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  1. Chapter 1
  3. ---------------
  5. "So you want me to rescue the women that had been taken from town, correct? I'll do it." A woman of the age of 20 answered. She has neck length black hair, ight green eyes, her skin is a bit tan and stands at around a height of 5'8". She was wearing a buttoned, light blue shirt, a pair of green jeans and black sneakers. On her left ear is a small ring piercing.
  7. "Yes. They have been taken to a tower." The town mayor replied. "They even took my beautiful daughter and wife."
  9. "I'll find them sir. So the tower is north of here?" The woman asked.
  11. "Yes. Please find them, Danielle. I promise you that the town will reward you once you return with them."
  13. "Say no more. I will leave immediately."
  15. ------
  17. "This place looks like it has seen better days." Danielle commented as she entered the first floor of the tower. On her right hand, she was wielding a Chinese dao with the hilt in the shape of the head of a chinese dragon, the eye being a small, ruby gem. She walked ahead down the hallway, not a sign of any other living creature in these halls. She kept walking, keeping her dao at the ready. Nothing happened... Until Danielle heard something which almost made her jump.
  19. It sounded like a woman's scream and the sound of a whip cracking.  If she listened carefully she could hear someone laughing as well.
  21. Danielle couldn't help but frown.  After hearing the scream, the whip cracking sound and also someone laughing, it confirmed what she had been told earlier. So Danielle followed the sounds, hoping to get to the woman and her assailant on time.
  23. In a nearby room was two women.  One was naked on her knees with welts all over her body.  The other was a wolf girl with long blond hair and fur on most of her legs.  She was wearing a bikini top and a short skirt.  "Come on keep screaming.  It's more fun when you scream."
  25. Danielle entered the room and pointed her dao at the wolf girl. "That's enough, you! First, let go of that woman. Second, wear something a little less revealing please. Refuse my first request and I'll make you."
  27. The wolf girl turned to Danielle and didn't really seemed too disturbed about her entrance.  "Oh this is new, a girl coming to me.  Just take off your clothes and wait over there.  You can have your turn in a few minutes after I'm done over here."
  29. "..." Danielle simply stared at the wolf girl. "Whatever. You just better say your prayers then. Cause I'm stopping your sick, twisted little game."
  31. "Heh you think you can beat me?"  Jess said as she grinned at Danielle.  She cracked her whip in the air.  "It would be easier for you to give up but this is much more fun."
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