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  1. [center][img][/img][/center]
  4. [center][size=18pt][b][color=#CEB54B][u]Changelog 1.1.2019[/u][/color][/b][/size][/center]
  7. [list]
  8. [li]Added supporter rank, given to anyone that donate over £20 euros. ( Donate button can be found on the side-panel while browsing main forum )[/li]
  9. [li]We've added CS:GO Jailbreak -> [url=][img][/img][/url] [/li]
  10. [list]
  11. [li]It is currently in beta stage and more features to be added as well as issues to be fixed. @Andrew will take the position of CS:GO Jailbreak [color=green]Server Manager[/color] [/li]
  12. [/list]
  13. [li]CS:GO Surf has been re-done & @Mano has received the rank of Surf [color=green]Server Manager[/color][/li]
  14. [list]
  15. [li][url=][img][/img][/url][/li]
  16. [/list]
  17. [li]CS:GO BHOP has a new anti-cheat & bhop timer[/li]
  18. [li]We spent some time working on putting out advertisement to advertise ambrosia for a wider audience[/li]
  19. [li]With the new released of Atlas we've decided to start up a tiny 10 slot server to see how it fares. Learning our self the game & how to work on a server. If Atlas becomes as big as ARK once was, we wish to be one of the first with a proper server. (images below)[/li]
  20. [li]The Christmas giveaway rewards will be distributed at the beginning of January to the winners [/li]
  21. [li] CS:GO Casual server will be released shortly, managed by us for now.[/li]
  22. [li]Mike has been removed as server manager for rust and will be replaced by @Phantoms  [/li]
  23. [li]1.6 VIP Skins for owners & high staff has been removed unless you've donated. [/li]
  24. [li]We're sorry regarding the downtime of rust, we ran into a couple of issues but they're now resolved. [/li]
  25. [list]
  26. [li]Rust is back up again with @Phantoms  as [color=green]Server Manager[/color][/li]
  27. [/list]
  28. [/list]
  30. You can find our Atlas server located under " Unofficial Servers " with the name " Ambrosia "
  32. Some screenshots taken over 4 days of playing Atlas on our server.
  33. [spoiler][img][/img]
  34. [img][/img]
  35. [img][/img]
  36. [img][/img]
  37. [img][/img]
  38. [img][/img]
  39. [img][/img]
  40. [img][/img]
  41. [img][/img]
  42. [img][/img]
  43. [img][/img]
  44. [img][/img]
  45. [img][/img]
  46. [img][/img]
  47. [img][/img]
  48. [img][/img]
  49. [/spoiler]
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