Trivia Config

Aug 18th, 2020 (edited)
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  1. # Get the full explanation of the config values at:
  2. # Similarity Score is a score between 0 and 1 which will determine how similar an answer must be for it to be recognized recognized right. Value of 1 requires exact answer, value of 0.8 requires close answer.
  3. Similarity score: 0.85
  5. # Default time per round is the default value for the maximum amount of time (in seconds) players will have to answer a question.
  6. Default time per round: 15
  8. # Default rounds is the default value for the total number of rounds in a game.
  9. Default rounds: 10
  11. # Time between rounds is for the transition time (in seconds) between the rounds themselves.
  12. Time between rounds: 2
  14. # Top winner amount's value will show these many winners displayed in chat after a trivia game.
  15. Top winner amount: 3
  17. # Scheduled games, if true, will let console automatically host trivia every x minutes.
  18. Scheduled games: false
  20. # Scheduled games interval is the time between the scheduled games (in minutes) if scheduled games are enabled.
  21. Scheduled games interval: 60
  23. # Scheduled games minimum players is the minimum number of players that must be on for scheduled trivia events to be hosted.
  24. Scheduled games minimum players: 6
  26. # Summon fireworks, If true, will summon a random firework at the location of the trivia winners.
  27. Summon fireworks: true
  29. # Answer correct sound will be played after a player answers the question correctly. Enter 'none' to play no sound.
  30. # Use sound values found at
  31. Answer correct sound: BLOCK_NOTE_BLOCK_PLING
  32. Answer correct pitch: 1.5
  34. # Time up sound will be played after no one has answered the question correctly in time.
  35. Time up sound: ENTITY_VILLAGER_NO
  36. Time up pitch: 0.9
  38. # Game start sound will be played when the trivia game starts. By default, there is no sound.
  39. Game start sound: none
  40. Game start pitch: 1.0
  42. # Game over sound will be played after the trivia game is over.
  43. Game over sound: ENTITY_PLAYER_LEVELUP
  44. Game over pitch: 0.9
  46. # The "messages" section are the messages that will be displayed during a trivia game.
  47. # Feel free to modify them to your liking.
  48. # Placeholders:
  49. # %player% - player's display name.
  50. # %points% - the amount of trivia questions a player has solved.
  51. # %question% and %answer% - question and answer respectively.
  52. # %questionNumber% - the question number.
  53. Messages:
  54.   Trivia Start: "&eTrivia is commencing. Get ready!"
  55.   Trivia Over: "&eTrivia is over!"
  56.   Winner Line: "&6Winners:"
  57.   Winner List: "&0➤ &3%player%: &b%points%"
  58.   No Winners: "&6There are no winners of this trivia event!"
  59.   Solved Message: "&a%player% has answered the question correctly! The answer was &2%answer%&a."
  60.   Question Time Up: "&cTime is up! Next question..."
  61.   Question Display: "&6(%questionNumber%) &e%question%"
  62.   Question Skipped: "&cQuestion skipped! On to the next question..."
  64. # This is to keep track of what config version this is. Do not modify!
  65. Config Version: 3
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