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  1. 01<@Monkey> -----
  2. 01<@Monkey> "Subita."
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  4. 01<@Monkey> Monkey promptly exits the alley without bothering to wait for a response.
  5. <[GM]> It had been about the fifteenth corner at which Stone Monkey had uttered the forbidden word - forbidden not in law, but in practice.
  6. <[GM]> A hunchbacked woman with a leering eye slowly waggles by the creature, her eyes burning in fear.
  7. <[GM]> "What be that name ye say!"
  8. 01<@Monkey> "Subita," Stone Monkey says calmly.
  9. <[GM]> "That be a forbidden name, monkey man!"
  10. <[GM]> "Ye mayn't speak that here! Danger be thence!"
  11. 01<@Monkey> "Danger is nothing new to us."
  12. <[GM]> She raises her left eyebrow - which had already been somewhat higher than her right - and whispers.
  13. <[GM]> "Why d'ye seek that woman?"
  14. 01<@Monkey> Monkey nods to Eri.
  15. <Daywander> "We've met her before, and would do so again."
  16. 01<@Monkey> "We seek the Underground."
  17. <[GM]> "Hmm."
  18. <[GM]> "Seek ye the Forbidden Temple - the Tempel to the Unconquered Sun."
  19. 01<@Monkey> "Where?"
  20. <[GM]> "There, stand before the altar at the middle of night and speak threefold: 'Grim Jaw does not bind my will'."
  21. <[GM]> "You'll find it in the centre of town. Grim Jaw never tore it down."
  22. 01<@Monkey> "Thank you," Stone Monkey says politely.
  23. 01<@Monkey> With that, he turns and leaves.
  24. <Daywander> Eri walks along, "That was surprisingly effective."
  25. 01<@Monkey> "You just have to feel your way through these things."
  26. 01<@Monkey> "Let's find someplace to wait for nightfall."
  27. <Daywander> "Take a look at the big Manse while we're at it."
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  31. <[GM]> After adopting the form of a cat slightly smaller than usual, Bai Hu wanders around the Imperial Manse. It is a strange building, untainted by the infernal architecture that has warped all buildings inside Grim Jaw's streets - including the ancient temple of Sol Invictus.
  32. <[GM]> The Forbidden Manse, as she is also known, is guarded thoroughly by many varieties of demons, as well as an elite guard of dragonblooded soldiers eager to please their demonic masters - specially trained for this task from birth.
  33. <[GM]> Towers and walls have been raised, mechanical force fields have been activated, in order to prevent even the slightest intrusion.
  34. <[GM]> Bai Hu finds himself unable to slip into the building, although a further investigation reveals a large mechanical contraption inside the guards' quarters, including a complicated panel which may be related to the forcefields warding the manse.
  35. <[GM]> ---------
  36. <[GM]> Having acquired all of this information, the group finally settles to move towards the temple of the Unconquerable Sun. At midnight, they find themselves before the altar.
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  38. 01<@Monkey> Monkey steps forward.
  39. <Daywander> Eri steps up to the altar reverently.
  40. 01<@Monkey> "Grim Jaw does not bind my will."
  41. <Daywander> "Grim Jaw does not bind my will."
  42. <Bai-Hu> "Meow"
  43. <Daywander> Eri eyes his companion with undisguised amusement, "Grim Jaw does not bind my will."
  44. <[GM]> Two torches flicker into light upon the altar, while a small, mild flame appears upon the balcony behind them.
  45. <[GM]> High above in the cathedral, a voice speaks down to them, the face it is associated with hidden in the darkness, only illuminated as to indicate a presence.
  46. <[GM]> Its booming voice requests them to name themselves.
  47. <Bai-Hu> "Nyaa"
  48. 01<@Monkey> "Stone Monkey!"
  49. <Daywander> "Eri"
  50. <Bai-Hu> Captions float above Bai-Hu's head. "Bai Hu"
  51. <[GM]> "What business do you have her?"
  52. <[GM]> *here
  53. 01<@Monkey> "We seek to speak with the Underground."
  54. <[GM]> "You are."
  55. <Daywander> "We seek information, knowledge repressed by this city."
  56. <[GM]> "Ask."
  57. <Daywander> "That name we spoke of."
  58. <Daywander> "Subita."
  59. <[GM]> "She no longer exists."
  60. <Daywander> "There has been evidence to the contrary, but more precisely, we seek to know what she did when she was last in this city."
  61. <[GM]> "Ah."
  62. <[GM]> "What is this knowledge worth to you?"
  63. <Daywander> "Perhaps worth our services, should the service be right."
  64. <[GM]> "Services are easily acquired."
  65. <[GM]> "Unless their nature is extraordinary."
  66. <Daywander> Eri's caste mark glows faintly, "And now?"
  67. <[GM]> It's strange - despite nothing being visible in the darkness, it is almost evident that the voice is grinning.
  68. <[GM]> "Blackmail would now be an evident solution, if you hadn't already been sure the authorities are aware of your nature."
  69. <Daywander> "They are."
  70. <[GM]> "Business has been quiet recently."
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  72. <[GM]> "Grim Jaw's internal security has been remarkably adequate."
  73. <[GM]> "We believe they require some... diversion."
  74. <Daywander> "Some can be arranged, but you know as well as I that such diversion would necessitate our swift departure after. The knowledge would have to come before."
  75. <[GM]> "As you know, the Realm's Emperor and Grim Jaw's rulership have never truly been in accord."
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