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Feb 16th, 2021
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  1. TrottelYesterday at 6:50 AM
  2. Yo Vily. Comming at you regarding the Igno KS deal.
  3. We see no reason to uphold the deal at the current rate of 25b/month.
  4. The lowsec meta changed quite a bit due to the whole mineral situation. We simply cannot cheaply tolerate a freeport KS in our backgarden when we have to protect rorqs anymore.
  6. So we will have to work out a new deal, should you want to keep the KS in Igno.
  7. VilyYesterday at 7:22 AM
  8. Who is this?
  9. TrottelYesterday at 7:24 AM
  10. It is I. Trottel. Head Diplo of Snuff :slight_smile:
  11. VilyYesterday at 7:26 AM
  12. Have hy chat as required
  13. TrottelYesterday at 7:26 AM
  14. lmao Hy sent me
  15. VilyYesterday at 7:27 AM
  16. He msgd me yesterday so i assume he can message me today ;)
  17. No offense but i dont know you
  18. TrottelYesterday at 7:28 AM
  19. Rude af
  20. VilyYesterday at 7:28 AM
  21. Not really?
  22. TrottelYesterday at 7:32 AM
  23. kinda
  24. Ill tell him to send u a pm
  25. VilyYesterday at 12:02 PM
  26. Hello
  27. TrottelYesterday at 12:29 PM
  28. Hi hello
  29. VilyYesterday at 12:38 PM
  30. So hy says to sort theough yourself or tau
  31. So
  32. Lets get some basics of the discussion out of the way
  33. 1) confirm this discussion means yiu will be breaking our original 12 month contract?
  34. 2) are we discussing the ks or the complete complex together
  35. 3) since we paid our monthly payment yesterday i assume this conversations result will be in effect next month? (15 mar onward)
  36. TrottelYesterday at 12:44 PM
  37. 1) Well, I would like to talk about the terms before we break anything, but it isnt out of the option.
  38. 2) We are talking about the entire complex in Igno
  39. 3) As far as Im concerned, yesterdays payment covers the month that already passed
  40. VilyYesterday at 12:46 PM
  41. Well thats not really a basis for conversation then. The payments were upfront not post
  42. TrottelYesterday at 12:46 PM
  43. That wasnt specified in the contract, ever.
  44. VilyYesterday at 12:46 PM
  45. You were paid on day1
  46. Not onday30
  47. TrottelYesterday at 12:46 PM
  48. A nice gesture, but nothing that we agreed upon.
  49. Look, I don't wanna merch your ass too much here
  50. I understand you are upset about this
  51. VilyYesterday at 12:47 PM
  52. Im really not lol
  53. Im just trying to understand the shakedown angle and how to protect the people that used the facilities most effectively
  54. TrottelYesterday at 12:48 PM
  55. Right
  56. VilyYesterday at 12:48 PM
  57. The ignoitten ks complex runs a considerable loss monthly
  58. So closing it down is fine to me if thats the reality we are in
  59. TrottelYesterday at 12:49 PM
  60. I understand, I am not talking to you about this because I think you are racking in the big bills
  61. I am talking to you about this because the meta changed, and the keep is somewhat of a risk factor for us
  62. VilyYesterday at 12:49 PM
  63. ok ;)
  64. So what is it you want when etc
  65. And are you fine with me just unanchoring the keep etc?
  66. TrottelYesterday at 12:52 PM
  67. Well, if its unanchored the contract would be void either way, Id have to talk to tau if he wants to fuck with it should you unanchor
  68. VilyYesterday at 12:53 PM
  69. Well thats kinda the question then i guess?
  70. TrottelYesterday at 12:54 PM
  71. In terms of what I think would be a agreement that we could accept, We were more thinking about something to the tune of 75b / month or equivalent amount of Dreads / Aeons / Armor Titan
  72. VilyYesterday at 12:54 PM
  73. As i said it already runs a considerable loss
  74. TrottelYesterday at 12:54 PM
  75. Well, Im saying I cant make any gurantees regarding the unanchoring process, I will talk to Tau if you wanna chose that route
  76. VilyYesterday at 12:54 PM
  77. Ya
  78. I mean we only continued down this road because it was a 12 month agreement
  79. So go find out what the scoop would be on unanchoring etc please
  80. TrottelYesterday at 12:56 PM
  81. Sure, Ill check in with Tau
  82. TrottelYesterday at 1:18 PM
  83. Well, so while it would be a nice gesture of us to let you unanchor it if you dont wanna keep stuff there anyways, Let's be realistic here. We can let you unanchor it for a fee to be paid after it's unanchored
  84. VilyYesterday at 2:29 PM
  85. Aye
  86. Do you want to keep an agreement going for the sotiyo // tatara?
  87. Can probably do like 10bil a month for those
  88. TrottelYesterday at 2:36 PM
  89. Well considering Sotiyo and Tata are where the money is gonna be coming in from, I dont exactly see a reason to lower the rate from the 25b /month we had
  90. Saves you money already anyways
  91. VilyYesterday at 2:40 PM
  92. Well
  93. Ya
  94. I mean the thing is the tatara makes like 5-10bil a month
  95. The sotiyo half that
  96. At current rates igno runs 40bil negative a month
  97. So i cant realistically push that to 90
  98. If you wanna keep going at 25 i will continue to run it as is.
  99. But i cant pay more for a loss leader than i already am
  100. If you dont wanna continue then we can talk unanchor/destruction etc.
  101. TrottelYesterday at 2:46 PM
  102. Well, to you its still a decent asset
  103. Im sure it helped alot with getting titans for the SRP stashes
  104. esp now that Basg is gone
  105. VilyYesterday at 2:46 PM
  106. Not really
  107. We cant move anything there out
  108. TrottelYesterday at 2:47 PM
  109. Well not if you warp to pocos at 100 @PGL
  110. :stuck_out_tongue:
  111. VilyYesterday at 2:48 PM
  112. Well that was the extent of the titans we had there
  113. As far as an asset i would likely just do a public unanchor
  114. Keepstars once dropped are written off
  115. TrottelYesterday at 2:51 PM
  116. Obviously
  117. Well so, if we are doing you a favour then we might aswell just kill it
  118. no point beating around the bush here
  119. VilyYesterday at 2:53 PM
  120. Alright can you give me some time have people finish their stuff?
  121. TrottelYesterday at 2:54 PM
  122. That's not gonna be an option im afraid
  123. VilyYesterday at 2:56 PM
  124. So there are no deals on the table now?
  125. TrottelYesterday at 2:56 PM
  126. A) 35 any dread hulls per month
  127. B) 3 aeon hulls / month
  128. C) any armor titan hull / month
  129. D) 75b / month
  130. these are the 4 options
  131. VilyYesterday at 2:59 PM
  132. And unanchoring for you is also not an option?
  133. TrottelYesterday at 3:00 PM
  134. ^
  135. Rather collect the killmail than let Chori get it
  136. :slight_smile:
  137. VilyYesterday at 3:02 PM
  138. ya i mean thats not an unfair assertion
  139. alright, can you give me a day to talk to the other owners
  140. TrottelYesterday at 3:03 PM
  141. You know how structures work
  142. you have more than a day before it goes boom
  143. VilyYesterday at 3:04 PM
  144. sure, but once you do the initial Reinforce there is no going back
  145. TrottelYesterday at 3:06 PM
  146. sounds like you have time untill the initial reinforce then
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