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  1. Author: ddraig
  3. Several "fixes" for weird Misery behaviour and general enhancement tweaks.
  5. Made for 2.0.2 (QF)
  9. For the main bulk of fixes, copy the gamedata folder from the "base" folder over Misery 2.0.2 QF (make sure this patch is installed properly - 2.0.2, then the Quick Fix on top of 2.0.2). Overwrite any files.
  11. After this, make sure before you start a new game to CHANGE YOUR CLASS FIRST. This is rather important, as Misery 2.0 uses this rather esoteric system, and if you don't switch your class, it might break certain things. I've tried to make it default to "Assaulter", but it's important you change your class at least once to overcome this limitation.
  13. Say you want to play Assaulter, switch your class to something else first (using the ingame system), then switch back to Assaulter. A bit of a pain in the ass, but blame MDT for this :(
  15. If installation is successful, you should on the main screen see the version as "Misery 2.0.2 (Misery Hotfix)"
  17. A lot of these changes are rather subtle, so you may not see immediate effects, but if you follow these instructions the game will work, I promise you.
  19. It's HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, if not essential, that you start a new game. This starts from a completely clean slate, and the buggy behaviour that I've fixed will not be latent in any scripts/configs in the save game.
  21. A note on save-game compatibility. It's quite hard to maintain save game compatibility with a lot of these changes, particularly as quite a few of them are related to logic scripts, which as far as I'm aware are tied to save games. The all.spawn has also changed, which usually requires a new game start aswell. The all.spawn change is merely to remove the second, redundant RPK in Zulu's hut (he's already got one he uses, why is there a second one in his hut? Does he collect them?)
  23. As a general rule, all changes related to scripts and general configs (items, creatures etc.) will be save game compatible (I believe the only exception is the character_desc xmls which are tied to save games - at least they are in SoC, which I'm more familiar with). Scripted logic is not save game compatible.
  25. If you've installed a previous version of this AFTER the Unofficial Call of Pripyat patch has been added, then any changes made subsequently should be save-game compatible, and if not I've been careful to specify which ones aren't (usually quite minor, like the radio logic).
  27. If you're not sure, it's better to start a new game. A bit of the pain in the ass, I know, but thems the breaks.
  29. So to recap: If you're installed this patch, and it already had the Unofficial CoP patch added, then most changes made after that point will be save game compatible, but ideally you should start a new game, just to make sure.
  31. The optional changes are optional, and install in the same manner. These are all save game compatible, but some rely on the changes made in the base version, so there's that caveat.
  36. * 28/10/13 *
  38. - Added in Yasti's "Man of Balance" fix.
  39. - Added in Bangalore's optimized DLL as an optional extra. Make sure to read the associated readme.
  41. * 24/10/13 *
  43. - Updated the post-process mod script file to be slightly more robust. This is mainly a script-side tweak and playing the game you'll see no noticable changes, but it makes scripting in additional effects slightly easier, aswell as being able to easily tweak them.
  44. - Added in "Mezaton (Imported)". This is a drug that was included in the original post-process mod. I've made an attempt to Misery it up a bit. Has a proper name, description, icon, sound, item usage script, is properly incorporated into death tables/trader files so for all practical purposes it will be like any other drug item. The basic idea is that it is a low-cost, drug-based "night vision". They're eyedrops that dilate your pupils, making it easier to see in the dark. This does mean that if you do go into somewhere with bright light it can be almost unbearable. This actually works very well with the helmet ppe files, which can make the low-light improvement dulled by having a slightly dark overlay over it, and make seeing in bright sunlight slightly easier if you do have the drug active.
  46. * 20/10/13 *
  48. - Went through the dialog_manager.ltx with a fine-toothed comb. Removed references to "duty". Duty are actually "dolg" in the game files. Dialogs that had "duty" as a precondition now have "dolg", correctly. This should make some dialog manager texts more readily available, and enable a few that were disabled.
  49. - Added optional new feature: (Semi) Logical mutant looting. See below for details.
  51. * 16/10/13 *
  53. - Translated the remaining graphics options. Some might not be perfect. Better translations are welcome.
  54. - Updated Phoenix's Artifact Tweak to version 1.05
  55. - Updated pseudogiant hand icon so it doesn't conflict with others.
  56. - Added in optional Intimidation mod (details below).
  57. - Updated Surges to give Monolith squads immunity to them.
  58. - Updated trader optimization to script-based version, rather than config-based. All sold items are now immediately removed from the buyer's inventory, so be careful what you sell.
  59. - Renabled trade with medics (may be save game incompatible)
  60. - Added in UP readme (see "other fixes" for details)
  61. - Added a few extra dialog manager texts.
  62. - Added in optional psi-storm/fallout tweak (to switch them off). This will not break anything (even including the new radio logic)
  63. - Updated Nimble Weapon Tweak to fix a few minor errors.
  64. - In an attempt to make surge notifications more ingame-centric and not reliant on the game telling you specifically that they're arriving, I've included an optional "Marked by the Zone" tweak.
  67. * 14/10/13 *
  69. - Added optional Nimble Weapon Tweak. Details below, as usual.
  70. - Updated radio logic to include psi-storms. Details below. (Not save game compatible, but not game-breaking)
  71. - Changed spawn menu from F1 to F4 - This allows it to play nice with the debug mode's Function Key commands.
  73. * 13/10/13 *
  75. - Updated "Logical Black Road" tweak to include UP's changes to the xr_effects.script - the game will no longer crash if you use this.
  76. - Added in original post-process mod function: Mutant attacks. Details below.
  77. - Updated exhaustion tweak to include mutant attacks.
  78. - Updated atmosfear.script to correctly ignore "sun details". Now it should always stay the setting you choose for it.
  79. - Added in several new options. Credit to the PCFM mod for discovering these:
  81.         * DX10.1
  82.         * MXAA (DX10 and DX10.1) (No more ugly aliasing on power lines at long distances! I've included a screenshot showing this in action.)
  83.         * Gloss Factor
  84.         * Motion blur
  85.         * Full-screen smoothing
  86.         * Enable/Disable key-press to start.
  88. Among others. Not all options are translated at the moment. Some of these options may not actually do anything, so experiment at your own risk, and for god's sake back up your user.ltx first! You can access these via the options menu. Most are video options. There's a weird alignment problem with the r1_tfmipbias caption setting in widescreen that I can't for the life of me fix... but you get the idea.
  89. - Added in a few extra dialog manager texts. These are fun to write!
  90. - Fixed ogg commenting on flashlight_draw.ogg - Ogg commenting is important for AI to not act idiotic!
  91. - Gave pseudogiant hand a unique icon, based on the ingame model. Now doesn't look like a regular hand.
  93. * 11/10/13 *
  95. - Added optional "Battery tweak" (details below).
  97. * 10/10/13 *
  99. - Updated Yasti's save corruption fix to the Epiphany edition 32 bit.
  100. - Incorporated Phoenix's artifact fix. Artifacts are now more useful/balanced.
  102. * 9/10/13 *
  104. - Changed smart terrain spawns for Pripyat. It makes no logical sense for stalkers to appear there before Freeplay. The road to Pripyat is known only to a few people: The guys you go with aren't likely to tell anyone, and neither is Garry - he wants Pripyat to himself, and there's the fact that there IS MILITARY ALL OVER! Non-military/monolith/merc spawns will not occur until freeplay. This prevents certain quests being broken (like the insane sentry) and adds to the general isolated feeling of Pripyat. It's now you and the rapidly dwindling band of Military versus the Monolith. (Not save game compatible, I think)
  105. - Slightly tweaked the sound for drawing out the flashlight. Sounds slightly better.
  106. - Fixed "detector scope" so it now actually works.
  107. - Slightly increased efficiency of all repair parts. This is a minor tweak that is fitting with the original design philosophy.
  109. * 8/10/13 *
  111. - Incorporated the Unofficial Call of Pripyat patch. This has so many fixes it defies words. It basically fixes 99.9% of the bugs, weirdness and logic of the base game which Misery hasn't even touched. Doors use correct sounds, Flint stops talking to himself, broken quests are fixed etc.
  112. - Updated radio logic scripts. To compensate for surges not having a proper "notification", surges now disrupt radio transmissions. It's a smooth transition, masked by static, that switches radios in bases off during emissions. Hell is breaking loose, you're not getting ANY radio signals through that.
  113. - To make surges unpredictable, the "A surge occurred while you were sleeping/travelling" message has been removed, and replaced with the UP's "removing dead" function. This improves performance and makes the game more dynamic!
  114. - Added in several new stories/anecdotes to the dialog manager system. Asking people about the Zone will now have a few more varied responses. Some are even specific to the Black Road.
  115. - Fixed death settings to correctly allow Black's PDA to drop.
  117. * 7/10/13 *
  119. - Updated file structure to make installation easier.
  120. - Added in balanced colour settings based on Yasti's recommendation (details below).
  121. - Tweaked UI configs for classes to make the menus work better.
  122. - Enabled fallout and psi-storms (12 hours for Fallout, 24 for psi-storms).
  123. - Removed unnecessary damage to Recon's equipment on non-Black Road starts. A balanced playing field is now yours.
  126. ------
  130. A minor tweak, but one that makes knives somewhat useful once you get a decent armory going:
  132. To loot a mutant, you will need a knife active in your hands, and it has to be over a certain condition (otherwise it will be dull, chipped and utterly incapable of removing the parts intact)
  134. I'm somewhat surprised MDT didn't include something like this. They have knife sharpening stones, so they obviously considered knives good for something, but not the most obvious application which is hacking mutant body parts off to sell to the highest bidder.
  136. When you loot a mutant, your knife will become "damaged". This is to simulate cutting through bone, gristle and mutated skin which will eventually dull/chip even the sharpest knife. Mutants with "thick" hides and strong bones, like boars, fleshes and pseudogiants will do the most damage to your knife. Small mutants, like tushkano and even crows will do minimal damage. These values may have to be tweaked slightly.
  138. Each weapon will get damaged at a different rate. Hunting knives, designed for hunting, will be the least damaged, whereas combat knives mostly designed for thrusting will be more damaged.
  140. I've taken into account the Sniper's Survival Expert perk, which specifically mentions his superior knowledge of hacking up animals, so when he loots mutants his knife will be less damaged, presumably as he has a better knowledge of cutting up animals and can cut through joints rather than bone etc.
  142. So a sniper with a hunting knife might be able to take on a pseudogiant's carcass and have his knife still be in pretty good condition.
  144. This function exists in "ARS" mod, so credit goes to them for the idea, but I've changed the execution to fit in better with Misery.
  148. Picture the scenario: You're in the middle of nowhere. The clouds go all weird. All hell starts breaking loose. You scrabble desperately in your backpack, and pop an anabiotic. The surge sweeps over you... and you die.
  150. Sound familiar? Turns out the anabiotic, despite having a usage script, does not actually link to the anabiotic callback functions. This is a HUGE oversight. I've fixed this.
  152. This adds in (hopefully) a proper usage script. It will go through all the stages of using it (taking your helmet off, eating it etc.) and then will knock you out on your ass and let the anabiotic do its thing.
  154. I've tried to make the anabiotic "taking" look convincing. Any improvements on it are welcome, but I think it looks and functions rather well.
  156. Enjoy your functional anabiotics!
  158. * MARKED BY THE ZONE TWEAK (Optional)
  160. It's already been pretty well established in the stalker games that people in the Zone for a long time can "feel" when a surge is about to hit. People like Zulu etc mention that when a surge is coming, they have a gut feeling etc.
  162. I've updated the Marked by the Zone achievement to kind of replicate this in a subtle way.
  164. In addition to the standard effects, it will also give you an early warning if a surge is about to hit. When a surge "starts", if you've got this achievement, you're in an area that the surge can affect (i.e. not in an underground level) and you've switched the surge task notification off, then you'll hear a ringing in your ears which is the signal that shit's about to get serious.
  168. This was part of the original post-process mod. Misery cut it out, or didn't add it, presumably for a few reasons. I've now added it back in and tweaked it slightly. Basic mechanics are this:
  170. If you go to sleep somewhere that isn't considered "safe" (a base, basically, or an area considered safe for emissions) then there's a chance when you wake up a mutant may wake up with you. If you collapse out of exhaustion, this chance is slightly higher.
  172. Current mutants are: Bloodsucker, dog, pseudodog, flesh, boar, chimera, snork and tushkano. Certain mutants have a smaller chance of spawning (Chimeras are the rarest, along with snorks). This chance is slightly higher if you collapse out of exhaustion. Keep an eye out, and be careful when sleeping out in the open - you never know what might find you!
  174. * NIMBLE WEAPON TWEAK (Optional)
  176. Nimble is supposed to offer unique, hard to find equipment. A few of his weapons are less than unique. I've updated Nimble's weaponry selection to include truly unique items. Each piece now has a unique name, unique characteristics you won't find in other weapons, and in some cases a bit of a backstory. Also changed the ingame dialog to reflect this. I've updated a few weapons to give backstories based on earlier builds of SoC: More notably Wolfhound (who was originally a member of Freedom) and the infamous leader of the Mercs who was cut out of the final SoC build.
  178. Weapon changes:
  180. FN2000 - The "Lizard". Special forces model of the standard rifle. Comes with integrated silencer and a lightweight custom body.
  181. G36K - The "Tiger". Customized variant of the G36K - has an increased magazine size and a special custom body that reduces overall weapon weight. Was rumoured to be owned by Dushman - the infamous "leader" of the Mercs.
  182. SVU-A - The "Liberator". Changed name only. Weapon stays the same.
  183. Protecta - The "Vulture". Created by a Zone craftsman, one of only three models that exist in the entire world. Has a custom gas-ejection system allowing for rapid, automatic fire. Compromises had to be made to the design, so the shotgun only accepts slug rounds.
  184. Groza-1 - Renamed to "Lightning". Weapon remains otherwise unchanged.
  185. Added a bit of backstory to the Clear Sky armor in Nimble's dialog about it.
  187. If you want to use this with an existing save game, then all you need to do is copy over the correct gamedata folder from the class_diversity folder for the class you're currently using, in addition to the other folders.
  191. In addition to radios being messed up to signal the start of an emission, radios will now behave differently when a psi-storm is raging. Rather than switching off, they will pick up an unknown signal. I've taken these "broadcasts" from a few sources. Some you will recognize as the "Horror time" radio effects from OGSE, a few are recordings of Russian Number Stations taken from youtube. These transitions will also be "smooth" (as I can make them) with the radio tuning into the normal station after a psi-storm being masked by static once again. Quality of the new "number stations" are a bit iffy, but I have a rather patchy internet connection so this is the best I could get at such short notice.
  193. Due to the way that logic scripts are utilized by the game, a new game start is required for this to function correctly, but it's not gamebreaking if you don't. AFAIK, logic scripts are saved in the save file.
  195. Fallout will not affect the radios, as it's just acid rain.
  199. Included is an updated bind_stalker.script file. This is very major, it removes the additional post-process check associated with taking damage, which can render the Assaulter's Strong Grip/Sturdy perks useless aswell as making being a recon/sniper almost unbearable. This also contains the associated functions for the anabiotic fix, so this is practically required.
  201. * BATTERY TWEAK (Optional, Feedback wanted)
  203. The way that the UPD "calculated" battery power gained from batteries and spawned "excess" batteries rubbed me the wrong way. I guess they were trying to simulate switching out the batteries of the UPD with different ones. So if you had a fully charged UPD, used an "empty" battery, it would spawn the closest equivalent battery to the UPD's power level (military batteries, in this case) and set the UPD's "charge" to the power level that the "empty" batteries have set. All well and good...
  205. But if you then use the military battery, it sets the UPD's charge to 0.93, even if the battery was taken from a "fully charged" UPD.
  207. Where did the other 0.7 go?
  209. Using multiple types of batteries can make things even more weird. Even using the same battery for prolonged periods can cause weird behaviour (why does a military battery pack morph into a AA battery just by being in the UPD for too long? 'The Zone' can explain a lot of weird shit, but this is just too strange.)
  211. This tweak treats batteries and the UPD slightly differently. Instead of "switching out" batteries, you plug the battery in, and the power from the battery is added to the UPD's power storage. This adds the added element of "conserving" battery power. If you use a military battery when your UPD is nearly fully charged, then while it may "drain" the battery, all that excess power is going to be wasted (I may later change this to "overheating" the UPD and causing minor burn damage)
  213. The description of the UPD has been changed to reflect this new behaviour. I do think this tweak is slightly more logical, even in Misery terms, as they even mention the UPD having a storage capacity in the damn description.
  215. * INTIMIDATION MOD (Optional)
  217. A little optional thing. The "surrender" dialogs seem a bit too clinical for my liking. You've just been shot at by someone, and they're now bleeding out/cowering like a baby hoping you'll spare their life. Why does Degtyarev treat them so... nicely? This removes the redundant second option (I believe it to be redundant - as far as I can tell it achieves the same end with slightly different wording) and made it so you have a variety of intimidating ways of getting the information out of them you want. If they refuse, they will also give you slightly more varied responses than "Go fuck yourself" (be original guys, geez - Deg's heard this all before)
  219. I've included a few screenshots of this in action.
  223. Someone was pissed off that the mercs wouldn't accept their food, so I made this:
  225. The Mercs in Zaton that were after food would only accept three specific types: bread, kolbasa (old meat) and conserva (can of tuna). This has updated the function to include virtually all imported food (MDT included all these foods but forgot to make them do their function). Mercs won't accept "Zone-produced" products like raw meat or cooked mutant meat. They want canned food, bread or high quality meat. In practical terms they'll accept most food that doesn't come from a mutant or dubious source and is actually a decent "meal" (i.e. not gum). If you want specifics, look in dialogs_zaton.script for functions associated with the "b106" smart terrain.
  229. Very minor change to the surge_manager.script file. Turns out that they were evaluating the "safe_cover_notification" setting incorrectly, so false would make the game give you the task, while "true" would make the game not give you the task. Now the option behaves correctly.
  233. Replaced the sleep, zevok and wakeup sound effects with actual sound effects. Properly ogg-commented. These were previously "empty" sounds.
  237. Exoskeletons now have a proper hud. In addition to this, they also have been set to not allow helmets with their use. They're basically a closed-circuit suit with a bunch of features added.
  241. I've completely rewritten this entire script. Hopefully I've fixed the sleep_actor_safe flag always being false. Added in various extra conditions to the "You cannot sleep" functions, including lack of tiredness, radiation (actually working properly), surges/psi-storms, bleeding and a combination thereof. If you want to sleep, you better be in good condition and actually want it. Since you now need to be tired to sleep, sleeping pills are no longer useless.
  243. Time forwarding should now work properly and not be dependant on you sleeping somewhere safe. Time moves forward no matter where you are.
  245. Forced surges should now only happen if you sleep outside of a base. Sleeping inside one will properly skip surges.
  247. If you place your sleeping bag down, and try to sleep but are unable to (for any of the reasons listed above) you will no longer just leave your sleeping bag, you will automatically pick it up. This can lead to rather embarassing situations where you leave your sleeping bag somewhere and get the fuck out of dodge, and when you sleep in a base your sleeping bag might magically find you. The Zone touches things, even lowly sleeping bags. If you've lost a sleeping bag, then try this, it may actually come back to you magically. I could probably fix this, but I find it slightly charming.
  249. The "Dialog already hidden" crash should now be fixed. Turns out they the forced sleep function could try to hide the sleep ui dialog even if it wasn't already active, thus causing this rather embarassing crash. This is now fixed, hopefully.
  251. If you want any more information, I've commented the code in the script. MDT should learn to do this.
  253. Changed scripts are itms_manager.script and ui_sleep_dialog.script
  255. Any problems, I'd really like to hear them.
  259. A very minor fix. To get to Pripyat, you need a suit with a closed-circuit respitory system. As far as I can tell, there are four in game: The SEVA suit, the Red/green Scientific outfits and the Exoskeleton.
  261. Now instead of requiring the SEVA suit, you can choose any of the four. You also need to be wearing it when you talk to Zulu, otherwise he won't consider you ready.
  265. There is also a new "postproces_mod.script". This is minor, but it greatly reduces the amount of time you can stay awake. They've added in this rather neat post-process mod but have set it at values which makes it very, very unlikely the average player will ever see them. For example, the sniper, who is least dependant on sleep, can stay awake for FOUR DAYS. This is absurd. I'm not a trained military specialist, but after a single day of not sleeping, and pretty much sitting on my ass, I feel really shitty and run down (and I consider myself a bit of an insomniac). How the hell can someone stay awake for four days while operating at maximum capacity before finally collapsing, while being in a radioactive hellhole with everything trying to kill you? (the new dialog manager texts even mention that the Zone saps away at the strength of even the strongest guy, so this seems even more absurd)
  267. All classes have had their traits taken into account. I've pretty much halved the original values. Snipers can now stay awake a maximum of 53 hours (just over 2 days), Assaulters can stay awake for 36 hours (a day and a half)
  269. Feel free to disregard this fix or change the values to whatever you like.
  273. The Black Road kind of annoys me. They say it's supposed to be a hard mode, and give it an elaborate backstory, but all it essentially does is move you to the sawmill and give you no equipment. Boring.
  275. I've decided to make the Black Road slightly more logical. You presumably get to the Sawmill after being ambushed by something. It's dark, you've used up all your medical supplies, and you're in quite bad condition thanks to that. You barricade yourself inside the building, hoping to save your life somehow.
  277. Why does Degtyarev take the time, while running for his life, to rip off his helmet and strip practically naked? He has enough foresight to keep his knife (a useful tool), but drops other useful things? The UPD is a very useful tool, as is a flashlight, so why would he ditch the UPD while keeping his knife and flashlight? Tossing your gun if you're running and it has no ammo? You might do that - it could probably be more of a burden than it's worth. Going through your pack to get rid of non-essentials to make it easier to get away? Yeah, I can see that, but why would you throw away useful, valuable and lightweight tools that may help you out somehow?
  279. The Black Road now has you in bare minimum equipment. You have your helmet, outfit, battery and knife. Your helmet is broken, your outfit ripped, and your battery drained. You've been through hell to get to this point. If used with the exhaustion tweak above you also start off partially exhausted. Each class now has the same knife in Black Road and non Black Road starts, just for consistency.
  281. Just to add a bit of flair to the occassion, there's a 10% chance of a surge starting. Pray the Zone has mercy on you.
  283. --------------------------------------------
  284. ------------- OTHER FIXES ------------------
  285. --------------------------------------------
  287. These have not been made by me, but are included as they round out the overall experience:
  291. A huge patch containing many, many tweaks and fixes. Readme for version 0.1 follows. Version 0.2 is not wildly different.
  293. Entries marked by * have not been integrated due to conflicting with Misery in some way (it's either already fixed, or Misery uses a better implementation).
  295. Note about dead bodies: Due to the way Misery handles dead bodies' inventories, it's not actually possible to control what can be found in them. Virtually every added dead body is placed in a dangerous area (hence why they are dead), so consider them little rewards for risking your ass if you manage to find them.
  297. Major Corrections:
  299. 1) You can now attempt to recruit Noah into the party going to Pripyat.
  300. 2) You can now sell the "Compass" artifact to the scientists (Ddraig note: This is only possible when you get the quest to find it. I've considered changing it to just having it, but this can break early game economy if you manage to get two of them via nefarious means)
  301. 3) You can now sell Tremor's PDA to Owl
  302. 4) Disabled trade with medics. They now only offer medical treatment. You'll have to find medical supplies elsewhere. * (Not integrated due to issues with Misery's trade logic - Bonesetter is a major supplier to stalkers)
  303. 5) Changed Trapper's logic. He will now stay in a single point.
  304. 6) Changed Cardan's drinking dialog. If you want him to do work for you, you will now have to drink with him. Functions the same as drinking with Zulu.
  305. 7) Updated Senka's logic - you can now talk to him.
  306. 8) Added in missing biography dialogs with Hawaiian, Bonesetter, Zulu and Senka.
  307. 9) Added in dialogs with other technicians about the unknown weapon - the quest seemed very weak and illogical without them.
  308. 10) Added in the ability to return Strelok's Sig to him.
  309. 11) Added in the ID card to Degtyarev's inventory (already added in Misery) *
  310. 12) Added in dead bodies of stalkers in the eastern tunnel. Trapper mentions several stalkers died there.
  311. 13) Added in dead body near the "swamp". Supposedly a stalker was killed there, and his body wasn't recovered.
  312. 14) Added in dead body to the bridge in Zaton. It is now clear that Degtyarev is not the first to attempt to cross it.
  313. 15) Added in two dead soldiers: Neborsky and Batyai. Kovalski mentions their deaths in a conversation.
  314. 16) Near the Southern Plateau several dead mercenaries have been added - they are mentioned in conversations with stalkers.
  315. 17) Danila's body now moved inside the house with Tremor.
  316. 18) Cardan will no longer charge money to create Gauss ammo, he now requires a Flash artifact.
  317. 19) During an emission, dead mutants will be removed from the game.
  319. Minor correction:
  321. Config and script fixes:
  323. 1) A transceiver has been added into the Scientist's Bunker - to account for them giving messages to stalkers in the field.
  324. 2) In Noah's barge, various tiny items have been added - a bottle of vodka, a dog bowl etc.
  325. 3) Removed base psy-protection from Gas Mask and Steel Helmet *
  326. 4) Gave SEVA integrated night vision *
  327. 5) Beard no longer sells artifacts
  328. 6) Beard no longer buys artifacts that he has on special order
  329. 7) Beard no longer buys ammo for the gauss *
  330. 8) Vano will disappear from Yanov if you go to Pripyat without him and without resolving his problem - presumably killed by bandits.
  331. 9) Now in the Swamp only "Marsh Bloodsuckers" will appear
  332. 10) Slightly increased visibility in clear weather, and reduced in cloudy *
  333. 11) Clear Sky armor now comes with steel helmet (hardhat) rather than tactical helmet - this is the same helmet worn by them in Clear Sky.
  334. 12) Jack and his crew do not leave the Checkpoint after paying off Vano's debt.
  335. 13) Uncle Yar no longer heals or offers free repairs in Pripyat.
  336. 14) Restored two audio triggers when talking to Noah about the Compass.
  337. 15) Now many dialogs with stalkers are non-reoccuring.
  338. 16) Increased distance at which stalkers can fight *
  339. 17) Owl will use different audio depending on your achievements.
  340. 18) Removed the second, redundant RPK-74 from Zulu's tower. He's carrying it with him, obviously.
  341. 19) Removed the standard dialogs and changed the voices of the rogue Monolith after they join a faction to avoid inconsistency
  342. 20) Removed the "In the Zone an emission recently occured" message on sleeping and travelling.
  343. 21) Removed the ability for Pilot to take you directly to Pripyat, and Garry to take you directly to Zaton - you will need to talk to the respective guides individually.
  344. 22) Removed the possibility to take the "Abnormal Activity" mission if you do not have a Svarog detector - for plot consistency.
  345. 23) Removed the possibility to sleep during emissions *
  346. 24) During various cutscenes the player will now pose correctly, rather than doing the "Superman" pose.
  347. 25) Changed properties of Heart of the Oasis to remove satiety bonus *
  348. 26) Fixed a minor bug where immediately after a surge the weather would change to clear skies *
  349. 27) Fixed a minor bug where the autosave to start Vano's mission could occur even if we didn't accept the mission.
  350. 28) Fixed a minor bug of the original game, which could appear in Pripyat marsh creation;
  351. 29) Fixed a minor bug where in the Pripyat Underground, various team members could tell Degtyarev to push the button, even if they or Degtyarev are dead.
  352. 30) Fixed a minor bug where the Controller tunnel quest could be broken if you had previously gone there prior to taking the quest.
  353. 31) Fixed a minor bug where Awl would give you a medkit even if you refused to save his friend.
  354. 32) Fixed various instances where stalkers would use incorrect voices (wearing gas masks etc.) *
  355. 33) Fixed a minor bug where in cutscenes, if the player was wearing a "closed" suit it would show him without a helmet.
  356. 34) Fixed a minor bug where, in some circumstances, Topol and his crew could become neutral to the player after helping them.
  357. 35) Fixed a minor bug where the group of reinforcements to clear out the Bookstore could sometimes ignore mutants attacks, and therefore die.
  358. 36) Garmata and Gonta will now correctly "ignore" the player if their conversation ends and the player is not near them, rather than talking to you via the entire ship.
  359. 37) Fixed a minor bug where, in certain circumstances, during the cutscene when first arriving in Yanov Pilot could sometimes speak with standard stalker dialog.
  360. 38) Fixed a minor bug of the original game, where the stalkers would sometimes not attack if you refuse to help them at the Dredger robbery scene.
  361. 39) Fixed a minor bug where you could avoid the confrontation at the Dredge station by jumping over the rail. Now they will correctly attack if you do this.
  362. 40) Fixed a minor bug where, after selling the artifact to Beard, Tuna would greet you with standard stalker "friendly" greetings.
  363. 41) Fixed a minor bug where Tuna and his gang would use the same dialogs.
  364. 42) Fixed a minor bug where Snag, Yar and a few other characters would refuse to talk to you if you had a weapon drawn etc.
  365. 43) Fixed several instances where unique NPCs would sometimes use generic sound greetings. Noah, Sokolov, Yar etc.
  366. 44) Fixed the minor bug where Beard, Bonesetter and others would give radio warnings for surges even if you were standing next to them.
  367. 45) Fixed a minor bug where it was sometimes impossible to talk with the stalkers after saving them from the controller in the tunnel.
  368. 46) Fixed a minor bug where it was sometimes possible for Mitay to remain neutral to the player, even after being saved.
  369. 47) Fixed a minor bug where, in some circumstances, you could ask Yar "What happened here?" etc even if he's back in Yanov or Pripyat.
  370. 48) Removed sounds from "Knuckles". This is to avoid plot inconsistencies where he wonders who could have set them up etc, even though he can see you talking to Beard.
  371. 49) Fixed a minor bug where you could give Sokolov his note and ask him about it even after he arrives in Pripyat.
  372. 50) Fixed several helmet upgrades regarding night vision. *
  373. 51) Fixed a minor bug where Crab would tell you to talk to the boss - even though he's "wounded".
  374. 52) Fixed a minor bug where sometimes the extra members of Topol's crew could sometimes speak using his voice in the "taking measurements" quests.
  375. 53) Now Topol and "backup" commanders (should he die) will correctly face the player when talking to him, rather than facing rigidly in one direction.
  376. 54) Fixed a minor bug where, should you go into the gas during the Bloodsucker quest, you would die at the same speed regardless of whether or not you were wearing a "closed suit".
  377. 55) Fixed a minor bug where, during the "Find the missing squad" quest you would get a message saying that ammo and medical supplies can now be requested - the medic is not at the base to give out medical supplies.
  378. 56) Fixed a minor bug where, in some circumstances, Flint could be alone in Yanov, and thus be talking to himself when telling a story - he will now always have a "commentator" to hear his story and comment on it.
  379. 57) Fixed a minor bug where, during a cutscene in Pripyat, Degtyarev would sometimes pull out two radios.
  380. 58) Removed standard dialogs from Jack's "guard" and the ability to trade to avoid inconsistency.
  381. 59) Fixed a minor bug of the original game, where after recruiting the rogue Monolith, they would sometimes remain neutral to the player.
  382. 60) Fixed a minor bug where Morgan, meeting with the player in Yanov, could use the standard Duty greetings.
  383. 61) Fixed a minor bug where upgrading the gas-mask gave unrealistically high psy-protection *
  384. 62) Fixed a minor bug where snipers and machine gunners would not drop appropriate ammo *
  385. 63) Loki's greetings will now be dependant on your reputation with Freedom etc.
  386. 64) Fixed a minor bug where the damage range of F1 grenades did not match the description *
  387. 65) Corrected dialogs with Hermann - it was sometimes possible to ask him "What happened to the mercenaries?" etc. even after giving him Black's PDA.
  389. Visual fixes:
  391. 1) Mitay is now dressed appropriately *
  392. 2) Ditto for several other stalkers *
  393. 3) The "traitors" in the Skadovsk are now correctly dressed as stalkers, not bandits, and have had standard dialogs removed to avoid plot inconsistency.
  394. 4) After becoming official members of the Research Team, Topol and his crew will be given green scientific outfits.
  395. 5) Lassie now has a slightly altered visual - no blood and other visual effects that normal pseudodogs have.
  397. Sound fixes:
  399. 1) Fixed sounds of doors at CCD
  400. 2) Fixed sounds of doors at Workshops.
  401. 3) Fixed sounds of doors at the Bookshop.
  402. 4) Fixed sounds of door at Tremor's "house".
  403. 5) Fixed sounds of door at Noah's barge.
  404. 6) Fixed sounds of door at Department Store.
  406. Texture fixes:
  407. 1) Changed several equipment icons to better match models *
  409. Text correction:
  410. 1) Fixed minor bugs where text would not match spoken words *
  411. 2) Fixed various errors or omissions in the texts of the original game. *
  413. * COLOUR TWEAK (Author: Yasti)
  415. A subtle change to the Atmosfear script. Changes certain settings in the user.ltx file that allow for a better, more atmospheric colour scheme. Maintains the original thematic mood, but enhances it subtly. Nights are darker, as are indoor areas, sunsets/sunrises are more vivid etc. Highly recommended. Activates on a new game start. Also removed the "forced" setting of certain high-intensity options. If you want Sun Shadow etc switched off, the game shouldn't force you to do so every time you start.
  417. * ARTIFACT OVERHAUL (Author: Phoenix)
  419. Makes artifacts slightly more useful/balanced. Also changes the conditions where artifacts spawn and how difficult they are to find.
  421. * WEAPONS OVERHAUL (Author: kv0)
  423. A very large, very well thought out overhaul to certain weapons. Changes characteristics, makes certain weapons more compatible with different classes (Recon should get the most use out of carbines, but a lot of them he does not etc.)
  425. Full readme:
  427. 1. Shell ejection for right-bolted weapons now correctly plays on the right side.
  428. 2. FN F2000 and FS2000 shell ejection animation disabled.
  429. 3. Fixed zoom rating for certain weapons, such as the Mosin etc.
  430. 4. Correctly aligned grenade launcher/silencer/scope icons on weapons where they were once misaligned.
  431. 5. Binoculars now have a 6x zoom rating, upgrading to 15x.
  432. 6. All rifle scopes, silencers, grenade launchers and ammo have had their weights tweaked to their real-world analogues.
  433. 7. Skorpion vz.68 correctly renamed to vz.82, with corresponding description updated. Fixed the placement in hands and iron-sights.
  434. 8. Fixed unrealistically low recoil for the Skorpion vz.82.
  435. 9. PPSh-41 now has correct position in hands.
  436. 10. Rebalanced characteristics of almost all weapons. The scopes zoom rate refers to normal.
  437. 11. Corrected weapon upgrades, hopefully removing all errors present in Misery 2.0
  438. 12. Corrected ballistics: removed the large dispersion rate in the 'actor' config. Weapons now shoot straight.
  439. 13. Disabled upgrades related to the FAMAS' integrated scope. It doesn't have one.
  440. 14. RPK-74 no longer has an upgraded magazine size, instead you can install a side-rail bracket for optical scopes.
  441. 15. L85 has a permanent 4x Scope. The scope upgrade has been replaced with a weapon weight reduction.
  442. 16. AEK-971 renamed to AEK-973S.
  443. 17. SAKO M95 has correct silencer in its description.
  444. 18. Ditto for the TT-33
  445. 19. XM8 Rifle now has 1.8x ACOG Scope
  446. 20. Added 1.5x integrated scope to the G36K description.
  447. 21. The Unique VSS 'Tide' now has profiles for all character classes.
  448. 22. You can now install scopes on the AK-105. It had a rail bracket, but no ability to attach scopes.
  449. 23. Fixed class proficiency for AKS-74U Camo, LR-300ML, M4A1 - high for Recon, M16A1 - high for Assaulter.
  450. 24. Sniper now has high proficency with the VSS Vintorez. Recon has high proficiency for AS VAL and VSK-94.
  451. 25. Sniper rifle 'KSVK' has the more correct name 'ASVK' and new description.
  452. 26. On the ASVK, the scope texture has been corrected to remove the transparent stripe across the screen.
  453. 27. Sniper rifles TRG-42, M14 DMR and M24 'Green Dragon' have 10x scope zoom rate, and upgrade up to 15x.
  454. 28. Sniper rifles SVD, SVU and Vintorez have a 4x scope zoom rate, upgrade to 8x PSO-3.
  455. 29. Gauss is equipped with 10x scope.
  456. 30. SUSAT 1.6x scopes have been replaced by 2x, as they are more universal.
  457. 31. ACOG scopes now has 3 types: 3.5x35, lighter 2x20 and night 2x20.
  458. 32. Mythical PSU-1 scope is no longer in the game. It has been replaced by the 1P78 "Kashtan" with 2.8x zoom rate.
  459. 33. NSPU-3 scope has a second generation night vision device, with the corresponding sight and authentic reticle.
  460. 34. New PSO-1-1 reticle texture.
  461. 35. PU and ZF-4 scopes have realistic characteristics.
  462. 36. Slightly corrected description of M100 silencer.
  463. 37. PBS-2 silencer now replaced by 'TGP-A' 5.45 mm caliber.
  464. 38. PBS-4 silencer now replaced by 'TGP-V' 7.62 mm caliber.
  465. 39. The cartridges SP-5 and SP-6 has swaped armor classes piercing.
  469. Greatly optimizes trader inventory. Basically, any items that are sold to traders that the traders do not normally sell are removed from their inventory. This greatly reduces the load that traders have on the game. There's a lot of "clutter/junk" in the game, this makes it slightly more managable.
  471. * HUD/BREATH SOUND FIX (Author: Yasti)
  473. Changes the conditions for Hud damage. Now it is correctly calculated. Also has a minor script that changes the volume intensity of the actor's breathing depending on how much stamina he has left.
  477. Attempts to "fix" a lot of potential save game corruption that can occur. May also fix save games that have already been corrupted, but don't count on it.
  479. * IMPROVED SUIT TEXTURES (Author: Unknown)
  481. Replaces several "arm" textures to better match the suits that the arms correspond to.
  483. * IMPROVED AK74 TEXTURE (Author: Unknown)
  485. Higher quality/more detailed texture based on the Metro 2033 AK. Better suits the ingame icon for the weapon.
  487. -----
  489. Enjoy your slightly less miserable Misery.
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