phrack is in my heart carved

May 19th, 2015
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  1. The hacking sceen has changed alot, i mean why cant we all unite like we did in the 1990's .Phreakers rise up!
  2. I am a phrack person , i will never see any site to be greater then phrack. dos (PCs like 8088), sun microsystems unix ,(before linux) and apple IIe. Unix unix unix. Today a fkn kid could rent a bad coded "booter" and shut down their friends i mean what tha fuuck happend? Did money rly changed us so much, i might not allways Been knowned as PH1K3 But that will be my perminant nick and my last one,i am like all the phrackers one who got lost in bytes . here is a great phrack page , read it :
  3. I will ofc like all the real ones post a phrack like paper before i Disaper untraced,unknown .i will be here to entertain u for a couple of Yeats ofc ;) But when u c that i post my last phrack like story here u will know my time is out .But not for long:)So long their is a bad guy threatting the inet i will be there,^.^
  4. Any how just wanna say think about this we are all hackers n coders why did we started to think different then we used to . hacking is an art a dam good one
  5. ~PH1K3
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