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20 Questions About.....Shadownnico.

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  1. This is one I've wanted to do for a while: Before there was a "ThatGuyNamedMikey", before there was a "TailsMK4", before there was a "MegaBossMan", before there was a 1024 Club or a Big 7, or a Star Of Immortality or even a "Bass", Shadownnico was around.
  3. Sure, he's a teenager like ThatOneEnderMan, ZeroDXZ, TheDoc and TobyJoey, but he's also a teenage Prototype phenom unlike almost anything the Prototype had seen before the Purge of March. Ignore the fact that he has only 30+ billion BP, right now, and is hovering around 30th place; His highest BP total--over 180 billion--still stands as the highest BP total ever attained by someone without an Immortality Star in the Current version of Prototype, LITERALLY making him the all-time greatest mortal Prototyper, ever.
  5. Needless to say, he's quite the the fellow to talk to, as well. Easily one of the best liked Prototypers ever alongside the likes of MegaBossMan, TailsMK4, and even Adrian, himself, so, you KNOW I had to annoy him with 20 questions.
  7. Community Q's:
  9. Q1. Is your name Nico IRL? [ThatOneEnderMan]
  10. Shadow: "Yep, Nicolás. A pretty common name over here."
  12. Q2. Favorite Megaman fan-game? [ThatOneEnderMan]
  13. Shadow: "Rockman 4 MI. If hacks don't count then Day in the Limelight 2"
  15. Q3. Do you like Shadow Man? [ThatOneEnderMan]
  16. Shadow: "Yea, he's pretty cool and ninja and stuff"
  18. Q4. Would you rather Fight shadow Man in a Dark alley or 2 bubble men underwater? [ThatOneEnderMan]
  19. Shadow: "Lets see... If I fought 2 Bubble Men underwater I would be in a serious disadvantage because I can barely swim and I'm afraid of the underwaters, but if I fought Shadow Man in a dark alley I would be in a serious disadvantage because ninjas. Uhh... I'd probably choose Shadow Man, because at least there I can at least try and escape back home."
  21. Q5. Cats or Dogs? [TobyJoey]
  22. Shadow: "Cats. DEFINITIVELY cats."
  24. Q6. What would you say is your most enjoyed not-Mega Man series? [TobyJoey]
  25. Shadow: "I think that would be Sonic the Hedgehog. That's one of my favorite gaming franchises along with Mega Man."
  27. Q7. Favorite color? [Retro Pikachu]
  28. Shadow: "That cyan-esque blue-and-green-esque color, specifically the shade in which you can no longer tell if it's blue or green."
  30. Q8. Shadownico what do you think about Mega-Man in general? [ZeroDXZ]
  31. Shadow: "I love most of it. From the classic saga there's pretty much just a lot of great games (do note I haven't played 9 or 10) with a few bummers here and there (*cough* *cough* megaman2 *cough*). The X saga was.... ok I guess, the first one was an amazing game but after that it all just started to go downhill, I still haven't finished X6 because I can't bring myself to. Zero 1 was great, lots of fun and very hard, I've yet to play the other 3 Zero games. I can't say much on the BattleNetwork/StarForce/Legends games as I haven't played them a lot. Overall Mega Man was good while it lasted, and it's a shame it's so dead."
  33. Q9. Dashing or sliding, which do you like better? [MegaBossMan]
  34. Shadow: "Dashing because it's faster and lets you jump faster."
  36. Q10. You've been on Prototype for a solid 2 years now, so how do you feel about Prototype's evolution over the past 2 years? [MegaBossMan]
  37. Shadow: "Actually I've been here for around 3 years, the profile can't save dates from before January 2013. Anyway, back to the point, the prototype's changed a LOT since then. 4-digit stats, Starforce, chapters, items, Cossack, Bass, the community, etcetera. A lot of stuff is very different from the old 2012 version, but I really like the direction the Prototype has taken. It really feels like a more complete experience with the new additions and stuffs, and it's getting better all the time."
  39. Mike's Q's:
  41. Q11. I feel as though this needs to be shared with the world, due to how cool it is. For those that don't know, could you please tell them how you came up with your name [Shadownnico]?
  42. Shadow: "Basically I just mixed my name with Shadow the Hedgehog's. That, plus a typo where I wrote 2 n's instead of 1 turned me into Shadownnico"
  44. Q12. You're sorta kinda known for starting what I've since dubbed "the Purge Of March", where, in March 2015, you were one of the first in a chain of about 8-10 Prototypers making a complete reset of their profiles, with yours, Meta's and TailsMK4's resets being 3 of the main ones. *I* know why you reset, but, could you please remind the nice newcomers reading the Pastebin why you did so?
  45. Shadow: "I used to have a Bubble Man... The best Bubble Man... He had full 9999 stats and a rain the powers of which could turn robots into soup. He was my Number 1 robot. But then, one day... he glitched... he could no longer be used, and instead of one great Bubble Man, I had 2 buggy non-working Bubble Men.
  46. That's it basically, I was angry because I lots Bubble and Toad isn't half as good so I resetted along with Meta and TailsMK4"
  48. Q13. In the post asking the community to suggest Q's for you, I called you "the all-time best Prototyper NEVER to have gotten his Star Of Immortality" [which is still a fact]. Now that you have a working Bubble Man, does this mean that we can expect to see you back up here going for it at some point in the near future?
  49. Shadow: "I don't think so. As much as I like this game, I don't think I'll spent the time playing the prototype I have other stuff to do. I have to worry about highschool and the like, and I like to draw so that takes some of my time too, so I don't have as much time as I'd like to grind back to 1st place."
  51. Q14. Do you still remember what the Prototype [the game, itself] was like back when you first joined in 2012?
  52. Shadow: "Very different. We didn't have much of the stuff of today like Cossack, the MM3 and 4 bots, the assist bots, the starforce, copy bots, MegaMan Killers, even Bass was missing. The game was a bit clunkier and it didn't have those Mission tabs, instead all the missions were in just one long list-thing. We didn't have WE either, so Copy bots were completely broken. Some abilities were broken too, the Top Spin could keep going forever (and used to be explode-type!) and the Super Throw was EXTREMELY BUGGY (helped me get my 9999 Mega Man back in the day). I remember also the Met used to be an unlockable robot instead of a summon, he had small stats and could only learn Buster Shot and the Defense-related moves. The basics however were still the same however, and the gameplay hasn't changed much besides the addition of 4-digit-stats, WE, items and Starforce. Also for some reason it couldn't run in my phone until a few updates ago."
  54. Q15. It would seem that Mega Man X6 left a bad taste in your mouth; what was the worst thing about it, in your opinion?
  55. Shadow: "I think it was the general clunkyness of the whole thing. It just didn't FEEL like a Mega Man X game, the series had already lost it's charm. Also everything was so overcomplicated with the soul thingies and the bajillion armors and there's this bunch of characters that I don't care about and just WON'T SHUT UP. To be honest I never even got close to finishing it, I just didn't feel like it was worth my time."
  57. Q16. It would also seem that Mega Man X6 is the worst official MM game you've ever played, in your opinion; What's the BEST official game you've played [and why]?
  58. Shadow: "The original Mega Man X. I just love the feel of it. The control is nice and responsive, the stages look nice, the music is very good, the weapons are great and useful, X feels much faster and with a much higher sense of momentum than NES Mega Man, it's just an overall good game. Also it doesn't have the overcomplication that the future games suffer of."
  60. Q17. Close your eyes and think of the official MM game you've always wanted to play, but, haven't, yet. What is it?
  61. Shadow: "Mega Man 9"
  63. Q18. Who would you like me to interview next [even if they've already been done]?
  64. Shadow: "I think either MegaBossMan or Adrian (even tho he'll probably be last)"
  66. Q19. What's it like over there where you live?
  67. Shadow: "Right now it's very cold, seeing as the winter is starting. It rarely rains, but it's quite cold, specially in the morning. During the afternoon the weather turns a little more warm. During summer however it's VERY hot, so I preffer to just run away to the south where it's a bit colder"
  69. Q20. So, how's Bubble Man? x)
  70. Shadow: "He's training to be the Best once again" B) *cue training montage*
  72. Really special thanks to Shadownnico for taking the time out of his school-laden schedule to do this. Additional thanks to MegaBossMan, Retro Pikachu, ThatOneEnderMan, TobyJoey and ZeroDXZ for their top-notch suggestions.
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