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  1. puts("Was up ugly , what is your name?")
  2. name = gets.chomp
  3. puts(" I don't care and will probably  forget,  but Welcome to the guessing game  #{name}! ")
  4. number=rand(1..100)
  5. puts("please guess the number between 1 and your Mom....I mean 1 and 100 ..sorry not sorry")
  6. winner = false
  8. while winner==false
  9.   guess=gets.to_i
  11.   if guess>number then
  12.     puts("Its too high Loser. Try again but I will need you to think ...too high")
  13.   elsif guess<number then
  14.     puts("Oh my god...really? You probably go to Lynn University or FAU huh? too low  ")
  15.     else
  16.     puts ("Congrats #{name}, you win....nothing ...haha go back to coding !")
  17.     winner = true
  18.   end
  19. end
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