Partners in Crime (Double TG AP/AR)

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  1. "Daddy, daddy!" Lewis yelled over to his father, Patrick, as he pressed his face against the window of a large red car. "This thing has the keys right in the ignition! All we gotta do is break the window and we got a hot new ride!"
  3. Normally, this would be considered quite questionable behavior from a five year old boy like Lewis. However, he and his father hardly live what one would consider "normal" lives. The father and son duo were considered the Bad Boys of Brooklyn, a two-man mob that lived entirely off of whatever they could steal or just mug off of other people. They had no true home, having to constantly move from one safe-house to another in hopes of one day collecting enough loot to earn them a proper home. Today may not have been that day (despite a rather lucrative extortion of an old man earlier that morning), but gaining a hot new ride was still a pretty good deal. Patrick Thompson knew this well enough to immediately throw a slab of concrete at the window without saying an extra word.
  5. "So, we're stealings it then?" Lewis asked over to his dad, who gave a simply nod before walking over to their new ride.
  7. "Yep," Patrick said before sticking his head into the broken window and inspecting the door on the inside. "Uh...son..." He removed his head and placed his hand on the outside handle before managing to open the door. "It wasn't locked. I keep on telling you to properly check to see if it's locked before throwing anything at it."
  9. "But you're the one who through the slab."
  11. "Only because you told me!" The man gave a small groan before beginning to sweep away the broken glass off of the driver's seat and onto the floor. He inwardly congratulated his son for finding his combat boots in that dumpster a couple days ago, as they'd be needed to help drive the sweet ride now. "C'mon, get in. Just look out for glass, okay?"
  13. "Okay, daddy," the boy said before walking over to the passenger side. As soon as he entered the vehicle, his eyes veered directly towards the glove box. His father always said that a man's glove box usually contained his most valuable goods. However, upon opening the hatch, all Lewis could find was two...cowboy hats? "Daddy, look at these!"
  15. Patrick got into the car as well and inspected the box's contents. "What the hell...?" he muttered to himself before putting one of the hats on his own head. "I suppose whoever's hot rod this is must have a bit of a cowboy fetish." He chuckled to himself a bit before reaching over and shutting the door. However, as soon as his hand touched the handle, he couldn't help but notice how it For one thing, his once hairy palms were now completely smooth. Not just hairless, but smooth, like a baby's butt. Even its overall shape seemed smaller and his fingers seemed longer and...
  17. "Daddy, I think something bit me!" Lewis yelled out. His father immediately turned over to see his son wearing the other hat and staring at his own hand. Said hand looked almost as large as the boy's entire head and looked extremely out of place on his tiny boy arms. "I think my hand's swelling!" At this point, Patrick had noticed how eerily similar his son's freakishly out of place hands in a way resembled his own, save for the fact that his son's had enlarged fingernails that were somehow painted pink. The man put his hand up for comparison and noticed that he had pink polish, too!
  19. "Son, I think we need to get outta here!" the father yelled out before immediately darting back to the door handle, only to freeze once he caught sight of his arm. All of his proud muscles that once made up his wonderful strong arm looked to have all but diminished, along with all of its hair! That wasn't to say that he no longer had any muscles, but they were considerably leaner now and far from the hulking bulges they used to be. There was one word Patrick would use to describe it, but it was just on the tip of his tongue...oh well, whatever bizarre metamorphosis his body was going through hardly mattered right now. All that mattered was right now was opening the door and getting out. However, the man soon found that to be impossible to do, and not because of his severely weakened arms.
  21. "Daddy, the doors are locked!" Lewis yelled out with his own arms of near equal length and tone to his father's repeatably thrashing the door handle. "And my arm's all long, but girly and stuff!"
  23. "Feminine!" Patrick suddenly yelled out while snapping his new feminine fingers. "That was the word!" His eyes suddenly widened in horror once he actually realized what he just said. "Oh shit! Quick, son, we gotta get out through the wind-AAH!"
  25. The boy could only watch as his father clutched his stomach in pain through his half-shut eyes. He too was experiencing a rather painful sensation in his stomach, though he chose to lean against the dashboard in an effort to ease the pain instead of the clutching the source of it. Although he was sweating and cringing like crazy, he could still see more or less everything that was occurring to body. His entire torso, it seemed, began to push all of his fat up, making his body even more disproportionate with a much larger torso, both lengthwise and width-wise. Soon enough, his ragged Spiderman shirt could barely even cover his stomach. His admittedly pudgy stomach (he was still five, after all) began to harden into a solid core. Lewis was starting to find it strange how his dad seemed to be losing all of his muscles, yet he was getting all types of new ones, even if they did seem more like girly muscles. They were still good girly muscles, after all.
  27. Patrick's stomach had followed suite and become a well-toned, if still distinctly feminine, core. However, unlike his son, his torso had to shrink first, making his height slightly shorter as his entire midsection became smaller in every sense of the word. He could hardly see this, though, due to him still cringing in pain as his midsection continued its remolding. The wave of shifting fat came with both of their waists losing their usually support at an alarming rate, leading to them looking damn near anorexic for a moment before the fat began to redirect itself into three major places: the chest, the waist, and the rear
  29. What occurred next can only be described as three incredible simultaneous changes that occurred on two people simultaneously, signified by two simultaneous moans from both males. Lewis began to grab his butt, as that seemed to be bothering him the most at the moment. Said buttocks began growing more and more with each bit of added mass to his ass. At the same time, his hips began to enlarge, giving his torso the beautiful curves it had been preparing itself for. They both kept enlarging until there was a long rrrrrrrrriiiiiiiipppppp of his underwear and his khaki shorts started to constrict his entire body. Soon enough, his booty was perfectly plump and heart-shaped, pressing hard against his increasingly tattered shorts. Patrick on the other hand, who was then grabbing his growing breasts, also had his own rear and hips inflate in a similar fashion, only just a little less plump and not quite as restricting against his clothes (not to say they weren't).
  31. Speaking of Patrick's breasts, they began forming just as soon as his enlarged butt did, though they were the main source of his irritation. As soon as his entire body started aching from the redistribution of fat, he immediately starting checking his chest. First, he felt his nipples become considerably larger and harder. It was the sudden push that was the worst part for him, though, as the feeling of two lumps of flesh emerging from his chest was not nearly as sensual as one would believe. In fact, if you could ask him, he'd tell you that it's actually rather painful. Luckily for the old hooligan, he was wearing a very loose shirt that day and his new boobs only pushed it out ever so slightly. This was a lot better than what could be said of Lewis's end, as not only was his shirt much tighter against his new protrusions, despite them being a couple bra sizes smaller than his dad's. His new breasts were enough to completely shred his ripped-up shirt into nothing put patches of material on the ground, leaving his rather impressive new assets out for all the world to see.
  33. Once the fat was done giving the two their alluring features, the father and son could only sit and pant in their exhaustion. Before, Patrick was about ready to jump out of the window he had broken earlier. Now, all he could do is breath in and out as slowly as he could while looking outside the former window, only to see everyone else outside go about their normal day as if the car wasn't even there.
  35. "D-D-Dad...?" Lewis said over to his old man while being equally as unable to move. "I don't think we're gonA bE-!" The boy (is he could still be considered that by now) began coughing his lungs out before being able to even finish his sentence, eventually being followed by his dad doing the same thing. The coughs caused their chests to ache more with each one, though that just as easily could have been the extra rib forming. Each cough seemed to become higher in pitch before both ended up sounding like young, sick women, though Patrick's coughing sounded noticeably less mature than his son's. It would be an incredibly strange thing to norice just from a series of coughs, but the father's were just so much more...bubbly than his son's.
  37. "Dang it, now I'm thirsty..." Patrick managed to mutter in his cutesy voice once the coughing finally ceased. "And my body's still all sore and stuff. I don't think I can move and...oh great, now my nose is tickling."
  39. "Me, too," the son said while cringing his face as well. Turns out that the sensation of one's skull remolding itself like putty equates itself to a slight tickle. Lewis's skull became a bit larger as whatever childhood babyfat he once possessed was smoothed out while his chin became more pointed, making his face look noticeably more mature. It still looked like a young woman, but that was beside the point. Patrick experienced a similar change, though his skull became more rounded, giving his face look much more youthful than his son's. However, the two both felt a slight sting in their eyes, causing them to rub them, unable to see them becoming large, glimmering sapphires, even if Patrick's were even larger, practically pouring out childishness from his eyes' deep sea of naivety. He also got a noticeable blush that Lewis lacked, making his son look considerably more mature than the man who had conceived him.
  41. Following these already significant changes to the family's heads, all of their hair fell out, including the father's large collection of facial hair. Their follicles didn't even reach the floor before simply poofing out of existence, as if such hair never was. Luckily for the now bald duo, new hairs began growing out of their head, though the kind varied for each of them. Both became blondes, though Lewis was given a very dark blond, to the point of almost looking brown, while Patrick began to grow very light blond hair. In addition, whereas the father's only grew to chin-length with some adorable bangs, the son had his hair grow down to his mid-back with some strands reaching down to the top of his chest.
  43. Then came the painful part.
  45. The two grasped their heads as if they were experiencing the largest migraine of either of their lives, unable to see their brain tissue and neurons morphing into new forms. This led to not only to transmogrification of their minds, but their very souls as well. They both began to forget everything about their past lives, with the sole exception of their shared last name and growing up on the streets. Instead of being the infamous Bad Boys of Brooklyn, however, they started remembering themselves as the Thompson Sisters, even bigger scourges upon the denizens of New York City. Wait, but they couldn't be girls, right? The two wondered this in their minds briefly before immediately feeling a painful twist in their crotches brought upon by their symbols of male pride beginning to recede and new possibilities opening up. The sucking in of their manhood were nearly simultaneous, if not for Lewis's small winky being much easier to absorb. Wait, Lewis wasn't his was...Elizabeth, right? Right, it was, but that wasn't what everyone called him. Or her. Yes, with the ovaries and vagina like the ones that she just formed, she was definitely a her, and she was the infamous Liz Thompson! But was she really that infamous anymore...? The new girl pondered the question while massaging her aching forehead, not noticing how her short, childish legs were beginning to spread out into long, mature legs more suiting of the seventeen year old she now knew herself as. She unconsciously kicked her tiny sneakers off before her feet grew to fit her new luscious legs. Luckily, Lewis was never one to wear socks.
  47. Patrick, on the other hand, took a bit longer to change, but the results were more or less the same. He felt an even greater pressure in his crotch, as if something was using a screwdriver on his equipment. That analogy is actually pretty accurate considering the changes that actually happened. He too became a young woman with all of the proper inside and outside parts, except for her legs, which were only just now changing. Unlike her...sister's...changes, her legs actually shrunk, making her several inches smaller than Liz. Her feet began to shrink as well, becoming tiny and dainty with a similar pink polish as was on her fingers. The new girl gave out a small giggle to herself as her memories became clearer, although her head felt much more lighter. She remembered her big sister Liz, the crazy adventures they went on while stealing from others by using each other's gun forms, and her own name....what was it again? Oh yeah, Patty! She gave herself a playful hit on the head. "Stupid Patty!"
  49. As Liz held her head in her hand in aggravation and Patty just kept on bursting into manic laughter, the two were unable to pay heed to either their bare bodies or oversize clothes before their wardrobe malfunctions practically solved itself. Bras and panties adorned each of the girls' girly parts before two matching tight, sleeveless red turtleneck belly shirts adorned their chests, followed by stylish matching white ties. A pair of long jeans appeared on Liz, with the a similar thing appearing on Patty, but in the form of tight shorts. The once barefoot sisters were then awarded matching socks and black high-heel boots, only adding to their near identical wardrobe. Still, at least their cowboy hats were still unique...
  51. "Ugh..." Liz groaned while holding her head. "Why were we in this car again?"
  53. "Because you said that Kid would love this totally symmetrical car we found!" Patty cheered with utmost glee, referring to her and her sister's mutual partner and Meister.
  55. "Patty, what did I tell you about breaking into other people's cars?" her sister said in an annoyed tone. "We don't do that anymore. We're completely legit now, remember?"
  57. "But it looks so fast..." the younger sister pouted. "And all I have to do is turn the keys and..."
  59. "Patty, don't you dare!" Liz tackled her younger sister just before she could twist the key already in the ignition. The two continued wrestling on the car's admittedly comfortable leather seats, with grappling turning into punches turning into tickles turning into annoying pokes. Their epic battle continued up until they both began to feel a familiar presence, immediately causing them to cease their childish bickering. They both veered their heads over the broken window, only to see the glowing yellow eyes of their Meister, Death the Kid. And boy, did he look angry.
  61. "What. Are. YOU. DOING?!" the crazed boy asked through gritted teeth.
  63. "Look, we can explain!" the older sister tried saying hastily. "See, Patty was being an idiot and through a brick into the car and-"
  65. "She...She broke this car's window?" Kid asked with a suddenly petrified look.
  67. "I just wanted to smell the new car smell..." Patty said with a childish pout.
  69. "You...You broke the window to this perfectly symmetrical car...?"
  71. Oh dear. There was the buzz word both sisters feared from their partner. They both began slowly crawling towards the other door, hoping to make a clean getaway before things got ugly. Unfortunately, such an attempt proved fruitless, as the Kid of Death lunged through the broken window in ultimate fury.
  75. What followed was the usual slapstick routine, with Liz having to hold back Kid's usual impulses while Patty just laughed uncontrollably. To everyone passing by the abandoned car, they just seemed like a bunch of bickering children. Nobody would have believed that they were all partners in crime.
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