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  1. Degrees of Lewdity Spoiler FAQ
  2. Current as of (first draft)
  3. ------------------------------------------
  4. Romance (twisted and otherwise)
  6. Q: How do I date Robin?
  7. A: Spend time with them and choose +Love actions where possible. Eventually, when you go to bed Robin will come confide in you about Bailey extorting money from them. The next morning go to Bailey's office and offer to take on Robin's debt. Be forewarned this will permanently double your payments to Bailey! You may also miss out on some events by taking on Robin's debt immediately.
  9. After taking on the debt, you'll find a note in your bedroom. Go visit Robin and kiss them, and you'll officially be boyfriend and/or girlfriend in some combination.
  11. Q: How do I date Whitney?
  12. A: Whitney likes sluts. With enough Promiscuity and Exhibitionism the proper choices will become available.
  14. Q: What about Eden?
  15. A: Get captured, break your leash, and then don't escape. The rest should be obvious.
  16. -----------------------------------------------------
  17. Trading in your humanity
  19. Q: What transformations exist in the game?
  20. A: Wolf, angel, fallen angel, and demon.
  22. Q: How do I get them? What do they do?
  23. A: The wolf transformation is governed by a hidden variable which rises each time you eat a wolfshroom in the forest or a wolf cums inside you. As it rises you'll grow fangs, then wolf ears, then a tail. Having fangs triples the pain inflicted when you bite someone, and having the full set makes your personality gradually skew towards Defiant on its own.
  25. The angel transformation requires that you remain a virgin and maintain the maximum possible Purity for an extended period of time. You'll know you're on the right track when you get a message about feeling good about remaining pure when you go to bed. If you remain pure, you'll eventually get a halo, then wings. Having the complete set causes you to regain more Purity each day and allows you to use the Forgive action, which reverses all Trauma you've gained so far in the current encounter.
  27. Losing your virginity as an angel makes you a fallen angel. You'll lose the Forgive action and your purity will begin to rapidly degrade each day. You can remove the fallen angel transformation for a hefty donation of 10,000 pounds at the temple, although if you're not concerned about your purity it does still give a boost to attractiveness.
  29. The demon (succubus/incubus) transformation is the exact opposite of angel: You must maintain zero purity for an extended period of time. Being a fallen angel will make this easier but is not technically necessary. (I will fill in what it does later)
  31. Note that all transformations take a long time!
  32. -----------------------------------------------------
  33. Hard to find events
  35. Q: Where/what is the Compound?
  36. A: The Compound is a mysterious facility you can discover and break into, given enough Skullduggery. To discover it you must unlock the ability to rob people on Connudatus Street. Keep at this for awhile until you get the encounter where someone leaves their wallet on their car seat, but returns before you get away. Choose to hide in the car and you'll wind up in the Compound, and henceforth can sneak in once per day from Elk Street.
  38. Q: How do I unlock Doren's flat?
  39. A: Attend English class while smelling like cum, and there's a small chance Doren will notice. Choose to hang your head in shame. Alternately if you have Exhibitionism 4 you can get caught masturbating in class.
  40. ------------------------------------------------------
  41. Number crunching
  43. Q: What are the benefits of attending school?
  44. A: Good grades give various, significant bonuses for each subject as well as a benefit for overall good performance. Science gives you better pain tolerance, Maths increases earnings from tips and negotiated fees, English improves the effectiveness of Moan, Plead, Demand, and Apologize actions, and History unlocks shortcuts throughout the game map. Good overall performance will make your Trauma naturally degrade faster. However good grades have to be maintained: Extended periods of not focusing in class or skipping classes entirely will cause them to drop.
  46. Q: What does Dancing do? How do I raise it?
  47. A: Dancing is used in a few events, but most notably to attract customers when whoring yourself in the brothel or strip club. You'll get better at dancing just by trying, but paying for lessons in the dance studio on Barb Street will speed things up.
  49. Q: What about Swimming?
  50. A: Swimming isn't used for much yet, but it will allow you to get farther from shore safely while swimming in the ocean. Checks are also made when crossing rivers in the forest, and good swimming lets you escape from some swarm encounters faster. It can be improved by focusing in swimming class or practicing swimming on the beach. Don't forget your swimsuit!
  52. Q: How does Physique work?
  53. A: Physically strenuous activities like swimming, jogging, and dancing will sometimes return a message saying they were good exercise. Enough of these 'good exercise' flags will result in your physique rising at the end of the day, but an insufficient number will result in it degrading instead. The higher your physique is, the more actions it takes to maintain it. Physique is capped by the body size you chose in character generation.
  55. Q: Beauty?
  56. A: Beauty affects your Attractiveness and Allure. It rises over time, faster if you keep your Trauma low, but Trauma overflows reduce it.
  57. ------------------------------------------------------
  58. Crime and Punishment
  60. Q: How do I raise Skullduggery? What does it do?
  61. A: Skullduggery is one of the most lucrative ways to make money in the game next to whoring, but also one of the most dangerous. To get started, try breaking into lockers during and after school (before the school building closes entirely). After ranking up, you can start breaking into houses on Domus Street. Next is robbing people on Connudatus Street and breaking into stores after hours, and finally infiltrating the Compound and breaking into mansions on Danube Street.
  63. You can level it up further by opening safes (in houses, then in mansions) and by bluffing NPCs in certain encounters, but it's not yet possible to achieve Skullduggery S.
  65. Q: What do I do with stolen goods?
  66. A: Landry in the pub will buy them from you. There's currently no penalty for carrying stolen goods around.
  68. Q: How do I cover my tracks?
  69. A: Landry will take care of that for you too, in exchange for a favor. Good marks in History will be helpful.
  71. Q: What happens if I don't cover my tracks?
  72. A: If you faint and get sent to the hospital with a crime rating, you'll get arrested in the waiting room. There are a few different ways to get out of this involving physique, seduction, and just winning a fight, but failing all of them you'll be locked into a pillory for a period of time depending on how many crimes you committed.
  73. ------------------------------------------------------
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