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  1. [15:04] <@Kkat> 3Fallout: Beyond Equestria, Session One: Welcome to Nexus http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5PPtEHWDca8
  2. [15:04] <@Kkat> 3“That job had strange written all over it.”
  3. [15:04] <@Kkat> 3Caravans.
  4. [15:04] <@Kkat> 3If you had a message or a package you needed delivered, you generally hired a courier.  If you had a whole lot of packages, or your package required skilled guards and heavy ordinance to protect, you hired a caravan.  
  5. [15:05] <@Kkat> 3In their day-to-day business, caravan companies maintained trade between the cities and villages of the New Canterlot Republic.  They made additional income supplying caravan crews for expeditions and special deliveries.  
  6. [15:05] <@Kkat> 3There were three major caravan companies in the New Canterlot Republic: the Water Merchants, Crimson’s Caravans, and Ditzy Doo Deliveries.  All three of them had headquarters in the same town -- the town two of them were founded in -- Nexus.  
  7. [15:05] <@Kkat> 3Nexus is one of the largest centers of civilization in the NCR.  Built along both sides of a relatively safe stretch of the Ponytomic, the city was founded by the ponies of Stable 6/9 and has over a hundred years of history, some of which they even talk about freely.
  8. [15:05] <@Kkat> 3Each of you has applied for work with Crimson’s Caravans.  You’ve done caravan work before, although nothing particularly hazardous, and you are on good terms with Scarlet, the mare who runs the day-to-day business of Crimson’s Caravans.  
  9. [15:05] <@Kkat> 3Yesterday, after weeks of waiting, you were notified by Scarlet that she had work for you.  She asked you to come into the Crimson’s Caravans HQ bright and early this morning.  That would be now.
  10. [15:06] <@Kkat> 3----- Session Begins -----
  11. 07[15:07] * %Mitzi tunnels up through the earth directly in front of the building. A fair number of ponies were still uncomfortable around her kind, and this was the best way to get about without incident. She dusts herself off and quickly fills in the hole behind her.
  12. 07[15:08] * @Get_Lost carrying a couple of saddlebahs full of stuff, the slender mare trots towards the HQ, checking for the twentieth time all the stuff on her list
  13. 06[15:10] * Cresceno_ is now known as Crescendo_
  14. 15[15:11] * +Spero flies in from above and lands on the end of the street. He walks up towards the building regarding the rest of the ponies around. Honestly... he's just wondering how he could set them all on fire at once... not that he'd do that. Much.
  15. 07[15:12] * +Kid puts on a brave face and wanders off to HQ. It was true that she'd done caravan work before, but usually she was on the receiving end. Outside the bog was... Different. Covered in ponies and gryphons and all kind of folk, but even lonelier than before. That didn't stop her from smiling and pressing on. She had a job to do, and by gum, this little olive bogpony was going to do it.
  16. 07[15:14] * %Mitzi pulls a piece of paper out of her pocket; "Ugh, ponee squiggles are hard to read."
  17. 07[15:17] * @Crescendo_ trots up the street, chatting pleasantly with a group of ponies heading in the same direction. Upon reaching the door, he removes his hat, gives a short bow, and appologises for having to leave them.
  18. 07[15:17] * @Get_Lost tales a long breath and glares at the ponies around her... ponies, sure... an alicorn, a hellhond and a lot of ponies going and coming... nothing new in the nexus...
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  20. 07[15:18] * %Mitzi looks around. There seemed to be a few others gathering in front of the building along with her. All of them keeping their distance. "You ponies hur for wurk tu?"
  21. 07[15:19] * +Kid arrives on the scene and looks around in curiosity. An alicorn, a hellhound, a doctor, and a marenizer trotted into a bar. She felt like she should know the punchline to this one. "Yup!" She chirps happily, tipping her hat. Hey, company's hard to come by in the bog. When you get it, you should be grateful. That's what Ma always said.
  22. 07[15:19] * @Get_Lost wait... the dog talks? wow, a chatty heellhound, that is weird... the mare turns towards Mitzi and smiles "well, who doesn't work these days?"
  23. 15[15:19] * +Spero wasn't keeping his distance. He had wings. Hellhounds didn't. "Uh-huh. Just hoping this one might actually see some action."
  24. 07[15:20] * %Mitzi rubs the back of her head; "Many old alphas eez stubborn with ponies, but ur pack needs more trade fur supplies und tings."
  25. 04[15:20] * @Get_Lost snorts briefly at spero's words "sure, action, because healigs are on the house, i guess?"
  26. 15[15:21] * +Spero chuckles. "If you're getting hurt, you're doing it wrong."
  27. 04[15:21] * +Kid gives Spero a sly look. "Ah always thought any sort 've action was a bad thing, misser."
  28. 15[15:21] * +Spero looks at Kid. "Sometimes. But no action is so -boring-."
  29. 07[15:23] * %Mitzi shrugs; "Ur kind kin fight, but too much fight lead to many bad tings. Like deestruction of old home."
  30. [15:23] <@Kkat> 3Crimson's Caravans is based out of a compound ringed with walls constructed primarily from chunks of asphalt stripped from the parking lot of the Good Pony warehouses east of the river.  The main office itself is all post-war construction, fashioned in a "saloon" style complete with swinging saloon doors.  You can hear what sounds to be an argument inside.
  31. 07[15:24] * @Get_Lost shrugs "well, i guess everypony hopes for something different.... maybe i'll go inside and see what is the work about, mh?" with these words the mare turns towards the building, but abruplty stops "woah, busy day?" she slowly approaches the lpace trying to hear what the argument is about
  32. 07[15:25] * @Crescendo_ freezes for a moment at the hellhound's words, "Ah, er, yes. I do believe we are here for a job." Then, more quietly, "Although I had been expecting to settle my debt a little more privately."
  33. 07[15:25] * +Kid half lids her eyes and gives the male alicorn a nudge. "Ya'll get used t' it. Pick up a hobby er a-" She almost said pick up your old family business, but she's a book learned mare. She knows why that would be a bad idea. Her attention was diverted to the shouting inside the building. A part of her wanted to stay out of it and keep away from the building. The other ninety percent of her was...
  34. 07[15:25] * +Kid ...already at the door listening intently.
  35. 15[15:27] * +Spero raises an eyebrow at Kid and chuckles. Oh this was going to be fun... "Yeah... I got a hobby..."
  36. 07[15:27] * %Mitzi 's ears swivel and catch the sounds of arguement, but can't pick out specifics form the din
  37. 07[15:27] * @Get_Lost /mode +m
  38. 06[15:27] * Get_Lost sets mode: +m
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  41. 07[15:33] * @Crescendo_ scuffs at the ground with a hoof. He always liked to keep a door between himself and any arguements.
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  43. 15[15:36] * +Spero is naturally interested in the argument, because he's meddlesome like that. He reaches out and goes about seeing if he can read what they're talking about.
  44. 15[15:37] <+Spero> thinking about*
  45. 07[15:39] * +Kid almost presses her ear against the swinging saloon door. "Aw, pony! They're gonna kill each other!" She chirped like the gossip and tall tale teller she was. It was a civil sounding thing, but it had that sort of malevolence in the intonation that one has when you're about to pull the trigger on some poor foal. At least, as much as she had experience in from her romance novels. But then she...
  46. 07[15:39] * +Kid ...heard the hum of steel. Short and sharp. Knives. "Erm. Ah think they're about t' kill each other." She said, this time grave with a bit more horror in her voice. "Wanna butt in?"
  47. 07[15:41] * @Get_Lost "maybe we should interrupt the, like, five seconds ago?"
  48. 07[15:41] * %Mitzi looks down at Kid. "How you know dat?" She shrugs, and decides to push through the door anyways without waiting for an answer. Steel was one thing, Hellhound claws another, They tended not to broker argument.
  49. 15[15:42] * +Spero rustles his wings. Action already? And the job hadn't even started yet? He smirks and enters right after the hellhound.
  50. 07[15:44] * +Kid grit her teeth and cautiously slunk on in. Well, if the popular opinion was that they should interrupt, why, who was this little mare to disagree?
  51. 07[15:45] * @Crescendo_ gladly lets the hellhound and alicorn go first, and knocks his hat down before following behind.
  52. 07[15:46] * @Get_Lost since everyone seemed to like breaking iside, the mare decides that crowding the place is more than useless, especially since she has the fighting potential of fluttershy NOT in a rage, so she simply waits outside
  53. [15:48] <@Kkat> 3“…guess you’ll just have to find a new line of work,” a navy-coated stallion is telling a scowling Scarlet as several of you push through the saloon-style swinging doors of Crimson’s Caravans.  The stallion is wearing the trademark dress of the Water Merchants and a sneer.  “Something that doesn’t match your names quite so… perfectly.”
  54. [15:49] <@Kkat> 3The red-coated mare glares back at him, nickering.  “Ah wouldn’t count yer barrels before they’re filled, Tidal.  Crimson’s Caravans ain’t done fer yet.”
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  57. [15:51] <@Kkat> 3Both Tidal and Scarlet stop talking when they realize several others (and not all of them ponies) have intruded on their verbal sparring.  While unfazed at the appearance of an alicorn, the eyes of the Water Merchant go wide as he takes in the hellhound.  
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  59. 07[15:52] * +Kid put on her signature cocky expression so often practiced. "Well, howdy do, folks?" She said, already imagining what to do in case the worst happened. Unbuckle the shotgun on her back. Get prone. Two shots in between the water merchant's eyes. "Ah sure hope that we didn't interrupt nothin' important."
  60. 07[15:53] * %Mitzi stands there looking as menacing as possible. She wasn't good with words, and it usually served her well enough to let her physique and claws do the talking.
  61. 15[15:53] * +Spero is disappointed at the sudden stop of arguing, and also curious to figure out why someone was planning on putting Scarlet out of work. He waits to see if they'll continue talking about it before reaching out again and attempting to find out for himself.
  62. [15:53] <@Kkat> 3Tidal turns a disparaging look to Scarlet.  "Hiring dogs now?" he says softly, although not softly enough.  "And you claim you're not desperate."
  63. 07[15:54] * @Get_Lost since there is no sign of shooting from the inside, the repair mare decides that it's timee to catch up and enters the place, looking at the two merchants "uhm.... good morning?"
  64. [15:54] <@Kkat> 3Scarlet's dour response is simply, "I think you better go, Tidal."
  65. 07[15:55] * +Kid half lids her eyes. "Kindly folk, aren't y'?" She addresses to Tidal. Thanks, pony. Not like I take pride in what I do.
  66. 07[15:55] * %Mitzi growls at the comment; "Puny ponee will be desperate for a new spleen if he insults ur kin again."
  67. 07[15:56] * @Crescendo_ ignores the other merchant completely. "Ms Scarlet, a pleasure to see you again."
  68. [15:57] <@Kkat> 3Tidal of the Water Merchants loses a little of his smirk, steel in his eyes.  Looking at the group of you then back at the red-coated mare, he whinnies and seems to agree.   He trots past, acknowledging Kid with a nod and a "Good day, ma'am."
  69. 07[15:57] * @Get_Lost "i'd not provoke a hellhound... spleens are terribly pricey these days.... see ya mister tidal"
  70. [15:58] <@Kkat> 3Tidal picks up the pace as he passes Mitzi.  But he pauses at the swinging door long enough to throw back to Scarlet,  “Our generous offer gets less generous the longer you wait.  Think about the ponies you employ.  And there families.”  He tosses his mane, adding, “Well, the ones you have left.”
  71. 15[15:59] * +Spero ignores Tidal and looks at Scarlet. "Something wrong?" He goes about making sure that he'd know the truth.
  72. 07[15:59] * %Mitzi smirks triumphantly. "Leetle ponee tries to cover fear with big words. Ur kin can still smeel it."
  73. [16:00] <@Kkat> 3Scarlet glares daggers at Tidal until he steps through the doors and disappears.  Only then does she let out a long breath, seeming to relax.  She smiles wearily.  "Good to see you too, Crescendo."
  74. 07[16:00] * +Kid gives Tidal a fake smile and a nod. "Don't let that door hit you too hard on the way out!" She didn't like talking about her family. Not that she didn't dislike them. Rather, it's because she loves her brother that she's on the road in the first place. "And next time, why not leave yer bile at th' door?"
  75. 04[16:02] * @Kkat 3looks up to Spero.  "Much better, now that all of you are here..."  She adds, "...and he is gone."
  76. 15[16:02] * +Spero nods. "I can... go set him on fire if you want. Might make ya feel better."
  77. 15[16:03] * +Spero snerks then grins.
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  79. 07[16:03] * @Get_Lost shrugs "i'm not an expert, but this guy seems to be a symptoim mre than the disease... is everything alright? he looked like a carrion bird...."
  80. 07[16:04] * +Kid shakes her head. "Naw. That'll just cause more trouble than it's worth." She smiles at Scarlet, trying to make her feel a little better. "Not that it wouldn't be all sorts've amusin', mind."
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  84. 04[16:04] <@Kkat> 3Scarlet's eyes widen at the suggestion.  Then she chuckles, deciding that Spero is joking.  "It just might at that."  Hastily, she adds, "But no. I have a caravan job for y'all, if yer interested.  And I assume by y'all being here that you are."
  85. 07[16:05] * %Mitzi nods; "Ur pack needs better got along with ponies. Uh thought dis wud help."
  86. [16:05] <@Kkat> 3Scarlet looks to Get_Lost.  "I certainly hope so.  But I have my doubts."
  87. 15[16:06] * +Spero nods.
  88. [16:07] <@Kkat> 3Scarlet trots around behind her desk and looks over some papers, refreshing her memory.  She stops, looking up at Get_Lost.  "Your last name is Solaris, right?"
  89. 07[16:08] * @Get_Lost nods "yes, Get Lost Solaris... but i don't use that last name very much... there's a lot of ponies trying to beat me to a pulp when i mention that..."
  90. 15[16:09] * +Spero holds a wing over his muzzle to try and prevent his laughter from showing.
  91. 07[16:09] * +Kid tilts her head and prepares herself for some news. She didn't quite know about Solaris, but she did hear that they were science folk. Didn't see the problem in that. "Seems a bit unhospitable of folks!"
  92. 07[16:10] * %Mitzi shrugs indifferently
  93. [16:10] <@Kkat> 3Scarlet nods, an odd frown floating across her lips.  "Do you know anyone from the Twisted Manes tribe?"
  94. 07[16:11] * @Get_Lost shrugs and shakes her head "nope"
  95. 07[16:12] * +Kid shrugs. "Can't say I do, sadly. Why, them good folk?"
  96. 07[16:12] * @Get_Lost "but i'm willing to help the usual way... i can heal those that get hurt and repair a broken cart... still, i had to sell my last gun a week ago... not that i ever used it..."
  97. [16:14] <@Kkat> 3Scarlet nods.  "This is a bit of an odd job.  Hell, I can't even tell you what the job is yet.  The client's playing fifteen shades of secretive about it.  I can tell you it's a fetch mission -- travel to a location, pick up a package, bring it back -- and that it's going to take you beyond NCR's territory.  Hell, beyond Equestria."
  98. 07[16:14] * %Mitzi rubs the back of her head; "Guess gud will wit ponies takes wurk."
  99. 15[16:15] * +Spero takes a step back and smiles. "Really? That far? Where there's..." He gets lost in thinking about all the cool stuff they might run into.
  100. [16:15] <@Kkat> 3Scarlet looks at the lot of you.  "That much I'm supposed to tell you.  From the particulars, it ain't hard to glean that 'beyond Equestrian borders' means old zebra lands in this case."
  101. 07[16:16] * @Crescendo_ hangs his head and sighs, he didn't like the sound of this. "Well, my hooves are tied, of course." He steps a little closer to Crimson and speaks a little quieter, "I don't suppose I could pay my debts a little more... privately?"
  102. 15[16:17] * +Spero 's grin somehow widens. He starts tapping a hoof in excitement.
  103. 07[16:17] * @Get_Lost "looks dangerous... i understand that there are problems for everypony, but how much should be the pay?"
  104. 07[16:17] * +Kid is still giving her signature cocky look, but a bit of solemn interest peaked behind her eye. Maybe out this far...? She shook her head and gave a little chuckle "How d'ya know this ain't a trap or somethin' t' kill them some caravaneers and collect on th' insurance?"
  105. [16:20] <@Kkat> 3Scarlet looks over her papers again.  "The client has hired two caravan teams, sending them in different directions.  From what I gather, the client is setting up to have one caravan breach zebra territory by land, the other by sea..."
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  107. 15[16:21] * +Spero blinks. "Why two caravans?"
  108. 07[16:22] * +Kid 'ooh's in a maybe a little bit of filly glee. "Don't suppose we're th' folk that get t' go over sea? I never been on a boat before!"
  109. 07[16:23] * %Mitzi raises a paw curiously; "Um, yu ponies use dem leetle metal tings for munee right? Uh only got dis." She reaches into a breast pocket and pulls out a few small, uncut gemstones.
  110. 04[16:24] <@Kkat> 3Scarlet frowns a little, "I'm not sure, Spero.  But if I were to guess, one of you is in case the other doesn't make it.  In any case, you'll get the particulars of your mission when you get to the Crimson's Caravan office at either Whitecap or Darkness Falls."  She looks to Kid.  "Well, that's up to you.  Your caravan won the shoe toss."
  111. [16:24] <@Kkat> 3Scarlet smiles to Mitzi.  "Those will do just fine.  If you would like, I could trade you those for bottlecaps."
  112. 07[16:26] * %Mitzi nods warily; "Uh'm wurkeen fur yu, so yu no give bad deal, okay?" She holds open her paw. The gemstones, to an apraising eye, would be worth abotu 200 caps total.
  113. 07[16:27] * @Get_Lost "alright, i'm in... but wait, so we are the caravan? i mean, we won't travel with other ponies?"
  114. 07[16:28] * +Kid gives Scarlet a bright eyed, ecstatic, wide toothed grin and squeed a little. "Ooh! An' on th' boat, will there be like, pirates, 'n sailors 'n dashin' young bucks 'n..." She could go on forever. Until somepony speaks up, she probably will.
  115. 15[16:30] * +Spero blinks. "So it's either dangerous... or a race..."
  116. 07[16:30] * @Kkat 3turns to Get_Lost, "The pay is 200 caps up front for supplies, another 200 when you get to Whitecap or Darkness Falls (whichever you choose), and 1000 caps upon return.  That is per caravan member, with caravan membership counted at Whitecap or Darkness Falls, and the final payment is contingent on returning with the package."
  117. [16:31] <@Kkat> 3s/Kkat/Scarlet
  118. 13[16:32] * BlueNote (nb@Pony-45s6p7.dip.t-dialin.net) Quit (Ping timeout: 121 seconds)
  119. 07[16:32] * @Crescendo_ smiles at Kid's enthusiasm. "Well a boat would certainly mean less walking. I agree with the young mare here."
  120. 07[16:32] * @Get_Lost nods "i like it.... where to i sign?"
  121. [16:33] <@Kkat> 3Scarlet looks over the gemstones.  She's not an expert, but she has a good eye.  It's one of the things that makes her skilled at running the business.  "I'd say that's worth about 190 caps.  But since you're working for me, I'm going to give you an extra 25."  She takes the gems in her mouth, stashes them, then passes Mitzi a few rolls of caps (215 caps).
  122. 07[16:34] * +Kid holds a hoof up. Right. Get a hold of yourself, Kid. "So, ah should probably ask before I let m' mouth dig me int' the ground. What's th' local flavor like for each?" ... And starboards and cockpits and docks and poop decks and...
  123. 06[16:34] * Shadow is now known as Fear_Full
  124. [16:36] <@Kkat> 3Scarlet nods.  "Either way, I have a steamboat ready to take you on the first leg of your journey.  If you decide to take the land route, the boat will take you up the Ponytomic to Darkness Falls.  From there, you'll have to travel through the mountains by hoof.  Pack warmly.  Shattered Hoof Ridge is famous for white-out blizzards..."
  125. 06[16:38] * Miejoe (chatzilla@Pony-8n1.equ.33.109.IP) has joined #FalloutEquestriaPNP
  126. 07[16:38] * @Get_Lost nodnods "i'm okay with both routes, but yeah, i could use something warm to wear if we are going to trot in the snow..."
  127. [16:39] <@Kkat> 3Scarlet continues, "If you go by sea, the steamboat will take you down the Ponytomic to Whitecap.  I suggest packing extra ammo if you go that way, and some safety provisions, because that stretch of the Ponytomic gets... bad.  There's no NCR presence out that way, and shadows grow long there.  Particularly around Lookout Plateau and Froggy Bottom Bog."
  128. 07[16:40] * +Kid perks up a little. Froggy Bottom Bog! Home sweet home! She says cockily. "Y' fail t' mention th' boombugs and th' zebra ghosts, and th' pussers, and th' swamp apple trees that grow up there, too."
  129. 07[16:41] * %Mitzi shrugs; "Uh'd prefer not ta travel by sea. Ur kin don't du too well in boats."
  130. 15[16:42] * +Spero blinks. So that's where Kid was from. That would be a reason to go that way, but the hellhound was right. Going by boat would take away the biggest tool the group would have in a fight. "By land's probably better. Who cares about a bit of a blizzard?"
  131. 07[16:43] * @Crescendo_ looks more concerned as Kid goes on. "On seconds thoughts, perhaps crossing the mountains would be a better option."
  132. 07[16:43] * @Get_Lost "i think i'll gladly fdelay the shooting part as much as possible... i like warme dresses a lot more than mending holes in my companions..."
  133. 06[16:43] * BlueNote (nb@Pony-45s6p7.dip.t-dialin.net) has joined #FalloutEquestriaPNP
  134. 07[16:44] * @Kkat 3looks up at you and lets you converse a moment.  "Like I said, your choice."  Then her eyes fall on Get_Lost and she frowns, staring a little.  "Oddest thing: we had another team lined up for this job, but one of the team took a look at who we had for a backup team, saw your name, and bowed out.  His whole team followed suit."
  135. [16:44] <@Kkat> 3again s/Kkat/Scarlet
  136. 07[16:45] * +Kid looks almost offended. "Aw come on! I'll take ya'll t' the apple tree grove an' ya'll can taste th' good sweet sourness of a -real- apple. One that grow wild and true, and then I'll show y' the boombugs at night, an' then we can take potshots at 'em an' watch a whole cluster go bang in a bright ol' ball! It's a hoot, I tell you what!"
  137. 07[16:46] * @Get_Lost looks back at crimson "wait, what? i mean... i know that ponies from the south don't like the name and that some towns believe that it brings bad luck, but adventurers should be a little more... open minded?"
  138. [16:46] <@Kkat> 3Scarlet shrugs.  "That's why I wondered if you knew anyone from the Twisted Manes.  He could have just been reactin' to the name Solaris.  It's not exactly popular.  But I got the feeling that he knew you personally."
  139. 07[16:47] * @Get_Lost looks then at kid "sure if you can shoot even for me, since i'm not using a gun, i'm a poor shot and i'm scared of hurting ponies..." looks again at ms crimson "do you know the name or that pony?"
  140. [16:48] <@Kkat> 3Scarlet clears her throat and looks aside.  "One last thing..."
  141. [16:49] <@Kkat> 3Scarlet grimaces.  "A number of caravan groups have gone missing these last few months.  Mostly ours.  So be careful.  Something's picking us off out there."
  142. 15[16:50] * +Spero perks back up. Hero action. "What do you know about who's picking them off?"
  143. 07[16:51] * +Kid raises an eyebrow. This job has weird written all over it, from start to finish. But hey, anywhere but here. Might even see pa's old place in Backwater. "Naw, don't you worry. We're all big damn heroes and can't die before we go n' ride that steamboat twice! I reckon I won't allow it!"
  144. 07[16:53] * +Kid bows a bit at Get_Lost. "I reckon she'd have m' name down as Alley Bourbon. And it's nice t' meet y' too." She says as an aside.
  145. 07[16:55] * %Mitzi extend a paw to whoever was asking; "Ur name is Mitzi."
  146. [16:57] <@Kkat> 3The red-coated mare admits, "I wish I knew more than I did.  Rumor is that it's a pack of hellhounds.  But it that was the case, I'd expect more of a mess."  She nickers, glowering towards the door.  "Frankly, I reckon the Water Merchants are behind it.  Taking out their competition, then offerin' to buy us up when we're hurting."  
  147. [16:58] <@Kkat> 3She looks vaguely apologetic for her distrust of the other pony family, saying, "Well, we've been hit four times in the last few months, and they've only been hit once.  And I have a few doubts about even that one."
  148. 07[16:59] * @Get_Lost frowns "i don't like cheaters... well, then we should expect some visit even from hired guns, sooner or later.... i guess we can take it as a test, since i guess that whtever we will find out of equestria will be a lot more dangerous..."
  149. 15[17:00] * +Spero looks at Scarlet. "We can probably go about finding out who is hitting the caravans too."
  150. 07[17:00] * %Mitzi rubs the back of her head; "Ur kin wud prefer to make gud wit ponies dat ar gud ponies. Bad ponies like dem wud be liars and cheaters."
  151. 07[17:00] * +Kid blinks and shuffles a bit. "Erm. I can read features just fine, but I don't suppose ya'll have a map or somethin' we could use t' navigate?" She hated mapping things out manually. She always would spend days trying to figure out how steep the hills were.
  152. 07[17:03] * @Get_Lost shakes her head "i'm sorry, i don't have a pipbuck... i don't trust stabletech very much..."
  153. [17:04] <@Kkat> 3Scarlet nods to Kid and fetches a map of the Ponytomic.  Unfortunately, a lot of the Ponytomic is barely mapped, mostly by ponies or griffins flying well above the landscape.  The map has a degree of geological accuracy, but might as well have "Here there be dragons" written over large swaths of the river.
  154. 06[17:04] * Strobe (Strobe@Pony-mu3ner.res.rr.com) has joined #FalloutEquestriaPNP
  155. 06[17:04] * ChanServ sets mode: +o Strobe
  156. 07[17:04] * %Mitzi raises her paw again; "Ur kin got a keen sense uv direction. Blanket of Stars always shows us nort."
  157. 07[17:05] * @Get_Lost "a map, good, now we need a compass and we are totally okay with the navigating part"
  158. 07[17:07] * %Mitzi looks at the pony named Get Lost' skeptically when she talked about directions.
  159. 07[17:07] * +Kid scoffs at the quality of the map. Wonderful. Might as well have a pen and quill. "Reason I'm askin' is that it's always a good idea t' know where th' hell t' bug out. And y' can make a compass out of a lot've things, Lost. Can I call y' Lost?"
  160. [17:08] <%Mitzi> *Blanket of Gems
  161. [17:09] <@Kkat> 3Scarlet looks to Crescendo, "This job will more than pay off your debt, now won't it?"
  162. 07[17:10] * @Get_Lost "sure, yyou can call me lost, get, GL, get lost, solaris, even hey you moron will work, if i can tell you're talking to me"
  163. 04[17:11] <@Kkat> 3Scarlet then nods to Spero, looking thankful.  "I would be most greatful fer anything y'all can learn."
  164. 07[17:11] * @Crescendo_ nods "Yes ma'am."
  165. 07[17:12] * @Crescendo_ looks around quietly at the essembled ponies and creatures he was to join, and removes his hat before bowing low. "It is a pleasure to make your acquaintances, my name is Crescendo."
  166. 06[17:12] * Scorch_Mechanic[A] is now known as Scorch_Mechanic
  167. 07[17:13] * %Mitzi waves a paw; "Ur name eez MItzi."
  168. [17:13] <@Kkat> 3Scarlet looks back to Kid.  "I'd say Froggy Bottom Bog is a bad place to bug out in any direction.  But you know the swamps better than I do.  And probably get on better with the swamp folk than any o' us could hope to."
  169. 07[17:14] * %Mitzi now sets into the important task of determining who the group's alpha is. The one pony had both wings and a horn, and was bigger than the rest. Probably him.
  170. 07[17:15] * +Kid wrinkles her brow at Get_Lost, worried. "A little downer, don't y' think? Y' should take kindly to yer name." She looked at Scarlet and tipped her hat. "Aw, it ain't nothin' difficult. Give 'em a little somethin' homebrewed and strong and they're nice enough folk. Just don' go runnin' around on their property when they can't see y' is all."
  171. 07[17:16] * @Get_Lost "well, if we are done here, i'd like to ask if i can have a doctor bag and some bandages instead of the bottlecaps for accepting the work...."
  172. [17:16] <@Kkat> 3Scarlet looks at the map.  "Going the land route has the benefit that the area between here and Darkness Falls is pretty safe and peaceful-like.  You can probably get all the way to the falls without needing to bug out anywhere.  But then, once you get up into the mountains, there's not a lot of wiggle room on those switchbacks."
  173. 15[17:16] * +Spero looks around to the rest and smirks. "Spero." He ruffles his wings and starts planning out how exactly they could catch a raider and make him talk...
  174. 15[17:18] * +Spero It involves fire.
  175. 04[17:19] * %Mitzi looks to the hypothetical alpha of the group; "Spero pony wants tu go by land or by sea?"
  176. [17:19] <@Kkat> 3Scarlet fans the papers she's been looking at out on the desk.  "This here is just a pre-contract: you'll go from here to the Crimson's Caravans office in either Whitecap or Darkness Falls and sign up for the contract proper there.  In return for signing up for this, you each get 200 caps in advance."
  177. 15[17:20] * +Spero is pulled out of his lovely thoughts and looks at Mitzi. "By sea would be more interesting, but... you know how to dig like all the other hellhounds, right?"
  178. 07[17:21] * @Get_Lost takes her pre-contract and checks it "i like it, but since 200 caps is more or less the value of a doctor bag, can you just mark it that way, so they won't give me the caps and then make me pay more caps for the bag itself please?"
  179. 07[17:21] * +Kid grins and puts her name- Sugar Whiskey this time- along side a little doodle of a clay jug with a rag twisted and wrapped around it. "I reckon you have a deal, ma'am."
  180. 07[17:22] * %Mitzi nods; "Ur kind dun handle boats tu gud, but can dig tru anyting." She flexes a claw. "Wud prefer to go by land."
  181. 15[17:23] * +Spero nods. "Thought so. That's a valuable skill we can't lose, so land is probably better." He steps forward and looks at the contract.
  182. 07[17:24] * %Mitzi nods and looks to the papers. More pony squiggles. "Uh just make ur mark on da paper?"
  183. [17:24] <@Kkat> 3Scarlet looks to Crescendo a little as she says, "I suggest y'all spend yer caps in our caravan supply depot getting yerselves outfitted.  We have a much better stock here than our offices elsewhere, and I'll give you the ten-percent employee discount.  What we don't have here, you can probably find it in one of Nexus' shops.  Or at the Clever Phoenix."
  184. 07[17:25] * @Get_Lost signs the contract
  185. 06[17:25] * Gum_Shoe is now known as Gizmo_Shoe
  186. 07[17:25] * @Crescendo_ signs his name on the contract after the two mares.
  187. 06[17:26] * Gizmo_Shoe is now known as Gum_Shoe
  188. 07[17:26] * %Mitzi nicks her paw with a claw to draw a small amount of blood, smears it across her plam then makes a bloody paw print on the paper. She then wipes her paw on her scrap leather jacket and presses her palms together to stop the bleeding.
  189. 07[17:28] * +Kid laughs a bit uncomfortably. "Well. That's one way t' sign a signature." She looks up. "I'm fer' goin' t' see home again. Th' neighbors'll freak that I'm on a steam boat!"
  190. 07[17:28] * @Get_Lost looks a bit confused at the wird way of hellhound contract signing, then shrugs and looks at her newly found group "alright, i'm mostly a repair pony with some average knowledge on how to stop a bleeding... pleased to meet you all"
  191. 15[17:29] * +Spero signs the contract then looks at Get_Lost. "Well... your first mission could be stopping that bleeding."
  192. 15[17:30] * +Spero points at Mitzi's paw.
  193. [17:30] <@Kkat> 3Scarlet makes the adjustment to Get_Lost's contract.  "Departure is late tomorrow morning, so be to the dock after breakfast."  To Get_Lost, she adds, "I'll have the doctor's bag waiting for you at the steamboat when you're ready to leave."
  194. 07[17:31] * @Get_Lost "it's a scratch, it will stop by itself...." sigs and shakes her head "yeah i know, i'm best medic ever"
  195. 07[17:32] * @Crescendo_ smiles at Get_Lost. "I'm terribly sorry but I don't think I caught your name."
  196. 15[17:33] * +Spero chuckles and rolls his eyes then looks at Scarlet. "Anyway... docks tomorrow morning. Anything else?"
  197. 07[17:34] * @Get_Lost smiles a bit "get lost... it's not rude, it's my name.... i wa a crusader and when you play with those foals you end up with weird names.... at least it wasn't diaper nom...."
  198. 07[17:34] * @Get_Lost "not that i don't like diapy, she is a really sweet girl"
  199. 07[17:35] * +Kid pffs. "Aw, come on. Slug back some've my brew and you'll be right as rain." She looks back up at Scarlet and tips her hat, showing her the auburn scruff of her mane and the full view of the bandage that covered one of her eyes. "Ya'll take care, then. You don't let nopony talk down t' ye' while we're gone, okay?"
  200. [17:36] <@Kkat> 3Scarlet gathers the papers and tucks them away in a pre-war filing cabinet.  "So, which will it be?  Darkness Falls or Whitecap?  I need to know so I can inform the other caravan."
  201. 07[17:37] * @Get_Lost "i think we're going to darkness falls, that's the land route, right?"
  202. 15[17:38] * +Spero nods. "Darkness Falls, land route over the mountains."
  203. 07[17:39] * +Kid groans, displeased. "D'aaaaaaaw. Ya'll ponies don't know what ya'll're missin'!" She grumped. She hated the cold. Like her brother always said, that stuff is just evil frozen skywater. Evil frozen skywater!
  204. 15[17:40] * +Spero smirks at Kid. "Ya can use my wing as an umbrella if ya want."
  205. 07[17:40] * +Kid mumbles. "Stupid evil frozen skywater."
  206. [17:41] <@Kkat> 3Scarlet nods.  "Yep.  The steamboat will take you north a few days travel to Darkness Falls.  Once there, you will be given more details on the job and a final contract to sign.  The land route to zebra territory passes over the mountains.  Last outpost before your out of Equestria will be Tragedy's End..."
  207. [17:42] <@Kkat> 3Scarlet continues, "...but I wouldn't count on getting much resupply either there or at Darkness Falls, so pack well."
  208. 07[17:42] * @Get_Lost "darkness falls, tragedy's end.... looks like a place where you could bring the kids to have some family fun, eh? that reminds me of nightmare falls back in the 52"
  209. 07[17:44] * +Kid scoffs. "Yeah, I know, right? Why can't they never be named anythin' good, like Lollipop Town, or Whiskeyville, or Cotton Candy Junction?"
  210. 15[17:44] * +Spero chuckles. "Tragedy's End. Sounds like a real fun place." He turns around and starts heading for the door before looking back at Scarlet. "Do tell me if you need anything else done."
  211. 07[17:44] * @Crescendo_ chuckles. "I see. Although I can't imagine how you received your name, Get_Lost."
  212. 07[17:45] * @Get_Lost "that's exactly what i was thinking, sis... a nice town named perfect day, or loving life... that would be so nice..."
  213. 07[17:46] * @Get_Lost turns towards Crescendo_ "i tried to get some volunteers for trying the things i invented... after the first three failures, everytime i approached somepony they didn't even let me start asking and yelled me to get lost....."
  214. 07[17:47] * @Get_Lost "then they started to call me get lost... and that's pretty much the story.... i had a different name once, but you know... in the crusaders your name is how the others call you..."
  215. 04[17:47] <@Kkat> 3Scarlet smiles to Spero, "Like I said, anything you can find I'd be much appreciative of.  Other than that, just try not to spend too much time at the Clever Phoenix.  And stay the hell away from Latchkey.  That goes for the rest of you.  And double for Crescendo."
  216. 15[17:48] * +Spero stops. "What's wrong with Latchkey?"
  217. 07[17:48] * @Crescendo_ scuffs a hoof on the ground sheepishly.
  218. 07[17:50] * %Mitzi shrugs, not knowing any onies other than the ones she had just met
  219. 07[17:51] * +Kid is still kind of grumbly as she makes her way out of the tent and towards the Supply Tent for warm barding, some food and drink supply, and something to ferment. She notes to avoid Clever Phoenix and Latchkey dully. We wouldn't have t' not know why if we were goin' t' Froggy, she thought. I could tell them t' stay th' hell away from the lighthouses.
  220. 07[17:52] * @Get_Lost trots away following kid "hey, don't be mopey, we will visit your place once we're done with this, okay? i'd love to see new places..."
  221. 07[17:53] * +Kid dismissively waves a hoof. "Eh. I'll get over it. Probably fer th' best, anywho."
  222. 07[17:54] * +Kid noted that the good folks at the swamp probably picked her old family's home dry by now, anyway. Not like there's much to return to.
  223. 07[17:57] * @Crescendo_ "Latchkey isn't a good buck to go to when you're down on your luck."
  224. 07[17:58] * @Crescendo_ "And if he asks, say you've never seen me before very loudly while I sneak out the back."
  225. 15[17:59] * +Spero looks at Crescendo_ and smirks. "Ah. That I can do. Though..." he'd have more effective ways that mere noise. He gives a wing wave to Scarlet then steps out of the building and onto the street, following Kid and Get_Lost to the supply tent.
  226. 07[17:59] * @Get_Lost trotting towards the supply store, the mare sighs "i just hope they have something of my size and cheap.... i hate being this tall and all boney..."
  227. 15[18:02] * +Spero has a sudden and long overdue realization. He stops and goes back to look at Mitzi. "Sorry, what was your name?"
  228. [18:05] <@Kkat> 3Crimson's Caravans supply depot is the second-largest building in the compound, only slightly smaller than the brahmin barn, and by far the best defended.  You can here the cautious beeps of the security turrets mounted under the concrete awning of the entrance.  This contrasts to the door which somepony has propped open, probably to get some fresh air.
  229. 07[18:06] * %Mitzi extends her paw, the scratch closed on its own already; "Mitzi."
  230. 15[18:07] * +Spero smiles and shakes the offered paw with a hoof. Better make friends with the only one in the group whose mind you can't read. "How are you with cold?"
  231. 07[18:07] * %Mitzi smirks; "Ur hide is tough und warm. No problem."
  232. 07[18:08] * @Crescendo_ follows after the others. Staying near to the friendly Hell Hound and Alicorn seemed like a good idea.
  233. [18:09] <@Kkat> 3The young stallion behind the front counter is sitting with his head propped against a hoof, looking like he's about to doze off.  There are neat little bags of caps waiting for everyone except Get_Lost (who opted to get a doctor's bag instead).  
  234. [18:09] <@Kkat> 3A catalog nearby provides Crimson's Caravaners with a fairly recently updated list of what supplies and provisions the depot has to offer employees to outfit their caravans.
  235. 15[18:10] * +Spero nods. "Good, good. The ponies aren't quite as tough." He turns around and starts walking back to the supply building. "So where're you from?"
  236. 07[18:10] * +Kid takes the caps, smiles, and then flips through the catalog.
  237. 07[18:11] * %Mitzi picks up the bag of caps and adds it to the rolls traded to her by Scarlet. "Dis stuff wierd for munee. Not shiny, not hard, not heavy." She looks back to the apparent Alpha; "Ur pack comes from Poneeville Reserve. Not fond of outsiders, but yunger pups see da need fer better rlations wit ponies."
  238. 07[18:11] * @Get_Lost looks at the catalog just from behind kid's shoulder, looking at the prices
  239. 15[18:13] * +Spero "Isn't that the place the Enclave did the thing...?"
  240. 07[18:15] * %Mitzi sighs; "Ur kin ur few und ponies eez many. Und no, eet wuz New Hope pack wut da Enclave took over. Dere survivors joined ur pack, what came from Old Home before eet was destroyed."
  241. 15[18:21] * +Spero nods. "Ah, right. That whole thing must have really sucked. So you're out here looking to raise relations?"
  242. 07[18:22] * %Mitzi nods; "Ponies eez not all bad like some old alphas tink. Dey just bitter about loss of Old Home. Uh was born aftur it blew up, so Uh was never attached."
  243. 07[18:23] * @Get_Lost buys a winter outfit that will give her a decent chance of not freezing in the cold and some last minute supplies; she tries the winter outfit too, asking to nopony in particular "how does it look? does it make me look fat?"
  244. [18:23] <@Kkat> 3Crimson's Caravans offers all the basics that caravaners would need for a properly stocked journey, even into possibly hazardous territory.  Supplies run from water barrels to camping supplies to a variety of mines.  
  245. [18:25] <@Kkat> 3Ammo, weapons and armor are in limited supply, mostly tailored for special excursions.  Winterized armor is available in Leather, Reinforced Leather and Metal.  Crimson's Caravans also offers a rather unique set of armor called Caravanar's Leather.  It's a much lighter, more supple leather made from baby radigator hide.  
  246. 07[18:25] * @Get_Lost looks at the list "if somepony has the caps to spare, a couple of pickaxes could be very useful once we're in the ice... and maybe a shovel..."
  247. 07[18:26] * @Crescendo_ chuckles at Get_Lost. "Of course not, my lady."
  248. 15[18:27] * +Spero nods again. "That's a... healthy outlook I suppose." He looks at Get_Lost. "Or, you know..." he spreads his wings wide, "fly."
  249. 07[18:28] * %Mitzi holds up her claws; "Ice eez no problem."
  250. 07[18:29] * @Get_Lost shrugs "oh well, i guess i'll buy a shovel myself, then...."
  251. 07[18:32] * %Mitzi snickers; "Heh, shovel. Ponee hooves no gud for diggeen den Uh guess."
  252. [18:32] <@Kkat> 3Crimson's Caravans supply depot has a pretty meager supply of weapons and likewise limited ammo.  Last time you did work here, the supply was much better.  The young stallion at the desk suggests you might try Barnstormers.  They're the hot new weapons merchants in Nexus.
  253. 13[18:35] * Fear_Full (Shadow777@Pony-t9vl2q.mo.charter.com) Quit (Quit: The fire burns within us, the flame will never fade.)
  254. 04[18:39] * @Crescendo_ thinks for a moment, since the conversation had already shifted to more practical matters. "A very good thought, Lost. Some of us are less equiped..." he glances at Spero's wings and Mitzi's claws, "than others."
  255. 15[18:39] * +Spero ponders for a minute, then sits down and looks at his compansions. "You guys mind if I try something out?"
  256. 07[18:44] * @Get_Lost looks at the prices and sighs "i can't afford pickaxes and other working tools, i'm sorry..." she still buys a couple of canteens and some more bandages
  257. 15[18:46] <+Spero> companions*
  258. 04[18:46] * %Mitzi looks to Spero the alpha; "Wut yu want du?"
  259. 07[18:46] * @Get_Lost "ah... sure if you won't mind me experimenting my prototype of automated barding on you when it's ready....."
  260. 15[18:47] * +Spero "I wanna see if I can lift everyone and fly at the same time. You know, in case a mountain pass gets blocked or something."
  261. 07[18:47] * %Mitzi looks over to Get Lost; "Uh've got claws wut can do wurk for me. Maybe I buy tools fur yu. Don't need ponee munee fur much else."
  262. 07[18:48] * @Get_Lost "it's a full powered armor, but without the armor, and it has a lot of medical injectors, using an interesting auto diagnostinc system that will decide on its own when to deliver the combat drugs..."
  263. 04[18:48] * +Kid slings some rope around her saddlebag and gives Spero an odd look. "Well. Since ya'll asked." She pretended to be reluctant, but on the inside, her inner filly was giggling with the thought of being able to fly!
  264. 04[18:49] * @Crescendo_ "If... if it'll help, then yes, Spero."
  265. 15[18:51] * +Spero nods. "Alright." He focuses for a minute and starts lifting those who didn't mind into the air slowly. Once they are up, he himself flaps his wings and starts hovering just above the ground.
  266. 07[18:54] * %Mitzi is gently lifted into the air. She felt wierd with the feet no longer touching the ground. It was almost as bad as beign on water. "Dis eez wierd. Hope we dun have tu du eet again."
  267. 07[18:56] * +Kid is kind of giddy, but at the same time a little scared! She didn't have any... Control of where she went. It was a surprisingly scary thought. Not that it stopped her from having fun with it, of course.
  268. 15[18:57] * +Spero smiles wide as he sees that it actually worked. He'd never tried that before. Nobody wanted to let him. He gently sets Mitzi back down.
  269. 07[18:57] * %Mitzi is much more comfortable on the graft.
  270. 07[18:58] * @Get_Lost looks at the ponies floating and whistles in admiration "woah, not bad... not bad at all, how long can you keep them like that?"
  271. 15[18:59] * +Spero hovers himself back down to the ground while leaving the others in the air. "Well... they don't feel much different than anything else, so... I'd say a really long time."
  272. 13[19:00] * Gum_Shoe (geeko@Pony-miv06f.buckeyecom.net) Quit (Quit: Colloquy for iPad - http://colloquy.mobi)
  273. 07[19:00] * @Crescendo_ begins to slowly revolve. "Erm, could you put me down please? My hat's beginning to come off. Hooves first if possible."
  274. 04[19:02] * +Kid gives Spero a flat look. Okay, now this was starting to get plum annoyin'. "'Ey there. Mind lettin' me down? It don't feel real good t' be off m' hooves fer long." It must be an Earth Pony thing. "'Sides, I need t' get me some ammo right quick."
  275. 15[19:02] * +Spero chuckles and slowly lowers Crescendo_ to the ground. Hooves first.
  276. 15[19:02] * +Spero does the same for Kid.
  277. 07[19:03] * +Kid trots on out with caps in mouth towards the Barnbuster's place. She needed to be well stocked for 20g ammo, she knew that for sure. Maybe they have the fancy stuff, too.
  278. 04[19:04] * @Get_Lost chuckles a bit "well, you must be the centre of the party back at home, spero..."
  279. 15[19:04] * +Spero smirks. "My... other magic tricks usually get more attention."
  280. 07[19:05] * %Mitzi shrugs; "Ponies ur wierd."
  281. 07[19:05] * @Crescendo_ breathes a sigh of relief. He wasn't keen to be doing that again anytime soon.
  282. 07[19:10] * %Mitzi steps up to the counter; "Dey want dem ponee tools. Uh'll buy fur dem cuz Uh dun have much use for ponee munee." She takes out the pouch of caps.
  283. 07[19:16] * %Mitzi grabs the tools and holds them out to Get_Lost; "Uh c'n dig for urself, but if yu need den yu c'n take dis too."
  284. 07[19:17] * @Get_Lost "hey thanks! that is very kind! you're a good po- ehr.... a good companion"
  285. 07[19:19] * %Mitzi smiles; "Tryeen to be gud to ponies eez gud for relations Uh guess."
  286. 07[19:20] * @Get_Lost nods, approvingly "well, being kind with somepony will help you to get kindness from them... ah... actually that's not always true, they could just use you, but hey, it's worth trying, yes?"
  287. 07[19:21] * %Mitzi shrugs; "Eet gud start Uh guess."
  288. 15[19:22] * +Spero snerks and looks at Get_Lost. "Ain't that just a fine outlook on life."
  289. 07[19:23] * @Get_Lost packs up everything and balances the weight "i think i'm done...."
  290. 06[19:23] * Sour_Pyrite is now known as Sour_Pyrite_Plotting
  291. 07[19:25] * %Mitzi also grabs some water and food for herself, particularly wanting food that would be appropriate for a Hellhound.
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