17.     PLURAL: days
  18.   HOURS:
  19.     SINGULAR: hour
  20.     PLURAL: hours
  21.   MINUTES:
  22.     SINGULAR: minute
  23.     PLURAL: minutes
  24.   SECONDS:
  25.     SINGULAR: second
  26.     PLURAL: seconds
  27. MSG:
  28.   INGAMEONLY: This command can be used only in the game.
  29.   NOACCESS: You don't have access to do this.
  30.   PLAYERONLY: This command can be used only in the game.
  31.   INVALIDTIME: Invalid time format specified.
  32.   USAGE:
  33.     CHRISTMAS: 'Invalid command usage. Correct usage: /christmas reload'
  34.     SUBCOMMAND: 'Invalid command usage. Correct usage: %usage%'
  35.   CHRISTMAS:
  36.     SANTA:
  37.       NOLIBSDIGUISES: Santa event is disabled due to no LibsDisguises plugin found.
  38.       GIFT: Santa has just dropped a gift!
  39.     RELOAD:
  40.       RELOADED: Configuration reloaded!
  41.     START:
  42.       ALREADYRUNNING: The %event% event is already in progress.
  43.       SANTA:
  44.         STARTED:
  45.           STARTED: You have started the Santa Claus event for %time%.
  46.           BROADCAST: Santa Claus event has started! Santa is in %world% at x=%x%, y=%y%, z=%z%, he'll be waiting for %time%.
  47.     STOP:
  48.       NOTRUNNING: The %event% event isn't running.
  49.       SANTA:
  50.         STOPPED:
  51.           STOPPED: You have stopped the Santa Claus event.
  52.           BROADCAST: The Santa Claus event is over, he'll see you next time!
  54.     CANTCLAIM:
  55.       EXPIRED: You can't claim gifts from previous days.
  56.       UPCOMING: This gift isn't unlocked yet.
  57.       CLAIMED: You have already claimed this gift.
  58.       UNAVAILABLE: This gift is unavailable.
  59.     CLAIM:
  60.       ENCHANT:
  61.         CANNOTAPPLY: Enchantment %enchantment% cannot be applied to the item you're holding.
  62.         ALREADYAPPLIED: This item already has %enchantment% applied.
  63.         MAX: This item already has the maximum amount of enchantments (%amount%).
  64.       ITEM:
  65.         FULLINVENTORY: You don't have enough free space in your inventory.
  66.       PERMISSION:
  67.         DISABLED: Permissions are disabled, please contact an administrator.
  68.         ALREADYHAVE: You already have the %permission% permission.
  69.       CLAIMED: You have claimed the day %day% gift.
  70.       CLAIMEDBROADCAST: '%player% has claimed the advent calendar day %day% gift.'
  71.     NOTIFICATION: You haven't claimed today's gift from the advent calendar.
  72.     NOTDECEMBER: You can claim gifts only in December.
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