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  1. Welcome to the Summoning Information Page!
  3. Below you'll find an assortment of information about the 72 Goetic Demons/Spirits for aspiring Goetic Summoners who don't know where to begin. First of all, these entities are NOT demons; the vast majority of them appear to be Gods of old who simply lost power and worshipers. We cannot trace the origin of some entities, but almost none of them appear in the old rolls of fallen angels or biblical demons.
  5. The main text where most of our information is based off of is called The Lesser Key of Solomon, also known as Clavicula Salomonis Regis or Lemegeton. Published at some point during the 17th-century, using materials obviously derived from Pseudomonarchia Daemonum, this text appears to be one of the many grimoires in the “Goetia” tradition, stemming from the Greek Magickal Papyri as elaborated upon by Jake Stratton Kent. This tradition includes a large array of texts, from Iuratus and Heptameron through Grimorium Verum, with bits of the praxes winding up in Afro-Carib practices.
  8. Though it claims to have been written by King Solomon, whose birth predated Christ’s by 900 years. Here are a number of versions, in order of reliability:
  10. The Lesser Key of Solomon: Detailing the Ceremonial Art of Commanding Spirits Both Good and Evil By Joseph H. Peterson
  12. Peterson does the best with straight transcriptions of old manuscripts. If you want Lemegeton as it people used it at the time, this is the edition for you.
  13. There's also an online edition which is simply a copy/paste of materials in the Sloane MSS:
  16. Lemegeton: The Complete Lesser Key of Solomon By Mitch Henson
  18. Henson standardizes his edition of Lemegeton from 3 resource manuscripts as well as White transcription itself. Henson's edition is the best edited synthesis of multiple mss that's available, and is thus recommended by /sum/ and /omg/. A copy appears in the Mega library.
  20. The Lesser Key of Solomon Goetia By S.L. Mathers
  22. Mathers drew from a single manuscript accessible to the Golden Dawn at the time, the White transcript of Sloane's Manuscripts. It was edited, and altered, by Aleister Crowley, who also drew the connection between these materials and the GMP.
  24. Aleister Crowley's Illustrated Goetia: By Lon Milo DuQuette
  26. Very clear on how to evoke on a budget and an overall decent version for beginners.
  29. Next up we'll get to the meat of the matter. A quick step by step guide by A.M.S.
  31. So you want to get started but don't like reading dense occult texts? Here's how to do it,
  32. quick, dirty, and cheap.
  34. First, you will need:
  35. * A big enough space, a typical bedroom is enough if you move the furniture out of the way.
  36. * Chalk or some other way of drawing on the floor, preferably in such way that you can clean it up later. Tape, as in painters tape or duct tape works well for this, but also has you making angular shapes. It has the advantage of being able to write on it.
  37. * Incense and an incense burner. These can be typically be picked up for a few dollars.
  38. * Three candles, any color is fine, but try to make them all the same color and shape. Beginners should go with black or white on inclination. Advanced students can standardize via 777 or other tables of Kabbalistic correspondence (more on this later).
  39. * The seal of the spirit you wish to summon. It's usually easiest to just print this out, but the books tend to call for etchings on metal. Metal etching is really easy with weak acid from a hardware store and the appropriate metal, which you can get cut into squares or disks for pennies on the dollar, at most hobby retailers. Appropriate metals can be found in 777 and others, or even Agrippa.
  40. * A wand. A tree branch should work just fine, but if you simply grab a stick it taken from a try by a single stroke from your cutting tool and stripped of bark.
  41. * The Hexagram of Solomon. It's also usually a good idea to just print this out, unless you want to spend on a premade medallion or maybe embroider it onto a robe.
  43. - Note, some Hexagrams of Solomon may or may not have varying words inside the circle. These do not invalidate other forms of the Hexagram or make one better than the other. Generally these differences are due to trajectories of work.
  45. Here's what you do:
  47. 0. Make sure you've done all your prep work. This includes re-reading this entire document, knowing which planet the entity is tied to, and how you're going to invoke that planet. This is covered in step 11.
  49. 1. At the direction mentioned for the spirit in the text (this can vary, if in doubt, go with East), draw a triangle big enough to hold your incense burner and the seal. You generally want it to be about three feet across.
  51. 2. Draw a circle on the ground, big enough for you to fit inside (at least 22 ft wide, or something like 11 paces to walk the perimeter of, several feet to the west of the triangle.
  53. 3. Around the edge of the circle, write the names of whatever God or Gods you have the most faith in.
  54. (If you're not sure about what names to use, just write "YHVH ADNI AHIH AGLA" over and over again. This is something else you can tinker with, and 777 should provide tons of inspiration)
  56. 4. Once the names are written out, draw another circle around them and the first circle you drew.
  58. 5. Place the seal and incense burner into the triangle, and the candles at the three points of the triangle.
  60. 6. Make sure you have the wand and the hexagram ready inside the circle.
  61. Once you're done with the setup, it should look like this:
  63. *Notice the cardinal directions
  64. **The four candles outside the circle were not mentioned in this guide, and are therefore not mandatory, but you can play and tinker with this.
  66. 7. Take a bath or shower, brush your teeth, get as clean as possible.
  68. 8. As you get into the bath, chant:
  69. "Asperges me, hyssopo, et mundabor; lavabis me, et super nivem dealbabor.."
  71. 9. Put on a robe, or clean black or white clothes, or skyclad. Go barefoot in any case.
  73. 10. Light the incense and the candles. Make sure all other lights in the room are off.
  75. 11. To start, perform a banishing ritual like LBRP, or GRP, or Star Ruby or whatever. You can also perform a preliminary invokation like Borneless One (not recommended for starters).
  77. Each spirit has a planet it's tied to. This determines the minor details of the rituals. Luckily, all the correspondence is done for you. This is a master table for Lemegeton work:
  79. Around the outermost edge, you can find the zodiac. One step in, you can find the planets ruled by that zodiacal sign. Another step is in the degree, as in “360 degrees”. Yet another step in is the number of the entity in Lemegeton. Another is the name of the entity, and finally, another step in is the planet ruling the entity. For Lemegeton, this is all we need to know.
  81. Find the name of your entity. Below it will be a planet, above it a number. Take the lower planet, and write it down. This determines the time and the form of the planetary invokation. Next, go here:
  83. You want to summon the entity on the DAY of that planet, in the TIME of that planet. For example, if you want to evoke Murmur, that's Mercury (in the auspicies of Aries and Sol). Looking at the time table, this gives us a day of Wednesday in the 8th hour after sunrise. THEN open up a sky-map, like Stellarium. Using that day, and time, find a date to perform the ritual when the actual planet Mercury is either just risen or at the apex of it's movement through the sky, that is both on a Wednesday and in the 8th hour after sunrise.
  85. If this is too constrictive, also check the nighttime hours, and make sure to look over the movements of the Behenian Fixed Stars, for they're the root of planetary powers to begin with:
  88. Armed with this knowledge, we can invoke the power of the planet to aid our conjuration. Each planet has it's own sigil, and the sigil of its “intelligence”, “angel” and “spirit”. Go with “spirit” unless your planet is in retrograde, in which case use “intelligence”. Use the angel in both cases. You simply need to wear the sigil or mark it on your body. So, again, using the example of Mercury we get the Angel of Raphael, the Intelligence of Tiriel and the Spirit of Taphthartharath.
  90. Perform the invokation proper:
  92. ^This can be adapted in a number of ways. The easiest is to use the invoking hexagram in the form of a star with a number of points equal to the number of points around the summoning circle, vibrating the Godname, at least, if not the angel name too, as you cast it.. In the example of Mercury, you'd go around the room at 8 points making the specific hexagram, vibrating “Elohim Tzabaoth” each time.
  95. 12. Once you're all jittery, point the wand at the triangle and say:
  97. I Evoke and conjure you [name of spirit] & being with power armed from your supreme Majesty, I thoroughly command you by Beralanensis [Beralanensis], Baldachiensis, Paumachiæ & Apologiæ-Sedes and your most powerful princes Genio Liachidi, ministers of your Tartarean seat, chief princes of of your seat of Apologia, in your Ninth Region; I exorcise & powerfully command you [spirit name] in and by him that said your word, & it was done, and by all the holy and most glorious Names of the most holy and true God, and by these his most holy Names: Adonai [Adonay], El, Elohim, Elohe, Zebeoth [Zebaoth], Elion [Elyon], Escerchie ^Eskerie, Jah, Tetragrammaton Saday That you forthwith appear and show yourselves here unto me before this Circle, in a fair and humane shape, without any deformity or ugly show and without delay, do you come, from all parts of the world to make & make [sic] rational answers unto all Things which I shall ask of you; and come you peaceably, visibly and affably without delay, manifesting what I desire, being conjured by the Name [Names] of the Eternal living and true God Helioren I conjure you by the especial and true Name of your God that you owe obedience unto, and by the Name of your king, which beareth rule over you, That forthwith you come without tarrying, and fullfil my desires, and command, and persist unto your End, & according to my Intentions and I conjure Thee by him , by whom all Creatures are obedient [unto] and by this ineffable name Tetragrammaton Jehovah [Jehova], which being heard, the Elements are overthrown; The air is shaken, The sea runneth back, The fire is quenched, The Earth Trembleth and all ye hosts of Celestials, Terrestrials & Infernals do Tremble, and are troubled and confounded together. that [come] you visibly and affably, speak unto me with a Clear voice Intelligible, and without any ambiguity, Therefore come ye in the Name Adonay Zebeoth [Zebaoth]; Adonay [Adonay], Amiorent, come, come why delay? Hasten: Adonay Saday, the Kinge of kings commandeth you:
  99. By now, you should be getting effects. If not, don't panic, and continue with the rite as normal. Sometimes it's there and simply choses not to manifest, or you fucked up the protocol at some step. If you're getting WEAK effects, move on to the second conjuration in the book. There are also orations in case the entity starts go get unruly, but if you've done it right, you should at LEAST be getting shadows, loud bangs or thumps, dogs barking, dogs stopping barking, flickering lights, shadowy movements, or if you're lucky or talented, vapors.
  101. 13. Welcome the spirit to the triangle by saying:
  103. Behold your conclusion if you be disobedient. Behold the Pentacle of Salomon which I have brought hear before thy presence: Behold the person of the Exorcist who is called Octinomos, in the midst of the Exorcism, who is armed by god & without fear, who potently evoked you and called you to appear, Therefore make rational answers to my demands and be obedient to me your master in the name of the Lord Bathat rushing upon Abrac Abeor coming upon Aberer….Welcome [spirit name] I say you are welcome unto me because I called you through him who created both heaven & Earth & Hell and all that is contained therein and you have obeyed by the same power by which I called you forth. I bind you that you remain affably and visibly here before this circle, so constrained and so long as I have occasion for you, do not to depart without my license until you have faithfully and truly performed my will without any falsity,
  105. 14. Command the spirit to aid you in some way. Here are some tips on doing this:
  106. * Be reasonable - spirits are apt to avoid summoners who make crazy demands.
  107. * Give the spirit a deadline by which the task is to be finished. Allow it plenty of time to work, but don't give it forever or it will never do anything.
  108. * Stipulate that you and your loved ones are not to be harmed.
  109. * Offer the spirit something in return. For small favors, offering to praise it and spread its seal online should work.
  110. * Formulate your request as a sigil and burn it*
  112. 15. Hold up the hexagram so that it can be seen from the triangle. Say something like:
  113. "I bind you now to our contract by the Hexagram of Solomon and the authority of the Most High."
  115. 16. Now that you've bound the spirit, time to get rid of it. Say:
  117. O Thou [spirit name] Because thou hast very diligently answered my demands and was ready and willing to come at my first call I do here license thee to depart unto thy proper place without doing any Injury or danger to any man or beast. Depart I say and be ever ready to come at my call being duly Exorcised and conjured by these sacred rites of Magick. I charge thee to withdraw peaceably and quiet1y, and the peace of God be ever continued between me and the thee. Amen.
  119. 17. Banish again
  121. 18. Whew, it's all over. Turn the lights back on and clean the place up so you don't have to answer any questions..
  123. 19. Post in the /sum/ thread about who you summoned, why, and what happened.
  125. Here's what you need to be aware of:
  126. * While setting up, DO NOT BREAK THE CIRCLE. It must be intact before you begin your summoning and remain intact during the whole ritual.
  127. * From the moment you first say "Hear me..." to the moment the ritual ends with the License to Depart, DO NOT LEAVE THE CIRCLE.
  128. * You may feel very tired or depressed or amped or otherwise out of balance for about 24 hours after summoning. This is normal, and it will pass shortly.
  130. Frequently Asked Questions
  132. *What spirit is best to call on for a beginner?
  133. - We'd agree that Orobas would be a good start, as his description states "He is very faithful unto the Exorcist, and will not allow him to be tempted of any Spirit." , which is beyond helpful in this field.
  135. *Do I have to offer anything to the spirits and if so, what?
  136. - You don't have to, but it's better to offer something as payment for their works. Offering will also give them an incentive to lend you a hand.
  137. For small favors, offer to praise it and spread its sigil online or wherever you can. For larger favors, the most common offerings are alcohol, food and sex.
  138. **Note: If you do offer alcohol or food, do NOT consume it unless you specifically tell the spirit you will consume it on its behalf. Leave the drink out until it completely evaporates, or the food out until its on the verge of decay, THEN dispose of it.
  140. *Aren't Demons Evil?
  141. - Not exactly, while most of the 72 Goetic demons are interested in getting what's beneficial to them regardless of cost, some of them are actually helpful and may be beneficial towards the Summoner. The main thing to remember is that although the Lemegeton refers to them as demons and dark spirits, they're mostly compromised of gods and high beings from other older religions and pantheons where they were revered, respected, and worshiped in their time. It is not to say that you shouldn't be respectful when performing your rituals, because offending demons is an extremely dangerous business.
  143. *How to summon gf/not be forever alone?
  144. - There are actually several demons who, as listed in the Lemegeton, actually specialize in matters of love. A few examples are Sitri, Zepar, Uvall and Sallos. These spirits, and others, have the power to possibly help regain a lost love or help gain a new one. Expect to get your shit wrecked, tho.
  146. *What's the difference between Invoking and Evoking?
  147. - Evoking, or evocation, is the practice of summoning a spirit outside of your body. In relation to the Goetia, evoking a spirit is the act of summoning a spirit to show themselves to you on our physical plane, whether it be through smoke, candle flickering, or physical presence.
  148. - Invoking, or Invocation, is your practice of summoning a spirit inside your body. In relation to the Goetia, invoking a spirit is the act of summoning a spirit into your mind or into your presence on the astral plane and having the spirit show themselves to you normally through an extra voice in your head or through whispers in your ear.
  150. For more information on anything listed here, further studies, other interpretations and a huge world outside of the Goetia check out the /omg/ - Occultism & Magick Library run by Thoth. It's well kept and constantly updated, you won't be disappointed.
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