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  1. You wake up in a ratty apartment with a blinding headache. Trying to find relief in booze after getting fired might not have been the best idea  after all. Ah, it was a crappy job anyway. Blinking your eyes open, you see sunlight shining in through a gap in your curtains. On the nightstand, you see a book titled The List. It has admittedly classy leather cover that some vandal has gotten scratched and stained. You vaguely remember some stranger giving it to you after you told him that you had just lost your job, telling you that it might be of use. Sitting up on the lumpy bed, you find yourself reaching for the book as you wonder just WHERE were you drinking at the time. Despite being stained, the cover feels smooth under your hand. Is it just your imagination, or did you skin tingle as it made contact with the leather?
  3. As you open the book, you find to your surprise that despite the dim light you can easily read the text. On the title page, The List is followed by hand-penned words "To protect the world..." written in cursive. The next few pages are a list of kinds of people and fantastical creatures and you dimly wonder whether it's some kind of joke as you see that the names are followed sums of money and corresponding page numbers. Some of the sums of money are quite large. After a page and a half, the money is replaced by other rewards like strength, will and youth, only to be replaced again by symbols you can't recognize.
  5. Putting the book on the nightstand, you stagger into the bathroom. After downing some aspirin and water, you relieve yourself and take a hot shower until you're feeling better - thank god water is included on the rent, even if you're not sure how much longer you'll be able to cover it. Covering yourself with a towel, you get out of the bathroom and get into the kitchen. Making a couple sandwiches while the coffee is brewing, you take a stock and realize you don't have much food left, either. And after last night, your bank account is almost certainly nearly empty. You're going to need money soon, probably sooner than an honest job would allow. Grabbing the book, you start reading as you munch on the sandwiches and wait for coffee to be ready. The first entry reads:
  7. "Hobo, uncanny. $500
  8. This filthy creature has already begun to stray away from humanity by the virtue of corruption simmering in his soul.
  10. Recognition: Often goes by a name with prefix such as "honest" or "clean" despite all evidence to the contrary. Generally has visible signs of disease, such as boils or rash. Despite being drug-addled or drunk, has sharp eyes. The best way to track them down is by talking with other homeless: They will often describe him or her as 'creepy' or 'unnerving' or even 'scary' or 'terrifying'.
  12. Powers: May manifest minor abilities such as converting small amounts of water into alcoholic drinks, heightened strength or senses, minor curses. Should not pose a serious threat.
  14. Limitations: Usually none.
  16. Tips&hints: Homeless people will often be able to help you with your hunt. Therefore, maintaining good relations with them is desirable. Further, indiscriminate killings will often draw unwanted attention from law enforment, would-be vigilantes and other actors. It is advisable to confirm your findings with multiple sources, as many homeless may have some idea about what you are doing and may have grudges they would have you deal with."
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