The Incredible Expanse: Waffles and Wide Hips

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  1. The Incredible Expanse
  2. Waffles and Wide Hips
  3. A dull breeze whistled past the leaves on the quite autumn morning. Squirrels rustled in the trees squabbling over nuts, and a young Incredible rustled underneath the covers of her bed fighting for sleep. Inside of the Incredible household a young Violet Parr, age 19, squirmed under her blanket mumbling indistinguishably. Sunlight peered through her bedroom window, as she pulled her head from under her sheets. She winced as the sunlight enveloped her face, prompting some annoyed grumbling. The sound of footsteps from beneath the bedroom trailed upstairs. The pitter-patter of slippers gradually softened upon nearing Violet’s door, followed by several knocks.
  4. “Violet! Violet honey! Come on it’s time to get up, breakfast is ready.” Helen Parr, Violet’s mother, and better known as Elastigirl called out to the room within. Even on a Saturday, she never allowed to her kids to sleep in.
  5. “Yeah come on Doubled Stuffed! Mom has waffles waiting downstairs, and I’m not about to let them go cold just because you want some mattress on mattress action!” Yelled Dash Parr, Violet’s younger brother as he raced downstairs, leaving a yellow blur behind him.
  6. A growl erupted from Violet as she threw the covers off in a violent. She hopped out of bed made her way towards her mirror.
  7. “Alright mom I’m up, and Dash I’m gonna wrap my hands around your throat if you keep up the fat jokes, you little shit!” Violet bellowed. Dash had upped his insults on her body recently.
  8. Violet found herself in the mirror, her plump form starred back at her. The last months have had their way with the young super’s figure. The combined stress of college, fighting off supervillains, and maintaining balance between her two identities caused her to balloon relatively fast. Her once slim physique was caked with layers of plush flab. Her twig-eques arms have received some generous thickening. They resembled mounds of bakery dough, pliable and soft to the touch. They jiggled freely with each sway. Her once flat midsection now sported a large protruding paunch that bounced whenever she moved. Her bellybutton resided within a fleshy tunnel that was about two knuckles deep. It had not seen the light of day for quite some time. Down south were her hips and her thighs. Her hips widened to a result of the weight gain, giving her a pear shape. As for her thighs, whatever space that was between them before has long since disappeared. Her thigh gap turned into thigh claps as she piled on the pounds. They were akin to small tree trunks, both of them overlapping each other as they fought for space. The constant chaffing drove her mad with irritation.
  9. Violet eyed her chub in disappointment, because her breasts were the only parts of her body that remain unchanged. She scowled at her mammaries, cursing their pathetic size. She blew some strands of her raven hair in defeat and walked to her drawer. She dawned a too short t-shirt that left her belly bare, and pair of sweat pants that had replaced her shorts as default leisure attire. Dressed and decent she headed downstairs, the sweet smell of waffles laid thick in the air. An “mmh” escaped her as if she could already taste the thick, lightly buttered delights. Suddenly, her mad dash to the kitchen came to a halt. Her body jerked forward but didn’t go anywhere. Violet’s face twisted in confusion. Something had kept for her delicious goal. She felt something pressing deeply into her soft hips. She turned to her side, and to her shock and digust, she found herself trapped in the doorway. Violet whined as she tried to force her way through. Her legs squished together, neither wished to give up any room. At the table, Dash chuckled lightly despite having a mouthful of waffles.
  10. “Jeeze Vi, some superpower you have huh? You can’t even make your fat ass disappear!” Dash gulped down his food before he continued his chortling.
  11. “Keep it up Dash-hole, and I’ll give your face a vanishing act that’ll make Houdini’s elephant blush!” growled Violet.
  12. Dash chimed back, “Oh yeah, I think you should test it on your elephant-sized ass first!”
  13.   Violet violently sneered at Dash as she continued to push herself from the doorway’s grip. She eventually managed to free with a resulting “fwop” noise signaling her release. She stumbled forward in an attempt to regain her balance. Having regained her equilibrium and some bit of her dignity, Violet made her way to the table. Helen walked in soon after with young Jack-Jack behind her.
  14. “Oh Violet, you made it downstairs. Good good, listen, you‘re gonna be on your own for the day. Your dad, is off on another “business trip”, I have to take Jack-Jack to his appoints, and as for Dash…”
  15. Dash immediately cut in, “I have better things to do than laze around the house with you. I’m meeting my friends at the track across town.” Dash hopped from the table, breakfast finished, and made his way to the door.
  16. “So what? I’m just supposed do, just sit around here?” Asked Violet.
  17. “Well, just do what all young adults when home alone. Netflix and chill, or whatever is.”
  18. “Mom, please.” Violet winced in embarrassment.
  19. Helen and Violet exchanged goodbyes and hug before heading off. Helen took Jack-Jack’s hand and made her way to the door. As Violent slumped back into her chair, it gave off a creak. At the back of her mind she wished that her parents had invested in metal dining room chairs. Violet had about 10 pounds of leeway left before the wooden seat would collapse under her mass. However, that was at the back of her mind for a reason, it was time for breakfast. She eyed the milk and the plateful of waffles that were on the table. They were still warm. Her stomach growled in desire, she bit her lip in a vain attempt to hold back her hunger. She held her fork and knife, licking her lips in anticipation. Eye bugged and breathing heavy, Violet readied herself for the most important meal of the day.
  20. “Well, since no one’s around…”
  21. Violet dug her fork deep within one of the waffles and gingerly shoved it into her gapping maw. Moans of pleasure escaped her as she dined; Helen’s homemade waffles always brought a smile to her face. The generous amount of syrup that she added accentuated their rich, thick, buttery taste. Violet lost herself in her meal as she upped of the pace of her eating. The result of her binge started to show. Her belly gradually swelled with each waffle she finished. The waist of her sweatpants began to tighten around her expanding middle. Her side rolls slightly faded as she chugged a glass of milk. The young Incredible continued to chow with reckless abandon. Table manners were damned as her face became caked with crumbs, her red shirt was riddled with milk spots, and she freely dispensed deep belches without a care. Violet feverishly threw herself and her fork into her work. However, she soon found her limit, and her crazed consumption weighed heavily on her in the most literal sense.
  22. The speed that Violet had started her feast with had diminished. What began as a fluffy repast devolved into a chore as the engorged recluse sluggishly chewed on of the last remaining waffles. Each gulp was torment as she forced more food into was little space her gut had left. To say that Violet was full would underselling it. Violet was well beyond full at this point, she was stuffed to the brim. Her sweatpants were cutting into her belly to point where they left a faint red imprint. The elastic only had so much room to give before Violet decided to tuck them underneath her distend stomach. She gently pushed way from the table and recoiled into her chair. Head hung back, Violet lazily rubbed her paunch in a pathetic attempt quell the pain inside. She whimpered and wined as her taut middle gurgled and groaned in response to her debauchery. She felt bloated, nauseous, and admittedly a bit disgusted at herself.
  23. “Oh God my belly…so full. I feel as big as that stupid robot that nearly killed us looked. Of course I would turn into a pig as soon as everyone leaves, that’s why I got this freaking big in the first place…If I get any bigger people are going to start calling me ‘Wide Vi’.” Violet chuckled halfheartedly before releasing another belch.
  24. She looked down and patted her belly, testing it’s fullness. It jiggled from the reverb and gave off a sound resembling that of a topped off jug. She couldn’t eat more even if she wanted to, that much was evident. Violet then heaved herself from her chair, grabbed her plate and placed it in the sink. She took the remaining waffles and placed them the microwave, as she would return to them later. The crumbs that littered her face and clothes were dusted off as the hefty heroine made her way upstairs. The only thing that eclipsed Violet’s desire to nap was the effort it took to get to her room. Her filled belly made it difficult to climb the stairs. In addition to hampering her movement her gut bounced harshly with each step. Violet felt the contents of her stomach slosh and shift. Her thighs met her bugling gut in the worst way as they constantly slapped against it. She groaned in pain and wished that she could just close her eyes and appear in bed instantly.
  25. Through much strain and complaining, Violet eventually made it to her room. She collapsed onto her bed with a sigh of relief. Find a comfortable position on the bed was a challenge, for her massive gut pinned her to the bed. It quivered as she settled into place, still painfully packed. She groaned and she shook her belly in annoyance.
  26. “Jeeze. Well aren’t you the fattest, palest blimp in the world? I should blame you for this. You’re the one that drove me to eat all of those waffles in the first place, and I’m probably gonna put on another two pounds because you too! ” Violet gave her gut a disgruntled slap as a means to pass blame.
  27. All of a sudden, a yawn escaped Violet during her jiggling. The aftereffects of her gorge began to hit her. The young girl’s eyebrows became lead weights, and she could have caught flies because of her gapping yawns. Violet knew that a food coma was imminent and she did little to fight it, a full belly was the surest path to sleep after all. With that established, she allowed herself to drift off to sleep. The only sounds present were her gentle snoring, and the faints gurgles her stomach produced as it digested the contents. After that meal, one thing was definitely certain; those waffles were definitely going straight to her hips.
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